Swot Research For Microsoft And Apple Marketing Essay

Microsoft is a Multinational Company that works in more than 60 countries and by working in different countries; they can decrease the ethnic dissimilarities. Microsoft also adept in software industry and their products was acceptable globally. Among the software that were used throughout the world is their Windows series which is well known from the users, screen series such as Window XP, Windowpane 7 as well as others. Other than windows series, Microsoft also produces excellent software like Microsoft Office. This software is very practical running a business and also very helpful for student. They also have produced smart software for the window's user interface known as Neptune. Having reasonable software had given Microsoft with strong brand as a software company and this achievements had increase the revenue and income of the business for 30 percent30 % each year with investment in 92 companies over past five years(Hafner, Arthur W. , & Hibbert, Erica L. , 2001). Microsoft is serious in expanding their product where to provide the best quality customer service. Microsoft is likely on updating their products by producing it speedily which to meet the demand of the marketplace.


A successful company like Microsoft also offers weakness that is their productivity in internet space industry such as browser and other software. Microsoft only produces a few products for internet applications and this unproductiveness means they'll fall behind their rival in internet space industry. Microsoft also uses their prominent in market position by monopolizing their product in the program industry; however this greedy work experienced made them known as a cut-throat competitor and influences their reputation with other competition. Besides that, Microsoft are well-known their products that is Microsoft Office, however the merchandise is unaffordable for those small company and non-profit company, hence this will cause them to no choice but to choose other products which are cheaper than Microsoft product. Furthermore, other weakness is that the dependency of Microsoft on the hardware supplier, they are really too depending on hardware manufacturer to pre-install their pc operating system that they can pre-install it itself.


The demand for pc and global markets are still remain strong even although popularity of portable devices such as iPad, Samsung tablets among others are increasing. This means Microsoft still have opportunities to keep up their competitiveness searching for their product. Other than that, Microsoft does have the advantage insurance agencies a proper alliance to enter in the market for mobile phone applications. Microsoft also offers chances in the internet sectors scheduled to increasing of popularity among people for internet access. They can create services in the internet market to gain more profit from it. Other opportunities are when Microsoft makes decision to enter into the video game market by presenting products such as Xbox. The video game market also expected will gain about $66 billion revenue in 2012 in comparison to $12 billion in 2008.


There are numerous threats to the Microsoft Company like the courts combat with competitor about builder lawsuits and antitrust that can provide bad reputation to Microsoft. Not only that, Microsoft also offers a hazard from Linux and Apple because both companies have snatched about 88 percent market talk about of the desktop operating market from Microsoft (Hafner, Arthur W. , & Hibbert, Erica L. , 2001). New different products or known as swap is being manufactured and experienced threatened Microsoft by increasing the bargaining power of purchasers. High bargaining vitality of clients means buyers will have variety of products to choose from other products other than Microsoft products. Nowadays, there are swift improvements in the mobile devices which mean this development can displace or replace pc. This mobile device also threatens Microsoft since it will not require Window operating-system to function which will reduce the sale of Microsoft products. Products from Microsoft nowadays also had been pirated and many people have preferred to choose the pirated products because it's cheaper than the genuine products from Microsoft.

SWOT Evaluation for Apple


Over the years, Apple is rolling out by offering superior products set alongside the competitors, and it includes mentioned itself to be an innovator in the private computer industry, whereby in the market it takes, control buttons it products making and also its operating system by making its one of the original hardware suppliers. Apple stands as an unbiased manufacture where it produces its personal internal components for the key of its computer. To be able to meet the requirement of the customer Apple has create to standardize their product for high quality which to give satisfaction to the client. In order to create services it is dedicated to research and development, which are anticipated to make Apple's products more efficient and practicable to work with. As for the result, this makes the majority of the Apple products small and easy to operate. Furthermore, Apple established fact for its faithful customers that purchase its product for quality, regardless of how much it cost thus is makes Apple an effective company, based on the research it shows that the sales of Apple product had increased its second quarter income to $320 (marketingteacher, 2005). Apple has increased to the explained of efficiency in the computer industry, which create a successful net gain, which bring the business the highest stock price in the private computer industry. Furthermore, Apple doesn't have any credit debt, so entrepreneur would allow less menace by holding Apple's shares. The clients give an applause to its customer support because it capable handling the needs of a customer.


