Strategies for the Apple iPad

The following will involve the evaluation of the benefits phase/ level of the IPAD. Due to the fact that the product is in the introductory period, recommendations are based on the three main marketing mix of pricing, campaign and place. Two target market segments, key and secondary sections, are identified in the introductory level/ stage and are recommended as sub-topics under each of the three (charges, advertising and place) marketing combine elements. The final section includes tips and conclusions that derive from all the findings of pricing, advertising and host to iPad.


This newspaper reviews the introduction level of the i-pad by the APPLE MACKINTOSH which is aimed at seeking more inventions on a daily basis and obtaining more ways of be applied to be able to ensure that its products are acquiring the required worldwide standards. The principal market portion includes people who utilize the internet, games, Television shows, and Music and possess the means of purchasing this type of technology. The supplementary market section includes people who need to be early adopters of technology and might not exactly have the non-public means of buying the product though they become the influencers through the partnership of the customer or/ and your choice maker. The early adopters make up 16% of these who ultimately take up the technology. They are also the late adopters of the technology following the launch in the market. The iPad is suitable for browsing the web, email, doing offers and even reading e-books (Simpson & Jiao, 2006).

Introduction stage


Apple Company has many products already on the market, it should maximize on using the channel relationships that already are in place. This may be through the many retailers or retail retailers that are near 300 that have been advertised on their website.

Primary market

Its principal market includes age 16 and above. As the APPLE MACKINTOSH is strategically establish and growing as it offers previous products on the market, it might use the selective distribution. This might mean that the manufacturer, in which case it is the APPLE MACKINTOSH would sustain control and it could also cut down on the distribution cost. It would help to measure the perception of men and women for the new product as only a tiny number of shops will first distribute the product. APPLE MACKINTOSH should continue to use their stations of romantic relationships in the marketing of the i-Pad product in the market. As this happens to be a new product, training should be provided to the personnel and the stores on how best to utilize the product. They also needs to prepare yourself to answer any questions by the clients. It also targets the posting industry and advertisers.

Secondary market

The secondary marketplace of i-Pad involves people who do may have had encounters with a youthful version of either i-phone or the i-pad. They'll be affected mainly by decision makers. The product aims at appealing to the greater percentage who is probably not interested in technology in an effort to succeed them over with the new gadget. Majority of folks across the world remain using standard house windows PCs and the Apple product may be precisely what they want.


In the introductory phase, the main target should be the creating of awareness in the retailers and early adopters of the merchandise as well as the use of substantial and heavy sales promotions. Apple Company has a reputation to uphold where it has developed it over time due to development of quality products. There are several means of promoting the iPad product on the market. Among your options the best way to promote the product has been to have the client have a first hand experience. Corresponding to Kotler and Keller (2009), the promotional tools of advertising, occurrences and experiences, and publicity are most affordable in the introduction stage.

Primary market

The best & most obvious promotion strategy would be through advertisement through the internet. Through this way they would also be marketing other products they have by people going to their websites. In this way they will reach view what specifications are there and additional features that might be included. In addition, it proves a better way of providing comments from customers. Another strategy would be through utilizing retailer channel strategy whereby there would be live demonstrations of the way the product works. Furthermore I recommend the advertising through print press whereby the advertisings should be focusing on internet users especially in areas of socializing such as facebook, twitter, youtube amongst others. It should also concentrate on movie and activities fans as the available applications in the product also cover these basic areas.

Secondary market

The strategy for the supplementary market portion remains similar compared to that of the primary market segment. It however includes live demonstration of music, videos, internet use, and games among others. As the current promotion is dependant on the properties of the apple ipad tablet content, future promotion should include the capability to multitask, presence of a camera, USB slot machines and flash works with. The reinvention or adding of these features will ensure that the merchandise suits all demands on the market. The extra market could also be targeted through the incorporation of marketing strategies that entail other companies. Because of this example, the Touchstone Saunas were in cooperation with iPad where they offered out free iPads purchase of a Touchstone Much Infrared Sauna. This kind of promotion provided a unique opportunity for consumers to enjoying the health benefits a Touchstone Infrared Sauna provided while at the same time, getting one of the latest new technology products for free. It was a mixture of free transport where the customers acquired a value of $750 which was a huge cutting down on the customers aspect.

