Strategies Of Singapore Airlines

The Civil Aviation industry is one of the most latest and competitive businesses known to the organization world. With new organizations coming to picture and attempting to get a hold, it offers one of the very most turbulent histories. This has seen the industry undergone a series of changes across the world. The Start Sky Policy is being used in many countries. Airlines alliances are being forged for improved networking of destinations and code writing among airlines is becoming common. With facilities for easy access, exit and independence over fare composition, domestic private operators are contending with national companies. Airports, apart from providing a variety of facilities to the airlines, are innovating into multifaceted: (1) Hubs formulated with hotels (2) Discussion centres (3) Duty free retailers (4) Stores (5) Connecting flights (6) Arranging on net (7) Mileage (5) Lower fare for early booking.

Air travel, driven by liberalization and globalization, remains the quickest - growing market. Over 2. 1 billion individuals departed on scheduled journeys in 2006 (IATA 2007). Strong economies have witnessed international traveler demand grow by 5. 9%. Driving these innovations is market liberalization, the availability of more gasoline efficient and longer- range aeroplanes that are better able to serve thinner routes.

Focus on service quality is the need of the hour if the airlines desire to improve market show and further enhance financial performance in domestic and international marketplaces. A required corollary is the fact domestic airlines have to have valid and reliable actions to better understand the variables more likely to have a bearing on the service quality proposed by their company, e. g. prospects and perceptions of flight traveler vis- -vis service quality.

The information provides launch to theoretical foundations for measurement of service quality in the framework of the airline industry. This is followed by a brief profile of civil aviation industry in India. Research objectives, hypotheses and strategy are discussed followed by results from the data analysis. The study comes with an applied bias as it also discusses functional implications for flight marketing professionals in India.

Air India is a Administration owned entity which includes recently suffered severe setbacks due for some of the areas which has jolted the company. My study will identify the main element areas of deficiency and the areas requiring development.


The scope of the study is restricted to the online marketing strategy, financial strategy, customers and employee's romantic relationship strategy, commercial insurance plan, safety measures adopted by the environment INDIA and SINGAPORE AIRLINES and its possible software in the Aviation Industry generally. . .

The Success of Singapore airlines within a short span has led me to use this step forwards to choose the details in the thesis which will help us compare and increase the areas.


The fundamental objectives of the study listed below.

To know the development of aviation industry in India.

Salient features of Air India and Singapore Airlines.

To compare financial and online marketing strategy of Air India and Singapore Airlines.

To compare Customers services and employees romance of Air India and Singapore Airlines.

The study is essential to identify the Efficiency in operative services.

The study is vital to if flight are providing good services such as hospitality, food, etc facilities.

To analyze the correlation between the services provided by Air India and Singapore Airlines

To make recommendation and plan of action for appropriate options.


Related to these subject matter, the Researcher has framed the following relationship in this Hypothesis



It's my idea that Singapore airlines will be good in comparison to Air India in many aspects.

Thus comparative review can help me in determining the benchmarks and the areas of development.

The data gathered firsthand and the data received through other resources will be very helpful.


The study is restricted to compare the strategies of AIR INDIA and SINGAPORE AIRLINES.

For provision of better transfer service to consumers.

The study is vital to identify the Efficiency in operative services.

The study is vital to if airline are providing good services such as hospitality, food, etc facilities.

The review is restricted to Full Service Carrier viz Air India and Singapore Airlines and there are restrictions arising from the inability to collect data from all the airlines in Mumbai city as it require more time and resources. The essential importance of the Service Provided to Travellers by Air India and Singapore.

For provision of better transport service to consumers.

The study is essential to identify the Efficiency in operative services.

The study is vital to if air travel are providing good services such as hospitality, food, etc facilities.

Thus the study is confined to only two airlines one from Domestic Airlines and International Airlines.



An increasing demand along with the goal of promoting promote Travel & Travel and leisure, India adopted an Start Skies Insurance policy.

