Sun Zi Fine art Of Warfare And The Organization Marketing Essay

Sun Zi's famous Chinese literature is definitely the Art of War, the oldest existing armed service piece on earth and often considered as the best one. This reserve has years of over 2400 yrs. old and proves that the tactics use for successful warfare and also have not changed over time. It is a fairly short book of approximately 6000 Chinese characters that protected the guidelines of human tendencies and guidelines of do for military market leaders. It is divided into thirteen chapters, with each section treating an alternative topic, such as attacking with flame, the nine battlegrounds etc.

The Art of War has been used for a large number of years by the Chinese language and it will continue to be. This e book has widely affected on Chinese and Japanese military services for quite some time. For instance, it was the foundation for Mao Tse-tung's strategies and tactics on rural of China. After that, The Skill of Warfare has been popular in the West as well the in the first twentieth century due to the translation of English version. As yet, the strategies and rules are using broadly running a business worldwide as well.

The main notion of The Art of War is effective military strategy. Sunshine Zi emphasizes the importance of understanding the existing situation before participating in warfare. The tactics that he used vary on every war. He thought that the result of the conflict will be either the survival or the damage of the country. Every step must be well designed and all be based upon the features of the people. All warfare is based on the belief that to be victorious you must completely know yourself as well as your enemy, deception, adaption of the current conditions, the authority of the overall and uses of spies. Although specific wartime situations are sometimes pointed out in the booklet, they are cured generally. For instance, Sunlight Zi discusses strategies to succeed the war rather than the history of him in earning the war. This is how The Skill of Warfare usable in a variety of situations.


Toshiba Firm is one of Japan's oldest and major makers of consumer and commercial electric products. The business also ranks as the world's greatest producer of DRAM (energetic random access recollection) computer chips. Toshiba, a family of over 200 consolidated and affiliated businesses, is one of Japan's second-tier keiretsu or conglomerates. These corporate and business groups are associated through history and tradition, as well as cross-shareholdings, interlocking directorates, and personal associates. With a brief history that goes back to the nineteenth hundred years and a product line that expands from semiconductors to nuclear electricity vegetation, Toshiba has enjoyed a dynamic role in Japan's climb to the forefront of international business.

Toshiba was shaped through the 1939 union of two manufacturers of electro-mechanical equipment, Shibaura Seisakusho Works and Tokyo Electric Company, Ltd. While Toshiba Malaysia was founded on 19 April 1977, it offers us high quality of audio visual and kitchen appliances products. The audio tracks visible products include LCD TVs, plasma TVs, colour CRT TVs, Dvd and blu-ray players and HD-DVD players as the home appliances products include refrigerators, washing machines, rice cookers and electric pots.

Toshiba Malaysia provides us with the best technologically impressive products such as Meta Brain Pro technology. With the meantime, they provide us product with brilliance functionality, reliability, toughness and environmentally friendly features as layed out in their basic determination, "Focused on People, Focused on the near future". In yr 2006, Toshiba was honored Silver Award by Reader Digest Malaysia to be the trusted brand in 2 categories, LCD TVs and washers.

Rapid economic growth in growing countries and slow progress in the developed world have resulted in major changes in economic and industrial paradigms in the 21st hundred years. To succeed in congested global competition transcending national borders, Toshiba is constantly on the concentrate on restructuring businesses to reinforce their earnings bottom while wanting to transform its overall business framework by targeting progress sectors and rising businesses. The aim is to become a straight more robust global contender by going after the "concentration and selection" approach while creating world-first and world No. 1 products and services that are cost-competitive and captivate customers.



From Section 3 in Sunshine Zi's Art work of War, Sunshine Zi stated that "He who is aware the other aspect (the foe) and has learned himself will never be defeated in 100 battles. "

Organization should know their power and focus on their strength in order to gain in the competition. At exactly the same time, they should try to exploit competitor's weakness and power. Some principle must keep in mind are to produce the enemy will not use hard invasion and to conquer other country does not use extended strategy. The rule to gain in the fight is dependant on well-planned strategies and the knowledge of our enemy. By direct attack on competitor's weakness, it can help the business to gain the fight without causing traumas. For instance, Malaysia Airline's solution is pricy and this becomes a weakness on their behalf. Air Asia uses this weakness and provides low fare to people. Because of this, Air Asia is able to attract lots of folks to buy their ticket rather than Malaysia Air travel. Besides, Air Asia also promotes a 10 cent Air Fare to remain competitive Malaysia Airlines low fare advertising. In competitive market, every business is facing uncertainty that nobody will always be a winner. They need to stay adaptable to creates a better life cycle.

