Supermarket EFFECT ON Consumers Marketing Essay

Supermarket normally demand fewer prices than the original retailer and provide the large numbers of variety product and highly quality food. Price is the key object which attracts the customer of most classes. The clients always think about to save the amount of money during shopping. Regarding to reports the price tag on food in the supermarket is 15% lower and veggie are 30% less than the traditional dealer.

Supermarket effects on merchants.

In India the chain of supermarket is growing around the united states which is directly affect the traditional retailers and their business is declining. Supermarkets are receiving the customer from these sellers and their sell gets down. The original retailers are affecting fast in the large cities somewhat than cities which is trying to modernize to compete keenly against these supermarkets. These supermarkets are creating more careers and offer handsome salary and better environment to employers. The creation of careers is the result of swapping the original retailers.

Supermarket impacts on formers.

By enough time when the supermarket gets modernize they need more suppliers for the intended purpose of quality, consistency, quantity and costs. The impact of supermarket on provider is related to the food processing and manufacturing businesses. Supermarket sells around 80% of processed food and semi processed food. Supermarket affects indirectly by farmers because processors get demand and place these to retail client. Once the farmers go into the channel of supermarket they earn 20% to 50% extra income.

How to endure the suppliers.

It is the serious mater weathers the Indian traditional stores have capability to compete the present day retails and can survive. It really is fact that the traditional retailers is consist more than 95% of business in the united states, but it's very hard to contend these traditional store against supermarkets, because these supermarket provides large level of verity and provide cheap prices. Regarding to reports wall mart is in charge of the final of small shops around the united states. Many companies are approaching to open the supermarket in India, like Reliance fresh opened his first store in 2007 and announced that the business want to open about 5000 store in the approaching three years in 1500 different towns. The company declare they want to provide fruit and vegetable in two price to customers.

1. Regulate the modern retail. To endure the traditional shop it is necessary to regulate the modern retailers. Reduce the acceleration of expending of the supermarkets. There must be opening time limit but will depend on only on location. The target of these legislation should be only supermarkets not small outlets or traditional merchants.

Few countries have a policy of traditional or small retail retailers. Even the large numbers of countries encourage the supermarket development instead to modern their business.

Spread of supermarkets in first stages, the supermarket is concentrating weakly and farmers and processors have an array of purchasers among supermarket chain and traditional vendors. Because of this it in necessary to for the government to enforce the competition polices between supermarkets and traditional suppliers.

2. Upgrade the original retail.

Other option to endure the traditional vendors it's important to update the retailers and authorities need to accomplish them through different program.

The Indian government need to promote the traditional stores modernization as well as competitiveness.

The authorities should accept the cultural and market role of supermarket and traditional suppliers and encourage them.

2. To upgrade the wholesalers market.

It is necessary to up grade the inexpensive market to survive the small retailers and farmers. Small retailers normally buy the products from low cost market and the inexpensive market buys the products from farmers. Thus it's important the upgrading of low cost market for traditional resource chain. The present day cash and hold is become the wholesales market, like Wal-Mart in India, metro in china, and macro in Pakistan.

The federal of India and general market association needs to upgrade the general market for the gain access to of vendors and farmers.

4. Help the farmers.

It is essential to provide help farmers to become competitive company for supermarket. Government need to provide technology and new information, training and services.


The revolution of supermarket is progressing in the expanding countries. This revolution also provides opportunity to the farmers but additionally it is impacting the business of small merchants.


Difference between supermarket and traditional retails.

The feature of supermarket and small shops retailers are very different. Both of them are necessary for the Indian circumstance.

1. Traditional shop is had and controlled on a little range, usually 500sq toes or less. This space can be obtained quickly in residential area while supermarket usually contain of 2000sq foot of space which is situated only commercial area.

2. Supermarket gets more advantage on economies than small retailers.

3. Small or traditional store are operated by owner and the supermarkets are controlled by the companies.

4. Traditional retailers provide small size of verity and supermarket provides large size of verity.

5. Supermarkets prices are usually cheaper than small shops.

6. Traditional sellers provide the facility of free home delivery.

7. Supermarkets spends large amount of money in ad.

Literature review.

According to Solgaard and Hansen (2003) price and distance from the store are the primary factor for the client. Customer firstly provides priority to price. Customers always think about to cut costs and try to buy product in cheap prices. Distance is also the factor that effect on customers. Customers generally avoid to long distance retailers for small or little things.

According to Powell (2002) customer always offers priority to the quality and the importance of price, distance, selection of product and car parking comes later. Many reports claim that location of store, price, verity of food, impact on customer and these targets attract the clients.

Study in Vietnam disclosed the factors that impact on customer when they selecting shopping, supermarket verses traditional store, freshness, price and convenience played out important role the decision of consumer.

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