Business is only just how of generating earnings by exchanging commodities

Open Skies plan is only the contract which facilitates a much better and effective business. It is the green card that any Airliner can get from any country to permit it to avail an unlimited gain access to at its Sovereign place. There would be no dependence on any more authorization for the regularity of service; there will never be any need for an airliner to get any arrangement for visiting a variety of airports. In a nutshell it'll allow an Airliner to make use of any country's place to perform its business without the hindrance.

This is a difficult view to see, because of recent protectionist methods by the economies round the world. That is something allows an Airliner to develop its wings as it opens a wide market and at exactly the same time it creates a surface for tussle among the Airliners as it allows different Companies to be competitive openly.

This contract is a exceptional one and is considered possible by those countries where there are almost no national carriers, at the moment there are just a few such nations practicing this plan. India for an Instance has its insurance policy of bilaterally agreeing to the nations who have this contract with her.

Recent years have observed a very excellent future of Aviation industry in India as more public are deciding on Air exploring over traditional travelling options. The travelling is getting cheaper and cheaper every day as Administration is also taking effective methods which have reduced down the expenses to the Airliners. With fresh market segments a great deal of companies attended to try out. Air India, Kingfisher, Sahara, Indigo, Spice plane and numerous others are getting into the marketplace every often.

This has no uncertainty become one of the very most lucrative industries of business in India. With more people all over the world looking for cheaper travel, LLC's or the Low cost carriers took its place. The business for LLC's have grown recently phenomenally, one particular source says about 38% since last 2 years

It's all reliant on the Civil Aviation ministry of that particular land which determines the destiny of the airliners operating on its ground. With companies using a much liberal surface they have provided much needed tolerance and time and energy to the Airliners to focus on its key competence values.



Air India is a federal government of India Run Aviation company which called NACL, an Aviation company which in recent years seen some changes, it is the owner of which is the most significant and oldest airline carrier fleet of republic of India. AIR India has a vast fleet of Boeing Airbuses which acts a distant region including Asia, European countries and North America. The business can boast to be India's first privileged Flight Company which includes seen the surge and fall season of United kingdom government

The company has its corporate and business office at the Air India building in Airman Point, Mumbai, India. The business boasts to be the 16th airline operating in the Asia region. Its home operation is confined to India using its hubs at the Chhatrapati Shiva AIRPORT TERMINAL and the Indira Gandhi International Airport.

A significant event in the Airline history is the invitation from it to the regular membership in Legend Alliance in 13 december 2007, the business is likely to be its member by summer months 2011.


The company has seen the times when India was witnessing political turbulence and establishment of any business was not an easy thing. J. R. D. Tata is the individual who was simply once said to be the architect of Modern India created a company which has grown itself to such a grand scale. The company seen itself as Christened in the year 1932 as Tata Airlines by the Tata sons, now called Tata Group.

De Havilland Puss Moth, the single engine aircraft made its debut on the year 1932 on the 15th of Oct, flown by the RAF pilot Nevill Vincent, taken an Air Email of the Imperial Airways.

The course was between the Karachi's Drig highway and the Bombay's (now Mumbai) Juhu Airstrip.

The aeroplanes flew completely to Chennai (previously Madras) via Bellary. After which the company never looked back.


The company has grown leaps and bounds after the II World battle. Airline restored the usual commercial service and the business became a open public company on the 29th July of year 1946, the company then known as Tata airlines was named as Air India. Soon after the Indian Self-reliance, the federal government of India obtained 49% of the shares and designed to get 2% more. The company in return got the privilege to be the Flag Carrier and began its service to International locations under the Label Air India International.

The first trip was by the Malabar princess, which was L749, Lockheed constipation between Bombay to London via Cairo and Geneva. This implemented the service to Nairobi via Aden.

The federal government of India made the decision to get the stake which proved its bulk in the Air India International Ltd which was named mid-air Corporation function, this marked some changes which were rather successful and led to the nationalization of air transpiration Industry. As a result all the home services were transferred to the corporation which is called Indian nowadays and was much known as Indian Airlines.

