Solving the web Offline Channel Conflict

Adding an internet route to a pre-existing offline route can present a variety of challenges to an organization. The e-business strategy of the web channel must be properly aligned with the business enterprise strategy of offline channel, so the two channels could work in harmony with one another (Jelassi & Enders, 2008, p. 265). Whenever a company neglects to do so, their businesses can end in organizational demise. To be able to successfully implement a web channel, a business must address a number of strategic issues.

The first concern an organization must solve is to determine which products or services they'll offer through their offline route. A company may choose to provide same products/services through both stations; an totally different set of products/services online that are not offered offline; or a blend of new and existing products/services (Jelassi & Enders, 2008, p. 264). When making such a choice, the business should assess their target audience and their choices. They are able to also examine their competition' ways of observe how customers are utilizing the stations. Products/services offered online are often complementary to the offline channel; however, the organization must ensure that the web channel does not cannibalize the offline route.

David's Bridal, a marriage and formal wear retailer, for case, offers a combo of new and existing products via their website. There may be a large part of products which can be found through both physical store and website, and a group of products offered strictly online. Most wedding dresses are offered via both channels, as customers opt to try the gown on in the store before buying; however, they offer a number of service and reception products through the web site only. Offering such products online really helps to maintain costs in the physical store, as such products require additional shelf space and warehousing costs.

Another concern which a company must treat when adding clicks to bricks is to find out their costing strategy. A business must regulate how they would like to price their online products/services in comparison with their offline products/services. They may choose to ask for the same prices via both channels or charge higher or lower prices online. Each of these options communicates another type of message to the client. Offering the same prices says the client that the excess value of purchasing online can be found in other ways than through price discount rates; charging lower prices functions as a financial motivation; and charging higher prices expresses to the customer that the company incurs additional costs when offering products online (Jelassi & Enders, 2008, p. 264).

From my personal experience, I have found that most retailers ask for either the same or lower prices via their online channels. It would appear that many retailers ask for the same price; however, they feature additional sales and increased personal savings when purchasing online. Many companies have online exclusive sales, which they do not offer through the physical store. As a consumer, I'd not buy a product through a website if the same product was offered by less price in a physical store. I find this to be minimal successful prices strategy which a firm could choose.

The final proper issue which a company must treat is how to prevent or manage channel conflict. Whenever a company implements a web channel to an existing offline channel, there's a possibility that discord may arise between the channels. First, the business must determine the likelihood that discord will arise and the value or the affected channel. In the event the affected channel is of little proper importance, the business should recognize the decline of the existing channel and/or ignore the conflict. In the event the affected route is of strong importance, then the issue must be attended to (Jelassi & Enders, 2008, p. 189).

It is important to say that a company must find ways to control the turmoil between an internet and offline channel in order to progress the organization's progress. Many companies are fearful of moving into online sales; therefore, if indeed they find the likelihood of discord to be high, they often avoid moving into the online world altogether. This is an unsuccessful strategy as the business may lose out on vital opportunities and may easily show up behind their competitors. Instead, the company should measure the opportunities and threats of each channel and determine how to "extract the most value from each" (Bendix, Goodman, & Nunes, n. d. ).

Adding clicks to bricks may prove to be an enduring challenge; however, when monitored appropriately, implementing a web based channel can deliver positive results. In the current business environment, most companies are required to add a web based channel in order to keep pace with the competition (Gilbert & Bacheldor, 2000). Over the next decade, I believe it will be standard practice for companies to have a site advertising their business, if not, reselling their products.

Essay Question 2

In today's business community, most companies are beginning to implement a web channel with their existing offline channel, if they never have done so already. When adding clicks to bricks, a business may encounter turmoil between the stations. Such turmoil is a common occurrence and the organization must be sure that the new channel will not cannibalize the prevailing channel (Jelassi & Enders, 2008, p. 264). There are several options a firm has to solve online/offline route conflict, as talked about below.

The most apparent and ineffective way to solve online/offline channel issue is to stay away from the conflict altogether. Many organizations are guilty of discarding online implementation plans to avoid channel turmoil (Bendix, at. el. , n. d. ). The web environment can offer adequate opportunities to an organization. When a business does not follow through with their strategies, they will most likely place themselves up for failure. Organizations should avoid this option you should, as they can certainly show up behind their competitors and lose market share.

The best approach to solve online/offline channel issue, on the other hand, is to build up ways to control such conflict. When conflict between your channels is high and the value of the damaged channel is also high, it is crucial that the organization address the turmoil (Jelassi & Enders, 2008, p. 264). Predicated on a case study performed on a variety of firms, the following are several options for handling channel conflict

Alignment of goals: In order to manage channel discord, the goals of both channels must be aligned. The programs cannot work against one another, if not the operations will fail. Online channels can be used as a way to keep your charges down, support existing clients, and focus on a new audience. Organizational customers must be made aware of the great things about the online route and be prompted to contribute to online sales (Steinfield, 2004). The organization must develop ways for the channels to work in tranquility with one another. For example, they can incorporate the online channel with the existing offline route and build a central profit middle (Jelassi & Enders, 2008, p. 264).

