Swot Research: Shri Magha Chakra Enterprise

Two questions commencing this assigment will be done by me. First question is event management and second question was SWOT Examination. The first question predicated on how, to establish an event management and company structure. Making a job in event management is a good choice. Event business involves studying the workings of brand, identifying the aim audience, and coordinating the technological aspects before really the goal modalities of the organized event. Next, from second question is more understanding about SWOT Evaluation and how to use it. Predicated on SWOT Analysis I am going to questionnaires a local business proprietor. These are four elements in SWOT Evaluation that I am going to use when interview a local business proprietor. Pursuing are the elements of S (Advantages), W (Weakness), O (Opportunities), and T (Risks). This all kind of information's can help soon to interview an area business administrator.


For many years event management have been an important task for so many people

around the entire world. A proper planning and time must attain an event

without any fuss. Here briefly I'd like to describe about a meeting we are going to

have on starting of my company. The name I choose for my company's name is Sri

Magha Chakra Venture. To accomplish this much task a complete group of professional

person is required to make it happen. Our main aim is to give the best and fast service

with the slogan ' customer is our friends' and we give our customer the first main concern.

We are now on try to develop our business around the world. It's not a fairly easy task

but if we can plan everything in the right way for sure we can make it in around 3

year's of your energy. As there are so many companies that offers the same services

like us but we are now in a healthy battle against them to fully capture local trade. So

far we've reached out to Singapore where our customer's there really trust on our

sales and services. We've achieved 99% target' and achieved RM 10000. 00 sales.



At Sri Magha Chakra Organization we promise to provide an event that has gone out of this

world that our customer will remember long after it ends. We can assemble several

services as you require on instant and in your financial statement. We are

unique therefore is our event, and we have confidence in getting the high standards and

exceptional customer service. Our commitment to on going professional development to

convey you clean fresh thoughts as healthy keep security as well as legislation creation issue

a main concern. Even though it's challenging world out there, we are keen showing to

our customer that we will be the best. And our customer's have been much support and

help inside our daily business. And some of our agreement customer which we supply them

good's are pleased with the service that we provide. And we are happy for the kids. And

in near future we are wanting to indulge our do it yourself into technology and telecommunication

sector to widen our business. As time fly we are for sure will be based upon the gadget's

and technology that can help improve our day to day life style. And then for starting we are

planning to advertise our new and latest mobile phone on the market. The discourse is

still on so preferably it can give us a fresh period of providing services to our customer.











(a) Director

An sole or passion with the purpose of directing one of alliance of men and women who direct the dealings of your trade if not someone who is at accuse of the making event. As a director of ShriMagha Chakra Business has most important job for the management, extension, planning, concluding as well as also grasp up group of events. Event fascinating position at a precise location else may obtain place on-line or might be a mixture of in cooperation. For example, as a director of ShriMagha Chakra Venture, has tactical for identify along with widening events to aid and broaden in present area denote by member and in unique market too. Such as for example, winning release on the purposes of the position has a director crash on the function plus skill to bring about additionalscheduled and ready goals. In addition, be supposed to be supposing to increase skill in general management and agenda company as well as exact managerial aspect and conclusion of a meeting.


As our company is recently opened we have to have professional personal in this

group. As our company needs a great deal of things in order to make our customer satisfy

and to provide them a quality merchandise, we had to bypass the world to find one

and provide them with the best possible and the best. So mistake cannot be done here cause it will

affect the income of the company and bring damage to us. Both the personal appointed

is in charge of in door and out door merchandising. In house products such as

pen paper, stationery is needed by the personnel for daily purpose so everything must

have record to ensure clean use of thing's in house. And for out door thing's

the same method applies. Purchasing is important as it will create income and must

be done by expert. As for our event our expert got brief all about the items that

needed for the event.


Event that my company is organizing is to market and as well as to enjoy our

staff to customer in a wide open way. A lot of the staff here is new so they need fresh

training. This occasion will self-control a extremely high-quality method for them to

cooperate with the consumer and know their needs. As our company needs a clear

scope of that which we are doing its better for us to identify our customer with what

we are providing. A lot of the customer would look forward for advertising and event

that can brief them with information on what they seek. As this the very first time we

are going to have this event, it would be grand in welcoming our customer's.


This is vital for our company reputation. This itself will determine on how

the customer will support us. We have trained our personnel to steer and make sure all

the customer's, VIP's, and formal goes home with a smiling face. So far we have

estimated about 700 customer's at that day so were preparing beverages and

simple Indian and Chinese language delicacy for our customer. We have given the sensitive to

Najib wedding caterers services to take care of that. They can be to provide us with 2 types of

drink's and 5 types of food and 2 kind of fruit's. And we are offering free

balloon's and ice cream's to small children's. All our personnel have been through 2

week's of strong training because of this event. These are taught on product and services

randomly and given different activity to ensure our customer do not get a 'NO', 'I

DON"T KNOW', or 'SORRY' as an answers. Detail's of each product will be given

perfectly to customer in order that they will have clear picture of the product and the

price. We are also providing the disable person with necessary location and seating's

for them to look out of out the function. Our main event is a show boost for those.