The International fleet saw addition of more aircrafts with the first addition of the L-1049 Super Constellations and began its services to Hong Kong, and the Far East vacation spots including Tokyo.


Another remarkable achievement was its transformation of the prevailing fleets of aircrafts that have been piston aircrafts. The advantages of the jets primarily replacing few of the jets and then changing the entire fleets using its Boeing 707-420 initially, the first authorized plane was VT-DJJ in the 1960's which acquired its service rendered to New york Via London. Air India became the first Industry's first company to possess all Jet-fleet. Air India further did the growth with the addition of the Boeing 747-200B and the type of fleet was named the iconic Palace in the Sky which acquired its windows decorated in the arch style found as the Indian Palaces. Then the company bought two Boeing 747-300M in the entire year 1986, this had mixed cargo construction providing independent bays for the high grade and the Overall economy course services.


The 1990's have a lot for Air India to boast about, the business started its first non-stop journey services between New-York city and New-Delhi, the flagship was expanded with the inclusion of the Boeing 747-400 named Konark. The second US service was to O'Hare International Airport in Chicago.

In 1999 the business acquired its first dedicated terminal terminal opened at the Chhatrapati International Airport in Mumbai the Terminal 2-C

2000 to provide:

Marked with its first service to Shanghai and third service to america at the Newark Liberty AIRPORT TERMINAL. The company decided to develop its feathers which were aimed to capture almost all segments of the modern culture. The business hence started a low cost option called the Air-India Exhibit, this got a positive effect on its business and the services stretched from Indian Subcontinent to the Middle East and South East Asia and soon all over the India with the cities like Ahmadabad, Amritsar, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

The US has since seen its sizes to almost all places in Washington Dc and the New York City; nevertheless the services are terminated to some of the locations.

The company has recently seen the merger of Air India with Indian with its name modified to National Aviation Company of India Limited. Hence both companies came under one roof covering, and as part of recoupment process the old aircrafts were overhauled and in 2006 about 111 new jets from Boeing and Airbus were put into its huge fleet.


The calendar year 2006-2007 was hard for the Airliner as it helped bring financial problems and losing was very huge estimated to be about 7. 7 billion rupees and following the merger happened the loss travelled up to Rs 72 billion rupees by the year March 2009. This shook the business's aspirations. Exactly the same year observed the hard period of the Global Financial meltdown, since then the government has revamped various reformations and restructuring plans. The roadmap has been outlined by the SBI Capital Market segments Ltd for the recovery. The airline had to market three aircrafts from its fleet for about $ 18. 75 million to make it through the financial meltdown and the Airbus A300 and Boeing 747 were sold to some other airliner.


All mutually ten Flights have crashed Fatally which most were because of the terrorist episodes, however its crash rate is lower than the other Airliners.


The first fatal crash documented in the annals of Air India was the crash of AI trip amount 245, the Malabar Princess, registration VT-CQP. It had been reroute to London from Bombay (now Mumbai) crashed on Mont Blanc, France and killed 48 people up to speed including the Team.

The second event of Crash was of Kashmir princess (VT-DEP); it was carrying 19 people which included 11 passengers and 8 team members. This trip was bombed in midair getting rid of all people onboard.

In 19th July 1959 flight called Rani Aera enrollment (VT-DIN) was scheduled to land in Santacruz Air-port, The perspective was blur with Poor awareness as it was raining. The captain was using the panels for navigation and it was highly skeptic as the pressure shown on the barometer was establish as 29. 92''. Aircraft was going to land but the overshoot was postponed producing a massive crash, however nobody was wiped out.


This decade witnessed only 1 crash but rocked the country, AI air travel 101 (subscription VT-DMN) had 117 people up to speed. This flight experienced its fate sealed when the pilots were rendered with poor weather and the airfare crashed somewhere in the border of France and Italy at the Mont Blanc. That is one of the conditions which is shrouded in puzzle as India's one of the very most Respected scientist perished as well, Dr Jahangir Homi Bhaba. Father of Indian Nuclear research.