Coordination and control mechanisms: Coordination and control mechanisms are another manner in which the online/offline issue can be resolved. The business must find ways for the programs to complement one another. Customers can utilize both channels when doing a transfer (Steinfield, 2004). For instance, they can check the option of something online prior to going to the store. The inventory of the physical store must be coordinated with the web channel. On top of that, control measures, like the reliability of inventory information and rate of in-store pickups, can be used to keep an eye on the coordination of the channels (Steinfield, 2004).

Synergy benefits: Another way a business can solve conflict between programs is to generate synergy benefits between your channels. Many companies lack the web development or logistic skills necessary to conduct online functions (Steinfield, 2004). Instead of develop an in-house online division, the business can build on the competencies by creating an alliance with a recognised e-commerce company (Steinfield, 2004). Because of this, the company's primary operations are not damaged by online procedures.

There are a variety of options a company can choose to solve the online/offline route conflict. Most importantly, the business must solve the conflict and find ways for the stations to complement one other. In today's technologically savvy environment, many customers take a look at an organization's website as an indication of their professionalism and reliability. Online and offline programs should be highly integrated and coordinated to avoid conflict and offer the most value to the customer.

Essay Question 3

Creativity is an essential component to producing an innovative e-business strategy. It could be defined as "the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, connections, or the like, and create meaningful new ideas, varieties, methods, interpretations, etc" (Creativity, 2010). Creativity stems from an individual's openness to new experience. The more visibility an individual has to different experiences, a lot more creative their ideas will become (Jelassi & Enders, 2008, p. 271). Case studies, specifically, help spur an individual's creativity by starting them up to a variety of business styles and techniques.

Case studies present factual information regarding an organization's businesses, strategies, and business strategy. They permit the reader to sketch conclusions and formulate ideas based on the organization's successes and failures. Businesses can form novel ideas and strategies by reviewing case studies and attracting insights from different organizations, ethnicities, or business (Jelassi & Enders, 2008, p. 278). Each type of research study analysis adds another type of degree of creativeness to a business strategy, as mentioned below.

Case studies can be used as an intra-industry benchmarking tool in a organization's own culture. This sort of benchmarking involves an organization comparing their businesses and strategies to those of their immediate competitors. As the group can determine where they need to make changes or are slipping behind your competition, performing an evaluation within their own culture will only give a relativity low amount of imagination (Jelassi & Enders, 2008, p. 278). The organization will not be able to get after fresh ideas which have not been used among their direct rivals.

Case studies can also be used as an intra-industry benchmarking tool across ethnicities. Rather than give attention to organizations within one's own culture, the business compares their operations to organizations working in other ethnicities. This type of analysis can open the organization to a variety of new ideas, technologies, and strategies that have not been achieve among their direct challengers. By looking across cultures, the organization can develop creative strategies that will place them prior to the competitors operating in their own culture. Analyzing mix culture circumstance studies can offer a mid-level amount of creativity.

The most progressive ideas can be produced by analyzing case studies across establishments. In such instances, the organization endeavors outside of the comfort of their own industry. This sort of analysis can be challenging, as the organization must find ways to apply these e-business strategies and techniques to their own industry. However, despite such problems, such an examination can offer groundbreaking results (Jelassi & Enders, 2008, p. 278). Studying circumstance studies across business can spur high levels of creativity, which permit the organization to build up competitive advantages.

Throughout the span of getting my MBA, I have read several case studies in several classes. The information presented in such cases studies has opened my sight to real organizational problems, as well as creative business ideas. I have referred back again to the situation studies of previous classes when learning unrelated topics. Although topics weren't related, much information was to be discovered from these case studies. I think that studying impressive companies, in particular, provides a user with the most strategies.

For example, I read a case study on 3M. 3M is a highly successful impressive company. They offer their workers with designated the perfect time to explore their own ideas. This has became a successful technique, as much new product ideas are developed this way. Although 3M is something based company, others can study from their successful business procedure. Their techniques can be allied in a variety of market sectors and help encourage readers to develop impressive strategies.

Another example is a research study I continue reading Standard Electric (GE) in my own ethics course. GE started offering ultrasound machines in India; however, such technology is available to be controversial in India. While they had an obligation to provide technology that could save lives and offer early recognition of life dealing with conditions, GE Health care also had to recognize a major cultural difference (Wicks, Freeman, Werhane, & Martin, 2010, p. 131). The challenges presented in the event study and the way in which in which GE handled the situation can offer ground breaking ways for companies to handle cultural differences. This case study can apply to any kind of organization irrespective of their industry, as ethics is an issue which must be resolved in all businesses.

