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Information, presentation of goods or services is given exactly in the text. The advertising text affects what kind of advertising it is - image, admonitory or informative. If the advertiser creates an image that is reminiscent of a product or brand, the text will be based on associations, images, etc. If advertising is informative, clear and clear answers to the questions will be presented: Where? How much? On what terms? Sometimes in the advertising texts just do not have enough answers to these very questions.


In 2006, the Center for Outsourcing VIR and the authors of this book, commissioned by one travel agency, conducted a study whose purpose was to find out whether information about the chains was necessary in the advertising of tourist services. It turned out that when choosing a place to spend a vacation, most people first of all pay attention to prices. Within the experiment, two types of advertising modules were published - with and without prices. The number of calls to advertisements where prices were quoted was 2.5 times higher.

One of the main rules for a good advertising text - it must have useful information. There are a lot of ads. And in order for it to be read, it is necessary to try to make the text interesting, readable, perceived. Often, the advertising text includes the point of view of specialists, which gives additional arguments in favor of utility, reliability, competence. So, the company IBM is very actively using this method. Computers are advertised by people who know a lot about this technique, i.e. professionals.

Another approach: the text uses the opinion of a person who has already used the service and recommends it to others. If a person is a well-known figure, then attention to the advertising text is further strengthened.

Fundamental in the development of advertising text is this approach, when the focus is put on the idea, built on the requests and stereotypes of consumer perception. Technological same techniques, as discussed above, only enhance the perception of the key idea of ​​advertising. However, unfortunately, in modern advertising practice there are still many faceless, gray, uninformative and simply illiterate texts.

Many sin cliches, in common words. We give an example.

The set is declared in the 10th grade of the elite school. Elite school is: a new approach to the selection and training of gifted and non-standard-minded youth, individualization and variation of teaching, the possibility of in-depth study of subjects in both the humanities and the natural science cycle. Enrollment is carried out on a competitive basis. The term of study is 2 years. At the end of the certificate is issued on secondary education and a certificate of completion of the elite school. "

In our opinion, this text is nothing more than a banal stamp that does not carry any information in itself. Great doubts arise after its reading not only in elitism, but also in the elementary reliability of the educational institution. An attempt to convince that the elite school is something good does not go beyond the general words - "new approach", "individualization and variance", "the opportunity for in-depth study". What is meant by these promises is unknown. To detain the attention of a serious person thinking about the education of their children with the help of such a text is a big problem.

Another common mistake in modern text advertising can be considered mixing in one advertisement of several types of goods and services. Other common mistakes are boring language, excessive use of special and professional vocabulary, the incomprehensibility of which does not attract readers and, of course, does not help increase sales.

In one of the newspapers, advertising of fortifying vitamins was published. The whole text was built on medical terms, the meaning of which is unlikely to be known to most of those for whom the advertisement was intended. As an illustration in the advertising collage was presented a picture of a brooding old man. Apparently, he tried to unravel the words used in advertising.

Sometimes the advertising text generally contradicts common sense. What is, for example, food? It seems everyone understands that what they eat is meat, milk, bread, fish and all that. But in one of the newspapers, FOOD PRODUCTS were offered in advertising. Then the sentence was deciphered: "vodka, wine, champagne, tea and coffee." We think that only with a great imagination in the ordinary perception of vodka will go for food. Another example, incidentally, is from the same newspaper. The advertisement offered ECOLOGICALLY CLEAN Juice Zuko and Yuppie & quot ;. Again a contradiction of common sense. It is required to strain and perceive the "chemical powders" for an environmentally friendly product. Here is another masterpiece without comments:

To work abroad, you need dance groups and JUST GIRLS .

Sometimes in the text of advertising there are errors: spelling, punctuation, stylistic. For example:

Selling a Chinese Hair Cutting Machine. (Hair of Chinese origin?)

On May 12, the opening of the dog show will take place. Registration of exhibits from April 12 .

"Your competitors will be very pleased to know that we offer ..." (They suggest only registration of companies and their legal service.) What should the competitors be happy about ...

When developing the text, you need to consider the basic rules that can help make the text memorable and effective.

1. Development of advertising text begins with the idea, which is the main message of advertising.

2. The advertising text should answer questions that may arise from the consumer.

3. It is better to talk about a product or service simply, clearly and popularly. In texts designed for mass audiences, it is desirable to avoid technical jargon, special vocabulary, complex words and complex reasoning.

4. The volume of the text depends on the specific situation and tasks solved with the help of this advertising message. Sometimes it can be volumetric. Just do not artificially lengthen the text. Short text is read faster and better perceived.

5. In the text it is necessary to provide conditions for the sale of goods or the possibility of using the service. In order for a person to use an advertising offer, he needs at least initial information for consideration. The sufficiency of advertising arguments is an incentive for a person to use the service.

6. New forms of product presentation: for example, on behalf of a specialist, user, or even the product itself - are better perceived.

7. Humor in advertising is perceived much more actively than boring, gray, inexpressive phrases.

8. A well thought out structure of the text increases the possibilities of its perception.

9. The text of the advertising message must correspond to reality. You should not promise something that is not in reality.

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