"Capturing an entire section intact is a better strategy; destroying it is a weaker option. "

The above affirmation by Sunlight Zi, means that before joining to a fresh market, local culture need to be understand first. The customer needs then have to be analyzed. Both of these factors are crucial success factors for company. Meanwhile, the origin elements are retained there. Besides, group need to find out own primary value on the market in order to enter the market successfully. For example, KFC which is the major fast-food chain in Malaysia and Brunei, portion celebrated Original Recipe deep-fried chicken which contains secret mixture of 11 natural remedies and spices. Aside from portion finger-licking good food, KFC continually shoot for high quality and are committed to ensure food safe practices by stringent control to keep up our expectations.

Sun Zi said "He who is in a position to unite himself along with his officials and men as you mind, soul and goal will win. "

The above declaration is a great way to anticipate victories. This simply means that the company and all its employees need to be united in order to achieve their mission and vision. For instance, Coca-cola company, which is the world's largest beverage company and also the No. 1 supplier of sparkling drinks, ready-to-drink coffees, and juices. With an enduring environment to building sustainable communities, Coca Cola is focused on initiatives that reduce our environmental footprint, develop a safe, inclusive work environment for their associates and enhance the economic development of the communities. The Coca-Cola Company is focused on upholding fundamental principles of international human and workplace privileges everywhere they conduct business.


Throughout our research and studies, there are a few theories from Chapter 4 in Sun Zi's Artwork of Battle are applied by different organizations. Hence the concept like the necessity to build an invincible security as a deterrent against any overly ambitious adversary is related in business strategies.

Sun Zi said: "In old times, those who have been skilful in warfare ensured that they might not be defeated and when waited for opportunities to defect the foe. "

The statement above which applied running a business world simply means that to improve our strength and also change and adapt to changing market nowadays. This is especially for the first choice or top management who will need to have a prediction on future market tendency so that group can increase and control the marketplace only when the implementation is in the right timing. Future development and improvement are the most important elements to let group grow. For example, Apple Inc which includes launched a few products in the market such as i-Phone, i-Pod and i-Pad. Apple Inc performed very well in enhancing their strength in the market which not only following market trend, Apple Inc creating the craze which brings progress and earnings to the business.

"Those who find themselves skilful in warfare can ensure that they can not be defeated by the opponent, but will never be in a position to ensure victory over the enemy. "

In business program, all products have their own life routine. Moreover, creative, ground breaking and ongoing improvement enable source product to continue its life span and sales. This indicates that old products will eventually be substituted. A firm must do some innovative changes on existing product to increase the product life routine and increase variety of customers. McDonald's did this by keep upgrading its menu. After a certain period, it will come out with services and this draws in existing and new consumers too. The seasonal products such as Prosperity Burger that introduced during Chinese language New Calendar year only and Grilled Chicken Burger (GCB) that sold for limited period were the innovations of McDonald's.

As stated by Sunshine Zi, "Those who cannot get must protect; those who are able to win must strike. Defend when one's pushes are inadequate; episode when one's makes are numerous. "

This strains on the value in taking effort to prepare ourselves in fights. Those who cannot gain must prepare their defense while those who are capable of being successful must hit first. In cases like this, Digi must turn out with various costs strategy to contend with the other telecommunication companies included Celcom and Maxis. Thus Digi arrived with price strategies in which new plans like the latest Easy plan that allow users to send Text message and make free telephone calls to three of his or her friends which will make Digi Easy plan more appealing compare to other telecommunication companies. Hence, Digi will be able to remain competitive and gain their market whenever a telecommunication company offers a lower rate services.

2. 3 Section 7: Government MANOEUVRES

Sun Zi claims that "An military without sufficient food and grain will die. "

This quotation in business point of view means that profit as a food and grain which is the most important for the organization to survive. If an organization cannot obtain good income and income, it will be difficult to survive in the market for long period of time. Since the capital is the basic condition to start out a business, the organizer should be ensured that the financial rolling is sufficient in order to operate their business also to use in immediate moment. In the event the organizer does not have the sufficient less difficult of capital to aid the business, the business may face personal bankruptcy situation or combine with other corporation. For example, Lehman Brothers Holdings was a worldwide financial services firm and was the fourth greatest investment bank in america before declaring individual bankruptcy in 2008. The businesses of the organization included investment bank, equity and fixed-income sales and trading, investment management, private collateral and private banking. However, the business travelled bankrupt in 2008 due to the subprime mortgage crisis.

