Snacks to look Research study Review

Jill Harms is the Associate Category Manager for the Nuts, Natural Snack foods and Cookies Category at Sathers Inc. Her variety of responsibilities in this category is challenging because there is a aim for by the company that the group of Nuts will increase. Another reason for her being difficulties are that because she had been given full responsibility for the category. The problem now facing Jill Harms is the recommendation she'd make to the Director of Marketing concerning Snacks to Go, the snack nut products product line that was released earlier in the entire year. The pressure is currently on Jill Harms concerning improve the line's performance soon or, drop the brand completely.

Sathers Inc. started as distributing cookies in mass to area grocers through providing these packages as 4 to $1. 00, to grocers in five counties. Therefore Sathers became an early entrant also in neuro-scientific cell phone marketing. Sathers has always been emphasizing repackaging. Sathers became very successful with their original "Two for One" concept. Sathers down the road manufactured and distributed candies, nuts, appetizers, cookies, chocolates and etc. It is the Chocolate Market that made the business very popular. The business has made quite a name for its products, specifically its candy bags. A number of the strategies of the business to pursue success will be the following: building up the syndication of the products and looking for new and innovative products.

It can be an idea for a treat nuts product in a ziplock bundle for "on the go" consumers. Desire to in expanding the lines was to be on of the first in the industry to create a ziplock deal filled with nut products and natural appetizers, while obtaining Sathers' company aim of developing the nuts and natural snacks category.

The areas to be looked at upon chasing this case study are the following

the merchandise strategies of marketing the product

the value of sales and pricing

the circulation process

the mark market or the ratio of people that are loyal

the result on the growth or decline on the Product Life Cycle

there's a high competition on existing product brands

options to believe about

Product strategy is a crucial factor of marketing and business strategy, since it is through the sale of products and services that companies endure and expand. The need for rates and sales is another aspect to provide consideration in making a decision on this case study. It really is unquestionable that atlanta divorce attorneys business, sales is significant because it informs entrepreneurs whether the business continues to be good or already in turmoil. The costing of products is another component since demographics will vary in every section of the county the products are being allocated.

Brand commitment is very relevant since it will be part of the decision making whether to continue the product lines or to drop it. For the reason that when there is an enormous amount of loyal consumers that Treats going or Sathers have, then falling the line would not be an option. The company's product strategy must take into account the simple fact that products have a life cycle. at some point, sales drop and owner must decide whether to drop the merchandise, alter the product, seek new uses for the merchandise, seek new market segments or continue with an increase of of the same. The usefulness of the product-life circuit concept is generally that it causes management to take a long range-view of marketing planning. shifts or changes in the life span cycle of a product is due to the changes in the market situation, competition and demand of the merchandise. Your competition of Snacks to Go is high and this is one area which Jill Harns must consider. Is the competition too much to deal that is why the sales decline? Will Sathers feel defeated by the others that have been established previously with nuts and treat categories?

Upon examining and clearly understanding the situation of the circumstance, I've 3 selections for Ms. Jill Harns. First is always to drop the merchandise line immediately and innovate another market for Sathers. For the reason that the declining sales have been immediate because the first a few months of the product distribution. The next option is always to alter the merchandise where the consumers feel at ease with. Since the survey implies that consumers are almost certainly enthusiastic about candies more than nut products. This option would suggest that nuts in ziplocks should be mixed with candies, gummies and etc. This is another marketing strategy that the company can use for its products.

The last choice would be to continue using what the company has already done and just produce many of the products. This choice would mean waiting in vain for another expansion in the product's life routine. Ms. Jill could supply and send out more, making the product very available. In the event the other brands lack equipment, the consumers in grocer stores can ideally choose the Goodies going products due to its availability.

SWOT Analysis

I. Alternative Course #1 1: Drop the complete product line in the category


- Easy decision to make

- Forget about problems on marketing and packaging

- Forget about additional expenditures for distribution and improvements


- Doubtful decision

- No ROI on the expenditures made upon starting the product line

- Strategies becomes waste


- The company can think of other new products to target on

- No problems on Product Life Cycle


- Other leading companies might prosper in the certain product line

II. Different Course number 2 2: Improve and modify the products


- This is exactly what the consumers want founded from studies and research

- Better quality of the products

- Carefully analyzed product strategies


- Could be costly to innovate and enhance the products


- Use will increase

- Growth in Product Life Cycle

- Sales will increase


- Risk turning out in different ways from the consumers desires

- Increasing competition

III. Different Course number 3 3: Continue the circulation with more supplies


- No dependence on planning

- No surplus costs for advancements or innovation


- No improvements on the grade of the products


- The brand might be popular for not being scarce in supplies

- More consumers may believe that the product is very available


- May have more consumers dissatisfied

I advise that Ms. Jill Harns choose the second alternative course of action which is to improve the merchandise. Adding candies to the nuts can be quite attractive to the consumers because the Sathers' candies will be the most recognized product line of the company. Another reason that demonstrates this choice is a good decision is through the results of the review questionnaires. I therefore conclude that Ms. Jill Harns' decision ought to be to improve and alter the products that are in her products. by innovating Goodies to look, consumers could get a new flavour of the product, and sales would eventually increase. There should be proper product strategies that the category of Sathers will need to have. A few of these will be the branding, the presentation, the prices, the advancements, product adoption, diffusion and technology.

With the right tools, Ms. Jill Harns may eventually start to see the growth in the product lines life circuit. The challenge will be solved if the business provides consumers what they needed which is to include candies to the product line of nuts and snack foods.

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