Success Factors Of Nike In Hong Kong Marketing Essay


In this proposal, it will describe Nike Sportswear Company record, background, analysis the objective and the condition of Nike Company, and find out the reason why Nike Sportswear Company can to be a greatest sportswear company on the globe.


This proposal is concentrate on what is the key point of critical success factors of Nike in Hong Kong. Result in a two man brand to be a famous and the largest sportswear company of the world, and why this sportswear brand can be so successful.

When Nike Company have any decisions and provide any new products, it will effect the sportswear market and the history.


Nike Company was founded by Expenses Bowerman and Philip Knight at 1964, Expenses Bowerman was a nationally reputed track and field mentor at the University of Oregon, and Phil Knight was a accomplished middle-distance runner from Portland. he think suggested quality jogging shoes could be produced in Japan that would compete with competent German brands, so Philip Knight and Costs Bowerman make investments the Tiger shoes in Japan, and make Knight a distributor of Tiger running shoes in the United States, they set up the own company Blue Ribbon Sports. At first, it agent running shoes import from Japan, after that, they began to create and development the own running shoes.

At 1972, The Company took its name from Nike, the Greek goddess of triumph, and the Nike logo is created by a graphic design scholar.

With a new brand name, a new brand emblem and a new design technology, Nike Company product is very diversification, for example Baseball, American football, Volleyball, baseball, ice hockey, tennis, jogging, swim, cycling, soccer etc

And Nike Company have create different line of the product, such as Nike basketball Nike Golfing, Nike Expert, Nike Soccer, Air Jordan, Nike Skateboarding, Nike ID, Nike Sportswear etc and Nike have a subsidiaries company including Umbro and Converse. Nike Company is the world's leading provider of shoes and clothing and a significant manufacturer of sports activities equipment.

Nike of SWOT evaluation:


Nike Company belongs to the Fortune 500 companies, Nike is a competitive and large corporation, it is a global recognized to be the number one sportswear brand, and every people know this famous brand.

Nike is also creating or sponsor different sport events and your competition to promote their brand and product, for example, World Glass and Olympics video games.

Nike is stronger in research and development a new product; Nike is developing and progressive product range to different market. Nike Company manufactures high quality at the lowest price, so it can use the lowest cost and get highest income.

, plus they usually sponsor the very best athletes to market their brand.


Even the Nike Company is a most significant company in sportswear market, but the key income of the business is dependent the footwear market, if the footwear market have any issue, it'll serious effect the Nike Company income.

Nike was recharged with the violation of minimum amount and overtime income rates in Vietnam, which it was also billed for the cheap labor force overseas.

Nike was also reported to own applied the kid labor in Pakistan and Cambodia to create soccer balls; it was result to be the bad image form Nike Company.


Nike is not a fashion brand, however they want to be create a new concept is incorporate sportswear and fashion brand; so that, they create a fresh lines call "NSW" is it a fashion series from Nike Company. In the other side, there can also develop kind of products of sport, such as; sun glasses, tote and sport protect equipment etc to extend the market and the product type.

The business also developed to the new international market, building after its strong global brand identification, for example, China and India, because this is the new rich economic country, and it'll be a largest market in the market.


The sportswear market is very competitive, for example, Adidas, Fila, Reebok, Li Ling etc. . . Many competition creating a new product and ways to eliminate Nike's market share.

Objectives/Research Questions


Nike Company is the most significant sportswear is a fact, but different new sportswear brand to surface in the marketplace, especially China brand, for example, Li Ling, Optimum, ANTA, XSTEP etc all of these are the famous mainland sportswear brand, plus they have one common way, they create by the top consortium, all brands have been enter the marketplace already, and the consortium spend money to support the brand operation.

Some of the brand was getting in the earth market, so the mainland brand is very powerful and a large threat with the Nike Company.

The most significant reliant variable is the investor; it can gauge the performance of the business in Hong Kong. It is because the buyers put how many resources, and profit the company, will affect the business performance and development.