Apple encountered some doubt on its products which is to ensure steadiness and quality, for example the Apple ipod device Nano, which is an advanced technology that had been developed and produced for the customer but there can be an issues matter where it reported that this have faulty screen, however, the Apple mackintosh commented on the issues and had updating all the faulty items which cost them a complete lost. Besides that, Apple tends to boost the price of its music download document where they face pressure, because almost all of the companies make more money from iTunes than from their original Compact disk sales. However, because of this tense that Apple confronted they continue steadily to spend more on the study and Development department to remain its competitiveness. Furthermore, Apple seems to have financially stabilized organization, which brings those to a potential weakness for the business as it sorts prospective danger for stock purchase by other collaboration.


"A chance is any feature of the exterior environment which creates positive prospect of the business to attain its aims". Apple is an innovative organisation; they are innovating and modifying their products according to the modern environment. Apple is been availing all the opportunities to attain more business all around the globe. IPhone, iPad and ipod device are the types of the products of Apple that is developed with immense technology for the costumers. Apple gets the chance to develop the iTunes and music player technology in mobile phone format. Availing this opportunity to increase its business Apple made proper alliance with some companies and developed a altered version of ITunes that is compatible with the phones of the partnering companies. The new produces of Apple Ipod itouch and iPad presenting the video talk will be a income generator. "Podcasts are downloadable radio shows that can be downloaded from the web, and then enjoyed back again on iPods and other MP3 devices at the capability of the listener. The listener can sign up to Podcasts for free, and ultimately earnings could be made from payed for subscription or through earnings made from sales of other downloads". Taking advantage of their MAC operating-system Apple became more reliable laptop. Leopard Operating-system around 4million copies of the software was sold.


A threat is a forecast environmental condition that has gone out of control and has the potential to harm your businesses profitability. The technology is getting advanced daily and there is an enormous amount of competition between your companies. You will discover more competitive companies coming into in the market with progressive products. Each company has the same try to i. e. to reach your goals and make income. The major hazard for Apple is the companies like Microsoft, HTC and Samsung because each of them make the same kind of products. Apple's hazards includes the increasing popularity of Google's android software, cell phones that uses Microsoft Mobile 7 operating system, online music store from Yahoo, Amazon and wall mart. Smartphones from Nokia, Samsung and HTC. Tablets from Samsung and Acer. Any gizmo that is having the same technology and principle copied or altered or even recently developed is a threat for Apple because people will have a whole lot of options to consider in buying something. This can have an impact on the development and productivity of the business.

Five Competitive Forces

Threat of new access

"In Porters five pushes, danger of new entrants refers to the threat new rivals pose to existing competition within an industry". In early on 1990's when the computer and mobile technology was not that famous and was at the initial stage the risk of new access for both Apple, Microsoft was significant. That point unsurprisingly new businesses engaged and forced the industry to be progressive and creative if indeed they needed to increase their sales. Originally Research and development was complicated but assembling of the products was easier, there were less government constraints. The competition between your companies that point pressured Apple and Microsoft to set-up an impression on their costumers about their products and at the mean time these were getting well established and reducing threat of new entrants. Apple and Microsoft are less threatened now by the new comers because to get into an industry that created products like apple and Microsoft requires a lot of money and man electricity. It isn't easy to enter a new company in the market that can contend with Apple, Microsoft. Whereas on the other hands we can see that the risk of substitute products are very high. It is still possible a new company or industry becomes a menace for the Apple and Microsoft however in order to take action they will have to generate some thing that really diverts the interest of the strong fans of both companies. Price is another factor that can be a risk for Apple and Microsoft. For instance, Hp and Acre selling cheap products that do affect the companies somewhat.

Threat of Substitutes

According to Porter's, threat of swap is the option of something that the consumer can purchase rather than the industry's product. A substitute product is a product from another industry that offers similar benefits and functions to the buyer as the product made by the organizations within the industry offers. Corresponding to Porter's 5 pushes, risk of substitutes designs the competitive structure of a business.

