Social Networking In Businesses

Gaining the trust and friendships of your customers is crucial in the business world today. But how will you get your brand-new or growing businesss name out there and trusted by your customers? Social Networking may be able to assistance with that. These organizations can assist you "develop the trust that ultimately creates influence among your visitors"(Safko 21). There are however some individuals who don't know very well what social networking for businesses is, "social networking occurs whenever a group of like-minded people interact online to talk about interests or concerns, collaborate, give and seek advice, and provide one another assistance or support"(Lindsell-Roberts 4). From photography sharing to just keeping up with contacts, social networking is starting to arrive in businesses everywhere. Could it be really helping, or are these large and smaller businesses just jumping on the bandwagon? There is a vast amount of different companies and organizations that hook up billions of folks every day such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Fast Pitch!, and Twitter. Many of these organizations offer almost the same service nonetheless they all vary in many ways. These aforementioned varieties of social media/networks aren't the only kinds that are usual in businesses. There are always a million ways a professional can get their business into a social network, and known to the social media.

Some of the major popular internet sites are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Fast Pitch!. First I will talk about these well known and commonly used services and how they help and some of the methods for you to use them.

Every day millions of individuals log into Facebook to connect with millions of other people, all these people speak to one another, "if you have one hundred connections on Facebook, and each of these connections has one hundred connections, you'll be two links away from ten thousand connections. If each of those ten thousand connections has 100 connections, you will be three links from one million connections" (Lindsell-Roberts 1). Users older than 30 are beginning to use Facebook, several users speak their political beliefs and speak freely to other users with the same beliefs. That being said, these users are highly valuable when using a Facebook profile for your business because these people can all see what the other person must share on their profile. They may offer advertisement of your business through just word of mouth to over millions of individuals in a single day. Businesses can also utilize Facebook to market, for example, with the election occurring for the next president the individuals are advertising their campaign in posts and websites to make an impression on votes of the users they attract with these advertisements. You can even use Facebook to target consumer's specific to a certain geographic location.

Another social network businesses can utilize is called Fast Pitch!. This company is more specific to the business realm and offer more particular tools for professionals in businesses, "Fast Pitch! helps it be easier for the experts to network by using a profile displaying what they do, what they sell, and why is their company unique" (Safko 451-452). Fast Pitch! gives companies the capability to share ideas and collaborate through "virtual" industry events. They do this by using live video chats or two way video calls using Skype or Voip. Fast Pitch! also gives you the capability to publish content such as pr announcements, news, videos, and podcasts. Fast Pitch! also has a system that "automatically targets the audience an individual is trying to attain making certain their posts are viewed by the mark audience" (Safko 52). Along recover feature there is tool which allows the user to measure the success of the business using statistics of the business. Fast Pitch! is mainly for professionals in businesses as a marketing technique. Fast Pitch! can be for those seeking employment. Fast Pitch! doesn't keep inactive profiles around, they delete the profiles that aren't getting used so there is merely active profiles making searches and collaboration and the complete network run a lot smoother.

LinkedIn is another online network that businesses can utilize to get the trust of consumers and other businesses to expand growth. This network runs on the technique called degrees, "connections are rated in degrees, meaning direct connections are first degree connections, users listed as connections on that user's profile are second degree connections etc" (Safko 458). There are also features on LinkedIn where users can ask questions and get answers from other users and businesses. In addition to answering those questions they can also offer resolutions and recommendations. On one account a linked in user made a profit of 1 hundred thousand dollars annually while spending only seven thousand annually searching through LinkedIn.

