Successful factors of Subways business

With the immediate development of overall economy and the dependable expansion of people's living standard, what is playing an increasingly important role in our life? It really is no denying that health is one of the main things. The reason why I choose subway for my assignment is subway as a the world's major submarine sandwich franchise organization, and is also the world's second largest single brand fast-food franchise string, is specialized in make contributions for everyone humans 'healthy.

Nowadays, subway has 33733 restaurants in 92 countries. The storyplot start from 1965, an unhealthy student named Fred DeLuca set out of fulfill his dream of becoming a medical doctor, but he didn't have enough money for his education. Finally, he found a means can help him defeat this plight. One family good friend known as Dr. Peter Buck advised he open up a submarine sandwich shop of $1000. Dr. Peter Buck offered to become Fred's business spouse. They never know that would change the surroundings of the junk food industry. The first store was opened in Bridgeport, Connecticut in August, 1965. then, they opened 32 stores in ten years, Fred soon learned the basics of running a business, as well as the value of offering a well-made, high quality product, providing excellent customer service, keeping functioning costs low and finding great locations. These early lessons continue to serve as the foundation for successful SUBWAY restaurants about the world.

The first subway restaurant exposed in Parnell, Auckland New Zealand in

1995˜the reputation has spread with more than 200 stores nationwide.

Simple operations with no cooking engaged, make the subway franchise a great home based business. In fact, that many customers have grown to be franchise owners since they believe in the merchandise.

Business demographics

Some of the successful factors of Subway's business are outlet as following:

2. 1 Healthy food

SUBWAY provides fresh health insurance and nutrition delightful food. In THE UNITED STATES, Advertising "seven sorts of SUBWAY sandwiches adipose content are less than 6 grams!" can be seen everywhere. SUBWAY has turned into a global health fast food pronoun.

Subway restaurant food includes:

*Better for you, nutritious menu items

*Versatile food options for multiple day-parts

*Gourmet breads, sauces and toppings

*Hot subs toasted to perfection

*Freshly ready subs, salads and wraps made to order

2. 2 Unified standard

Entering the global anybody SUBWAY restaurant, you can see a unified design, unified menu, unified service concept, the flavor of the global unification, style of pure SUBWAY food. - The trick of success in the feature is my lifeline. These SUBWAY 'characteristics, let people keep it in mind that sandwich and SUBWAY linked directly.

2. 3 Open up extensive type service

all personnel "three seconds laugh" and "the 3 minutes service" rule, let customers receive the most thoughtful and the most effective service. Three mere seconds services mean that before guests coming into the store three seconds, all front officials great with laugh. the procedure between customers order and the

completion time of production does not exceed three minutes. All sandwiches are before you the site fabrication.

2. 4 Powerful system support

To complete the operation mode of aiding the joining investor products and procedure, SUBWAY let its join dealers stood on the shoulders of giants and push to ensure that all customer sense, the world's major submarine sandwich franchise establishments health quality.

SUBWAY in the global development, has advanced white-collar by European countries and the common recognition. People could get information from SUBWAY company website about which store JORDAN proceeded to go into or Pierre borg bought what kind of sandwich, or even the news headlines that Julia Roberts is that took up dwelling in SUBWAY head office of the medial side.

Now, SUBWAY has branches all around the china. including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dalian and Hangzhou.

The franchise systems for most fat potpourri traditions fast food provide a more healthful substitutes.

Subway always offer new products for different kinds of people, like children, individuals, pupil, officeworkers, and even the people who have some diseases, like hyperlipidemia, diabetes and so on. subway can also gratify these people' needs. That's the reason why people choose subway, the most interesting thing would be that the people called jared dropping 245 pounds and remaining healthy because subway' healthy food help him and also it's his first commercial in his life, encourage many people change their eating habits. Many people follow and become much healthier than before. You can make a healthy guarantee in subway' website and subway will help.

Customers aren't only becoming more thinking about having information about their food and the operation process, but also more confident because of their health.