Flight AI 855 code named Emperor Asoka enrollment VT-EBD crashed immediately after takeoff from the Sahara Airport terminal now called Chattrapati Shiva Terminal in to the Arabian Sea on the very first january1978, eliminating everyone aboard about 213 people.


Flight AI 403 codenamed Gouri Shankar registration VT-DJJ with 111 people on board crashed at Sahara International airport because of the explosion of the fuselage, it was enroute to Mumbai from Kuala Lampur International Airport. Bad weather is available to be the reason for this crash. 17 people entirely were killed. In the 21st June 1982.

Flight AI 182 documented VT-EFO on its route Montreal to Bombay, was blown into rubble by a large Bomb planted by the Terrorist firm Babbar Khalsa. They were avenging the Indian Authorities procedure on the Golden Temple on the June 1984. The flight blew from the coastline Cork in Ireland. All people up to speed 329 in all died. This resulted in suspension of most services to Canada.


Flight AI-132 Code known as Emperor Vikramaditya Subscription VT-EBO was enroute to Bombay from London on the May 7th 1990 with 215 people aboard. While getting on the International airport in New Delhi's Indira Gandhi air-port, the Kept wing caught hearth; while no-one was killed the aeroplanes was destroyed very badly resulting in its dismissal.


Flight AI-829 codenamed konark was on the way Mumbai to Riyadh on the 4th September 2009, while it was taxing right before the takeoff one of the machines caught fire and airfare was stopped scheduled to emergency however nobody died.

On the 2010 may 22 AI-812 crashed while landing on the Mangalore Air port. The aircraft dropped lacking the runway and fell into the deep George. 158 people died out of 166 people. That is regarded as credited to to inclement weather.


Singapore Straits Company and the Imperial airways of Britain incorporated to create Malayan Airlines on the October 12th 1937. The air travel using its maiden flight by using a twin Turbine engine Airspeed consul took the first charter air travel from the British isles arrangement in Singapore to Kuala Lampur on 12 months 1947. This is followed with an growth of the company and the company bought a fleet of Airspeed Consuls. The business with other Commonwealth jets joined the much known IATA.

With inclusion a fresh version of aircrafts the Douglas DC-3s, the company performed a much better operation and became a general population ltd company by the year 1957. And some other makes of aircrafts including the Lockheed 1049, the Comet 4 as well as the Fokker F27. With the forming of a greater Malaysian Federation which led to the inclusion of Malaya, Singapore and other Islands, the Airliner observed its name improved from Malan Airways to Malaysian Airways in the year 1963. The Airways soon attained the Borneo Airways and in the wake of the separation of Singapore from the alliance in the year 1966 the airliner evolved its name from the Malaysian Airways to Malaysia-Singapore Airways accompanied by rapid growth of its fleet with the purchase of Boeing 707s and Boeing 737s. The business got its Corporate and business office in Singapore high climb Towers.


In the entire year 1972, the company called Malaysian Airlines was no more with the Separation of the consortium of Singaporean Airlines and the Malaysian Airlines. SIA using its Ads exhibiting Kebya and Sarong using Air Stewardess as Singaporean young girls. They surely got to keep all the 10 jets, all the trading routes and the Exclusive privileges of Advert.

The Minister of Communications Mr. Yong Nyuk Lin took an active involvement in the enlargement of Singapore hobbies and new spots were put into its list and soon the company started serving the Entire ASIA.

The 1970's resulted in rapid expansion and SIA accumulated the much needed revenue. The ten years following it observed new services to the US, Canada and other European nations.

The company expanded its fleet further with the release of Boeings 777 and A340 airbuses.

Eventually the business started its flights to Cape Town and Johannesburg in South Africa.

The Company soon got a vast fleet of Jumbo jets that have been tarted contacting the Megatons.

MODERN Background:

The company observed increase in its earnings and the large size shows that in the entire year 2004 SIA got its Direct Non-stop air services between Singapore to LA; this was achieved using the Airbus A340-500. This is proclaimed with 18 hours of nonstop flights which is the record length of time of air travel. SIA has turned the standard A340-500 from a standard construction of Business category /premium current economic climate to a 100 chairs All Business Course configuration; this runs around Singapore to Newark and LA.