Another popular form of social media is blogging, which includes micro-blogging. Blogging is focused on what you are feeling like you want to state. It can be from voicing your opinion to aid your beliefs all the way to updating information. Blogs are read by millions of folks daily and are distributed to just about everyone they know depending how relevant they think that blog is to that they feel and if it's something they feel should be shared with their community. Micro-blogging is almost exactly like blogging but it is shortened to fewer than 200 characters. Micro-blogs are popular because of the fact that they are short and also to the idea, giving readers a complete understanding in a little readable text. Twitter is a favorite micro-blog. Twitter gives users the capability to "follow" other users they feel have the same connection in beliefs or perhaps have the same general liking of certain subjects. With twitter users are able to "share their current activity or mind-set with friends and strangers" (Safko 538). Twitter is majorly helpful to businesses and has been given the title "person to person engine" by Chris Winfield. Twitter is capable of updating users about the individuals they can be following through the website, RSS feeds, mobile texts messages, or email. Twitter can also work with other social networking cites, updating users through Facebook. Twitter gives businesses a way to receive feedback about their products through market without fees. Twitter is for everybody, including entrepreneurs to fortune 500 companies. Twitter is an enormous network with simple commands that keep everyone utilizing it connected in some type of way. When a user sees a post, they might share that post by reposting it independently profile, allowing every one of their followers to see it and repost it themselves. One key example of use of twitter is when NASA found water ice on mars with the Phoenix Mars Lander; they used twitter to talk about the news of this new found discovery.

Another account of the utilization of twitter in business is at February of 2010. A guy by the name of Chris Hughes launched his own canvas bag company called Artifact Bag Co

In 2010, following a year of quietly following Michael Williams' style bog, A Continuous Lean, Hughes spotted a tweet about of set of chairs that the blogger thought looked cool but were overpriced. Works out, Hughes had won those exact chairs on eBay, and he commented on the post. Then he crossed his fingers, hoping Williams would have a couple of seconds to click through to the Artifacts website. In a hour, Williams' pivotal tweet came: "This waxed canvas lunch bag is nice-looking" (with a link to that). Soon the style press came calling, and following the tote was featured in A CONTINUING Lean's holiday buying guide, Hughes found himself with a more than 400-unit backlog that took six months to whittle down, even by using contract employees (Wang 54)

This is merely another small exemplory case of how quickly one tweet can help expand your business exponentially. Chris Hughes states that social media can be easily abused in support of properly works if you use thought capital. Though capital includes presenting the merchandise or services to the general public in an appealing manner. This is basically how you'll present the product within an online storefront, or E-commerce.

Other non-traditional services you can look at for the growth of their business through social media include Ning, and online gaming. Ning is another social network but it differs from your typical notion of social network that already has a huge network pre-established that you join, Ning gives the user the possibility to design their own network on the internet and allows other users to become listed on your private social network. Users can make their own profile for different networks, allowing a user to truly have a profile on several network all linked together. Ning allows an individual to customize their own network with their specific needs, "As the Ning web site puts it, the Ning platform is the program equivalent of Home Depot. Unlike other services that provide a 'one-size-fits all' offering, your social network on Ning runs on a programmable platform" (Safko 464). This finally provides user full control of their personal social network. So as far as how Ning can be used, it all is determined by how you will want to implement it into your business. Anyone may use Ning and create their own internet sites, such as musicians, to give fans updates and tour dates and post contests.

Online gaming is a very unique and original way to attain consumers and advertise your product or services. Some might not start to see the potential of advertising through online gaming

Many people have a tendency to view online video games as an activity with no business value- a waste of time in which only teenagers participate. However when you have fifty thousand to eight million people in the same place with the same interests in a reliable network, a business opportunity exists(Safko 321)

If you look into new video gaming that are coming out, they advertise their services in this particular field because their main consumers are already using their platform, or consol. Gaming developers are not the only ones that can and do advertise in an online gaming environment, Barack Obama had his campaign for presidency advertised on Xbox Live, a favorite online gaming network. He bought his advertising to be put in a popular game called Burnout Paradise.