Readers of case studies will need to have an open brain. They must be able to look at the issues and problems experienced by other organizations and determine ways to proactively avoid or manage such challenges. Viewers must also find ways to exploit their opportunities and advantages. It is important that they read a variety of case studies before drawing conclusions. The more exposure they have to different types of management styles, business strategies, and procedures, a lot more the imagination will move.

Essay Question 4

Creativitypool. com can be an interactive website that allows users to send their own, personal and creative ideas. The concept of the website is for individuals to talk about their unused ideas with the entire world. Other users can view the idea and, if they choose, they have the right to pursue the theory. By submitting an idea to the imagination pool, an individual relinquishes all protection under the law to the concept. If their idea is pursued, they'll not receive monetary compensation. Instead, the user can suggest a reward they might like in exchange for the utilization of these idea, such as a free copy of the invented product (Creativitypool. com, n. d. ).

Many individuals have great, impressive ideas; however, they may not have the methods to go after their ideas. Creativitypool. com is a great way for the ordinary individual to talk about their ideas with others for the hopes of these idea being accepted. As explained on the Creativity Pool website, many folks have great ideas and wait around for others to think about the same idea and to develop them. Creativitypool. com is a superb way to speed up the creativeness process for individuals and organizations which have the methods to produce such ideas. While not all ideas are sufficient for production, the web site is a fun method for users to talk about their quirky ideas with others.

The Ingenuity Pool website is broken down into a number of categories, including, however, not limited to, clothes and fashion, sports and fitness, companies and services, home and work, pets and animals, society and politics, etc. (Creativitypool. com, n. d. ). If you click on a web link for a certain category, a forum appears filled up with users' ideas. Users can write responses, vote on the idea, or forward the idea to their friends. Comments are available via a website link titled "communications" next to each idea. When clicking on the link, a separate forum seems to discuss a certain idea. The format of the web site is very clean, readable, and user friendly.

One idea, in particular, that i found to be very interesting and useful is a steel detector shoe. An individual suggested a metallic detector be put on underneath of any soldier's shoe so that they could identify mines and trip cables when out in the field (Creativitypool. com, n. d. ). The theory has a 95% rating and 16 remarks. Users wrote messages on possible problems with the theory, as well as recommendations on how the theory could be advanced.

Overall, Creativitypool. com can be an interesting website to explore. Even if the user will not find any ideas to pursue, it can help open those to a variety of new experiences. Exposure to such innovative ideas can help spur ingenuity. Creativitypool. com is a great website for inventors and business professionals, as well as regular citizens wishing to talk about their ideas.

Essay Question 5

As a business works through the strategy formulation process, it is important that they lengthen the breadth and depth of the analysis. In order for their technique to achieve success and efficient, they ought to cover a wide horizon and perform an in-depth analysis of each element (Jelassi & Enders, 2008, p. 283). The ideas and frameworks offered throughout this course and in the textbook can help raise the depth of evaluation when formulating an e-business strategy.

This e-business course has protected an array of e-business and strategy concepts. By studying the issues in this program, one would be able to look for and discover important conditions that need to be further investigated. Specifically, the course has covered e-business specific principles, generic strategic ideas, and fundamental economical principles (Jelassi & Enders, 2008, p. 285). By starting at the most basic degree of analysis, one can uncovered deep rooted issues and continue working their way down to specific components of the problem.

The most elementary level of research can be achieved by analyzing e-business specific concepts. This program has covered a wide range of concepts including virtual value chain examination, online/offline channel discord, the ICDT model, etc. (Jelassi & Enders, 2008, p. 285). Each one of these issues is fundamental to e-business companies. Once an organization has analyzed issues specific to e-business, they must further their analysis by investigating cause-effect marriage between these issues.

Cause-effect marriage can be discovered by exploring the generic tactical concepts covered in this category. Such strategic ideas are the five makes industry model, strategy formulation process, differentiation and cost command strategies, co-opetition, etc. (Jelassi & Enders, 2008, p. 285). These strategy concepts can be employed to any industry or business model. They allow the firm to explore cause-effect interactions of specific elements recognized at the first level of evaluation. By considering such ideas, the organization will begin to question the structure and importance of specific activities of their value chain, which can only help them identify their central competences and develop competitive advantages.

Once the business has explored strategic principles, they can continue their research by evaluating economic concepts. This course has covered a variety of fundamental economic concepts which include business deal costs, economies of range, recognized use value, value creation, value capturing, etc. (Jelassi & Enders, 2008, p. 285). Expanding their analysis to this level can help the business develop effective costs strategies and determine ways to lower or maintain their costs.

It is important to increase the depth of examination from e-business specific ideas to fundamental monetary concepts. The concepts presented in this program will help students to develop effective e-business strategies by showing them with a wide summary of important strategic concepts. By increasing a deep understanding of such ideas, the university student will have the knowledge to identify the activities and conditions that require further evaluation. Accomplishing an in-depth evaluation is a simple step in producing an effective e-business solution (ISKIV. net).

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