Strategic Marketing ARRANGE FOR Aquafresh

This document marks a significant milestone in the introduction of a Strategic Marketing Plan for the AQUAFRESH Normal water. Access Natural Water was established as a subsidiary of Gain access to International (Private) Ltd in the entire year 2001 and happens to be a leading bottled water manufacturer in the united states. The foundation of AQUAFRESH normal water is the fine springs that emerges from the mountains of Labugamkanda in the Ratnapura Region. "AQUAFRESH" achieved the SLS 894 documentation for bottled normal water in 2003 being the first ever to achieve it. Subsequently rising further by acquiring the ISO 9001:2000 recognition in 2004 for the quality management system.

The strategy will seeks the current market for bottled drinking water, major rivals in the field and identify the development which will raise the market steadiness over the future. It'll identify the existing situation of AQUAFRESH drinking alcohol water's place within the market now, and where it will aim to maintain future.

This evaluation will identify the Strengths and Weaknesses of the AUQAFRESH drinking water on the market level and how these are control the consumer's reaction to Opportunities and Hazards on the market.

Also it'll analyse the top features of AQUAFRESH normal water and exactly how it is providing their advantages to the customers. Based on this evaluation, the strategy will identify the mark market segments whose needs are generally satisfied by AQUAFRESH normal water.

Finally, the strategy sets the focuses on for penetration and market development to AQUAFRESH normal water for his or her existing and new aim for markets. A part from this identifies the main strategies that can be used to attain these goals. It looks at the consumer vitality and the required changes. Below evaluation will give implementation goals for future plan.


This is to analyse the products market situation by applying certain tools.

Macro and Micro environment

The macro-environment

Changes in the macro-environment won't affect tightly to the firm's day-to-day procedures, nonetheless they are just as important. The primary factors of macro environmental have been segregated by four.

Political and legal environment

Economic environment

Social and cultural environment

Technological environment

Political and legal environment

To many companies, politics considerations will tend to be of prime concern. Sri Lanka's current politics situation is appears to be encouraging the visitors to invest in the business enterprise for an example they are presenting some tax exemptions for importing the goods. Drinking water is one of the top physical needs of man. Anyhow human being will consume this particular in their day to day life. So any political situations will not affect the Drinking water business.

Economic environment

Economic factors are mostly influence among demand, costs, prices and earnings. In the current framework of Sri Lanka, the consumer goods prices are increasing speedily and the buyer earnings are less. Therefore the middle income consumer will decrease their interest to buy a normal water bottles because the water is one of the free elements on the planet.

Socio-cultural environment

Since this is human's important physical needs, Socio-culture environment's part is very less for normal water business.

Technological environment

Since the technology is influencing the development of several products, it is a key macro-environmental variable. Access Natural drinking water is implementing latest solutions in their product. Through latest technology they may be purifying water without adding any chemicals.

The micro environment

The micro-environment indicates the elements that your marketing organization has managed or which it can use in order to gain information that will better help it in its marketing procedures.

Marketing Mixture - The 'four Ps'

The 'four Ps' stands for:





In the water business Price and deals contribution will be more than other two Ps. Because drinking water is the free component on the planet so product is not apparent as well as normal water is available in all around the world, so place also not essential. But price and advertising are crucial.


Since this is a free of charge element in the world, pricing the water products is very important. Organisation should consider the buyer capacity as well as competitor's price. Consumers will consider the low price and high quality products. AQUAFRESH's price is little bit more than their competitor's price. They are employing this price dissimilar to maintain the benchmark of these product. Because of this price, their consumer level also has been limited.


In the existing world, water business is increasing swiftly. There are so many opponents on the market. In Sri Lanka just lately Elephant House also inserted in to normal water business. So the promotion is essential in this business. Presently Access Natural water is promoting their product through determined supply chain. They have to increase their supply chains.

Except above four Ps, the "People" of extended marketing mix also will be considered. Because they're important in this business, for a good example village people will not consider the water in bottles as well as they will not spend money for this. So targeting these folks will not do well.

Internal Company Analysis

Internal organizational evaluation assesses all related factors in an organization to be able to find out its talents and weaknesses.

Financial position

Since Gain access to is a group of companies, financially Access Natural water is a strengthen position.

Product position

When compare with other normal water products, AQUAFRESH price is petite more than other water products. So this product is put with the certain consumers.

Marketing capability

This product's marketing functionality is high. These are delivering the product at the right time and at the right place.

Except above other factors like, Organizational composition, Human reference, condition of facilities and equipment, earlier target and strategies etc. also will considered for internal organizational examination.

Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT)



The exciting and refreshing flavour of 'AQUAFRESH' can be experienced by anybody consuming this drinking water, and it is merely to mildly tingle your tastebuds.

Quality Assurance

Successions of lab checks are conducted consistently for every batch of water, both in totally equipped in-house laboratory and also other licensed outsourced laboratories relating to local and international specifications.


The untouched springs are situated in aquifers situated 200ft under the rock bed. It obviously preserves the purity and freshness of drinking water: an activity that cannot be imitated, and is also not transformed by the bottler.


The water will not require a harsh purification because of the purity of the foundation from which the is extracted, thus reduction the utilization of disinfectant chemicals that are a successful health hazard.


AQUAFRESH is qualified with SLS 894, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 22000:2005, Dutch HACCP food safeness license and the ministry of Health.



When equate to other normal water products price, AQUAFRESH price is petite more.

Market Place

They have only few market places in island extensive. Their distribution string is less.


Fast growing field

The world is changing the people to machinery life. So they are prepared to go for an easy ways to satisfy their needs. In this example bottled normal water have more opportunities.


Since the united states in a relaxed situation, there are usually more opportunities to develop their business in island extensive.

Introduce new flavor

Introduce the natural and organic water to the market which will helps to individuals health.

Financial competence

Since they can be a group of companies, they have significantly more opportunities to grow their business.


Entering of new players

Many new players are entering on the market. Just lately Elephant House also entered in the forex market. This is gives a tough competition to the present water brands including AQUAFRESH.

Water Filtration system Manufacturers

AQUAFRESH is not only getting competition from nutrient water machine but is also facing a tough competition from various drinking water filter manufacturers. They have been marketing there purifiers in the market which has decreased the sales of bottled water resource to homely customers.

Strong distribution route of the other manufacturers

Marketing Research data methods

Market research is the procedure of collecting, recording and analyzing the info available, to be able to help the business understand and assess its market and potential customers.

Access Natural Drinking water has prepared to develop their market. So these data methods will help them for a new market situation. There are many ways to collect the data. But here using only appropriate methods.

Questionnaire: That is one of the commonly used data collecting method. Prepare the product related question and distribute among people to get their impression.


More data can be gathered.

Easy to analyse.

Data can be accumulated from all degree of customers.


Lack of discussions or idea sharing between customers and vendors.

Telephone Interviews: contact the individuals over the telephone and getting their thoughts and opinions about product. Here detailed data can be accumulated but in this method organisation cannot accumulate data from more customers because everyone don't have phone facilities as well as more time has to invest data collection which method is expensive.

Other than above method there are sample review and personal interview methods also there, but they are expensive methods to use. Water container prices comparably reduced than other carbonated drinks product. So using questionnaire method will be more cost effective as well as more data collecting method.


Water Purification System

AQUAFRESH purifies water without adding any chemicals with a totally natural biological purification system.


They have captured Leading Local / International Organizations as their customers' e. g Apollo Hospital, UN Organizations. Just lately they entered in to Sri Lankan Airlines as the official supplier.


The newest addition to the development lines is the recent unveiling of "AQUAFRESH" in Family pet (polyethylene terephthalate) containers in 200ml, 350ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1000ml and 1500ml capacities.


They have different type of deals which targeted predicated on the buyer capacity. For a good example they have got different kind of normal water dispenser so consumer can choose based on their capacity.


Build Brand Image

A long-term marketing aim for AQUAFRESH could be to improve sales because they build an image for the product, brand, and/or company. A lot more, this is an accurate goal for large companies with adequate budgets.

Enhance Customer Service

Access Natural Water can increase results in some way by improving customer service. When customers are definitely more satisfied, they have a tendency to spread the word relating to this product as well as buy more often themselves.

Lower Operating Costs

Access Natural normal water has desired to reduce their operating cost.

Increasing the Sales

Access Natural drinking water is targeting to increase their "AQUAFRESH" sales by 10% in next yr.


Strategies are incredibly important to enhance the sales of products. Marketing strategies varies with respect to the unique situation of the individual business. It is complete and an invincible plan designed specifically for reaching the marketing purpose of a firm. The marketing purpose point towards what the firm want to achieve. The online marketing strategy gives the design for reaching them.

When analysed the AQUAFRESH goals, it is shown that they are intend to move using their narrow market focus to extensive market. Their image building, sales increase and low cost operational goals are exposing they are wanting to make uniqueness and low cost competency because of their product. Being that they are keeping the purchase price as a standard of their product, they will not make any immediate technique for low cost. But this examination is considering the both strategies.

