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This Term newspaper examines different facets and issues involved in the development and operationalization of IMC technique for Natural Menz Fairness Cream.

Natural Menz Fairness Cream is a particular epidermis fairness cream for Men. This is a cream made of all 100 % natural ingredients and having no part effects and concentrating on value-added products which are not widely or readily available in virtually any other company's cream.

I have made marketing strategy including competitor's evaluation and marketing mix of fairness cream. The Marketing Mixture Is The Set Of Decisions About Price, Advertising, Product And Programs Of Distribution. Only By Responding to These Elements We Can Actually Use Our Marketing Strategy. I've designed distribution processes resulting in lower distributing costs and high profitability.

Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is the judicious and useful use of the promotional tools so that a widespread, clear, and effective promotional concept is communicated amongst the mark audience.

Product promotion includes informing, reminding, and persuading the consumers about a particular service or product.

I have made IMC plan predicated on various communication mix tools like Advertising, Direct Marketing, Sales Promotion, and Promotion/Public Relationships and Personal Selling. And set up a budget method matching to get advertising, and build marketing and support activities for circulation and advertising of Natural Men fairness Cream. So in this term paper I have made IMC arrange for Natural men fairness cream and then apply it and then examine it.

Skin Care and attention market

The skincare market is respected at $180 million in India. With effective and safe procedures, growth in medical technology, upsurge in recognition, the Indian Skincare solutions business is growing extremely fast.

The skin care market can be segregated into toners, cleansers, sunscreens, anti-wrinkle creams, dark circle removing creams, astringents, facial creams, moisturizers, fairness creams, night and day products, etc. Out of the, facial creams, moisturizers, fairness lotions, night and day creams, etc. are the most popular products and take into account approximately 60% of the skin care section.

The skincare market reaches a primary level in India. The penetration level for both the urban and rural market is low. Many people still opt to use homemade and traditional products to get rid of the skin problems. However, within a period of five-six years, the use of skincare products has increased significantly in India. With changing life-style, increase in throw-away incomes, better product choice and availableness, and affect of satellite television on pc, more people are taking interest in personal grooming.

The facial skin care market is booming. Products are contending with one another for taking shelf space in the shops. Facial skin care products have become an essential part of the beauty market. Like traditional western countries, creams and potions are applied in India also, in an effort to remove the acne and the acne, fight stress and fret lines, and to remain young. Since the penetration level is still relatively low, growth is expected to be around 25% over another five years.

In your skin care category, Rational & Lovely fairness cream, with a penetration of 75%, makes up about 60% of your skin caution market in rural India. It also likes the undistinguished patronage of 58% of its customer homes. Both Pond's and Rational & Lovely are enjoying a monopoly in the rural marketplaces in their particular categories. Rural India is not averse to checking out the high quality brands at high prices.

Major players in SKINCARE Market

Some of the major players in this section are Hindustan Lever (Good & Lovely, Lakme, Ponds) with a market talk about of 53%, accompanied by CavinKare- Fairever with a market talk about of over 12 % and Godrej-Fair Glow with market show of 3. 4 %. The other players that contain a presence in the market are Emami (Gold Turmeric and Effortlessly Good), Revlon (Rational & Glow) etc.

Fairness Lotions MARKET in India

Fairnesscreamshave become a vital product for the Indian companies in increasing their overall sales due to the value given by Indian consumers towards fairness. As India is a country known because of its variety different consumers from various areas of the country favor different brands. The primary players on the market includes Hindustan Lever Ltd. , (HLL's) 'Good & Lovely' with 76 percent of the marketplace talk about and Cavin Kare' s 'Fairever' with 15 percent of the market show. Other important players like Godrej' s 'Fairglow', Emma's 'Fair and Handsome', Vicco and Himalaya talk about the rest of the market share.

There are range of fairness ointments and other skin whitening products in the market such as peel-offs, serums, lotions etc. All of the fairness lotions have similar basic ingredients but the several additions make them more suitable to some particular type of skin and may aggravate other skin types. Sometimes and in a lot of people it could have side-effects there are a number of creams in the market and manycosmetics. India has a exotic weather with maximum number of a few months having sun shining as the brightest legend. Moreover, the temps are rising daily. These factors create a dependence on the in any other case darkened skin credited to over-exposure to the shining sun.