Threat of Substitutes for Microsoft

Consumers now would like for much more cost keeping substitutes for creating documents consequently from the recent economic downturn. Previously, really the only suitable word control software was made available from Microsoft. Most of the substitutes didn't offer as much features as the Microsoft product, but it includes the same key characteristics to create professional documents. Currently, Openoffice. org, AbiWord, gOffice, and Buzzword can be found to the consumers as an alternative substitute. The products provide the end user with an import/export function that allows the user to open up documents created in Microsoft Word and open kept documents from the substitutes programs in Microsoft Word. This product pose an extremely high danger risk to Microsoft as the merchandise can be downloaded by anyone for free.

At the of 2010, a cloud and Linux based product called IBM Client for Smart Work was launched by IBM and Canonical in america. It gets the capability to be utilized over a network for multiple computer systems within an company or simply on a single computer for a single license user. The cost of purchasing and employing the IBM Customer for Smart Work was 50 per cent less than any of the existing Microsoft operating systems (Help World wide web Security, 2009). With this, the danger risk for consumer to switch product is high because the switching cost is suprisingly low.

Open source operating system software, such as Linux, revealed that individuals are willing to switch to these products as a substitute. Key features that are important to the consumer are available in the products and it includes for compatibility with various platforms, including the Microsoft Office products and Macintosh systems. This became a high danger risk since the consumer is prepared to change to something with the same performance to the industry product

Threat of Substitutes for Apple

Threats for substitutes for Apple's iPod product is low due to the fact existing rival product from Microsoft called Zune, which somewhat cheaper than Apple's own iPod, Apple is still in control of 71 % on the market share.

Close rival of Apple iPhone product, Samsung has turn out with various product and update that contain similar feature and quality close and similar to the iPhone and cheaper in cost. This could present a high risk risk for substitute to Apple.

Alternative methods to acquire music such as Napster and Rhapsody also create a moderate risk for Apple iTunes given that they have more advantages and feature that Apple don't. In addition they offers more free music than Apple and have subscription fee more or less the same with iTunes.

Bargaining ability of purchasers/customers

The bargaining ability tends to impact the prices of goods or services that produced by the company. In the competitive market, the customer does not have the ability to set the prices, instead it experienced set by the resource and demand, on in contrast, price will show up when the amount of the offered increase, however, price will increase if the demanding of the amount is high. In cases like this, the earnings that got gain from the company is dependant on the buyer electric power either is strong or poor, whereby it indicated the difference between Apple and Microsoft where they have got strong buyer vitality which bring this two company into a competitive mentioned. Refer to Amount 0. 0 where you can determine the power of potential buyers is strong or fragile

Figure 0: Buyer Bargaining Electric power (wikicfo, 2010)

Bargaining Electric power of Clients in Apple

Apple focuses on differentiating its product in both personal computer market and the lightweight music product, hence both of it production have its unique style and ground breaking features that move them independently from their competition. For example, Apple development is Macintosh and ipod touch, which make the customer less price sensitive when it comes to choose these two products since it is not easy to search something that gets the same features or stylish look that's the reason Apple will use its style by following market tendency. Besides that, Apple products will give satisfaction to the customer due to its durability and thrilling features that had been produce, for example, the starting of iPhone 4s brings big earnings to the business because the product is undifferentiated whereby it have dominant the market industry of cellular phone making iPhone 4s as a top selling products. Besides that, the customers are well informed on the merchandise because it is straightforward to adapt with just one button that had been create by Apple, thus iPhone 4s is just an update of the aspect from iPhone 4 4, where by buyers with apple iphone 4 4 will purchase iPhone 4s because it is affordable and include even greater components.

Bargaining power of Potential buyers in Microsoft

Microsoft has produced something that is The Windows operating system; it is a general operating system for the buyers of computers and laptops. However, Microsoft faced conditions that certain end user prefers Apple's Macintosh although the price is much greater than The Windows anticipated to Apple product is undifferentiated from Microsoft. Nowadays, the buyers have the choices to download open source and other free products, and those open up source and free products are well tested and trusted which produce by the multiple programmers.

Apple and Microsoft have a solid brand name making them competitive on the market and a part from it their products are popular, therefore Microsoft will create a product that can be easily adapt plus much more comfortable because now consumers are not brand faithful but they rather choose something which is simple to operate and more comfortable with it. Furthermore, Microsoft is also well known as a monopoly in the program industry, which may generate low bargaining power of buyers.

