Tesco Seeks And Objectives Marriage Marketing Techniques

Our core goal is to generate value for customers to earn their lifetime loyalty

Tesco attempts to meet this target and target by promoting deals and sales with their products through direct email and emailing customers, which act like the customer's acquisitions (credited to customers history of purchases which come of their Clubcards and are stored in Tesco's customer Databases).

So therefore Relationship Marketing will help Tesco to do this aim and objective due to the fact that existing customers who acquire information from Tesco about their deals on products like the customers purchase background that is stored on their Clubcards, are likely to buy them and this increases 'commitment' considering that this shows customers that Tesco is proficient at knowing at what the customer wants.

Understand customers; Be first to meet their needs

Tesco tries to Understand customers and become the first ever to meet their needs by always mailing email messages to latest services in store and on the website. Plus bargains and savings on products that suits the customers' needs e. g. if customers hobbies are purchasing Horror Dvd videos, Tesco would email/send this customer latest Horror DVDs that is on the website and waiting for you.

Another exemplory case of how Tesco tries to be the first to meet customer needs by using Romantic relationship Marketing is on Tesco's website during vacation months such as Easter. When it was the Easter period this season, Tesco had a full page packed with products and presents that customer can purchase online if they're not sure what things to buy in the Easter period. Within the Easter link on the website, it has a variety of Easter products that Tesco can choose from and bargains such as discounts on Easter Eggs, flowers, wine, etc. Plus it also offers customers a choice to 'Pre-Order' their delivery once they come back off their Easter holiday, this shows great customer support because customers can reserve in advance the merchandise their want to buy online which would be delivered to them when they keep coming back from their vacation instead of browsing the Tesco store when they go back home.

This Relationship Marketing method will help Tesco to attain their aim and objective due to the fact that Tesco is obviously making sure their customers know about old products that are on savings and services that could interest customers.

To be as strong in non-food as in food

Tesco is also providing clothes, electricals, likewise have the Tesco Mag (much like Argos), Homeware, Garden waiting for you and online. Tesco attempts to achieve this aim and target through Romance Marketing by promoting their non-food products in store by putting banners up of latest deals and promotion with their non-food products so that customers shopping at Tesco will also try to look at their non-food section to see any products that they could like and end up buying. Tesco tries to be a strong in non-food by also advertising their non-food products on the website a good example of this is on their 'Clothes' hyperlink it is has an advertisements of 25% of on all summer time/holiday clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. For this reason type of Relationship Marketing this can help Tesco to acquire customers liking their non-food products such as clothes that is available on the website, and the customers should online purchase the 25% of summer season clothes, shoes, luggage and accessories this will then lead to Tesco having high sales of clothes and perhaps a profit by the end.

To develop retailing services such as Tesco Personal Money and Telecoms/Cellphone Shop

Tesco has all their products online, always update products (offers/offers).

Tesco tries to build up their Retailing services such as Tesco Personal Finance by promoting their latest Funding Products online such as

Savings- Instant Access Personal savings; Internet Saver and Child Trust Account.

Insurance- AUTO INSURANCE; Home Insurance; Family pet Insurance; TRAVEL COVER; Life Insurance; Health Insurance and Oral Insurance. Motoring- AUTO INSURANCE; Car Breakdown Cover; Car History Checker; Car warranty plan.

Travel- Travel Insurance; Travel Money; Travel Money Credit card; Euro Car Malfunction Cover and Insuring Your House animals Abroad. Credit Cards- Clubcard CHARGE CARD.

Loans- Personal Loans

On the website each products has clear details about the conditions and conditions, what the products include, the length of time the customer can own it for, that they may use or start the product- through Tesco Store, online or telephone and other important information about the merchandise. This enables customers to understand the Personal Financing products Tesco provides and can lead to customers purchasing them due to the information that Tesco provided.

Tesco tries to do this goal by also emailing and publishing direct email to existing customers about these latest Funding Products Tesco has to offer, which will lead to an increase of more customers using the products.

Tesco tries to build up their other Retailing Service which is Tesco Telecoms/Cellphone Shop by promoting their

Mobile Telephones & SIM Cards

Broadband & Home Phone

Tesco Mobile

Great Deals

Tesco attempts to use Relationship Marketing to do this target by advertising their latest discounts to new and existing customers online e. g. 'save twenty pounds on Nokia telephones' this helps Tesco to gain higher sales and revenue in their Telecoms/Phone Shop off their customers.

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