Technology and content of PR-activity, Tools of mass media...

Chapter 8. Technology and content of PR activities

8.1. Media tools

Any activity in the field of PR, regardless of the sphere in which it is conducted, is entirely based on certain professional PR. and advertising media.

When planning the placement of advertising, you should take into account the peculiarities of each type of media:

o TV - The media with the best coverage rates, at a very high cost;

o press gives the longest, reusable and high-quality contact with the target audience, allowing something to be shown and explained;

o Radio provides the ability to maximize the frequency of contact with the target audience, but is unable to visualize anything;

o outdoor advertising is a point-type media and does not provide an opportunity to build federal coverage;

o Internet - as a medium limited mainly by Moscow and St. Petersburg, but giving virtually unlimited opportunities to deliver any information to any target group.

Comparison of media channels among themselves by impact is shown in Fig. 8.1.

Comparison of Media Channels by Effects on the Consumer:

Fig. 8.1. Comparison of media channels by impact on the consumer:

Among the variety of press most often distinguish two main types of media: newspapers and magazines. Their features are shown in Table. 8.1.

Table 8.1. Distinctive features of newspapers and magazines

Distinctive features of newspapers and magazines

The concept and characteristics of advertising in the press

Advertising in the press is the process of delivering information about goods, services, brand to the target audience through printed periodicals. Significant efficiency can be achieved with competent targeting, the choice of the format of advertising, the number of issues and other factors.

An important feature of advertising in the press, in contrast to television and radio, is the way of submitting information - the consumer reads ad units exclusively at his own will and unlimited time.

At present, there are thousands of thematic publications: "Mens Health", "Arguments and Facts", "Arguments of the Week", "Komsomolskaya Pravda", "Caravan of Histories", , "Yellow Pages", "Driving", "Autoworld", "Around the World", "GEO" , etc. Advertising in the press is relatively inexpensive and effective, and is also suitable for some groups of products, which allows you to quickly pay for the costs of the advertiser.

The full range of advertising services in the press includes: selection of publications for advertising, development of advertising campaigns, design of layouts, writing texts, placing texts in the press, etc.

There are such concepts as the qualitative format of the media, i.e. newspaper or magazine, and the printing format (A3, A4, A5). The newspapers are characterized by daily and weekly periodicity, and for magazines - weekly and monthly. Less than once a month, as a rule, specialized publications, as well as various applications, directories, special issues of both newspaper and magazine format are published.


For most mass editions, a paid distribution is typical in the ratio of an average of 80% of the circulation - sales and 20% - a subscription. At present, there is a tendency in the market for a drop in subscription rates and a rise in the percentage of sales. Free distribution is found in publications aimed at a narrow audience, which is difficult to achieve by conventional means of distribution (designed for the elite, top management, industry), as well as for publications without a specific audience (advertising publications).

Circulation - the number of copies of the publication, a value that reflects the audience on which it is calculated. The size of the circulation can vary from number to number, so when planning to focus on the average edition circulation, which is predicted by the editorial board (the declared circulation). Not all printed copies can be sold. Therefore, in addition allocate the sold circulation as a real value, not including the percentage of return. In order to confirm the declared circulation, the publishing houses (ID) apply to the National Circulation Service (HTC), which is engaged in the certification of the circulation. After certification, the ID receives supporting documents, and the logo itself hosts the HTC logo.

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