All the companies are calling the prospective customers through its large range of fairness creams. AloeVeraextract, turmeric, vitamin-E, lemon extract are some of the ingredients which form major formulations. Another advantage of such fairness ointments is that they have a tendency to clear dark spots, brighten the discolored, pigmented skin area and are ideal for all epidermis types. They need to be used double per day on face and neck of the guitar after cleaning them with a face clean.

All thecosmeticscompanies have at least one fairness cream under their brand. Although packing changes regularly, formulations remain the same. Beginning with the most popular brand, Good & Lovely plays as the marketplace leader with oldest brand and highest customer bottom. You can find two more variations added to its original brand. They are simply anti-marks and ayurvedic range.

For that flawless look Ponds of HLL and Engine oil of Olay of P & G, quite openly task the seven-day test with a money-back warranty. Shahnaz Herbal cases its product as herbal and best in its range. This product is economical in range as against the standard line of products at high quality prices. Going back few years, Emami is offering its fairness cream for men The merchandise is a great success, especially in small cities and places. As most of the Indians are very much bothered about their color complexion the fairness lotions enjoy very good market expansion rate when compared with other related product categories

Description of Natural Menz Fairness Cream

My Company (Natural) has made a decision to develop a new skin area fairness cream for men. We wished to make something that was productive in and affordable for Customers. So we developed an affordable and effective men fairness cream to sell to our customers.

The name of the product is the Men fairness cream and Brand is natural. You can find few creams on the market that portray performance, but cannot demonstrate it. Our product will come in a very attractive pot, which serves a much better purpose. This product provides fairness to men.

We will offer the product by reaching the aims all the stakeholders of the business. You want to cater to the demand of the client with effective and affordable skincare cream. We intend to have an annual growth rate of 20%. We plan to create high brand image of the fairness cream to our customers and provide them with products at a reasonable cost.

We are preparing to become one of the most notable three organizations in this section in one season. We will aim for our customers by the needs way. The idea of need will be flawlessly put on our target market. Our main grounds of adding this unique theory and products are to address the problem experienced by men for devoid of fair skin. The issue or need to manage healthy looking skin area is being responded to in the best possible way by our product. Even though there are alternatives available in the marketplaces to address the condition, none of the products have been able to address the need of affordability for everyone.

We have attempted to establish the fairness cream by informing our Customers that addresses their special needs and desires in the perfect and convenient way that provides a solution with their dark skin by proper customer satisfaction.

The company which is in a position to provide maximum consumer satisfaction and maximum possible way to consumer needs and needs will be able to preserve in this competitive market.

Marketing plan

Situational analysis

Every business is facing a whole lot of problem at present amount of time in market analysis, so it became very necessary for each and every group that before preparing any objective the organization must be completed situation analysis in order to recognize power, weakness, opportunities and threat within the organization.

"Corresponding to Sally and John, marketing programs are "the written record or blueprint for employing and handling an organization's marketing activities related to a specific online marketing strategy". An effective marketing plan can improve organizations' gains and progress, uses in objective environment and monitors results.

So to get an effective market plan it is necessary to understand the current situation comprehensively and tendencies affecting the continuing future of the business. Situation analysis takes on a vital role in expanding marketing plan. To begin with, it's help our company to lead the strong marketing environment in the shoes market that will assist to lead the doubt, risks and opportunities for marketers. Marketing managers who success to learn changes in environment through situation analysis can lead their companies to capitalize on opportunities and handle dangers created by changes.

Then, systematically analyzing situational environments to be able to identify our customers and understand their needs. There are certain opportunities for Skin area fairness Company, such as increase more and more men marketplace and increase market and market talk about through included PR, advert and promotional campaign. Increasing competitions a Threat to Skin care industry.

Market Competition

Our main men skincare cream competition are: Emami with Rational and good-looking cream and Good and Lovely with Menz effective skincare cream for men. Nivea is also entering using its fairness cream for men.

SWOT Analysis of Natural Menz fairness Cream

SWOT analysis will help me to identify our company durability, weaknesses, opportunity and dangers internally and externally both. Through this, we may easily recognized our Natural menz fairness cream competitors in the market that are good and good looking and fair and lovely menz effective and once we know the business weakness and what kind of opportunity we've for today's and future possibility then we may easily make cost effective IMC plan and tactical IMC arrange for the business. In SWOT analysis of the company, we have found the next that will help to make more strategically and affordable IMC plan


  • Natural ingredients found in Cream.
  • Strong sales and syndication network.
  • Having easily access to skincare cream at low priced.
  • Well-established linkages with potential buyers in all elements of India.