The method for subway to let more folks know them

*Television set commercials

*Successful personal lose weight example and some inspired stories

*Brochures, tray mats and leaflets (if condition is obtainable)

*Newspapers advertisements


*Good reputation

*Country-specific websites.

Different communication ways can help subway get every chance for people to know their good quality products.

Organization goals

Subway wishes to deepen their connection with customer by offering the healthiest food in the world and the lowest price between junk food markets. Their perspective is to be #1 quick Service restaurant chain in the world and their company mission is to please every customer so that they want in order to their friends, with great value through fresh, scrumptious made-to-order sandwiches and an exceptional experience.

3. 1 Subway quest statement:

providing the tools and knowledge to permit entrepreneurs to effectively compete in the QSR industry worldwide by regularly offering value to consumers through providing great-tasting food that is wonderful for them and made just how they enjoy it. "

3. 2 Our Primary Values and Philosophy

We are committed to client satisfaction through offering high quality food with exceptional service and value.

We take great take great pride in in serving one another, our customers and our areas.

We seek ongoing improvement in every that people do.

We value a feeling of urgency and focus on an innovative, entrepreneurial method of business.

We expect fairness and common respect in all our activities.

We know our success will depend on upon the initiative we take singularly and our capacity to work as a team

That' the key reason why subway restaurant string has been known as the NUMBER 1 franchising in 2010 2010. not limited to its excellent food, but also perfect service for customers and franchisees.

Organization culture and ethics

Subway has unique idea for his or her products and special interpretation for their business; they already got the key for business by their own culture

4. 1 Subway' Sustainability attempts are available in these areas where they conduct business:



Our eco-stores

Subway eco-store in Florida receives lead silver certification

Subway known five vendor associates for conservation efforts

4. 2 SUBWAY restaurants 'business style - as Diverse as the Areas They Serve

Doctor's Affiliates Inc. (DAI), the franchisor of the SUBWAY restaurant string, is an Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity employer. DAI is committed to taking positive steps towards increasing the representation of women and minorities running a business and the work force in general. In addition, the participants of the SUBWAY restaurant string take great satisfaction in the data and recognize that the organization and the individuals within it are against any type of discrimination against employees based on race, sex, intimate orientation, gender id, creed, faith, color or countrywide origin. While the company will not monitor specific information about the race, sex, creed, religion, color or nationwide origin of the franchisees or their employees, the respondents to a voluntary study of SUBWAY franchisees have suggested that

34 percent of SUBWAY franchisees are women

24 percent of SUBWAY franchisees are members of minority groups

10 percent have identified themselves as 62-years or older

nearly thirty percent of franchisees said they employ individuals who are 62-years of age or elderly and 23 percent of franchisees said that folks 62-years or elderly make-up at least 10 percent of the staffs

nearly 80 percent of franchisees signify that users of minority categories are used in their restaurants and even more than 25 percent of responding franchisees said that associates of minority groupings make-up between 50 percent to 100 percent of these staffs

98 percent of franchisees report they have a women used in their restaurants while more than 78 percent say that women make-up between 50 percent and completely of their workers.

66 percent of respondents said that their SUBWAY restaurants are "family-operated" businesses

4. 3 Looking Out for the Food Chain

SUBWAY restaurants have made a commitment to only purchase produce from suppliers that are S. A. F. E.

SAFE (Socially Responsible Farm Employers) was developed in 2005 by the Redlands Religious Migrant Association and the Florida Fruits & Vegetable Relationship. It is a nonprofit company that provides translucent and impartial auditing and qualification of farm labor tactics in the agriculture industry. Manufacturers who earn the SAFE seal have confirmed that they foster a work place for his or her employees that is free from intimidation, violence and harassment, and minimizes work place hazards.

Growers who are SAFE-certified comply with the strict requirements layed out in the organization's Plantation Labor Workplace Code of Carry out. The code covers general employment routines and specific issues such as forced labor, child labor, discrimination, income and benefits, career records, workplace safeness and housing.

4. 4 Team SUBWAY Makes Strides against Breast Cancer

Volunteers for Team SUBWAY became a member of over 3, 000 walkers at Lighthouse Point Playground in New Haven, Connecticut on Sunday, October 24. 2010, to take part in Making Strides Against Breasts Cancers, a three-mile walking event for charity, coordinated by the North american Cancer Contemporary society.

