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Strategic plan for Internet marketing

In view of such, already mentioned, specific characteristics of the Internet as an increased speed of changes - technological, content elements - short-term strategic plans are most often used. This, of course, does not cancel the existence of medium- and long-term strategic plans for a period of one to five years.

In the short-term plan, the conditions of work and the environment are described, the project budget is planned, the set of various activities on the Internet, the schedule of their application, the list of responsible executors, and also the types of reporting and the algorithm for making adjustments in the course of work are detailed.

Creating and implementing a plan goes through the following steps:

1. Market research, client strategies, competitors, environments, etc. Audit of the state of Internet presence of the enterprise at present.

2. Determination of goals and strategies for promotion on the Internet. Study of the data collection system. At this stage, there is a choice of tools, as well as reporting formats.

3. Segmentation by various parameters: promotion channels, product groups/business lines, geography, time, socio-demographic characteristics.

4. Formation of content is politics, i.e. principles and directly information content of communications.

5. Specification of measurable indicators of achievement of goals by groups ( CRI ): attendance, traffic quality, conversion, usability, image, friendliness to search engines, etc.

6. Determining the scope of work, budgeting.

7. Appointment of responsible executors, terms, contractors.

8. Direct implementation of the project.

9. Operational control, if necessary, adjustments.

10. Analysis of results.

It should be noted that at any stage it is possible and even useful to apply to the services of professional consultants in the field of Internet marketing.

Stages of forming a marketing strategy on the Internet

The formation of a marketing strategy on the Internet, as a rule, consists of several stages.

1. The initial task is to attract and reach potential customers. It is solved using the following tools:

• Display ads;

• site creation;

• Search Engine Optimization;

• Marketing in social networks.

2. Receiving permission to communicate. It is important to get potential customers to agree to contact. To do this:

• customer registration;

• Subscription and active e-mail - marketing.

3. Conversion and development of relations with customers. Conversion in Internet marketing refers to the ratio of the number of users who have passed to the next stage of communication, to the number of users who have reached the current stage. In other words, conversion is the percentage of users who have "taken the next step". Conversion is a dynamic indicator of the quality of the work performed. In this case, they work well:

• company website;

• A corporate blog;

• online events;

e-mail -marketing.

4. The active use of Internet tools for sale on selected models is possible with the use of the latest platforms and software:

• sale on the company's website;

• Sales through e-mail - marketing;

• Display advertising.

5. Keeping customers is the most important task of marketing. This should be facilitated by tools such as:

• company website;

• A corporate blog;

e-mail -marketing;

• marketing in social networks;

• Online activities.

6. Formation and maintenance of customer loyalty. As you know, the cost of obtaining a new customer is much higher than the cost of maintaining loyalty. The customer's satisfaction, his commitment to the brand of the company brings more benefits than selling to a casual client who will never return. To maintain loyalty, you should actively use the marketing opportunities in social networks and e - mail -marketing.

On the Internet there is the same struggle for the client, as in real space. The goal is the attention of the client, managing his attention, converting attention to additional profit.

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