SWOT and market examination for Acer and Sony

Support sales activities by the understanding of Acers and Sonys customers businesses better. Qualify the prospective of their companions and suppliers. Keep totally current on Acers and Sonys competitors business framework, strategy and prospects. Finally to obtain the most up to date on both Acers and Sonys company information available.


The range of the statement is to provide all important info on Acer and Sony necessary for business and rival intelligence needs. It includes a study of the factors affecting Acer and Sony in the form of a SWOT analysis and a breakdown examination of leading product earnings streams of Acer and Sony. The info is supplemented with Acer's and Sony's record, key professionals, and business description from Acer and Sony.

1. 4 Background

1. 4. 1 The background information of Sony Corporation

The founder of the world famous Sony Corporation is by Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka. The business was first founded on 7 May 1946. The first name of the business was "Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation". Later, in 1958, the organisation's name was changed to Sony. Sony is an innovative company since it has taken many services to the marketplaces. It has introduced products like the portable stereo or cassette player (the "Walkman") and the compact disk. In 1949, Tokyo Telecommunications Anatomist Corporation completed the research on magnetic tape recorder. One year later, "Sony Tape" (the first taking tape) and "G-Type" (the first tape recorder) were unveiled to play magnetic tapes. In the 1960's, Japan experienced a reputation for poor goods. To counter this, Morita migrated to New York to learn the language and understand the consumers. He inspired his executives to learn British to ensure that Sony was to be regarded as a global firm. In its early years, Sony was licensing transistor technology from Bell Laboratories. Within 4 many years of obtaining this permit, Sony was manufacturing compact transistor radios and the business continue being successful until today!

1. 4. 2 The background information of Acer Corporation

Acer was founded in Taiwan by Stan Shih, his partner Carolyn Yeh, and with five other coders. The Microprocessor Training Centre was proven by the business which was created in 1978. The purpose of this Microprocessor Training Centre was created is to teach and prepare three thousand anatomist to work in the web Technology field. Acer was the first transnational corporation manufacturer of electronics in Taiwan. In addition they eventually own the major and the first computer retail franchise chain in Taipei, Taiwan. Finally in 1987, the business altered the name from Multitech to Acer. It has become the third largest Laptop or computer technology brands on earth behind Hewlett Packard and Dell contained. The Acer started out with a tiny company which only includes eleven employees at a small capital. Acer Company has become bigger and better. In season 2007, the sales of the Acer Company topped fourteen billion and the company has been positioned in the next place. Nevertheless the company is not totally with no problems. The marketplaces in North America have been slipping during the last few years.

The Acer Company also makes large variety of products such as desktops, notebooks, monitors, storage devices, digital camera and etc. The company will also continue steadily to develop the latest technologies on the market to boost computer products and services to bring benefits to the users.


2. 1 Survey

2. 1. 1 Number of people who like Sony and Acer

The bar chart shows the number of folks who choose Sony and Acer. Even as can easily see from the research, there are many people favor Sony and Acer. More male like Sony brand compare to feminine.

2. 1. 2 Quality of Sony and Acer

This bar chart shows the response of people about the quality of Sony and Acer. You can find more people satisfied with quality of Sony compare to Acer. However, the numbers of men and women who are unsatisfied with the grade of both brands are less than 5 peoples.

2. 1. 3 Customer Service

This bar graph shows the response of Sony and Acer customer service. You will discover more than 40 peoples out of 50 are content with Sony customer service. Besides, there are numerous people content with Acer customer support too. Even as can see, there are only a few people unsatisfied with Sony and Acer customer support.

2. 1. 4 Just how do people first discover Sony's and Acer's products

This bar chart shows that how do people first discover Sony's and Acer's products. According to the bar graph, many people first discover Sony's products through advert compare to others. However, a lot more people find out about Acer's products are through advertising in the shop.