( e) VENUE

We are experiencing this event in the closed down auditorium in Chinese language town hall in Farquhar road in Penang. We choose this location due to its proper location in the city. Time reaches 8am till 10pm. Its to ensure that our customer had enough time to make it once they finish their work. And we are doing it on Sunday cause most of the family wish to go out upon this day so we give them a selection of location to visit. And we can be certain that they will have a good day when they visit our event of your day.


This event need a good boost so we have to go down to customer and for that we

will need all the speaker's and microphone's. Were booking the paraphernalia from

a company that can provide us with all necessary with a cheaper price. As the

event is done in a auditorium we will desire a great deal of booth for us to create activities

in each different way. A deco company possessed agree to the tender directed at decorate

the auditorium in a proper and nice way. Chair's table's cooler and lover were to

put up inside the hall to ensure coolness whatsoever time.


Heavy work weight is on the way for us to ensure this event goes smoothly. As

preparation for the function a small getting together with was held and everything the task has been divided

equally so that each one of the staff knows how to proceed with time of the event. And

for that people have to begin promote our event in every way possible. So far as we

done we have advertise in Legend Sun Metro magazines. All the advertisement begins 3 weeks

before the night out of the event. And everyday the paper's will post in second page

of their section. We also have distribute flyer to resident's and passer by who walk

at our store. A total of 400 flyer's have been given so far. Banner had been put on

roadside to let our customer know what's happening in the approaching weeks. And we

are also offering free gift's to our first 100 customer and 50 mystery gift's to

the lucky customer who participate in our lucky sketch. All the awards will be given

We will educate our customer about how to manage their thing's, how to repair

them and we'll have a brief briefing of environment security to these to ensure

they receive a cases of what going on around the world.


As we are having this with the opening of our store is done by Datuk Khir Rustam

the honorable judge it's a must for us to ensure that all the VIP is well entertain.

And most of the official comes from federal government sector so we should make sure that

everything is done smoothly by arranging perfect sitting down place for these people and guide

them with this promotional event. We should make sure there is people around the

main entry to welcome them. It has to carefully handled due to customer's and

the VIP's is using the same access.


As aevent management company we like to improve our event management company to international trade. ShriMagha Chakra do the greatest to deliver an exceptional occasion that conviction leaves our tourists with unforgettable point in time and our consumers with earning methods in future. On top of that, we provide, in addition to the ability to trigger in Malaysia plus in a great many other countries. Furthermore, a meeting companies we consider a long-term feeling is exactly what public retain in mind the most as well as the best ever. We consider in so long as superiority and resourceful services when it comes to our customers. In arrange to keep up up by using a more and more competitive market, we source an wide-ranging variety of services to influence.

Question 2

Interview a small local company owner in your area. Briefly identify the nature of the business and come up with a SWOT Analysis for the business. Add the interview questionnaires with the statement.

Nowadays as branch of my assignment I am going to interview Mr. Raja who operates a restaurant in Cheras. He previously been active in this business for the past ten years and he has a strong character along with his customer. Almost 70% of his customer's are regular. Plus they say should come back for more. He had started out the business in the first 1980's, with the little saving's he previously. He struggled a lot to get the right place initially.

He was first designated in Jalan Kajang by the street area in a pick up vehicle. He stored everything within. From gas to table's and couch'. He have to cause each night he with the assistance from his brother would come there and open up their business at 6pm. His sibling would help him with the table's and chair's and offering and taking order from the customer per normal day he'd do business and profit him at RM 200. And for the holiday season the revenue would reach RM 500 he said.

As for the thing's he thought to obtain it cheap from a friend. Same business day's for 3 years until 1 day one his good friend told him a shop is for sale. The location was at company and business sector area. So after thinking and getting opinion from his mother, he applied for a bank loan. Within per month the bank approved his loan and he bought the shop. He have small repair's to the shop and put all his business thing's inside. And he purchased extra furniture and chair's to the shop. This time around as he was committed, his wife, sibling and mum helped him with the business. It had taken 4 month's to have a smooth business as old customer realized of his new shop. He said the active time would be around 11am till 2pm then again from 6pm till midnight. Usually it might be congested with customer during live sports telecast. Along with the income now he's gaining is 5 times more than old times. After 12 months of have difficulties he will have 4 foreign worker's to aid him in the shop. And sometimes his mom or better half would come and help.


SWOT Examination is an instrument for auditing an organization and it's really environment. It is the first stage of planning and helps internet entrepreneur to give attention to key issues. It's a scan of

the inner and external history is an crucial small fraction of the deliberate layout process. Environment factors period to the compact typically be able to labeled because ( S )durability, or weakness( W ) and those external to the small be capable of being private as opening ( O ) or the risks ( T ). This examination of the prepared atmosphere is described a SWOT ANALYSIS.

