The Analyze Telezoo A Telecommunication Solution Marketing Essay

The reason for this record was to analyze Telezoo a telecommunication solution also to apply relevant theory for the truth. In additional appropriate advice will get as well. The statement comprise seven headings that predicated on the given seven questions from the case study as a guideline. There are a few general issues that as a administrator need to solve in Telezoo. First starting with the situation analysis and determining the main issues Telezoo is facing. Then examine all the options as possible to solve the issues implement the action plan. The info that gathered because of this statement is from B2B textbook and the case study itself. Besides that, some researches on the website are used to enhance reports information. Last but not least the report complete with a conclusion.

1. Introduction

1. 1. Purpose

The reason for this report was to research Telezoo a firm that runs on the web browser program to provide telecommunication products and services search engine optimization. They have hundreds of suppliers that contain been promoting their site and Telezoo itself assist customers to get the best answer in the telecom products and services that predicated on their plan. In this point in time, technology has become more advance and it continuous to boost each year. In terms of Internet that has became such an important and effective tool for the business world today. Aside of that, it is an instrument that consumers can rely on it because it provides uniformity and time-saving for sellers and buyers such as accomplishing a purchase, research, communication while others. These are the facts that the impressive technology that is influenced consumer behavior today. Hence, in this great opportunity, e-commerce was then created by the marketers to further their business plan and strategy in related to advertising, marketing and distributing their products by using the features of internet.

1. 2. Scope

While investigating the company, it is important to learn the other two situations that were not provided which can be "Telezoo (B) and (C): Feast or Famine?" that was made by Neil Campbell. The constant cases can be bought from the circumstances official website. It offers some additional information that will certainly help the analysis of the record and it offers deeper understanding about Telezoo's market.

1. 3. Method

The information found in this survey was collected utilizing the sources from the truth, internet and textbook. Therefore, Business Marketing Management: B2B 9th Release textbook was one of the key recommendations in provided details of the relevant ideas that were applied to the analysis.

1. 4. Limitations

Additional information with regard of Telezoo was difficult to locate due to the limited resources on internet.

1. 5. Assumptions

It has been assumed that Telezoo's business model can be employed to not only telecommunication industry but other services industry as well. Therefore using the same intermediary model can help both dealer and customer to attain their goals faster. It is a win-win situation when the intermediary effectively fits the demand and supply of the potential buyers and vendors.

1. 6. Company's Background

Telezoo was started in the entire year 1998 by way of a husband and wife, Elias Shams and Sharmine Namazi-Narwani. The company can be considered as a program, which involves a huge selection of suppliers in one address. It is a search engine that in a position to seek out products and services from a huge selection of suppliers and offer the information to customers within an easy-to-use screen. Therefore customers may refine and choose the precise result they need. Telezoo main objective is to help customer to find perfect data, speech and equipment solutions because there are thousands of options when customers need to spend so much time to find one solution. (Campbell, 2001)

2. Findings

2. 1. Telezoo's True Market

Ultimately, Telezoo's true market is a business-to-business market. Its main target is to immediate marketing sales route to the vendors and distributes telecom products to small-business owners or large organizations. (Ferguson, 2000) They create a website as a company system where everyone in the telecommunication industry can come to talk about information, buy and sell products. It is almost such as a library that packed with specs of whatever everyone selling and what they sell it for. The goods and services fundamentally are the fresh ingredient from the upstream dealer and it'll be revised follow by distribute these to the downstream customers. Elias Sham the co-founder of Telezoo stated that the complete telecommunication terminology has been normalized by them. He added it had not been easy for Telezoo because they're aiming to bring the entire telecom under one rooftop and they needed to build the right relationship with the sellers. The vendors will be the person who contributes big parts for Telezoo by giving data and information therefore Telezoo as an intermediary structured the info and information and spread to customers with the best bargains. (Interview, n. d. ) It is a one-stop shop of telecom products, services and information for customers. Hutt and Speh mentioned that the benefits associated with market segmentation are allowing the businesses match with the demand of customer sections. Segmentation does very helpful to businesses give attention to the demanded product and improve the profitable pricing strategies. Also, choosing the correct programs for telecom circulation plus focusing on the advertising information can be very useful segmentation. It's the basis of marketing strategies that a true market must have. (Hutt & Speh, 2007) Hence, for telecom industry to endure in the successful true market can be considered a very challenging and competitive to attain. Telezoo probably would have use the simplest way to enter the market without failing which needs to be segmenting their market in order to ensure the clarification of the true market that needs to be focused on.