In addition, malfeasance and short-selling allegations also cause the business went bankrupt. The organization already possessed the financial problem in the beginning but the addition problems have took place one after another. Eventually, the business didn't have sufficient capital to repay the problems. Hence, the business forced to declare bankruptcy in 2008 and some businesses of the business forced to sell to other organizations such as Barclays. In conclusion, money is the most important property for the business to operate, maintain the business and help cover some financial problems sometimes.



Sun Zi said: "The carry out of war is a matter of essential importance to the nation. "

It is a subject of life and fatality to the country, folks and the ruler. It really is a highway either to wealth or even to being demolished. Therefore, it is a topic which should not be neglected. Original planning and analysis are essential.

There are five constant factors to consider, namely, moral impact, the weather, terrain, generalship and doctrine and legislations. Equate to those of the opponent. Then one will get a clearer view of the situation and examine one's likelihood of victory.

Moral influence means policies which will make folks fiercely loyal to the ruler. They will follow him even to loss of life. Weather identifies the contrasting changes of night and day and the four periods of the battleground. Terrain assesses the route and its condition whether it's considerably, dangerous with wide open floor or with small passes. The ground can determine beat or triumph. Generalship of an commander identifies his attributes of knowledge, sincerity, benevolence, courage and willpower. Doctrine and regulation refer to army group and control. This is to ensure that highways are maintained in order that materials may reach the army and military expenditure is managed.

There are also seven other things to consider to compare with the enemy. This can determine the results of the warfare. They can be (1) the moral impact of the ruler over his subjects (2) the capability of the generals (3) better potential to take benefit of weather and terrain (4) who have better effective and effective execution of orders (5) whose military is better prepared and bigger (6) the training level of the military (7) the administration of rewards and consequence.

The final strategy is to pretend to be able to deceive the foe. Attack when he is least prepared. Plan well before attacking. If the odds are highly against you, await another time.

Similarly in business, in order to succeed, the company must consider the following factors (1) the ability of the company to stimulate everyone to work at the business's goals (2) the features of the professionals to lead the team (3) the ability to adapt to administration rules and market conditions (4) if the business systems of the business can be improved upon so that you will see increased efficiency (5) the technology open to the staff to be able to improve output (6)working out given to staff and their level of skills attained (7) the administration of rewards and punishment.

3. 2 Section 5: FORCES

"When causes are concentrated to attack the enemy, it must end up like solid rocks hurled against eggs. "

This quotation is making use of the rule of using advantages to punch weaknesses. First of all, creative and innovation is one of the key principles to contend with competition in the same market. For instance, there are extensive problem and competitive on the market of gadgets such as Toshiba, Sony, Mitsubishi and so on. However, Toshiba is more innovative and spend additional time in research and develop the technologies. As a result, a lot of new technologies that were the first on earth or the first in Japan like the first Japanese phrase cpu, the first 3D LCD TV which not needing dedicated glasses in the world, etc.

Secondly, the organization should change their form, culture, framework, product bottom or others whenever there are any changes happen. For instance, Toshiba pioneered the introduction of electronic equipment in Japan. However, the organization entered new domains that happen to be medical equipment and radio devices when the fantastic Kanto Earthquake of 1923 occurred. Many employees of the business were lost in this earthquake. Therefore, the vice-president of the business decided to get started on new field.

Thirdly, changes have to check out the style. If a business can create the trend, the likelihood to succeed will be high. For example, increasingly more multi-media such as movie requires 3D result nowadays. Hence, Toshiba invents the first 3D LCD TV which not needing dedicated glasses in the world. Other rivals such as Sony also create the 3D LCD TV to occupy the marketplace. In summary, Toshiba creates the pattern of 3D TELEVISION and win the market due to the requiring dedicated spectacles wouldn't normally be worn.

Lastly, the organizations have to analyze their durability and weaknesses at all times when compete with others. For instance, Toshiba has generated the corporate research and development centre to improve creation technology maintain high attributes and creates services. The corporate research and development middle can evaluate the strength and weaknesses of the organization to be able to manufacture top quality products and therefore the products of the organization can be competed with other organizations in the powerful market. Because of this, higher profits can be acquired by the business.