Bargaining electric power of suppliers

This is one of the forces that were stated in the porter five forces analysis. In addition, it can be called as market of inputs. Suppliers supply raw materials, labour, aspect and other products to the organization to create their product. The organization needs the source to keep operating if there's just a few substitutes, suppliers can overwhelm the company by charging high prices for their resources. Being powerful suppliers, they can gain some of the firm's earnings. Weak or powerful suppliers can rely upon many aspects such as company concentration, risk of forward integration, transitioning cost of organizations in the industry, presences of substitutes type and many others.

Bargaining ability of provider for Apple Corporation

As a large making company, Apple needs several of recycleables from a big variety of suppliers to make their product such as personal computers and lightweight music players. In lessening the bargaining electric power of their dealer, Apple had considered to not be limited by only single dealer to provide various components for making its product. Through the use of more suppliers, it decrease the bargaining electricity that matter in rates for the components from the suppliers. Suppliers need to be competitive among them to be sure they can hold on to their business with Apple.

In manufacturing their computer systems, Apple must use many components including the video credit cards, motherboards, display device as well as others in their products. For video recording credit cards, Apple has two alternatives of suppliers that are NVIDIA and ATI. Insurance agencies two choices, Apple can pick which suppliers they would like to go to. This situation also same for Apple's motherboards used in its computer, which they use motherboards from ASUSTek and Ambit Microsystems. While for display devices, apple use components from Samsung, Toshiba and International Screen Technology as well as for the storage area devices, its can choose from Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, Western Digital or Seagate. Samsung, Hitachi Global and LG. Phillips Co. will give Apple for Compact disc/DVD drives. Apple gain gain from using many of suppliers because they can transition dealer to get the best offer in term of cost. The problem in developing Apple's Macintosh personal computers and iPod parts also same.

Apple has high bargaining electricity of suppliers for all your parts in making its products except for its processor chip. Apple use G series cpu develop by IBM of course, if Apple want to improve its processor chip, its need to create a personalized chip for processors to well-function with PC and Macintosh computer systems because it use completely different solutions. These leave Apple with a minimal bargaining power over its supplier because if indeed they want to switch to new cpu, it would have extremely high switching costs. Apple possessed taken method for beat their situation by building an alliance with IBM and integrating Intel potato chips. This work have reduced the bargaining electricity from IBM and integrating Intel chips.

Apple uses a tactical purchasing to sharpen the company's pricing border. They buy components in large volumes and in so doing; apple can get a significant leverage against suppliers. By using leverage, Apple can discuss for a good term and costs with suppliers. These huge orders from apple will make the suppliers lower in components and can make an abrupt increase in price for the components and leave rival to pay higher for the same components Apple's bought. This tactic can strengthened the bargaining power of provider for Apple. Apple also offers the capability to vertically incorporate. Its means, some of element can be produced by apple itself.

Bargaining power of distributor for Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft is a large company in making software for computer. Microsoft overcomes their provider power by bringing out something that was very important to buyer. When it's so important to buyer, the supplier don't have any choice but to choose product from Microsoft. Microsoft had introduce operating-system known as Glass windows 8 and it was installed in each of Computer sold. You will find no other operating system like Home windows 8 and this leave supplier without other choice because there are no substitutes for this product.

Microsoft are know-how and skill in software sector, hence this has influence Nokia to create an alliance with Microsoft in order to use Microsoft's software in their product. This contract is important to Nokia hence it offers advantage and capacity to Microsoft as a provider to negotiate better price and share. Microsoft has a very high supplier vitality over Nokia because there are not much rival that are more skill than Microsoft in software.

In processing the Xbox, Microsoft have many choice to find the hardware suppliers that put together the component to manufacture the console for the Xbox. This gives higher bargaining capacity to the Microsoft in interacting the price with the hardware suppliers. Microsoft can change suppliers anticipated to low priced switching cost on the list of suppliers. While for a few crucial part such as the graphic card from NVIDIA and processor from Intel, these suppliers have more electricity over Microsoft nonetheless they think, creating a good romantic relationship with Microsoft is more important scheduled to competence of Microsoft in PC business. The effect of Microsoft in Computer business has made them better over suppliers.

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