SWOT Analysis Bang and Olufsen

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Bang and Olufsen (B&O) is a company located in Denmark and is renowned for the production of audio tracks products, telephones, and television packages. Its eighty-six years now since it was founded by Peter Group and Svend Olufsen. The business has been among the best manufacturers of digital devices through its continually advanced variety of audio-video products. With these, it offers its eye and concentrate on the fashion delicate customers who seek the trendiest home appliances on the market and of excellent quality. Its marketing team has been lively across the globe promoting the business's numerous designs of Movie players, hi-tech televisions, loud loudspeakers, and digital music players among many products, but still Denmark remains as the greatest small percentage of its market basic. Continual improvements and design improvement has bestowed B&O global awards among the leaders in development and product development within the industry. In a competitive market, this has therefore granted it a position for some of the business's products in the Museum of Modern Skill, New York. This positions it as a much better competitor between market players. Good as it might seem with most of the company's customers locked in with devotion for quality products, many challenges have stepped in though henceforth tugging down the company's growth rate. This paper will therefore take a look at the Talents, the weaknesses, opportunities and the dangers that besiege Bang and Olufsen Company.


A firm's advantages will be the resources and capacities so it uses to get a competitive border (Laurence. 2009). Bang and Olufsen has managed its competences through vast experience, practice, and continual development. It offers gained strength over the years because it strives to ensure that customers always get the best experience of their products. Amongst its strong muscles is the wonderful picture and sound performances of B&O products, which outplays most of what is in the market. By this, the business ensures that the products have picture production that is closest to real life experience and the sound reproduced as authentically as is feasible. Another is the user interface and customer support. Bang and Olufsen understands that technology is quite challenging to its customers. It therefore makes products that are user friendly and gives the maximum amount of support to the clients as possible pertaining to product use. This point of interface has drawn the clients even nearer to the company as they feel emotionally looked after unlike most entrants who follow money alone and not customer satisfaction. Also, the design and quality of the products is the central of everything at Bang and Olufsen. The company uses design to share with a tale about its ideas, its products, and itself (Bryston & Giete, 2011). The business deals the most efficient product designers and designs products that are not only aesthetically satisfying, but also effectively practical. B&O shows its durability also in the grade of material used for its products. This is costly, but will probably be worth the value of the clients they have stripped off its competition. Customers tend to be more willing to pay for quality products than defective ones, that will need even more money to repair.


Band and Oufsen has seen many successes, but it's been unable to reach certain levels because of certain issues. These weaknesses of the company come in several styles. B&O have managed to produce tvs that give you a truly cinematic experience for instance, and the company has thrust its torso that nothing is better than its 'BeoVision 10-40' plasma screen. It is regrettable though that customers spread term that the plasma technology used for the Tv sets ages as time passes. The plasma screen little by little deteriorates and the crispy colors become exhausted and faded after some time (Wheeler, 2009). It has had a poor effect on the merchandise purchase in inclination for other products made available from competitors. Another most significant characteristic of the B&O products is the price. Customers are very sensitive about the price of a product and are particularly keen about the worthiness they get. Many customers concur that Music group and Olusfen offers a great quality for their products, but the prices lock away many consumers. Most customers therefore have no option but to acquire an alternative from the business's opponents who offer less prices.


Nonetheless, the business has opportunities that can funnel in more income. These are just like a mine of yellow metal within its reach. The business has a study and development team of three thousand personnel that is on their feet. In affiliation with the global marketing team, that has uncovered unmet customer needs; the company has developed a strategy plan to tap in these opportunities. A global demand of the audio-video products also flavor good to the company and administration works at any hour to spread its wings to these marketplaces. In pursuit of this, the company has been beckoning for franchise opportunities to interested functions and advertising for dealer opportunities to assist in distribution of its products around the world. New technology is also moving out continuously to the advantage of product designers and manufacturers. The company therefore gets the opportunity to take up these in order to improve its productions.


The business strategies may be excellent, but nonetheless lots of factors threaten to remove the business of its success. A major the first is competition from other entities. Competition who produce products of almost similar quality but sell at relatively low prices have forced B&O to the border. These are companies like Sony and apple, which create an unfavorable tremor in the market for Bang and Olufsen. Most consumers haven't any option but to forgo purchasing plasma displays because they have a B&O stamp, and buy the alternatives at one fourth the price or even less. Price has therefore been a harmful factor on the facial skin of B&O but nonetheless the grade of its products stand out.

As a finish, Bang and Olfusen shouldn't necessary go after the most encouraging opportunities. Instead, it might identify a perfect-fit of the advantages and opportunities by use of the SWOT matrix.

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