The event was attended by men and women of all age groups, bringing up donations for the ongoing fight breast cancer. In all, Making Strides Against Breasts Cancer brought up over US$180, 000 - and Team SUBWAY was pleased to help donate to the cause.

4. 5 Sponsorships

Just another Way to help our Neighborhood friends and Promote Healthy Lifestyles

The SUBWAY restaurant chain is proud to be always a nationwide sponsor of the North american Heart Association's Start! Motion, Leap Rope For Heart and soul and Hoops For Heart and soul programs. Last year, reps of the North american Heart Relationship and Milford, CT, Health Director Dennis McBride signed up with the HQ staff members at HQ to kick-off the nationwide launch of Start!, the AHA's movements to encourage women and men to walk and live a more active lifestyle. Leap Rope For Heart and soul and Hoops For Heart and soul are countrywide, educational fund-raising programs that indulge students in physical activity (jumping rope for primary grades and basketball for secondary level levels) while raising funds to support lifesaving center and stroke research.

Helping students in a search for higher education is the building blocks that SUBWAY was built on - in the end young Fred DeLuca started out the SUBWAY chain with the sole purpose of financing his school education. The Hispanic Traditions Youth Sports Prize honors young Latino leaders with grants because of their university education. The Hispanic Young ones Sports Honor is available to graduating high school elderly people who maintain a 3. 0 GPA or higher, and is split into 12 different areas in the united states: Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, NORTH PARK, Los Angeles, San Jose/San Francisco Bay Area, Phoenix, Chicago, Miami, NY, Philadelphia/New Jersey, and Washington D. C. Applications can be found in all SUBWAY locations throughout these regions.

In Connecticut, the Frederick A. DeLuca Groundwork, named for the chain's founder, provides scholarships or grants to numerous of the high schools and community organizations throughout their state.

Being the official sponsor of Little Category Baseball is just one of the ways the SUBWAY restaurant string joins the fight against childhood overweight. The brand could develop the "Triple Play Program which focuses on making more healthy eating choices and community participation.

As other restaurants and chains struggle to reinvent themselves and their selections by providing several "healthier" options, the SUBWAY brand has long prided itself on offering a variety of healthier choices to traditionally oily junk food and is a head in providing healthy information to customers.

Management of knowledge resources

It is no doubt that subway is the #1 franchise in junk food industry. It not only performs a innovator role in our eating manner, but also performs an important role in our business idea.

Subway' business strategy is among the finest in junk food industry.

The subway 'strategy is to let their business stand in the stage of fast food and also play an important role in this area.


Low original franchise charge, that's the most crucial factor that subway 'business getting bigger and faster than other brand.

Easy learn

Simple operations without cooking engaged, make the subway franchise a great opportunity


Products you'll be proud to serve. Subway offers customers many great options to consume a fast meals that is wonderful for them.


The most competitive factor among junk food industry.

Group dynamics

In my viewpoint, group dynamics signify several people make efforts for one goal together with different skills and experience, it is doesn't subject that people come from different track record, we can also work together to attain one goals.

Personally, I think subway is a best example for group dynamics.

Because subway never leaves franchisee alone and walk with franchisees forever. Before you open, you as well as your designee or manager will need part in our intensive two-week program. After you wide open, ongoing support can help you on a regular basis.

The company provides:

*Access to formulas and operational systems

*Store design and equipment ordering guidance

*Training program

*Businesses manual

*Consultant on-site during opening

*Periodic evaluations and ongoing support

*Informative publications

The franchisee is in charge of:

*Primary franchise fee

*Finding locations

*Leasehold advancements and equipment

*Selecting employees and operating restaurants

*Paying 8%royalty to the company and a fee in to the advertising fund

With the subway franchise system's exceptional support structure and operational record, it's no real surprise that its growth continues to break global records.

An open-minded franchisee and a superb support team are the two key factors to bring company earnings.