2. 2. Telezoo's Competitors

The difference between Telezoo and its own competitors are most likely based on the traditional sales channels which have been providing quality information to the purchasers. Quite simply, Telezoo's perform its analysis prior to the buyers have to work with its service. Telezoo was formerly developed as an easy-to-use web program that in a position to compare product descriptions, price and features from a wide section of telecom product categories by the telecom suppliers. Also information provided to open to public and it gets the advice by the technician of Telezoo. The Telezoo Website was structured appropriately by the sorts of the products in categorizing and by the end buyers are able to use the internet search engine for looking at their requirements. Telezoo provide solution that solves the challenge without using much of time especially during the information comparing step of the procurement process. Something may not the same as rivals are Telezoo may benefits customers using its one stop shopping for all of these materials, information, services, and product. (Interview, n. d. ) Based on the situation, Telezoo tempt to focus on business customer acquisition utilizing the trade marketing programs. Also, they seem to be to market in telecommunication newspaper in order to include value and brand awareness and what Telezoo is approximately in this market. It is to define the customer about Telezoo and the initial effort concentrate on the acquiring suppliers as well.

According to the case, Telezoo has a large number of online and offline rivals. However, Telezoo situated itself in a business-to-business telecom industry that provides optimization solution somewhat than just being a solution for the consumers. It mainly has a great interactive on-line catalogue that helps downstream customers to find what their needs in the shortest time. Customers that are able to derive the efficiency and broadband services provided by Telezoo fundamentally provides higher chance of getting close to more customers. Another main thing that Telezoo has been demonstrating to customers is the normalized data that reach them comprehensibly. In addition Telezoo offer product evaluations which are a very important thing to potential buyers because in the Buygrid Model, evaluations consider an important buying process that can be created by most organizations nowadays. Therefore the simple buying process can assist customer a great deal. Telezoo mainly has the advantages than its competition because of its higher sales and margins that also the fact of how their customers and companions were maintained. Telezoo distinguish themselves from the competitors by getting competitive benefits and taking the chance to enhance further its business. (Ferguson, 2000)

2. 3. Telezoo's Revenue

Sharmine Namazzi-Narwani as the vice leader of Strategic Communications performs an important role of using her experienced networking relationships to assist Telezoo. She may have broad connections such as with the advertising around THE UNITED STATES, Europe, and Middle East. (Campbell, 2001) Therefore, it is likely that she use her connections to generate the income of Telezoo without any additional advertising costs or employing. Predicated on the interview with Elias Sham, he stated that revenues come from the vendors, service provider, and system integrators. (Interview, n. d. ) An important component of the entire marketing strategy was to be very visible at industry events, which provided an possibility to meet a target market group of purchasers and suppliers under one roof structure. The company also relied closely on pr efforts that could allow them to cost-effectively reach a sizable customer bottom part. (Campbell, 2001)

To maximize profit without using the need of additional people and advertising can be established by setting up goals. For example, the complete management team should be informed by focusing the market development, product, services, employees and spouse. Then, commence on identification of customer romantic relationships management and the mark sections follow by product offerings in the used of a key point from partners to accomplish the important elements of cost-effective manner. It is vital to manage customer relationship for every business by concentrate the complete marketing area rather than simply a simple exchange. Therefore, marketing organizations have the ability to achieve a collaborative advantages if it shows superior skills to both customers and companions in the managing marriage. (Hutt & Spehh, 2007) It would appear that Telezoo relies more on the collaborative exchange that they have roughly 70 partners available. (Telezoo, 2001) Customer marriage management includes in increasing customer devotion and company's earnings. It is all based on the five priorities of CRM strategy that start with acquiring the right customers in terms of understanding the worthiness that customers determine. From then on, crafting the right value proposition that symbolize the ideas, alternatives, products and services that may be offered to potential customer. Third point is instituting the best operations by means in the best way of delivering the products and services to customers. Next top priority would be motivating employees just as looking into the employees need to boost customer relationships. Last but not least, learning to hold on to customers identifies customer devotion. (Hutt & Spehh, 2007)

