Soft Drinks Industry Consumer Habit Marketing Essay

Soft refreshments industry is one of the very most flourishing and flourishing establishments in Pakistan. Which has a population close to 165 million, Pakistan is one of the major market segments in the Asia Pacific region, for various fast-moving consumer goods companies, including those creation soft drinks. Consumers around Pakistan consider carbonated drinks as a fundamental element of their lives, whether it is regular every day dishes or festive occasions, soft drinks carry enormous importance as it is the primary refreshment offered from coast to coast. Dominated by low-cost carbonates, Pakistan's carbonated drinks industry advantages from key demand triggers such as the notable lack of alcoholic beverages industry and a warm climate.

The beverage industry has around 40 plant life, and uses around 500, 000 people immediately or indirectly. Overseas players dominate the soft-drinks sector. Pakistan Drinks, which bottles for US-based PepsiCo, and Country wide Beverages, the bottler for Coca-Cola (also of the US), will be the key players in this portion. Together, Pepsi and Coca-Cola supply 75% of the carbonated soft-drinks market, with local companies accounting for another 15-20%. The industry has seen stable growth over the past years, and despite the current economic situation in Pakistan and the high degrees of inflation, the industry is destined for progress in the coming years. The major players in the forex market include:

Coca Cola


Mountain Dew

Gourmet Cola

Makah Cola

Amrat Cola

The market is led by Pepsi which has the maximum market talk about in the Pakistan soft drink industry. Coca cola acts as a challenger, which challenges the occurrence of its major rival coke, whereas other brands such as gourmet cola and pile dew are fans. Gourmet cola has smartly catered to the marketplace by providing carbonated drinks at a much lower price than others and distributes it only in the location of Lahore, hence is the one acting as a distinct segment player. It has successfully entered in to the soft drink market where existing strong brands have been competing, and is likely to maintain steadily its position which is noticeable by the growing demand of its cola

Market Size:

Led by the primary carbonate brands of Coca Cola and PepsiCo, per capita soft drinks utilization in Pakistan is believed to stand at about 20 liters per annum, which leaves significant room for development. Within the publisher's forecast period to 2014, soft drinks sales are expected to increase 39. 8% to PKR19. 5 billion ($233 million), with carbonates more likely to pick up almost all of the volume expansion.


Customer segmentation in Pakistan regarding soft drink industry is done diversely by the major players working on the market. Segmentation is performed based on the approach to life, preferences and attitudes of customers. Especially to this industry, there are present customer segments which prefer soft drinks that flavour sweeter when compared with others. Moreover, sections in the market segments exist that happen to be price mindful, and are willing to compromise so far as quality and preference is concerned. Such segments tend to be willing towards paying lower prices for a soft drink that provides a similar taste as of other renowned names and humble quality. Existing customers, who are very sensitive to their calorie consumption but wish never to compromise on the intake of soft drinks, are catered by brands offering the dietary plan version. The dietary plan version of soft drinks is even preferred by some customers who find its style better as compared to the standard one, although such a segment is not more popular. After that, customer segments are present which demand bottles of soft drinks in several sizes, such as small, large and family load up, whereas the kind of presentation done for a particular soft drink also establishes and caters to a certain market segment such as containers that are disposable and non-disposable. There will vary flavors that contain further segmented the market, which mainly include orange (Fanta, Miranda), Cola (Coke, Pepsi), Lemon (Sprite, 7up, Lemon up, pile dew). Segmentation of consumers has also been done on the bases of sociable economic school, such as new market entrants such as gourmet cola serves SEC C whereas market market leaders provide SEC A and B.

The market portion that people have picked for our project is individuals belonging to SEC A and SEC B who are used and are working in private and federal government organizations.

Target Market:

The marketplace that we have selected out of this segment within our term project is the carbonated soft drinks segment, which includes companies like Pepsi, Coca cola, Seven up, Mecca cola, Amrat cola, Gourmet cola and more.

Objectives of the research:

The research is aimed to get the capabilities of consumer patterns regarding the local carbonated drinks in the beverages industry. The range of the study is bound to the spot of Lahore due to time constraints. The basic purpose to conduct this study is to discover the consumer belief about the neighborhood carbonated drinks specifically. The study will help to find out the consumer conception about what the clients think of the local soft drinks, the way they perceive it when they notice or see any of the particular local brands. The positioning that it has used the imagination of the consumers are important to discover. Quite simply, the first goal is to get the image of local soft drinks as recognized by the consumers.

The review will also focus on the product specific traits of local soft drinks. The grade of the soft drink when compared with all of those other international competition is one of the concerns of the research. Also, preference can be an important variable which will be thoroughly examined because quality of any product is judged by its style, and it will be examined that whether the company is prosperous in providing the flavor which is demanded by its marketplace or not. Also, whether it provides the soft drinks in same or better taste as provided by the international players; Pepsi co. and Coca Cola Company, or not. Whether the content of fizz in soft drink can be an important variable that counts and the impact of the amount of cooling that the drink has stored in it is important to the consumers of local carbonated drinks or not. Along with the tangible qualities of the merchandise, the analysis will also give attention to the intangible characteristics including the brand name. The size and shape of the containers, the presentation and the colors used, will also be discussed. The buyer satisfaction will be gauged in terms of the competition, and what needs to be done to increase the product.

The study goals also include the consumer specific characteristics towards the neighborhood soft drinks. It'll include that under what circumstances or occasions do the consumers consume local soft drink. Are they brand loyal? Just how do they evaluate a drink over others? And just how do they make their buying decisions. It offers the influencers that impact their decision making. Furthermore, the role of advertisement will be reviewed that just how do the consumers dictated by the advertisings, how the company can improve its visual presence and what could be achieved to enhance the company and the merchandise.