Meeting management

Subway is a franchise company, so headquarter will give you education and everything can be easier because everything is the same, there is absolutely no doubt that why subway is super easy to open up and control, also get cash back quickly,

Anyway, if franchisee has any problem about business or other things need to repair it, you can contact with headquarter as soon as possible and they will help you in need at the earliest opportunity.

There is a meeting for franchisee and someone interested to exchange experienced called franchising trade show, you can ask questions, tastes the food, to see on your own how simple our reoperations are. Just you need view the list of upcoming industry events and make plans to attend one locally to find out more on becoming subway franchise owner.

What is more, there is a seminar for individuals to learn more about subway and it's free for people, you just sign up for an upcoming seminar locally and you can meet subway restaurant staff. That is the easy way for individuals get more information from subway without trouble.

I only know both of these conferences in subway after i arrived to subway company in New Zealand, the reception explained that it's a business key unless I had been a part of subway. In order that I can't know the aspect about subway daily reaching and other method of meeting.


No one can buy stock in subway because DAI is a privately kept company and is also not traded on any stock market. Each franchise is singularly owned and controlled.

To be a franchisee is your very best choice if you want to buy stock in subway.

Subway franchisees should have an entrepreneurial spirit and be focused on building a successful business. That's the problem for someone wishes open their own business.

Subway offer location versatility and an easy-to run operation built on straightforwardness and efficiency, so our start-up costs are less than most restaurants. The original franchise cost is $15, 000 and total investment can be low as $78, 600. you should contact subway because they'll make an acceptable arrange for you.

The steps to beginning subway˜

Get a FREE Franchise KitGet a FREE Franchise Kit

Just complete the proper execution, submit and find out more about franchising with SUBWAY!

Submit Franchise ApplicationSubmit Franchise Application

For any questions, contact our Franchise Sales department

Review the Disclosure DocumentReview the Disclosure Document

Be sure that your disclosure paperwork is made up of all the required identification and approvals before submitting a credit card applicatoin.

Application Approved!Software Approved!

Sign the Franchise Arrangement.

Attend TrainingAttend Training

SUBWAY trains every new franchisee at our headquarters facility in Milford, Conn. or at a regional facility in your area.

Secure a LocationSecure a Location

You may choose to build a new store or purchase a preexisting store from another franchisee.

Build Your StoreBuild Your Store

If you are creating a new store or renovating a preexisting location, the project will be recognized by our Development and Creative Services clubs.

Celebrate Grand Beginning!


Network plays an extremely important role in modern sociaty, as well as subway.

You can order your meals in 3 ways in subway: online, wording and mobile, it is symbolic of society improvement and the ever-accelerated updating of science and technology.

According to the convenience from the web and mobile, subway created a fresh way for individuals to order, if you have a phone and cellphone touch or a mobile phone purchased within two years and it has a color display, you can order your food in your mobile free of charge, just download the application and click which you want, that's it. You can also use other option which let your mobile contact with subway like text message.

Even you can order in subway website with your small business.

That makes business operating faster and more efficient.

Regular newsletters-mails and voice-mails Dvd disks and additional learning tools are also available for franchisee and subway communicate to exchange idea or solve problems or discuss some business or revise facilities or learn new skills.

Subway has a hotline for everybody interested it for free and work 24hours. it is a fairly easy way to exploit ate their business and fine more business chance.


As a conclusion, the different backdrop and various culture are obstacles as much as i am concerned.

Subway's franchisees come from different countries, obviously, the culture between franchisee and subway also fluctuate a whole lot. Subway learns more knowledge about international countries, creates new products and new style for foreign franchisees, and makes the right arrange for them, which's the reason why subway can start 33733 restaurants in 92 countries.

Anyway, English is vital in subway; no subject how can we learn from one another, we also need the same vocabulary for communication, so some Indian and Chinese language staff members will feel more difficult when they work because English is not their first language.

In subway, three second teeth is very helpful to improve the satisfaction of customers and every staff shall attended an exercise before they become formal staff, in order to offer with customers from differing backgrounds perfectly, which can help them can through the communication to fulfill all of Customers 'need.

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