It is a continuous variable, for the reason that the Nike Company is the greatest sport brand on earth, plus they put the company information plus some investor's data in the official website. In the official website, there have Traders little, and there have a huge little call "Nike is a Growth Company - power of the portfolio".

On May 5, 2010, Nike Company starts an investor assembly in NY, and provides a technique of Nike Company permanent and key initiatives to deliver ecological and profitable growth. In the Annual Record, the sales development is maintain every years, and sales profit constant increase.

Product is the main independent variable affecting the main dependent variable.

It is basically because Nike Company is mainly provided a sport wear and equipment; they have many competitors in the market, such as, Adidas, Reebok, Fila, Li Ling etc

These companies will threat Nike Company earnings, if the grade of the product and type of product is bad. So Nike Company needs to keep carefully the product in the high quality, to keep the competition in the market; in the other area, various other fashion brand want to increase their market talk about, provide some sport wear and some sport wear brand provide so fashion design wear to assault Nike Company, so Nike Company give a new brand - NSW to increase the market show and retain the competition in the market.

We can watch their product line and their sakes situation to measure the product could it be impacts the sales growth and market talk about.


I use the test to accomplish my aim.

Critical overview of relevant literature


In fact, the top 10 sneakers companies control over 70% of the global athletic sneakers market. Since displacing Adidas in the first 1980s and Reebok in the first 1990s, Nike is among the most largest & most important athletic sneaker company in the world. (Richard M. Locke, July 2002)

This article data is clarify the Nike Company and the other sportswear brand is control over 70% of the global market, and the data show Nike has displacing Adidas and Reebok to become the major sportswear company on the planet. This article is support our record and know which famous brand is Nike Company mainly competition.

Pointing the finger: The first allegations

Early that June, Bob Herbert, a New York Times columnist, boldly criticized Nike labor conditions with a harsh op-ed part (1996). The accusations alleged that Nike built its riches and products with the ''slave'' labor of young Asian women. The article said Nike used ''sweatshops'' of ''wretched roots, '' and likened the organization to a huge pyramid that smashed the backs of oppressed laborers (Herbert, 1996). This column created a nationwide stir among consumers, activists, and international corporations. Soon after, Nike found itself in a sweltering limelight, with several nonprofit categories' studies reaching the newsreel. The accounts detailed human rights abuses, violence to laborers, and hideous working conditions within Nike's Asian facilities (Savage, 2002). The news rooted itself quickly in consumers, and protests and small boycotts sprang up around the country. Over 40 presentations occurred at countrywide Nike towns, with one Nike town grand beginning being marred by the arrest of 19 demonstrators (Emerson, 2001). Nike's image was stained, and it was pressured to act in response. (Kristen Bell DeTienne, Lee W. Lewis, 2005)

Bob Herbert criticized Nike labor conditions and the laborers benefits is bad, the article said Nike used ''sweatshops'' of ''wretched roots, '' and compared the organization to a giant pyramid that crushed the backs of oppressed laborers (Herbert, 1996).

Nike found itself in a sweltering limelight, with several nonprofit groups' studies reaching the newsreel. The accounts defined human rights abuses, violence to laborers, and hideous working conditions within Nike's Asian facilities (Savage, 2002).

The other paragraph is speak about the Nike company defined human protection under the law abuses, assault to laborers, and hideous working conditions, it make the citizen very resentment and started to protest and destroy their own brand image.

Research Methods




The approach to data collection

Communication Study

The purpose of the study


The time dimension


b. Data collection method

Self-administrated survey (intercept, central location, [e. g. retail center, sportswear shop], computer/ internet)

Personal Face to face interview [interviewer manipulated environment; Pre- slated, Intercept]

Project Plan









Meeting with supervisor, concentrate group meeting

Revise proposal

Expand books review

Submission of finalized proposal

Drafting the questionnaire

Pilot test

Finalizing questionnaire

Actual survey

Data collection and analysis

Report writing

Oral present

Revise task report

Submission of final report

The ending up in supervisor, concentrate group assembly is a ongoing jobs, and the other tasks, is a step-by step jobs, all step will be follow the Project Plan Dining room table.

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