  • Lack of Financing and Experience in this field
  • Environmental problems


  • Increasing per capita income drives Skin care cream growth
  • A changing account of the differentiated group of consumers.
  • Large scale potential clients.
  • A buoyant & growing market.
  • Growing international and local markets.
  • Retain customers through quality and natural ingredients in cream and timely deliveries.


  • New entrants/local opponents/ MNCs: - These would improve the competition like Nivea is going into in men fairness segment.
  • High inner competition - Emami and Rational and lovely also providing the men fairness segment.
  • Technological change: - This makes the products obsolete in short span of time. So we have to concentrate have to concentrate on technological innovations from time to time.

S. T. P.


The segmentation will be based on following bases:-

  • Age (18 or Above),
  • Gender (Men),
  • Behavioral
  • Lifestyle,
  • Income
  • Occupation
  • Regions (East, West, North, South) etc.


Target market is men who want Fair skin and wholesalers and Merchants who are available of selling aesthetic goods.


We will position our cream based on natural ingredients used in it. We will market this cream by giving them an obvious comparison between the chemical-based products they are actually using and our natural basic products.

Marketing combination or 4P's


Natural Menz Fairness Cream is a fresh epidermis fairness cream for men. The name of the merchandise is the Men fairness cream and Brand is natural. Our product comes into play an extremely attractive presentation having information of price and ingredients, which serves a much better goal for informing the buyer and for Advertising of Cream. This fairness cream will be provided to your customers at an acceptable cost.

Our main grounds of producing this unique theory and product line are to handle the problem faced by men for not having fair skin. The issue or need to control healthy looking skin area is being responded in the best possible way by our product. Even though there are alternatives available in the market segments to address the issue, none of the products have been able to address the need of affordability for everybody with natural ingredients.

We have tried to release the fairness cream by informing our Customers that addresses their special needs and needs in the perfect and convenient way that provides a solution with their dark skin area by proper client satisfaction.

The company which will be able to provide maximum consumer satisfaction and maximum possible solution to consumer needs and would like will be able to sustain in this competitive industry.


We will maintain our rates positions as a Low price supplier. We will be the best product available from the most discriminating consumer. We intend to maintain our parting from the price competition initially by providing creams at low priced. Price rises will be credited typically to the fluctuation of the ingredient prices.

Price of my product is Rs 25 of 75 gm.

The strategy used for Pricing is PENETRATION Way Strategy.


It can be an approach in which we set a cost firstly low and then as demand improves we boost the price of the product.


Once a sale is made, the product is sent to the syndication point - our service. We will be looking at establishing a drop-shipment so goods travel straight from the maker to the client. Our entire physical distribution process will be fueled by sales.

The following activities will be coordinated to be able to actually move our product
  1. Communication between order processing and physical distribution.
  2. Warehousing of completed product for syndication.
  3. Selection of travelling solution to move the finished goods from warehouse.
  4. Handling the completed product at the distribution point.

We will also provide necessary delivery service to customers in a timely manner and keep costs in order.


In our Promotional strategy we will attempt to improve consumers' buying habit, to have a brand image, to increase income, to increase deal of our product.

We will apply two kind of deal promotion, one is directed toward consumer and other you are directed toward trade such as seller, supplier, store etc.

  1. Consumer sale promotion tools
  2. Trade sale advertising tools.

IMC ARRANGE FOR Natural MenZ fairness Cream

Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is the judicious and reliable use of the promotional tools so a universal, clear, and effective promotional concept is communicated amidst the mark audience.

I have made IMC plan predicated on various communication combination tools like Advertising, Direct Marketing, Sales Advertising, Publicity/Public Relationships and Personal Offering.

IMC objective

The IMC aim of the Natural company is following:-

  • To Increase sales by 50% in next six month.
  • To Increase brand consciousness.
  • To Increase customer loyalty.
  • To Increase desire of customer for purchase of men epidermis fairness cream.
  • To Increase repeat purchase.
  • To measure customer satisfaction.
  • To create marriage with customer on personal level.
  • To control and watch public view.
  • To receive reviews from customer on regular basis

Adoption Model

Promotional Guidelines

  • Utilize promotions that are steady with and boost marble product image
  • Review success or failure of each campaign to assist in expanding future promotions
  • Test new marketing promotions when possible
  • Use appeals that are of interest to your target market and that are natural to obtain
  • Make your objectives measurable and obtainable
  • Develop total promotional promotions, not just ads
  • Marble need higher promotional budgets than proven a good brand image
  • Marble in out-of-the-way locations require higher promotional budgets than stores with heavy traffic.