Michael Porter represents an enterprise strategy category scheme where there are three basic types for success and maintenance of its competitive edge.


Since this particular business is speedily increasing in the worldwide, the tournaments also increasing. So the companies are employing the purchase price as their main competitive level. It will price its product to match the varying competitive demand. AQUAFRESH normal water price fairly higher than their competitor's price because they're maintaining their benchmark as well as their creation cost is high due to the latest expensive drinking water purify technology.

As per their targets, they are intending to increase their market because they are locating the way to reduce the product price. To broaden the market in the highly competitive business, they have to reduce the price. Here their one of the target is leaner operating cost. So if they reduce their operating cost, they can reduce their product price as well. If they reduced the price, the sales increase. Proper strategy has to follow to reduce the functional cost.

A Online business can help by cutting down costs. Automated customer support functions - Web-based FAQ, order position reports, product specifications, etc. can lower the number of customer service telephone calls, reducing customer support labor costs.

For customers, distribute the product through supply chain. It will reduce the transportation cost.

Increasing the supply chain channels in island extensive. It will reduce the expense of source for long-distanced consumers. Aswell as boost the product sales.

Using internet sites (Facebook) to promote their product. It will reduce the many operational expenses.


Due to the high competition in the market, Access Natural Water has to position their product in consumer brain. Since they designed to move using their narrow market range to wide-ranging market scope, they need to create the brand image one of the consumers. So consumers may easily identify the product.

To create the brand image they need to differentiate the product from their competition. Already they differentiated their product in the container. They are experiencing different type of lid for their bottle. But this is not enough to target. Listed below are few strategies to make image about their product.

Introducing flavoured drinking water: Until now there is no any flavoured drinking water introduced on the market. S o this launch will differentiate the product. However in our country, using herbal with normal water will succeed.

Setting the right retail price: price will create the brand image among customers. Since they are trying to extend their market, they have to reduce their price equal to or less than their competitor's price.

Advertisement: They need to advertise to generate the image in consumer mind. For a good example they can advertise like small baby also can drink this normal water. In our country, most of the people aren't willing to provide bottled water to newborns. The advertisement should reach to more consumers. To allow them to advertise in their bottle label, use the internet sites (Facebook, Twitter)

Distribution Location & Channel: Product should deliver in the right location. As discussed earlier, if they deliver in the community area, the ratio of succeed will be very less. So when they select the distribution location and route, they need to categorize that. For an example they can categorize like city level, below city level, village. So in the location level, they can choose the major super marketplaces like cargills, Arpico, junk food restaurants etc as their channels and below city level grocery store retailers where people having often visit.


Printing the water purification system simple in the container label.

Asking suppliers to keep the product test in leading display.

Keeping advertisement banners in-front of stores and in metropolis main areas where people travelling often.

Explaining to the clients about the benefit for the merchandise (flavoured water)

Issuing the notice of product aspect with news papers.


There are several benefits associated with creating and utilizing a marketing budget. The goal of marketing budget is to regulate expenses and job revenues. It also aids in the coordination of marketing activities within corporation.

Web based business

Since the strategy has for web based business, Internet based marketing has been included in the marketing budget. Nowadays there are many 'websites in a field' for the budget limit, there's many web site designers who'll design a site to exact specs.

Cost areas to consider -

Web hosting

Consulting & development

Search engine unit optimization


Following cost areas can be considered in circulation:


Overtime and Move Allowance for long distance travelling

Labor costs for goods uploading and downloading.

New Taste Introduction

New machine for flavor adding (one-time costs).



Low budget advertising can work extremely well for water bottle business. There are numerous media to advertise as well as social networks and web based advertisement also available.

Following criterion can be considered to make budget:

No. of viewers or audience of specific media

Does the advertising reach target audience?

The length of the campaign


Rental for public networks

Web space charges


Market Research

Relationship with Distributors


Sales Team Support

Field Support


This newspaper has analyzed the marketing strategy planning process of an AQUAFRESH bottled normal water. All business should starts off with a great online marketing strategy. Organization's departments are getting ready this plan first to use as basics for it.

A brief exec summary to the business has followed by an research important of the tactical marketing plan process within Gain access to Natural Normal water Company. The paper further discusses brand's marketing objectives, marketing research, SWOT and marketing blend etc as an instrument to assist the online marketing strategy. The key for successful marketing is in constant dimension of results retrieved from marketing research. These results have to be analyzed and distributed throughout the complete corporation as they consider their budgets. Only if all the aspects of the marketing blend are regularly monitored and altered as needed, the company would stay on the top of most possible hazards.


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Access Natural Normal water Brochure

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