With social networking your business depends upon the people that you don't have a relationship established yet, meaning that the people you understand the least will be the people who are helping your business grow by sharing what they know about to other people they know and expanding your business growth. Yes these relationships with people you understand minimal can be established by the consumers and the strong relationships you have with other folks, but these people already have an established reference to your business and therefore are not contributing to growth of social capital. Scott Goodson, author of "Uprising" states "that the old way of marketing- Pitching something to the major possible audience through mass media- is dying. He argues that the best way to reach people is to look for subject areas and causes around that they already are gathering and align one's brand with those topics"(Stanford Social Innovation Review 15). The way Personally i think about Goodson's idea is, yes it can help, but you have to work with social media to assemble these details of issues and ideas that consumers take a look at. Secondly in order for a company to get these matters and ideas of a fresh brand know to everyone, they must make their new product popular and have a genuine established connection between the product/services and the buyer. This day in age, social might be the fastest way to establish a reference to those consumers that you know minimal through the consumers you already have an established reference to.

Social networking can exponentially help any business, large or small. Word of mouth through any sort of followers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or any online blog will get your business recognized to millions of folks in various geographical locations. Online social networking is not the only way to get your business in a social network though; traditional conferences and industry events are still just as effective. Trade shows and conferences aren't the sole place you can advertise your business through word of mouth. Other places can include restaurants, a gather such as a cocktail party, you can virtually get your business into a social network through word of mouth just about anyplace it's likely you'll meet people. All it takes is just a little friendly talking, then those people start speaking with other people whom talk to other people they know which can drastically increase business and revenue.

Not only can social networking get the business name out to those customers that normally would be hard to reach out to, but additionally, it may help someone seeking employment in businesses or help an enterprise find applicants. Some years back, but including today, "job hunters would pour through the classified advertisements in the newspapers, especially on Sunday mornings, hoping to catch a glimpse of something that they could remotely qualify" (Lindsell-Roberts 43). In the current society the task of seeking employment is much less daunting, you can just do a Google search for something in your field of expertise and you'll find a constant list of businesses seeking job seekers and new hires. These lenders use social networks to list openings and positions available to get in touch with those who wouldn't normally have known about their business otherwise.

Social networking might not exactly be for each and every business as far as marketing though, many times social networking may well not show any signs of helping your business. These tactics don't replace the traditional in person kind of business, although reaching out to new customers is definitely good, and lots of the time social networks are the easiest way to reach those outside of your geographic location. But how do those people know what kind of business you offer? This tactic involves a lot of dedication to your internet site or online profile including update, events, sales, offers, and customer service.

With social networking your business depends on the individuals who you do not have a relationship established with yet, meaning that the people you understand the least are the people who are helping your business grow by sharing what they know about your business, to other folks they know, expanding your business growth. The partnership you have with already established consumers doesn't really help expand your social capital, these connections don't really take your business name further out to those you haven't reached yet. Scott Goodson, writer of "Uprising" states "that the old way of marketing- Pitching a product to the most significant possible audience through mass media- is dying. He argues that the ultimate way to reach people is to look for topics and causes around that they already are gathering and align one's brand with those topics"(Manzo 15). The way Personally i think about Goodson's idea is, yes it can help, but you have to utilize social media to gather this information of issues and ideas that consumers take a look at. Secondly for a small business to get these matters and ideas of a fresh brand know to the general public, they need to make their new product well known and have an honest established connection between your product/services and the consumer. Today in age, social can be the fastest way to determine a connection with those consumers that you know the least through the consumers you already have an established connection with.

I believe social networking in businesses has already been used, but online social networking has majorly played an integral role in expanding current businesses and helping small beginner businesses begin. The social media plays a major role in consumers' opinions in today's society. Most consumers read reviews that other consumers post in every of these internet sites and base their judgment of the businesses from the majority of what other consumers say about that business. That being said internet sites have absolutely helped the growth and remove of many businesses. At the same time it also depends on the type of business operation you run. Customer care is an integral necessity in businesses using internet sites. Unless you maintain a good rapport with your consumers in that case your business can build a bad reputation over a social network which can cause terrible business. For all those businesses with good a rapport then this system would be a good investment to help increase revenue. So to conclude internet sites have helped businesses grow and establish connections between consumers and other businesses.

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