Advertisement takes on a great role in the intellects of the customers. It is a paid form of the non-personal product or service. In any of the advertisements every company must keep in their imagination customer's viewpoint. Understand that your visitors are people without good complex or detailed knowledge of your products and services. The tag of truly effective marketing and advertising is the capability to convey complicated issues to the audience in a manner that is interesting, relevant, important, and easy to process rapidly.

Thomas Jefferson recommended that "The most effective of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do" which is a good maxim for writing good advertising materials.

So this skin care cream advertising will be simple and easily comprehended, truthful, informative, genuine, and customer-oriented.

The main target of the advertisement of the Hunky company would be the following:-

  • To inform to the target market about our product.
  • To persuade to the target market about natural menz fairness cream regarding price and quality and with our positioning concept. Of natural ingredients.

Print ad of natural menz pores and skin fairness cream

A cream that can transform your daily life makes your skin fair

  • 100% 100 % natural ingredients.
  • no irritation
  • no side effects
  • easy to work with and common.
  • cheaper price.


It is someone to one approach that uses Personal advertising advertising to produce an enquiry or some important results. Within this we are certain to get feedback about the merchandise also. It can be done by direct email, telemarketing, internet, person to person video or words chat, personal interaction etc.


Using telemarketing company is a proven method of marketing. Telemarketing is definitely an extremely good and cost-effective method for producing sales enquiries, providing products and services. It is important to identify a good telemarketing agency, and that ensure your aims, outline script. A good CRM (Consumer Connection management) computer system to manage lists, data, is normally needed for telemarketing is usually to be successful on any affordable scale, and good telemarketing agencies will already be using such systems which preferably will interface with your own systems.

Good experienced telemarketing personnel and managers pay attention to their audience. An excellent telemarketing agency will work best by expanding their own approach to meet the wide-ranging requirements of the project 'brief' and an outline of what you would like to achieve, and how you want to attain it. Consumers and businesses are shielded by certain protection under the law relating to immediate marketing techniques such as telemarketing, so you must be sure that your activities abide by these rules.


Brochures and leaflets can be utilized for a number of purposes. It is distributed in different ways. An excellent printer can offer examples and castings. The main goal of a brochure is foremost to generate new business through providing information in a manner that appeals to the audience. Some brochures and leaflets are satisfying works of art, nevertheless they don't achieve anything for the business enterprise. If you work with a designer make sure to control any fanciful tendencies and keep carefully the note and style to the point. Too much spent on a brochure can provide the impression that your business is extravagant.

When producing leaflets and brochures think about the way they are to be sent out. If it requires an envelope stay away from using a non-standard envelope size, that may add cost unnecessarily. Do you want people to wthhold the material? If so perhaps a company card or plastic credit-card-type connection would help?


In Sales promotion we will provide various consumers and trade promotional tool such as rebate, discount, gift, competition, coupons, price offer, competition game, sampling to the mark market to increase sales of skin area fairness cream.

There are certain goals of the sales campaign of pores and skin fairness cream.

  • To increase immediate product sale
  • To increase support among the list of marketer's sales force.
  • To gain the support of the trade in marketing the product

SALES Promotional tools

By the assistance of Promotional strategy we will try to improve consumers' buying action, to have a brand image, to increase revenue, to increase deal of our product. We will apply two kind of sale promotion, you are aimed toward consumer and other some may be directed toward trade such as dealer, supplier, merchant etc.

Consumer sale promotion tools

We will apply following promotional tools to increase sale among consumers.

Price Package: -Price offer is temporary reduction in price of product. We will provide two type of price deal: cents-off offers and price-pack offers. Price offer will be is given at various times to encourage purchase of epidermis fairness cream.

Coupon: - A voucher is typically a printed qualification supplying the bearer a mentioned price lowering or special value on a specific product, generally for a specific period. In this particular We will provide Various company concern various kind of voucher that contain various discount price customer find the benefit of this discount and buy epidermis fairness cream at low price.

Offer: - There is various kind of gift that will be made available from various skin fairness cream business.

Premium:sometime various companies like Emami and Rational and Lovely etc. offer some gift or at great deal price to encourage customer buying.

Sampling:Some company like American eagle's to known customer feedback provide free sample of various pores and skin fairness cream according to their choice.