The protectionist insurance policy of Australia, Canada and Indonesia started to hamper the unseeing development and in a high level decision by the Australian Pantry came up with the decision never to to grant a full freedom plane tickets fro Australia to the united states. Sources Say it was to protect the pursuits of Qantas in Australia, Air Canada in Canada and Garuda Indonesia. The shut down of Canadian market was because of this of complaints from Air Canada and was indeed trouble for SIA

Source:www. biztravelguru. com

SIA with its up gradation plan came up with its news of shopping for about 25 aircrafts which are said to be state of art jets. A380 because they are known are fully prepared with facilities one can picture of. US $8. 6 billion package was inked between SIA and Boeing on the 29th of sept 2000. The aircrafts that have been supposed to be delivered by July 12, 2001 acquired provided almost 5years overdue during the end of 12 months 2006. The jets have modified the school and SIA have grown to be the world's first to use a whole Flagship of A380. The airliner is thus a 5 star airline. As part of deal the Airliner expected no wait with delivery of A380, however the delay was taken critically be SIA's CEO, Chew up Choon Seng who decided to sue Airbus, to full the deficient Airliner bought Boeing 777-300ER before the A380. Now SIA proudly showcases SIA "First to Soar the A380 - Experience the Difference in 2006"

The airliner got its much awaited A380 by February 2006 which it viewed at the Asian Aerospace 2006. The Airliner now confirmed that as part of future expansion they might be adding about 20 of the Boeing 787-9s. This decision came soon after Airbus announced that A380 delivery could be further delayed for another six months.

To add to the woes of SIA an additional delay was released and SIA formally received its first commercial plane on 25th Oct 2007. The plane took its maiden flight from Singapore to Sydney. After it arrived at the Sydney air-port, it got tremendous attention of advertising. A whole lot of earnings was generated which was donated to the charities present there. By 28th Oct the same time same season SIA started a normal utilization of its new A380. Now it functions daily twice trip service to London, Paris, Tokyo, Zurich, Melbourne and Hong Kong.

The dedicated to the Airliner was observed when the Airliner even continued an everyday thrice service to Iceland through the Volcano eruption as part of its intend to evacuate stranded people.

The Airliner had not been untouched by the global financial downturn. As a part of Cost cutting procedures and revenue saving activities. The Airliner announced that they would be phasing out 17 aircrafts from its fleet between Apr 2009 to March 2010. It possessed purchased new jets to increase its existing fleet that they decided to never to go ahead for quite a while.


The Airliner is very much a large Corporate but its foundation lies on the strength of Singapore federal government. Its stocks are divided among extensive parties. The maximum shares are organised by Temasek Holdings about 54. 5% and the Treatment is considered by Singapore Administration. The federal government has its Golden Share as it directly receives its instructions and ways from the Singapore government's financial wing. Minister Lee Kuan Yew has used his personal Interest of the government and recently directed the Airliner to get the expenses lower to counter the Global meltdown that gripped the whole world. He also helped to resolve the tussle between the pilots and company over pay related issues. On 2 oct time 2007 the company inked a offer with the UK as part of Open Skies Arrangement to give a clear signal to the earth that the Company is as qualified as any other company and that it does not have any intension to receive any the help of the government of Singapore though it is a authorities links.

The company has always tried out to broaden its borders; the first such effort was in the year 1989 when the business tried its tripartite alliance between SIA, the Delta Air Lines and the Swissair, however with a negative financial result the business decided to dissolve the collaboration in the year 1999. The business officially divested 5% of stakes into each other and terminated the partnership with all attributes suffering deficits. Again in the entire year following it found SIA officially buying about 25% of stakes in Air New Zealand so that they can expand its platform to other countries, however Air New Zealand observed its financial graph going downwards, it obligated the federal government of New Zealand to buy the company, which reduced SIA stake to a mere 4. 5% compelling SIA to sell that left over stake.