2. 1. 5 Improvement should be produced to Sony and Acer shop

This bar graph shows the response from the client that improvement should be produced to Sony and Acer shop. Both Sony and Acer customers would like the shop to enhance the quality of the merchandise. Customer service also needs to be improved upon to do better.

2. 2 Interviews

2. 2. 1 Interview with Nelson Chai, Fuho Electrical Sdn. Bhd. Sales Manager

2. 2. 1. 1 Factors that make a successful business

Acer has a higher sales rate compare to its opponents such as Sony because its products have many variety of model to choose from compare to Sony's products. Besides that, Acer targeted smaller countries in South East Asia and distributing their goods there.

2. 2. 1. 2 Marketing strategy

Promotions and discounts of the products are used by Acer Company.

2. 2. 1. 3 Targeted customers

Seniors and businessmen were Acer targeted customers.

2. 2. 2 Interview with Dr. Yong Fung Lan, lecturer of Swinburne University or college of Technology (Sarawak Campus)

2. 2. 2. 1 Methods to attract customers

We should get a famous super star to do a campaign. Organizing of event, like the colouring or attracting competition, quiz while others can catch the attention of customers. We are able to also point out the latest product via video tutorial.

2. 2. 2. 2 Factors that made a successful business

The inner systems must be cultivated by organizing proactive activities such as regular meetings with employees to discuss problems and solutions and seed grants or loans (money) for employees to do their research. The employers could also organise some recreational activities that can foster the camaraderie among employees such as activities, board game titles, and social gatherings. The usage of intranet can encourage staffs to talk about ideas among each others. We have to know the needs of the customers because the information relating to customer's needs is crucial the business success. Good teamwork is also important to made an effective business.

2. 2. 2. three ways to maintain business for 10 years

A business can be successfully sustained for a decade through proper management. The bettering of the merchandise and services to meet up with the changing needs of the clients. We should generate current and relevant information relating to different sets of customers as well as the latest products available.

2. 3 Supplementary Sources

2. 3. 1 SWOT Examination of Sony


Sony's greatest durability is its potential to produce good quality products with their customers. The first impression that people thinks of the business products is its good quality and high technology digital goods. Besides that, Sony has the ability to be successful in several different market segments such as in the field of PC market, television market and etc.


Sony's weakness is the fact its product, which is the PS3, is not successful because the technicians only focused on digital technology when making PS3. It could only be looked at through high-definition television set. The price is also expensive. Besides that, Sony's Company management is not well organised.


When making products, like Sony Ericsson, Sony ensure that their products are perfect and developed completely. Sony Organization concentrates more on design section as it pertains to mobile communications products. Moreover, Sony Corporation has attempted to use different online marketing strategy to market and promote their products.


Sony Corporation faces competition from others such as Samsung, Sharp, Panasonic, Dell among others. The imitation of technology and counterfeits products also affects the sales of the company. Having less differentiation or turning costs from other opponents is also a danger to Sony.

2. 3. 2 SWOT Research of Acer


Acer's greatest power is its potential to develop its own brand for international market. The company has strengthening the profits through lower materials cost and greater operational efficiency. Besides that, Acer also offers work chance to people.


The first impression that folks thinks of the business products is its poor and low prices products. Acer's Company doesn't have a strong brand. Moreover, Acer's Company also lacks of employees who are experienced and competent in managing the composition and company of the business.


The cost of the labour in Taiwan was low. Hence, Acer is able to made greater revenue than other company. Acer was good in distributing their goods in the markets. Smaller countries in South East Asia were their aim for as there were not many opponents.


Acer Company encounters competition from other companies such as Samsung, Sharp, Panasonic, Dell while others. Competition in IT industry is strong.


3. 1 Factor that make Sony Firm Success

SONY Marketing Strategy

Sony has a good online marketing strategy to attract the clients to get their products. By using adverts, SONY has promoted its products through television set channels, magazines, brochures, and publications. Besides that, Sony has its channel called the Sony Television route. Sony also uses some situations like Neglect India 2008 to market its products and direct-response advertising is done through direct email or catalogues. Moreover, Sony also gives free discount, rebates, coupons, and scuff credit cards to its customers.

