Some problems of introducing marketing in US enterprises - Marketing

Some problems of introducing marketing in United States enterprises

Reforming the economy of our country and its integration into the world economy is accompanied by a serious restructuring of planning, pricing, material and technical support, financial and credit relations of foreign economic activity at various levels of government.

It was the development of market relations in the United States that actualized the use of marketing in entrepreneurial activity.

However, in the economic practice of United States enterprises, marketing research still does not occupy the place that is necessary in the interests of the cause. Nevertheless, they have already become a reality.

It should be noted that the circle of interests of modern marketing includes not only the research of the sphere of products circulation. Marketers also study such phases of reproduction as production, distribution and consumption. This leads to the invasion of marketing in the sciences, which have already developed the subject of research (planning and finance, management and organization of production). Marketing, traditionally considered as an applied discipline, in recent years has turned into a fundamental scientific discipline, which has its own sub-sector. A vivid example is the theory of advertising, which is successfully developing without direct connection with marketing.

Theoretically, the need to introduce marketing into the economy is now no longer denied. Applied application of this science in the United States economy sometimes runs into a misunderstanding, and often simply to ignorance of marketing technologies. This is mainly due to the fact that in the new market structures remained the leaders of the old type, whose thinking did not go further than maximizing profits. Unfortunately, the leaders of many companies do not understand the benefits of marketing. And even if there are competent experts in the field of marketing, is it possible to make the CEO realize that marketing should spend a significant part of the firm's profits.

The emergence of marketing services in the created commercial structures, unfortunately, is often dictated simply by the "fashion for marketing". Practical experience in introducing marketing at enterprises indicates that marketing services are formed primarily on the basis of sales departments. If the reorganization of an enterprise and its transition to rails marketing go in stages, then this method is fully justified. However, often the whole reorganization ends here. New posts are introduced with a parallel reduction in the number of employees, of course, the name of the department changes, but the department does not change its functional essence. In the activities of the so-called marketing services the sales concept is still prevalent, i. in fact, marketing in this situation can not be said. Such services are not capable of benefiting, moreover, they can only discredit the very marketing concept of activity and management.

The lack of the necessary number of qualified specialists in marketing is one of the problems. Enterprises attract specialist-subcontractors.

Another problem is related to the fact that the United States science of marketing was formed on the basis of foreign scientific research based on foreign practical experience. But, unlike the foreign one, United States science is not able to fully rely on domestic practical experience, which is simply not enough. And in the current economic situation, it is impossible to completely copy foreign marketing, transferring its achievements and recommendations to the practice of United States organizations, enterprises and firms.

We should not forget that the marketing concept began to be widely used only at the stage of economic overproduction of goods and services. United States enterprises are quite far from this stage, and recently many of them have entered the phase of production decline. Domestic enterprises engaged in earlier exports, were simply forced to apply, albeit in part, a marketing concept. Therefore, in the transition to a market economy, they were able to adapt before others. The rest of the enterprises, first encountered with producers (sellers) of imported products in their market, found the shortcomings of knowledge of marketing strategies and had to realize the need to master marketing technologies.

In conclusion, we list the main problems of introducing marketing at United States enterprises:

• There are not enough qualified marketing specialists (in some places they are not available at all);

• Some senior managers do not know or misunderstand the essence of marketing;

• The marketing departments created on the basis of marketing were basically unable to change their essence;

• there is no connection between theory and marketing practice;

• attempts are made to adopt foreign experience of marketing activities, but do not take into account national and cultural characteristics.

Affected aspects of a wide range of problems of the application of marketing technology and management are not exhausted.

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