Further hoping to get a stand in the Aviation market, the company decided to buy stocks in Virgin Atlantic Airways and bought about 49% of stocks. With the finish march 2000 the company invested 600 million pounds, however this effort was futile as well, the business suffered losses and by calendar year 2008 the company officially accepted that the performance was below expected and sold it in market.

By 2004 the business made its programs that it is going to enter the Low cost aviation Sector and proven Tiger Airways. This time there have been various players, the Costs Franke firm spent 24%, Tony Ryan and family 16%, Temasek Holding 11% and the remaining 49% by SIA.


Source: sg. travel. yahoo. com

SIA workforce is a mammoth amount and the organization has been rattled by serious strifes. The business has durability of a strong 29, 457 employees. Pilots comprise of 2, 174 participants and about 6, 914 are the Cabin crew. There's been tussle during the SARS outbreak, the financial downturn and numerous other instances. To assist the corporation the business has five Labor Unions

SASU, It is the Air staff union of SIA

SECEEU, SIA's Union for Designers and Professionals.

SATSWU, SIA Union for Personnel of the Airport terminal Terminals

ATESU, SIA's relationship of Air Carry Employees

ALPA, Association of Air Pilots

Despite of having so many Unions it was very regular to see brawls between the Staff and the Management. ALPA or the pilot's connection themselves possessed 24 encounters. The Union's most recent such dispute is at 2007 when the management tried to amend the salaries of pilots who were to flew A380 airbuses. The salary dispute was fixed in Courtroom with court locating the SIA pilots making more than even some of the business's Vice Presidents.

Government intervened and ALPA's 22-member union was formally dissolved on 17th Nov 2003 due to government fears that interior politics could be damaging. The company started working to improve the relations among the members of the company. The standoff was cracked their approach which pledged Expert worker-Business thinking.

The labor Movement 2011 seeks to gain this. These Neutral efforts have proven fruitful with a very improved communication between your Management and Personnel; this has been more effective with both attributes going for a collective decision and a fairly non Autocratic procedure of the management.


This has been a little unique of the other counterparts where in fact the Airliner greatly concaves its aircrafts and other services, however SIA has emphasized on the Flight Attendants "The Singapore Girls", wearing a Sarong Kebaya symbolizes Cultural Singapore. CLOTHES code by Pierre Balmain has been often criticized where critics say that the present day Singaporean women have become home reliant and 3rd party and the Strategy is quite bogus and doesn't showcase the real face of Singapore and that the Team should wear dress that happen to be more modern.

Owing compared to that thought the dress was redesigned by Christophe Galibert which features coats and trousers. Their approach I consider very unique and Productive where every other is busy exhibiting their facilities, showcasing and emphasizing on the hospitality has a genuine effect.

A recent decision alternatively on the January 2007 was that the fleet which is its modernization phase would be showcased and that the contract with Batey Advertisings would be renewed. Following a prolong discussion it was chose that the so called "Singapore Girls" image would be maintained although the limelight would be on the advertising of its modern technology.

The very yr SIA offered its deal of Ad to an Agent TBWA for an impressive S$50 million/ Year which would carry on for 5 years, this NY founded company has looked after the Advertisement since then.

Another change is its logo which has received SIA parrot enlarged and moved aside. It has essentially remained unchanged since then.


SIA along with its airliner Silk Air has recently unfolded its wings and has prevailed with its stretching to almost 61 different points within 35 countries worldwide. It has created an impression to be the best in Southeast Asia. Recent reviews confirm that its most of the business earnings is generation from Australia it's approximated to be 11% only. Its way has been very ruthless to the Australian market who possessed to in the end follow its protectionist plan, so performed Canada. Qantas doesn't see itself to be at par with SIA using its better hospitality and Its Category of Comfort.