The swot provide in collection to is supportive in similar the small income and capability to the sensible atmosphere where it operate. As a result it is instrumental in tactic formulation and collection. The next illustration show a swot analysis suits into situation check. In virtually any business it is important that the business enterprise be it's own most severe critic. a swot analysis forces an goals analysis of a company's position via its competition and industry.


The complete end of responsibility a SWOT Research is to assist you recognize almost all valuable focus on and strategy to follow right now platform on your present circumstances, plus to identify strategies so as to will help you incomparable the prospect. In any business,

analysis forces an objective investigation of any company's location via its participant and the

marketplace. SWOT Examination is an extremely ready way of acknowledge your Talents and Weaknesses plus of exploratory the Opportunities and Risks you face. Carrying out an examination by the SWOT composition determination enable you to focus your action thinking about areas what your location is literally powerful, and where in fact the biggest opportunities recline. Your activities into areas wherever you are strong, along with where in fact the maximum plus of investigative the Opportunities and Risks you features. Predicated on these SWOT Evaluation had questionnaires a small local business owner Mr. Raja who is the owner of Banana Leaf Food Restaurant (Teenchoices, 2010)



For the key one we need Specialist marketing competence who can operate a business wisely. a new innovated product or services is necessary in good location of business. A patent with a solid brand that will generate good name for the company and build reputation among customer. Quality techniques and procedures is crucial to ensure simple flow exclusively access to high quality natural resources. Its an capability and tool to versatility to adapt to an ever changing environment with ability to maintain an ongoing growth on the market that can be penetrate or made up of a fresh one. Its main aim to obtain the resources needed with an excellent and up thus far of the used resources with allocation to be allocated effectively and effectively.


It always will come in when you do something. It received few reason's why this happens Most frequent one is insufficient marketing know-how in managerial section which can result in a company to flop. This also can cause in poor deliveries or scarcity of resources. This may go down to locating resources which may have no quality. This itself will create a bad reputation with the customer's. Not just that but this also will create the name of the merchandise or services a bad name. In some stuff, a weakness might exist the toss region of a pressure. Take the package when a rigid have a great amount of developed potential. While this capability might be careful a strength in order to competitor achieve not go halves, it as well might be consider a weak point

if the huge opportunity in industrialized potential prevent the sound beginning react

speedily to adapt in the designed situation.


This can be identified with increase trade obstacles, new regulation and also to develop a solution which will define that comes with an orbits of opportunity to maintain a marketing warfare and attacking the vulnerable leader's then to lose to them. Its also a collaboration a complementary strength may be used to establish a

strategic alliance with your competitor. Removal of trade barriers could do good too. It may also be with a collaboration you can use at the complementary strength to establish a strategic alliance with your rival.


Threats rise from external problems like political, economics, communal technology (Infestations), technology development could make opportunity outdated. Changes in market induced by changes in customer need's.



What's your most powerful business property?

What makes your restaurant stand out from your challengers?

Does your restaurant have skilled employees?

Does your restaurant strong brands?


What do your customers grumble about?

Is the advertising effective?

Is the restaurant in a position to attract talent?

Do employees have faith in management?

Do employees dependence on your restaurant?


Is your restaurant advanced in experience?

Is our restaurant going into new market?

Do you have attended any bank's regarding lending options to upgrade the business enterprise?

How can you grow the business enterprise?

What beneficial situation are you facing?


What obstacles would you faced?

What is your struggle doing?

If within 5kilometer acquired celebrity buck will minimize your restaurant?

Do you face any environmental results?

It's that your restaurant in a advertise level?



From these questionnaires Mr. Raja run his restaurant business based on SWOT Analysis. In the little phrase, we probably will want to critical point using one or two quadrants to acquire good thing about several conditions that people presently before. In apply the SWOT Examination it is required to cut or keep away from both weaknesses and threats. Weaknesses are said to be look at in organize to improve them keen on strengths. Similarly, dangers are supposed to be converted into opportunities. Lastly, advantages and opportunities ought to be matchedto improve the possible of a firm. Over the future, we are genuine to contain goals out of every of the four quadrants for steadiness. Apply successful practices address four essentials of the surroundings within which the business function.


Only consent to accurate, demonstrable declaration price benefit of us$10/lot in sourcing unusual textile x to a certain degree than high-quality price for cash. Ruthlessly long listing of characteristic and prioritize them, so you expend your second opinion regarding the mainly momentous factor. And also must make sure that selection generated are agreed out through to in some time stages in the strategy structure procedure. Apply it at the precise period. For instance you power to be relevant swot examination at produce or creation range level, rather than at the to a great degree vaguer whole company point. And always make use of it in combination by the additional plan gear which means you be able to get a inclusive image of the state of hawaii you're development with.

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