Technology in Marketing | Advantages and Disadvantages

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Chaffey and Smith also articulated that digital marketing is the procedure of making use of digital technology like emails, directories, websites, mobiles and other recent inventions such as social networks to donate to marketing activities whose goal is to achieve profitable increases and retention of customers through knowing the strategic need for digital technology and developing a planned tactic to enhance customer knowledge by focusing on their profiles, behavior, and what makes them loyal and then presenting online services that correspond using their specific needs.

Advantages of technology

Marketing has developed tremendously with the advancement of technology. The web, which is growing rapidly, is one of the most important technologies which have affected marketing. It includes destroyed all limitations such as time and distance. Manufacturers is now able to connect with customers without any constraints. In addition, it gave a chance for small regional companies to access bigger marketplaces and compete internationally. The web exposes customers to these various markets, gives them the opportunity to choose from a wider range of products so they might find precisely what they are looking for. Another positive impact of technology on marketing is that it allows companies to store information about each customer in order to understand them more completely using previous behavioural data. Getting feedback from customers has an important role in marketing. Knowing the weaknesses and advantages with their product would be extremely useful if they received opinions from customers instantly. If there have been any deficiencies or features in the merchandise which customers were complaining about, the manufacturers may find sol