Temsas Global Product Strategy Marketing Essay

Q1: Discuss the merchandise strategies of Temsa Global in 1984 and in 2009 2009.

Ans: Temsa Global, when it began manufacturing functions for buses and mentors on 1984, was providing the merchandise only under the name of Mitsubishi motors. Licensing and syndication agreements were agreed upon by both companies. The company could only manufacture the products which are designed by Mitsubishi and then could distribute them. But still today, Temsa Global performs operations like the sales, services and spare parts for Mitsubishi passenger cars, the -panel van as well as the pick-up light commercial vehicles, to aid its licensing and distributorship contract with Mitsubishi. But at that time of time, Temsa was not a brand in itself because it was not providing any original products under its name. Since 2003 however, when the Temsa R&D and Technology Inc. was included, the company has little by little shifted its product strategy. This shift in the strategy was mainly owing to the experience that the management had in the making of products. As the consequence of the amalgamation of this experience with the study and development results from the sister company Temsa R&D and Technology Inc. , Temsa was effectively in a position to create products under its brand name and develop a brand name for these people in the European countries in the automobile industry. This helped them to gain a considerable market show as the new products were so designed that there was a reduction in the development costs. Hence, these were in a position to provide products to their marketplace at significant low prices. Also, with these new improvements in the look, they were also effectively able to reduce the fuel consumption by the buses, which also helped them to gain a competitive advantage on the market. Temsa successfully used both porter generic strategies to their best, by giving the same quality products at lower prices, hence the cost differentiation strategy, as well as providing the merchandise with better advantages to the customers at sensible prices-the product differentiation strategy. (Temsa Global Formal Website)

Q2: What organizational changes are required to support the change in strategy at Temsa Global?

Ans: Because the company was previous only processing products whose designs were predefined, there is hardly any requirement of any kind of research and development facility. However in order to achieve the eye-sight and the objective of the company, "TO BE ALWAYS A World Class Global Brand BEING A Commercial Vehicle Maker, Alongside one another, We Create Impressive Solutions For THE CLIENTS", and keeping objectives based on the same, the business had to get started on developing its own top quality product soon. Hence there's a dependence on infrastructure that may enable them to innovate, design services for their customers.

Also, there's a dependence on change in the organizational structure with the inception of the R&D service. It is because there should be a top management to make right decisions at the right time, to really have the most significant impact for the advantage of the business. This top management is the main one who should be responsible for every procedure that is performed in the R&D service. Also, there would be a requirement of effective and productive employees who need to be trained in order to play their role in the organization's goal to achieve its eye-sight and objective.

Also, there is a requirement of the business to give attention to its budgeting strategies as there will be a need to invest more on the innovation and creativity. In order to meet the requirements, needs and wants of any more-than-ever informed and changing consumer, also to fend off the competition (which will keep the organization on its toes else lose the marketplace talk about to the opponents), it's important for a firm to design and develop new products frequently.

Also, with the speed that the old technology becomes obsolete now-a-days and new technology always being at the doorstep, product development quicker doesn't seem such as a tough job. And more and more automation coming into the picture, even the processing industry is availing the huge benefits provided by the mingling of IT into everyday operations. Hence, sometimes there might be a requirement of retraining their workers to maintain with the scientific advancements or sometimes, even replacing manually skilled employees.

In every company, whenever there's a change, there is always a resistance to improve, therefore the top management must take some steps that ought to ensure that level of resistance should be at its least and the business can take steps further and become closer to achieve its eyesight and quest. (Research and Development in the Automotive Industry, 2008)

Q3: What exactly are the possible features of investing in the R&D center for advanced systems? Discuss the implications taking into consideration the changing perceptions and demands of consumers.

Ans: Investing, for any organization, is a tough decision, and a great deal of thought needs to be put into the problem before an informed decision can be made. Sometimes companies decide for marketing research ways to see if indeed they can successfully decide. However, in a processing industry, technology and creativity plays a huge role in the development of the organization all together. Especially in an car industry, where gasoline consumption is a large concern now-a-days, and the air pollution options, the eco-friendly initiatives by various organizations - like the government, around the world, it is all the more necessary for a business to constantly look for methods and way which can provide them a competitive border over your competition. The customers today tend to be careful about pollution and tend to be informed about measures to be taken to avoid air pollution, and hence favor eco-friendly vehicles. When visiting in buses and coaches, travellers want all the comfort they can which too at a reasonable price, which can only get if the coaches are constantly revamped, adding one thing or the other making them more customer satisfying. Also, the constantly minimizing oil reserves around the world and subsequent go up in the prices make it more essential for the clients to give attention to fuel consumption as much as possible. There's a grave need to develop machines which can efficiently utilize the energy and save as much as possible.

R&D centers today, are one common existence in almost all the industries across the world. If an organization invests in a R&D middle, it starts up a plethora of opportunities for itself. The R&D attempts of the auto industry are mainly centered on producing new and advanced technologies in order to manufacture a car which isn't just environmentally compatible, but also inexpensive for customers. R&D centers can help them develop advanced power packs which would require less re-charging; finding ways to produce bio-fuels for any type of motors, either diesel or gasoline.

Q4: What ought to be the concentrate of Temsa Global in helping its market - powered product strategy and custom-made designs?

Ans: Since Temsa's strategy is on creating market - driven products, it's important for them to concentrate on the customers' needs and wants. They should conduct a market research amongst the mark customers and predicated on the inferences made by the research, they need to have a further decision. They should focus on customer satisfaction more than anything, because client satisfaction is the buzzword today, in the industry. Management gurus have many-a-times said that in today's competitive world, the customer rules, and he's the king. The merchandise should be made according to what the customer dreams, only then can the product will be successful enough to provide opportunities for future expansion of the company. The products should be constantly upgraded with new features and designs, that ought to entice the customers to buy the products. The company should follow an agile business strategy. To support the market-driven product strategy, Temsa Global should be aware of the market conditions, i. e. will the marketplace have growth potential or not? They should also take into consideration the rivals, what they are trying to do, the way they want to capture the marketplace share and constantly strive to acquire new customers.

To summarize, the product should me created in line with the market conditions, what's prevalent on the market, will the customers like what is for sale to them and furthermore likely to be purchased by the clients. Therefore, the key focus of the company has to be on the customers and their satisfaction. They should provide specific value proposition to the clients with the products. Then only the market-driven product strategy can work effectively. (Research and Development in the Automotive Industry, 2008)

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