Toshiba applied the countless theories from Sunshine Zi's Artwork of Warfare in implementing and deploying its business strategies which similar to your business community today. Our business world today is in a changing environment. Sunshine Zi's Fine art of Conflict helps the business adapts in uncertainty and changing environment. Therefore, we have identified few ideas from Sunlight Zi's Fine art of War that may be applied by Toshiba to their business.

Firstly, in Chapter 6 of the Art work of War, Sunlight Zi provides some very interesting and exciting ideas that are relevant running a business world. For instance, concepts like first mover benefit, to dictate rather than be dictated, to attain relative superiority, to be versatile and to deal with change and uncertainty. In addition, Sun Zi also explains how your opportunities result from the openings in the surroundings brought on by the relative weakness of your competition in a given area.

Sun Zi said: "Those who occur first at the battleground will have sufficient time and energy to rest and make against the enemy" and "Those who arrive late at the battleground will have to rush into challenge when they are already exhausted. "

According to the quotation above, Sunlight Zi has described this is of early bird obtain the first worm. Running a business world, it can be meant because of it is way better to be first than it is usually to be better. In market, there is no more battle for the product however the perceptions of product. Besides, the timing of introducing something is important. By being the first to enter the market a product or service, a company might need to capture biggest market show. Toshiba created the first mover category when its company produced Japan's first electric enthusiast, refrigerators, washing machines, electric vacuum and electric rice cookers. This allows Toshiba to enhance their position in this market and deal with the contests from rivals from then on. Being the world's 9th greatest integrated supplier of electric and electric equipment, Toshiba already have support using their loyal customers and they are already popular when their rival enter this market.

"Superiority or strength in number means that adversary must make against you. "

This statement stated by Sunlight Zi means that with large causes or allies working with us, our foe will have fear. In business world, a lot more partners we've in the business means that the more stable our company is available on the market. Hence, our competition must prepare a whole lot of strategies in order to beat us or even to replace our place on the market. Therefore, it will always be better to form partners with other company into becoming spouse and not reluctant in contending with completers in business world. So, it is clear that why Yahoo declared a whole new collaboration with Toshiba to feature Yahoo Connected TV on several models of Toshiba's latest 46"-55" HDTVs. This is because with Toshiba, users can enjoy Yahoo Connected Tv set on Tv sets.

Sun Zi said: "Thus, the expert in offence problems places where in fact the enemy will not learn how to protect. " and "The expert in defence protects places where in fact the enemy will not learn how to attack. "

In business world, we always placed for highly innovation to create the marketing advantages. We just continue produce products that happen to be strengthen and will gain profit in the market, but want to do some development or improvement onto it in order to improve its position in the market. For low account products, we might make some changes and allow it enter a new market but must in a distinct segment market. Hence the idea we should keep in mind is that we should understand perfectly about our competitor's product durability and weakness so that people can attack consequently to make it through in competitive business community. As well as expanding pioneering technology for its own products, Toshiba developed the Dvd movie, the TFT display and the lithium ion power supply in addition to designing the graphics cpu for the Sony Playstation II. The introduction of the Qosmio series in 2004 noticed Toshiba demonstrating once more its position as a market innovator. Toshiba embraced the market for digitally converged products for home and personal entertainment, by launching the first notebook to provide instant-on Television set/DVD operation.


Toshiba as countries one of the leading companies in company of computer and accessories, electro-mechanical equipment, electrics and consumer electronics held the duty to continuously provide the clients and provide their needs and needs that develops over a period. This is essential for Toshiba to emerge as the most notable manufacturer in the country and also to outlast many rivals on the market. The quality can be found should not limit to the products produced but must prolong to the services provided. Such practicing will ensure Toshiba is accepted being with the capacity of inventing appreciated products and offering the best services which others yet to offer. Therefore, to accomplish such objective in the foreseeable future, Toshiba needs to make concern on the issue that required some improvement where necessary. Listed below are few recommendations which Toshiba can implement.

To focus on, Toshiba might expose an in depth job diagnosis and evaluation. The evaluation must comprise in term of product manufacture and services.

