Specific Strategy In Italian Market Marketing Essay

Selling American coffee as main product: In Italy, most people favor sipping espresso. Its essential for Starbucks to market espresso in Italian market, but there are thousands of coffee properties in Italy sell the same products. Starkbucks has no edge in this aspect, because Italian espresso is the origin of coffee culture. So, Starbucks need to sell special products to be exceptional in the market. Despite most Italian are not used to ingesting American caffeine, it's fresh to many people who like trying new things, especially some teenagers. Little by little, they'll love this flavour, and their principles will be transformed.

Selling Italian unique cups: One of Starbucks's features is the mugs of variety habits. Many people are interesting in collecting Starbucks cups. They spend many money and time to collect a set of Starbucks cups, especially some limitied editions. In Italian market, if Starbucks emits a couple of Italian specialties mugs, it will get many collecting fanatics' attention.

Selling healthy products: Coffee is a high-calorie drink generally. Many consumers who wish to lose weight or be anxious about weight may refuse to drink caffeine. It's a huge lack of comsumers. So, Starbucks can sell some low-calorie coffee or food. It would be a quality in Italian coffee market. To get a consumer, the purchase of something is not to own the product, but to take pleasure from the benefits associated with a product (Rafiq & Ahmed, 2009).

Selling special holiday break products: Starbucks always produces Xmas limitied products which are very well-liked by consumers. In Italy, there are a great number of holiday seasons. Starbucks can sell some special getaway goods, such as providing some sweet cakes for kids at Epifania.


Price takes on an important role in product differentiation by boosting the identified value of the product and helping consumers to distinguish between offers from different opponents in order that their needs can be attained. An effort should be produced to forecast how opponents might respond to a change in charges strategy by analysing the marketplace and product factors which have an impact on them, comsumer perceptions of the product offers and their interior cost set ups. ˜ Doole & Lowe, 2008˜. Costing strategy is very important to Starbucks to be spectacular from its opponents in Italian market.

Discount for the latest product: Some products are characterised with stretchy demand and being extremely price hypersensitive, so that sales volumes increase significantly as prices are reduced˜ Doole & Lowe, 2008˜. Inside the intense competition of Italian caffeine market, the discount will draw in customers surely.

Discount for "ranking customers": It's a distinctive happening in Italy that many people like position to drink caffeine. If there has no chair available in coffee house, it is an excellent method to draw in more cuntomers coming in and not to bring them down.


Locate at places where have large move of people: The location is vital for coffee residences. Central commercial ciecle, railway stations, colleges are good location for Starbucks in Italian market. Italian will know Stabucks quickly within places.

Set standard website in Italy: Nowadays, internet is convenient in many ways. People can get a great deal of information from internet. Italians are not familiar with Starbucks, so it's necessary to established established website to let Italians know Starbucks quickly and convenient.


Make advertisements: Starbucks doesn't put emphasis on advertisements. But in Italian market, Starbucks is not well-known by many Italians, and they have many competitors. So, placing some cost on advertising is essential. In fasting moving consumer good marketing, advertising can be used to raise understanding, creat interest and encourage consumers to get. Advertising is one of the very most vivible varieties of communication and often the most crucial part of the whole strategy for consumer products in countries with a well-developed multimedia industry˜ Doole & Lowe, 2008˜.

Be a sponsor of big happenings: Sponsorship entails a company (the sponsor) providing financing, resources or other support for a meeting, activity, form, person, product or service. In exchange the sponsor would expect to gain some benefit, such as the publicity of its brand, brand or advertising message˜ Doole & Lowe, 2008˜. Being a sponsor is a good way for Starbucks to expand its brand impact in Italian market. As McDonald's being the sponsor of Olympic Video games, its brand image is increased greatly.

Membership: In Italian market, the first step of Starbucks is to increase customer groups. Starbucks can provide some preferential procedures to membership, such as essential exchange, birthday activities etc. It's a good way to keep devoted customers and get clients.

Pure American style: Starbucks insists owned string strategy and the decor style of Starbucks around the globe is nearly the same, however in Italian market, American style decoration and American style music could make Starbucks get the matter of Italians and change from other Italian caffeine houses.

Convenient services: Convenient can be an important factor of sales strategy. Using personal computers or cellphones to order refreshments can save time for you to queue. And coffee services sent to as large range as possible. These must be welcomed by most Italians.

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