SONY Place (Syndication)

Sony Company has many ways of deliver their goods. Sony normally aim for developing countries to disperse their products as the clients have an increased income. Hence, this will boost the sales of Sony Corporation.

SONY Price

The price of Sony's products are always made in assessment with marketing management because the price is the one marketing mix changing that may be changed quickly. The prices of Sony products is ranging from medium to high. For examples, VAIO SR, boast on the brilliance in freedom and efficiency in performance. This laptop was suitable for businessmen and its price is just about Rs. 75, 000.

3. 2 Factor that make Acer Corporation Success

Product design and development

A product with good design can draw in many customers. Every new product and every new development process starts with a concept generation. To produce a sizable amount of services, creative and progressive thinking is required to generate new ideas.

Customer Service

A company can distinguish itself off their opponents and also build their customer commitment through a highly effective customer support. So, this is excatly why customer service is essential for a business. A good customer satisfaction can provide a good experience to the customer to be able to build a strong relationship between the company and the clients.

Sales and marketing

One of the factors for a business to success is doing campaign such as get a famous superstar to do promotion, giving free gifts to the client and etc. Good promotion of the merchandise can get many individuals to buy it and boost the sales of the business. Advertising is also one of the factors too. There are numerous ways of advertising such as advertise through television set, clinging banners, and etc. On the other hand, Acer Company also expands their sales in the foreign market.


Acer Company has found many proper places to start out their business. The positioning they start their business has plenty of auto parking. So, the people who visit their company will be easy to obtain a auto parking place without squandering their time finding location to playground. They start their franchise shop at the place where many people prefer to appointments such as retail center or at a famous area.

3. 3 Hard work and planning

3. 3. 1 Hard work and planning of Sony Corporation

The employees of Sony Firm work hard to ensure that their company is successful. Besides that, Sony Organization held regular conferences with employees to go over their problems and alternatives. The employers of Sony wanted their employees to be responsible and they prompted unbiased decision-making. The basic principle of the business is the fact that it expands its selection of business in different field and at exactly the same time expands its workforce. Sony wants the best out of everything (from planning until the design of the products). The use of intranet encourages staffs to talk about ideas among each others.

3. 3. 2 Hard work and planning of Acer Corporation

The employees of Acer Firm work hard to ensure that their company is prosperous. They will have a regular conference to discuss the situation they faced and discover a solution to improve it. The employers of Acer want their employees to have significantly more creative and impressive ideas to share among themselves to invent new products. The employees also had been motivated doing more research to get information about others successful company.

3. 4 Ways for a company to success within the next ten years

3. 4. 1 Ways to ensure that Sony Organization will be successful in the next ten years

Sony Corporation has continually better the products and services to meet up with the changing needs of the customers. Their engineers kept on improving their products quality to meet the expectation of these customers. In addition to that, Sony also produces up to date and relevant information pertaining to different groups of customers as well as the latest products available.

3. 4. 2 Ways to ensure that Acer Firm will achieve success within the next ten years

Acer Corporation has continually improved upon the products and services to meet the changing needs of the clients. Their engineers continued improving their products quality to meet the expectation of the customers. Moreover, Acer also generates up to date and relevant information pertaining to different groups of customers as well as the latest products available.


The survey results have identified that more folks choose to choose Sony's products compare to Acer's products. The services provided to consumer at Sony's outlets and Acer's shops generally are adequate. The products of both company does well and the range is good. Based on the research of Sony Firm and Acer Company, it can be shown that the marketing strategies of both companies are sufficient to customer needs. Both of these companies will still be successful in the next ten years as they were the consequence of hard work and planning of both companies.

5. 0 Recommendation

To make an effective business, it is recommended that:

Regular meeting to discuss problems and alternatives which need to change.

Use experience and competent staffs.

Encourage all the personnel to generate and reveal their ideas amongst others.

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