2. 4. Original Business deal Fee Model

Telezoo uses a web interface to allow customers to choose the catalogue free of charge. All the vendors of telecom have their product information put in place the mechanism. The website allows customers to use its search engine to search for the prepared information. Suppliers are incurred with a registration payment and a $100 CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) given that the catalogue has been employed by the buyers. Based on Hutt and Spehh viewpoint, the fees are relatively high because of the "serious" clients whom placed goal on in its specific types of telecom equipment. (Campbell, 2001) Buyers that need vast level of product procurement are most likely the main target for Telezoo. Therefore, the vendors may be interested in promoting their products and services via Telezoo service. However, 5 percent of deal fee may require for Telezoo as concluding its transaction efficiently. Thus, those vendors who own 20 percent of margin might not exactly be in the good package with this rate of charge. In regards, the original transaction payment model is actually not viable in which to stay the marketplace. From days gone by result, Telezoo didn't generate earnings from transaction charge and the business put in 1. 5 million for marketing campaigns and programs. Although the company were only available in this field first however the brand awareness had not been good enough in the respond of the market. Therefore, they need to add value to Telezoo to be able to illustrate that kind of services the customers paying are worthy.

Recall all visitors to the "Telezoo site was not casual customers"; that they had a need and want to purchase specific products. From case study stated Telezoo site is not informal shop since it provides serious buyer the necessity which they are looking to get more specific products. On top of that, Telezoo added value to their content and to balance the buying decisions making process that they came up with proposal-generating tools. The tools become an assistance of the "Contact/Quality Companies" and "Pre-sales/Proposal" phase of process. Both better half and husband efficiently developed an internet-based obtain proposal and offer processes offering potential buyers able to make an instant request on the information and they can receive quotations and thoughts and opinions from picked suppliers. (Campbell, 2001)

2. 5. Variety versus Quality of Partners

It is important to notice that Telezoo's real customers are their upstream suppliers because the main income of the business is from the transactional charge charges. There is a correlation between your market needs and quality products or services which really is a area of the business nature. To be able to gain more suppliers, Telezoo must focus more on the product quality services they offer and also the cost price compare to other rivals. Quality service would also need to be based upon the excellence dealer products and services. Business customers would much rather choose to possess close romantic relationship with suppliers when they encounter important issue as in decision making of the product or the complexness of the purchase is high. In the client relationship management comprise two types of relationship that are transactional and collaborative exchange. Transactional exchange essentially refers to the products that are in high competition selling price. Alternatively, collaborative exchange comes with important information, operational and sociable linkage with all the current mutual dedication that should be made in the long term benefits. (Hut & Spehh, 2007) The situation showing Telezoo that must relies greatly on the 70 of lovers on collaborative exchange. It really is with the objective to balance the quality and volume in conditions of collaborative exchange with customers as well. (Campbell, 2001) Telezoo has a need for a research on the demanded suppliers and the purchasers to improve its transaction effortlessly.

Approximately $65 billion can be generated by Telezoo's original income model. The residential areas were exempted from Telezoo's target market and they're centering business customers that purchase all selection of telecommunication products. They are usually regarded as the "serious" customers for this purpose because they purchase in high number of products. (Campbell, 2001) Fundamentally large group prefers the grade of the merchandise especially in telecommunication. Therefore, Telezoo can always make more cash movement if appropriate marketing strategies are applied. The cost of the merchandise that is higher also needs to have the same amount of value which leads to the product efficiency. In cases like this, quality must surpass quantity in order to get to the top of the marketplace. The purchasing process may even extend if the potential buyer needs to customize the products that based on the best advice Telezoo are offering.