Advertising Specialties:Advertising specialties also call a promotional product. It will be mostly directed at our loyal customers. It offers various cards like birthday greeting card or product, New Year card. It is mostly done to maintain old customer.

Trade sale promotion tools

Objectives of Trade Sales Advertising
  • Gain/maintain distribution
  • Influence resellers to promote product
  • Influence resellers to offer price discount
  • Increase reseller inventory
  • Defend against competitors
  • Avoid reduction of normal prices
There are various sales promotion tools that stimulate trade to market company product. There are a lot of trade sale promotion tools some are as discussed below

Trade Allowances

Trade allowancesare short-term special allowances, special discounts, or deals granted to resellers to encourage reseller to swift purchase of their product.

Point-of-Purchase Display

Point-of-purchase displays are generally used at the retail level to call customer focus on a included product. In the corporation employees notice every retail shop which retail shop that display more company product will be victor of special surprise or prize

After applying these different techniques of sales promotion we keep an eye on result and evaluate these by contrasting with objective collection before implementation


Successful implementation calls for breaking up the programs into micro-level activities, timing, and arranging them, assigning those to people -in-charge, coordinating their work and monitoring the execution process.

Marketing plan essentially implemented based on market segmentation.

We have gone through the mark market section which fundamentally includes:-

  • Middle income class
  • Lower income class
  • High income class

Implementation can be an important part of strategy. It make sense when it is executed into Indian skincare market it observed an opportunity for an arranged sector. The client was moving towards brand goods in other sections. Natural did the procedure of fabricating brands in the imagination of customer.

  • Launch a blind ad advertising campaign on billboards and mags in all
  • A class areas of major places and magazine with respect to target market.
  • Heavy advertising on Tv set, newspapers and magazines
  • Set displays of skin care creams in showrooms and major supplier outlets in all cities.
  • Continue Advertising.

Evaluate Performance

The Goal of our marketing plan is to attain market goal that are set up before execution of marketing plan. We examine and control our proper tactics by evaluating our end result with standard established before environment of plan, by measuring customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. If effect is significantly less than our standard than it means you can find any default in implementation and monitoring in this program. The individuals who are in charge of the monitoring and control of the marketing plan will be the Marketing Professionals, Sales Managers, Marketing Managers, Market Research Departments, and the Creation Managers.

Manager has to measure the real performance either through consumer research or sales physique.

  • Whether Sales have been increased or not after releasing of IMC plan.
  • The market share have increased or not after launching of cream.
  • Brand image have to increase because in our marketing strategies used.
  • it must got success to gratify their customer towards their new product

Manager surely got to know these final results by comparing actual performance with place standards of new product. These steps also helped out to take further decision or programs.

Some activities will be carried out for evaluating the entire performance which will be precisely and meticulously evaluating the potency of the strategies and methods for example the gathering and structuring of data regarding market, product, consumers and the pricing trends, then your era of daily sales report should be preserved and then in the end ongoing reconfirming of the marketing budget and activities by the managers of different divisions.


A budget is normally a set of all planned expenditures and revenues. It is an idea for saving and spending. A budget can be an important notion in microeconomics, which runs on the budget range to illustrate the trade-offs between two or more goods. In other conditions, a budget can be an organizational plan stated in monetary terms.

In summary, the goal of budgeting is to:-

  • Provide a forecast of revenues and expenditures i. e. construct a style of how our business might perform fiscally speaking if certain strategies, situations and programs are completed.
  • Enable the real financial procedure of the business enterprise to be measured from the forecast.

Procedures for Preparing a Promotional Budget

  • All-you-can-afford method
  • Incremental method
  • Competitive parity method
  • Percentage-of-sales method
  • Objective-and-task method


To position the pre-going dialogue in a nut-shell. It can be safely be ventured to opine that our company has much potential at that time but if we use these strategy in proper manner we easily conclude that people will be able to lead the firms in the India and in foreign countries. However there are a few discrepancies in such areas so we can recognize that all the features that are involved straight or indirectly in the development will work properly at their positions. As for Indian customers however in all around the globe.

Speaking for natural menz skincare cream is the obvious that the business must benefit from its target customer on the basis of quality and originality. Speaking for natural menz freshness cream it is noticeable that the company must gain for the magnificent development of its company in your skin care cream region sales of completed products. After taking an overview of the strategies of Natural menz freshness cream we may easily understand the successful journey of Natural in all factors of advertisement and proper consciousness about its products to the clients before starting and after launching. Also evaluates the response and responses of customers on basis or its advertising campaign research.


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