Stages Of The Consumer Buying Process

The Slogan of AirAsia runs as 'Now Everyone Can Fly'. It really is now the best airline that was set up in the entire year 2001 with the dream of making soaring possible and achievable by everyone around any area of the world. AirAsia managed to become one of the leading airline providers despite facing the down sides during the period of recession. They were able to create route systems that cover more than 20 countries which enables the consumers to travel around the world. The eyesight of the primary air travel company AirAsia is usually to be the largest low cost air travel in Asia and providing the 3 billion individuals who are presently underserved with poor connectivity and high fares. This shows that the flight is concentrating on the center income earners as their target market.

The missions of the AirAsia will be motivating to many companies. Among the core quest of the airline company is to be the best company to be employed by whereby employees are cared for as part of a huge family. Besides that, another objective of the business is to make a globally identified ASEAN brand. This is a proud statement for the company that originates from Malaysia which permits the country to rise higher in global arena. Another quest of AirAsia is to attain the most reasonably priced so that everyone can soar with AirAsia. They can be actually soaring their discussion because the main one way tickets are sold at a impressive price of RM 1 As the Marketing Director of AirAsia, the duty has been given by the Managing Director to describe the impact of consumer buying process and its own software to a internet entrepreneur.

2. 0 Definition of Consumer Buying Process

Consumer buying process is simply the factors that effect the buyer to buy and ingest certain product and services. The consumers will be facing some external and internal effect factors that make these to buy a certain product. This is of consumer buying process will go as the buying action or the functions of people when it comes to buying a certain product or services. In cases like this, it's the consumer buying process or tendencies as it pertains to purchasing or using the AirAsia services. (Hammond, James. 2008)

3. 0 Stages of the Consumer Buying Process.

As there are phases as it pertains to a product development, same goes to the consumer buying processes contain six stages. The end result will be the purchase of the product or services but not all the consumers will be conclude buying or purchasing the product but for a general assumption this is the periods that is engaged when it comes to consumer buying tendencies. The primary six stages are problem reputation, information search, analysis of alternatives, purchase decision, purchase and post purchase analysis. (Hammond and Wayne. 2008)

3. 1 First Level - Problem or Need Reputation.

As the name suggest it is the situation and the necessity reputation for the consumers to be able to identify how to solve the particular problem or need. This is where they'll be buying services or product that can solve their problem easily. The consumers will be facing problems like the solution price is very high. The price tag on the AirAsia ticket is cheaper in comparison to Malaysian Airlines and other airlines. Another problem that most consumers will face is the facilities that they can enjoy. Appear to be that the purchase price is low for AirAsia ticket, the chairs are too small and the consumers will not be able to sit easily. (Leventhal and Richard. 2006)

3. 2 Second Level - Information Search

It is the stage where the consumer will do his research about the product or services that can help to resolve problem or the need of the buyer. A good information research will lead the buyer to several alternatives of products or services. For an example, consumers can get more info about AirAsia through magazines which may have the advertisements of AirAsia. Besides that, consumers can find the info that they need through the website of AirAsia. Another form of information research that will be effective is through the Opinion Market leaders where most consumers said to choose the tickets after hearing the experience of other consumers consuming the product or service. (Danziger and Pamela. 2006)

3. 3 Third Level - Evaluation of Alternatives

As the name implies, the buyer will be analyzing all the possible alternatives or the services available through assessment method of price, quality and the services being offered in a manner that can solve the need or problem of the consumer. There are several options for consumers in the airline market such as Malaysian Airlines that can travel almost all parts of the planet whereby the consumers who wants to travel to USA will never be able to benefit from the service through AirAsia because AirAsia does not offer path to that country. This will make the consumers to find an alternative such as Malaysian Airlines. (Danziger and Pamela. 2006)