With ASEAN and other organizations who've recently created a very strong bond between your nations like Thailand, Singapore, Japan etc nations and UAE in recent days and nights, it has turned into a Cash cow for SIA. With Now proper MOU's between Government authorities of Singapore, UAE and Thailand the travels has been almost double every day and this has led to more profit credited to overall economy in scale.

Its programs to open up bases in Canada and Australia however 've got setbacks to the individual government's protectionist steps. A recent work to obtain a path from Australia to the united states was undermined; SIA is thus striving ways to persuade the government to review its policies currently. Air Canada is pressurizing the Canadian government to obstruct SIA's quest to set Vancouver as its North American Base.

The Malaysian market has various players discovering the Singaporean Airlines and Malaysian airlines as the primary opponents however a low cost airline Air Asia who complained to being sidelined and accusing the Singaporean administration of favoring SIA, however SIA supported the government move to open up the Malaysian air for incomplete lubrication. Its market share which once was 85% came right down to 46. 7% just lately since it acquired to share its path with Silk Air and LCC now.


SIA comes with an current fleet and thinks in a regular upgrading of its fleet. Most of its aircrafts are less than 6 months old. The most admired aircraft is the Airbus A380 which is talk about of art airplane. Along with the latest in market and other aircrafts in its fleet including Airbus A340, A330 and Boeing 747, 777, SIA is ever ready to steal the show. The journey that it operates are jumbo sized so very affordable except the Silk Airlines (a subsidiary) of SIA, it has small jets. SIA has named its Fleet the following. Its names is seen to be called in accordance to the aeroplanes types

Boeing 747-400============Megaton

Boeing 777===============Jubilee

Airbus A340-500s========== Leadership


747-200s=================Super B

747-300s=================Big Top

It has a vey particular tail with a styled bird. The newer A380 Airbuses havent been known as officially and Chew Choon Seng hasn't produce any name up to now. SIA has very new aircrafts in its fleets and constantly replaces its fleet with latest ones. The oldest one which SIA has is significantly less than 7 years.

It has proposed to add an extremely advanced plane in its wing. In the same way Air France has already established its distinct Concorde jets. Singapore Airlines have now recently started concentrating on its facility than simply "Singapore Girls" its usual style.

Its service is simply marvelous with it bagging most Awarded Air travel title. It was even put first in Premium and Economy class recently with it standing first in the comfort of overall Classes.


Singapore Airlines experienced announced that it will be adding Airbus A300 to its fleet however there is a hold off. The management made the decision that the up gradation in its Cabins was important in any case so, SIA after buying its new aircrafts from Boeing the Boeing 777-300ER educated that it would perform the task on its existing airplane which cost it S$ 570 million. The first such Boeing 777-300ER was the flight for Singapore-Paris in the end of the entire year 2006.


Source www. gooya. us

The recent changes that SIA noticed were that of its introduction of A380. The suites that A380 has are so unique that it is reported to be the only real airliner having such an attribute. It offers its services to top places like London, Paris, Sydney, Melbourne Zurich and Tokyo.

Its design is unique and every inches of the suite was created with an elegance designer Jean-Jacques Coste has designed it as a yacht. The leather chairs are designed by Italian company Poltrona Frau. The suites flaunt an all leather dual bed with all adjustable Upholstery.

The school of service that it offers is stated as a "Class beyond First". Its one of its kind service where in fact the seats are separated by Bays with entry doors.

All Bays are compartments with Separate LCD Television sets. The Bedrooms can be folded to hide the roof.

Boeing 747-400 has a new Collection available. Sky Suite as it's called, has a huge seat which is often inclined as a foundation about 6. 6 ft long. It offers a beautiful view using its 17 inch television and all of the decoration done with Connolly Leather and an elegant Wood finish.

Its business classes have a assorted service from aircrafts to aircrafts.

A380, A340-500 and Boeing 777-300ER have the business class which was called Raffles category until its up gradation in the year 2006.


SIA has a very dedicated and wide variety of food available. It's segregated in three classes. Kyo-Kaiseki, Shi-Quant-Shi-Mei and traditional Indian Shahi Thali. It as tried to customize food in according to the local types of the destinations. It also has its center where passengers can in fact "Book the Make" to obtain a more numerous menu. It's got a good response and a folks have admired it a lot. Its Food has been called as World Premium Cuisine.