Sun Zi said: "To control a large push is similar to managing a small force. "

"It really is a subject of company and structure. "

A group contain a leader and few people can be given to the departments are present in the business to assess the employees shows. The team should not only scout on the way they perform their job but at the same time, list the issues and difficulties that the employees come across while doing their job. If the difficulty discovered is with the working environment, equipment or system, then your team should report to the unit in charge to solve the issue raised to the ground. However, if the situation is surge from the worker itself, whether the particular employee is insufficient skills and training or is not competence enough for the job, then a replacing or further training is essential. Through this process, the company is able to offer any management issues effectively in relatively shorter time.

One of the important aspects of business is the customer. As manufacture of electric related goods, Toshiba's job does not end at point of retailing the merchandise to the customer, but the real job commences when customer need the assistants of the manufacturer. So, to reduce the gap between your customer and the maker, Toshiba probably can coordinate a procedure with customers in many parts yet more often. This session is expected to take place in virtually any occasions such as electronic fair, PC fair or independently sorted out Toshiba good. This procedure is aimed to listen to the customer's complaints, products reviews, expectations, recommendations and feedbacks. This creates an improved understanding between the customer and the company, the appointed staff able to listen to from the client itself, which later can be redirected to the business for better results.

According to Sunlight Zi, "An military without sufficient stockpiles and reserves won't survive. "

The business culture is also a secured asset or a tool to compete in the market. Customers always 'TRUST' the big company which have good reputation and corporate and business culture.

Advertising is very crucial for the info and the note to attain the designed customers. In Sun Zi's Skill of Conflict, Communicating ground refers to marketplaces that are equally accessible to both of you and your competitor. You will discover no natural barriers to entry which is simple enough to obtain the consumer's attention because they are not committed to any one product. Therefore, certain advertising strategies are had a need to market the products or the services. Toshiba may have utilized all known solutions to publicize, from pamphlets to online advertisements but that will not guarantees the information has reached to and comprehends by everyone. So to increase the spread of the info, the company will come up with ad in different dialects, generally from printed materials to online resources. Those who find themselves unaware of Toshiba's products and services will will have a brief news and latest update about the business.

"Those who are skillful in warfare can ensure that they will not be defeated by the foe, but will not be in a position to ensure victory in the enemy. "

This is Sunshine Zi's offer from sunlight Zi's Artwork of Battle which simply means those who understand and acknowledge their own as well as their rivals' durability and weakness won't undergo a lost or personal bankruptcy. Once any opinions from customers is received, the company can review it to determine any imperfections or weakness in their products or services right away. After the defect is indentified, immediate action must exercise to handle the problem. Next, improving on own weakness is not sufficient to stay longer on the market but identify others flaw and work on it, will secure a stable position on the long term. If Toshiba is the first to solve the flaw in other challengers' product in term of composition, design, ability and function, then Toshiba will be seen and become person to person that indirectly advertise Toshiba.


This task helps us to stress on request of The Fine art of Warfare in today business warfare. The studies of Sunlight Zi have became useful until today since many companies applied the theories from the Sun Zi Art of Battle in their management. For example, different strategies can be utilized by the business to beat their competitors in the niche market. Sun Zi Skill of war is important since it helps company to adapt in changing and we need to be flexible to changes to be able to make it through. Besides, we must take suitable activities so that people can adapt the surroundings because inappropriate activities may lead us to inability.

Through this project, there are several key success factors of Toshiba Company. To begin with, innovative of Toshiba created wide range of products such electrical power applicants, computers, TV plus more that win the customers long term supports. As Toshiba range of services may offer many kinds so they are able to dominate different endeavors on the market. Also, Toshiba are leading the marketplace for years because of good management skill and strong framework of the business. Well communication between your top level management and lower manage like the first line personnel enable those to be clear about their missions and visions of the business. This will energize passionate behavior of the staffs in their working life.

Furthermore, the quality of the merchandise is also one of the main element factors of success in Toshiba Company. Toshiba has spent resources on research and development that provides improvement on the current products and technology appropriately. So, Toshiba cannot be easily attacked by opponents and always before them. "Focused on People, Focused on the near future", is one of the slogan of the business. This implies that they point out on the assistance to the customer which meet up with the customer needs.

As a finish, Toshiba is one of the leading manufacturers in Malaysia. They provide variety of high technology of products to satisfy customers need in a more convenient way. Furthermore, Toshiba Company implements Sun Zi Artwork of War strategies to make its management far better and efficient. Thus, Sunshine Zi Fine art of War is very useful in today's business community to success.

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