Research Methodology:

The basic idea is to create a research technique which allows us to remove maximum useful information leastwise possible cost and time, without compromising on its reliability. Therefore, quantitative tools will be used to attain our research objectives.

Our objective factors like brand recognition, product consumption and product attributes specific insights shall be obtained by way of a questionnaire

Quantitative Research: Questionnaire

The questionnaire will be the most reliable and possible tool for our research study. Other methods like cellphone interviews and observation analysis will not only be impractical credited to our source of information constraints but also yield hardly any credible information, unless the sample size is huge. The questionnaire will be very straight forward and targeted so unnecessary data is not gathered and the validity of the analysis is maximized. Light users or users who have not consumed local colas in the past thirty days will be screened out. Therefore, those who remain will be able to effectively assess the merchandise and its belief in their brains. A few wide open finished questions will be asked, along with closed ended questions that dwelling address our research objectives. In order to keep things simple, only a Likert size will be used. The questionnaire will be distributed amongst all people who have been screened on the sole basis of consumption. It is because currently the soft drink industry uses a mass marketing way, and centering only on one or two sections will improve the sampling error. A complete of 50 questionnaires will be allocated.

Data Analysis

The data from the questionnaire will be tabulated on excel and analyzed using statistical options like pie graphs, bar graphs, furniture etc.

Questionnaire Research:

The questionnaire analysis was conducted with 50 respondents, 42 Males and 8 Females, aged between 22 to 50 years of age and everything. The questionnaire was structured upon the parameters of importance analyzed in the emphasis group e. g. the price of the soft drinks, availability and quality offered by each brand of carbonated soft drinks.

Detailed Analysis of Questionnaire:

What kind of food do you like?

The respondents were asked the type and genre of food they preferred as there drinks options are then structured upon their most important food choices, a large most respondents responded with homemade food, accompanied by fast food, this means that the evident impact on inflation in Pakistan upon peoples spending behaviors, more folks now opt for do-it-yourself food somewhat than fast food from upscale restaurants

What type of drinks do you consume?

Majority of respondents indicated that they preferred soda pops when compared with coffee and other choices available to them, this shows the high positive demand soft drinks have in Pakistan.

Pick one from the above and status the brands you use?

Juices brands talked about by respondents:

In order to gauge the respondents inclination towards juices the question asked them to point the drink brand they use, most respondents suggested nestle to be their favorite brand, with 23 respondents opting for Nestle, accompanied by Olfruit.

Carbonated drinks mentioned by respondents:

Tea/Coffee pointed out by respondents:

How often would you consume the drink you explained above?

Your purchase decisions are affected by?

Q7: Do you really consume carbonated carbonated drinks?

Majority of respondents, i. e. 40 mentioned that they used carbonated soft drinks which points towards the high positive demand for tender drinks

Q8: If yes, then how often does one take in them? (If no, please neglect to question 9)

Majority of the respondents who did consume carbonated drinks as mentioned in the previous question explained that they preferred carbonated drinks on a regular basis, followed by ten respondents who used it more often than once a week.

Q9: How will you feel about the next statements in relation to carbonated carbonated drinks?

a) Carbonated carbonated drinks are healthy

Majority of respondents were neutral about the question that whether they thought of carbonated drinks as healthy, followed by an equal most respondents who strongly agreed that carbonated drinks were healthy (10) and slightly agreed that carbonated drinks were healthy (10)

b) Cheaper alternatives of some leading companies offer same quality

Respondents strongly agreed that some cheaper alternatives available for sale of top brands provide same quality

c) Price can be an essential aspect to you

Majority if the respondents agreed that price as an important factor that they considered, this again details towards the actual fact that inflation is an issue affecting the purchasing vitality of consumers in Pakistan.

d) I'd purchase a cheaper choice if it includes similar quality

Majority of respondents mentioned that they firmly agreed that they would buy a cheaper substitute if it offers similar quality as top brands.

Q10: Please rank the Cola of your preference

Majority of respondents stated that among the reduced priced alternative colas they preferred the Premium cola, followed by Amrat cola.

b) I have discontinued purchasing other brands altogether

Majority of respondents relatively disagreed to the statement that if they had halted purchasing other colas totally after deciding on premium cola.


Age Group

Marital Position:

Education Levels:


The concentration questionnaire analysis factors to the actual fact that majority of the target inhabitants that we decided on for our product consumes carbonated soft drinks which supports the growth tendencies in the soda industry. The studies also shed light on the actual fact that because of the recent increase in inflation in the country and the purchase price hike in case of almost all goods, individuals are now a lot more receptive towards other brands that offer cheaper colas with the similar taste, these cheaper alternatives matching the respondents including, Shandy cola, Makkah cola, Amrat cola and Premium cola. Respondents however stressed on the fact these alternatives appealed to them not only as a result of price but also due to proven fact that they offered almost the same quality as colas from other top brands like Coke and Pepsi. From the cheaper alternatives people mentioned that they preferred Gourmet cola more. The studies also pointed to the actual fact that the primary influences in decision about the choice of soda came from family and friends, as they were the two main social; groupings with which respondents put in the majority of their time and consumed beverages with. The respondents taken to attention the fact the marketing campaign of the cola companies like gourmet cola and amrat cola were not sufficient and very unusual, they advised that a much better as campaign would be able to boost understanding and recognition between potential customers and appeal to more customers to the relatively new cola.

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