Food has been looked after with sanitation with Inspectors inspecting the meals materials. Its Aircrafts are fit with On Board Baking Features.

CRASHES AND Happenings:

26-03-1991 The first event was a Hijack attempted by four Pakistani men, It had been Journey-117 and the terrorists demanded that the People's Party customers to be released. When their demands were not met, they threatened to get rid of the passengers. That whenever Singapore Special Businesses Force came to action and everything the terrorists were wiped out.

31-10-2000 SIA Airline flight-006 was on its visit to Taiwan. It had been raining heavily, Because of poor awareness the jet inserted in error to a runway which was closed for engineering. The jet strike the building equipment and fatally crashed killing 83 people and injuring about 71 people. This is indeed a blow to the record safety of SIA and was the first event of crash in the history of SIA.

12-03-2003 Singapore Airlines Flight-SQ286 harmed its tail while leaving Auckland International Airport for Singapore. The jet was went back to the Air port, luckily none of them were hurt.


The study is based on major data obtained via a well designed questionnaire. The questionnaire was implemented to the passengers of airlines. Purposive Sampling method is utilized for data collection. The test size is restricted to Air India and Singapore Airlines considering the time factor. After acquiring the information, Karl Pearson's correlation tests will be performed. The Coefficient gives the numerical options of the type and level of correlation. It really is a pure quantity in addition to the units of way of measuring of X and Y to learn an-interpret the amount of relationship coefficient.

Secondary Data: - The Supplementary data will be obtained from the following resources.

Reference books

Magazines and Journals


Internet websites

The first side information will be collected from the individuals, official, employees and management of Air India and Singapore Airlines to know their view towards service provided by both the airlines.

I will be doing interviews with the relevant questionnaires, framed with an idea of developing the company.


Data has been accumulated by performing interviews, surveys, Company data-bases and Internet sources.

ANALSYS AND Conclusions:

The Aviation sector has a very uneven structure of business as the income generated


Every change in the business revenue is activated by the external factors that have constantly affected the business. It's projected that the Aviation sector has experienced losses of about 30 billion US$ over five years. There were different causes each time.

9/11 in 2001

SARS in 2002

Iraq Invasion in 2003

Avian Flu 2007

Increasing Petrol Prices in 2009

Financial Problems which is there till day.


PREMIUM Providers: The top brands which will be the curves in the Aviation Industry. They may have big ratings and always play with big principles.

Its results are Average Profit Margins, Dedicated consumers, overall economy of scale, excellent status, and Amazing novelty. Organizations' like English Airways, Singapore Airlines, and Lufthansa Airways etc.

STANDARD Companies: limited Income, Often Competition is provided by the LCC's, Includes a diversified Business Model, Modest development, Average service list.

Airliners like Air India, Kingfisher airlines, Alitalia etc come to picture.

LOW COST Providers: Soaring precincts, Elevated Extension, Uncomplicated Trade form, Towering capacity, and Brief level of Services. Former mate Ryan air, Easy plane.

So it sometimes appears that we now have pros and cons for just about any Aviation Industry size and has a very deep impact on the income.


The 12 months 2006-2007 was hard for the Airliner as it helped bring financial stress and losing was very huge estimated to be about 7. 7 billion rupees and following the merger happened the loss went up to Rs 72 billion rupees by the entire year March 2009. This shook the business's aspirations. Precisely the same year observed the hard period of the Global Financial meltdown, since then the authorities has revamped various reformations and restructuring plans. The roadmap has been outlined by the SBI Capital Marketplaces Ltd for the restoration. The airline acquired to market three aircrafts from its fleet for approximately $ 18. 75 million to survive the financial meltdown and the Airbus A300 and Boeing 747 were sold to some other airliner.


Following is the total amount sheet and P&L assertion displaying Air India's stance on the market. Source Air India

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