Price strategies

As with the case of most new technologies on the market by APPLE MACKINTOSH, the rates has been established high. Price skimming plays a job as early customers use price as a proxy for value. (Reed K Holden and Make Burton) but it is due to drop to be able to appeal to late adopters early on enough. The price skimming ensures that is they get the most value because of their product as they as the pioneers in the tablet slate industry. As published in their marketing mix, an i-Pad 16 GB minus the 3G connectivity was priced at $499 as the 64 GB with the 3G connectivity was coming in at $829. Over time of six months since its start the pricing fell to $599 for the 64 GB and $399 for the 32 GB as shown in figure 2. The competitions price, features and cost should be critically analyzed. Customer reviews and Brand reputation should be included as an influencing element in pricing as it is important in the customers purchasing decision. Among the costing strategies would include price skimming.

Primary market

I-Pad product from the APPLE MACKINTOSH is circumstances of the art work kind of product. Its slickness, straightforwardness and portability among a great many other features should be a charges factor that reflects on these features of the i-Pad product. Fighting tablets slates include those from the HP, Dell streak, Asus Eee Tablet, Compal Tablet, Idea Ink Adam, MSI, Quanta, ICD Vega, and Google and HTC. According to the Computer Technology news and Examination (body 1), it proven that the iPad was more popular than your competition tablet slates despite its shortcomings. With complex specifications being almost equal, customer reviews, brand reputation, and customer service are of most significance in establishing differentiation. These shortcomings have been complete by the consumers which show that they understand the utilization of the merchandise and would require that some aspects and requirements be incorporated into the existing version of the iPad. Consumers are less very sensitive to the things that they buy infrequently and thus Apple Company should not shy away from maximizing on the rates. Due to the past experience with past Apple products, the high quality and excellent customer service, customers may be inspired into paying a little more for the product than that of your competition.

Secondary market

Majority in the supplementary market concentrate on do not actually make the purchase though they impact the purchasing through marriage of the customer or/ and your choice maker and then the pricing factor continue to be frequent as that of the primary market target. A high price should at first be place as before shown, as is suitable to the new technology in the introductory phase and competitively proportionate to the presently limited competition (Boyer & Verma, 2009).

Recommendations and conclusions

There are foreseeable threats in the horizon for the Apple Company iPad. As a way to keep off the voluminous and increasing completion, the iPad should be reintroduced once more into the market whilst having the lacking and important applications installed. In this manner it will keep its market show of the clients as it will concentrate on all areas of its customers.

It should ensure through the introduction stage, the product pertains to the needs of individuals on the floor and means that it handles every need if not absolutely all, of the client. A detailed and analytical review should have been done prior to the release of such a innovative product.

Although its rates reflects the quality of their products on the market, iPad should not have their costs too much as this will discriminate other users and customers. Because of this, the completion could attract on the shut out customers who according to research are near 60% of its customer data basic. The campaign would also include offering free samples to customers. In this manner it ensures that the clients and the market in general keep up with the inventions and it also becomes a much better way of getting feedbacks before the product is rolled out to the market. This can be seen through the exemplory case of the Touchstone Saunas.

Apple iPad should take full benefit during the release phase as it's the first in the market, utilizing existing channel partnerships, having a market skimming costing strategy, and emphasizing special offers that create product consciousness and enticement to trial.


The ipad is obviously one of a kind in it creation also to ensure so it remains significant on the market and that it's not also overtaken by the competition, the above recommendations should be considered. The introduction period is at consistence with the prior APPLE MACKINTOSH products and it has ensured that the quality is top notch. Ipad should prepare to be part future generations by carrying on to purchase research and development, and learning about more strategies as always.

Figure 1.

Figure 2 Costs scheme

WiFi Model

16 GB - $499

32 GB - $599

64 GB - $699

3G Model

16 GB - $629

32 GB - $729

64 GB - $829

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