2. 6. A Sustainable Business Model

Elias Shams the co-founder of Telezoo have experience in telecommunication industry for quite some time and he is aware of the necessity of the marketplace. Then created an accessible website that your business model that can fulfill both retailers and clients need at the same time. Again, Telezoo acquire their revenue from the membership, advertisement, and business deal payment from the retailers. In additional, the product quality products and services that suppliers provided similarly exactly like the quality marketed by Telezoo. Bases on the situation, Telezoo battled in the make an effort of dealing with its lost in May 2000. They ought to look onto its value proposition and online marketing strategy since it still has the potential and advantages in the competitive market. To make sure a sustainable business design to the investors when the sales and the marketing stations always increase and improve. The actual fact that $900 billion is put in for B2B and B2G purchase reinforce the potential of telecommunication market and the business enterprise model. Also, business marketers needs commit themselves to a couple of processes, belief, and values to understand the needs of customers and the competition capability in order to accomplish a great performance and better client satisfaction. (Hutt & Spehh, 2007) Telezoo should concentrate on delivering a distinctive value proposition somewhat than simply growing earnings. Also to continue establish the tactical positioning and new product development. Such strategy may require in figuring out target customer sections and value proposition. Apart of that, defining the differentiating and aligning the key internal operations that can deliver the worthiness to its potential clients. Telezoo capabilities should be carefully comprehended to accomplish customer and financial objectives. Business marketers should emphasis all these propositions and customer strategies in terms of low total cost and product control management. In additional a technique map leads the e-business to its critical objectives and to give attention to the cause and effect associations that drive the whole group performance. (Hutt & Spehh, 2007)

2. 7. Residing in the Business

Telezoo business was established to give solution for customer by comparing the appropriate telecom vendors using a site interface. However, the idea and everything was well achieved but the revenue that has been generating is not much based on the case analysis. It really is recommendable using SWOT research to use in Telezoo business which also concentrates straight to the power, weakness, opportunities, and risk. From those four factors, Telezoo in a position to shoot for example, if opportunities are found and Telezoo should try brain that position enlarge the chance and turn out with business plan. For the weakness of Telezoo was the inadequate value proposition that should be address. For instance, the company may have to help the customer groups to comprehend they are paying for what it will probably be worth to be paid. The case study illustrate that the company conduct some interviews with telecom customers and a separate actual Telezoo purchasers behavior that is evaluation. Murville was verified that each product is most likely low-end commodity products that require just as much research. Therefore, there were normally repeat purchases from the known suppliers. Furthermore, the re-buy situations are less complex and less costly to get. (Campbell, 2001) Telezoo should improve its customer acquisition from the trading market programs by inserting more group of advertisement in periodicals, googles ad, banner and more. Therefore Telezoo has the possibility to work with every suppliers in the particular country and dominate the telecommunication company industry with the brand that reach every buyers and vendors.

3. Conclusion

As a conclusion Telezoo could also target individual customer that will not need to have high involvement in telecommunication products and services. Every year, competition will get even stronger especially in technology industry. It's the best that Telezoo enhance their company in every aspect which can build the reputation out of it. In additional, they can come out with new ideas which may be different from the other competition to gain more customers understanding. As time goes by, the demand are certain to get much stronger, and better services are required in this industry. Therefore, the consistency of the revisions must be up-to-date and perhaps in future, Telezoo may bring it to next level from intermediary to a sellers or providers. Murville that assist Telezoo has definitely effective to the issues and issues that have to be issues regardless of external or internal. In telecommunication industry and since an intermediary like Telezoo, it's important to constantly conduct research because it will never end and that is the way the business can make a profit out of the business. Business owner like Elias Shams have to continue to make associates and contract with new telecommunication company as the availability for the clients increase more. The business model can be employed to other industry as well, for illustration health and good care industry which ever business that can uses the need for intermediary to complement the demand and supply of potential buyers and retailers.

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