3. 4 Fourth Stage - Purchase Decision

This is where the consumer takes your choice to choose the services from a certain company after a deep evaluation and assessment. The consumers can purchase the AirAsia seat tickets in a few methods such as through online purchase where the consumers can buy the ticket predicated on their choice and need. The consumer can even choose the seat tickets at their nearest AirAsia ticketing centre where in fact the consumers can book the solution and even purchase it with the information and support distributed by the salesperson. (Leventhal and Richard. 2006)

3. 5 Fifth Level - Purchase

This stage would be the part where in fact the consumer will buy the service or the merchandise. The amount of money is given for the service or the product that the buyer is going to ingest. The consumers can purchase the solution of AirAsia by using their charge card where most consumers prefers online scheduling which allows them to find the date using their own tempo. The consumers can buy the ticket calendar months prior to the date that can be done at the ticketing counter-top or online that's available generally in most parts throughout the united states. (Wright and Len Tiu. 2006)

3. 6 Final Level - Post Purchase Evaluation.

To say it simple it's the end result of the purchase of the product or services for the client. Whether it's a satisfaction or dissatisfaction for the buyer. Consumers may also choose the meals that they want to have during their flight hours. This enables the consumers to make their journey a satisfactory quest that provides comfort and pleasure going by AirAsia. (Wright and Len Tiu. 2006)

4. 0 Impact of consumer buying process.

There are few influences of consumer buying process or behavior. The effects are from personal, mental and also cultural.

4. 1 Personal Impact

From the areas of personal there are many things that affect the buyer decision as their demographic factors, their gender, faith and also their competition. Even their family will have an impact on their decision greatly. When it comes to buying AirAsia ticket, members of the family will tend to cause to buy for the reduced price.

4. 2 Mental health Impact.

There are few categories included under the mental impact as the motives of the consumer, the perception of the customer, the power and the knowledge of the user, the behaviour, the personality and also their lifestyle. This will likely be giving a greater impact to your choice process of the buyer.

4. 3 Sociable Factors

Social factors will be exterior factors that affect the buyer to buy a certain product or services. A number of the social factors are the opinion leaders, person's family, reference groups, social course and culture. They play an important role in your choice of the consumer to buy a certain product or services.

5. 0 Program to a marketer.

As a Marketing Director of AirAsia, there are several applications that can be designed to ensure the consumers are satisfied and can buy the services more frequently.

5. 1 Marketing Mix

One of the ways of doing it is through the alteration of marketing blend according to the need and reason for the consumers. The marketing mixes that as a internet marketer may use is the price, place, product and advertising.

5. 2 Marketing Strategies

Besides that, a very good marketing strategy will help the organization to entice more consumers. The marketer can evaluate from where and what way to obtain advertisements allures the consumers and keep maintaining the same strategy which is a guaranteed way of appealing to increasingly more consumers that will lead to the revenue and the success of the organization.

6. 0 Conclusion

Consumers contain the rights to enjoy perfect and quality services for the purchase price that they pay to companies. As the Marketing Director of AirAsia, the assistance that are being made available from AirAsia is solely for the satisfaction of the consumers and whenever there are some dissatisfaction in the service, immediately we will try to make changes to guarantee the consumers get what they want. The buying process of the consumers have a greater impacts on marketing such as product price place and campaign. They way the consumers respond to our services make us to have the ability to make changes and adverts in the way that could ensure the consumers need to get information.

Therefore, besides profit, one in our ultimate goals is to give a satisfaction for more than the actual consumers pay. By understanding the consumer buying process it will be in a position to reach AirAsia quest in future. Besides that Air Asia can attain their goal and purpose by analyzing the consumer buying process which involves the six levels and the impact which consist of personal, mental health and public. Each stages in a position to identify consumer response or behavior into the services. In addition by inspecting the development and progress AirAsia can be a benchmark one of the airlines industry. In addition Air Asia will have increased improvement in terms of these weaknesses and concentrate on consumers' needs and requirements by fulfill customer satisfactions.

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