The BEAUTY SALON Industry In Kuala Lumpur Marketing Essay

The purpose of this report is to present a marketing arrange for Fiona BEAUTY SALON with focus on e-marketing strategy. The report also discusses how e-marketing strategy can certainly help FHS to compete on the market in Kuala Lumpur which needlessly to say will be tough.

This marketing plan will commence when FHS starts operate business on, may 9, 2013.


This report has been obtained from both primary and secondary data.

Secondary data is accessed from the info in the Internet, journal articles related with salon industry which is the latest and high validity. The majority of the secondary data collected was from web sites of high-end hair salons in Kuala Lumpur. The websites actually yielded substantial information which useful to FHS. These included the type of services provided by these salons and the costs charged. Apparently, all classy and elegant hair salons employed the internet to help promote their business. This implies FHS must accomplish that.

Primary data is gathered from numerous depth interviews individually with Fiona and Catherine. They want all the main element stakeholders in the business. Their opinions and views were used to formulate the strategies in this plan. An effort was designed to interview some customers of the higher end hair salons but this is not too successful.

However, visits were designed to a few of the competing salons; minus the acknowledgement of salon owners, to check out their premises and facilities. All data gathered can be concluded when FHS commences the business enterprise; it will have one of the best equipped salons with the right ambience.


Fiona Hair Salon (FHS) will be a newcomer and hence will have some disadvantages. For a start, it will not be well-known and will not need established client base. This calls for a strategic, comprehensive marketing plan which must include an e-component if FHS wants to survive among top existing high-class salon in KL. In addition, to ensure profitability and success, it's important to determine the specific needs of market that will be served by Fiona BEAUTY SALON.

FHS is a "brick" business. It is difficult for the hair stylist to deliver service separating from the beauty salon. There is a must for customers to be there in FHS. The "click" is to help promote the service such as create awareness for the new opening of the salon and online booking. E-marketing strategy can aid boost FHS sales by reaching out to more target customers.

3. 1 Competitive Situation

3. 1. 1 Peek-a-boo Salon

Peek-a-boo was established in 1998 at a rented premise located in the central of Taman Tun Dr, Ismail. It has grown with other outlets in prominent locations such as Kota Damansara plus the Curve. The peek-a-boo group who are professional hair stylists believe each individual has their own enchanting beauty, hence the tagline "We'll cause you to Beautiful!" Peek-a-boo is furnished with an energetic taste of vogue with cozy ambiance. Peek-a-boo has been acquiring exclusive coverage in Malaysia. They are serving the media and entertainment industry on hair-do for many years now. The salon is the official hair salon requested for local TV Station -8TV. From fun TV shows like the 8TV Quickie and 8TV Ring Mission, they have demonstrated the skill on hair make-up to attend grand events in this program.

Analyze your primary rivals - who are they what exactly are they up to - just how do they compare - feature/ benefit analysis. What are their competitive advantages?

3. 1. 2 Inspiration Alan Salon

Inspiration Alan salon embraces the ICT very early on the market. The salon has been adapting the fast technology trend to boosting the efficiency and effectiveness of business functions and training academies. Besides highlighting awards and accreditation received over time, Alan also publicizes his salons and hairstylists during hair shows, beauty pageants, tourism events, image shoots for magazines, and other industry-related activities. For dedication to raise the professionalism of the industry, Alan is rewarded when you are appointed as the L'Oreal Professional Artistic ambassador for 2007/2012 in Malaysia. Clients of Inspiration Alan Salon are treated with utmost comfort through the salon's superior services. To keep abreast of changing times, the latest modern hair styling equipment, hair treatment systems and professional hair products are acquired to provide a higher level of attention for clients.

3. 1. 2 Threats

Fiona BEAUTY SALON will be facing powerful competition around Bangsar area, which located within the crowded city. Moreover, customers have lower switching cost as many exclusive salons are available in KL. The cost to start-up a pricey salon for new competitors is difficult; hence, the threat for FHS is low. The substitution is low as FHS providing "luxury" service for hair which consumers are hard to change to other alternatives such as normal home products. (make reference to Appendix 1)

3. 2 Target Consumer Profile

FHS only targets the high profile hair beauty conscious customer segment who is often attend social party and public events. The specific target group could be celebrity, model, TV-host, and. . . ? The age group of target customer will be 26-55. FHS also target on women who are in the status of high socioeconomic class, with gross monthly income of RM7, 000 and above. And in addition, women who have the habit of going to exclusive hair salon for hair treatment regularly; or particularly look for Fiona for hair-do.

3. 3 Suggested Services>>mention product also?

Fiona BEAUTY SALON is known as an upscale hair beauty salon. It offers a wide range of services such as hair cutting, relaxing, coloring, perming, curling, conditioning, waving, weaving, reconstructing, hair treatment and shampoo.


4. 1 Differentiation Focus Strategy

FHS should differentiate itself from other competitors which only focus on the minor segment of target group who allowed been charged for premium price. If FHS's primary competitor targets basic services and walk-in customers, FHS should target on high-end appointment-based clients. On the other hand, FHS can offer services that aren't offered by its competitor's salon. For example, grand atmosphere in FHS, with soothing music and soft lighting. When customers look good and feel rejuvenated after that, they will mostly return again. Differentiation focus strategy makes FHS reduce the intensity for competition, decreasing variety of competitors can improve market share and return on investment better value.

4. 2 Promotional Theme

Create a tagline for FHS

Damekar (A compilation of beautiful and lady)

The Mote (mote means fashion)


5. 1 Website

The objective of the website is to expand a lot more quickly through internet. An internet site must give sufficient profits on return (ROI) to FHS.

To inform customers, To register a period period

5. 1. 1 Brand

Website can create brand equity where the online presense complements and enhances the offline brand efforts of FHS. Products offered and above that available in other media should be stated.

5. 1. 2 Revenue Generation

Website can generate sales for FHS where in fact the customers can make their payment is made at the time of purchase or a web booking, with an invoice to follow. With using an online site as an advertising medium, FHS can advertise some of its service or product.

5. 1. 3 Customer Service

An important content for FHS website is, customer support. FHS can used the net to improve service and support wanted to their customers, prospective customers at a significantly low cost. FHS should apply pre-sales information in the web site, such as FAQ pages, which help buyers to book online or make purchase online. Besides that, post-sales information such as consumption advice for hair conditioner or way to care for their permed hair.

5. 1. 4

The fourth objective of FHS website is to use technology with marketing to replace human involvement or traditional methods of communications. For instance, FHS can post the training for apprenticeship

5. 2 Facebook

Creation of FHS facebook page is the personal profile version for Fiona's business. The facebook page should utilize FHS's logo and contact information. Giving Fiona and Catherine the access, they can truly add a few people as "admins" which means several staffs can share the duties of updates and posting. Fiona and Catherine can update the Facebook twice every day atlanta divorce attorneys morning and evening, answer question promptly.

Next task is to set-up Facebook Fan Page for FHS, public is permitted to leave their reviews and comments on the wall. FHS should create positive word-of-mouth (WOM). Proactive marketing

Once FHS have some fans, the Facebook Wall can be utilized for a daily conversation with customers about specialty hair products, latest news, and most recent products. Each time FHS post a message to the wall reaching hundreds, then thousands of individuals and all of this costs nothing aside from time. Over another a year, FHS may use Facebook to improve fan numbers such as take part in public events.


Since search engine providing high return on investment (ROI) and lowest cost per acquisition (CPA) than any kind of promotion. The FHS website should appears saturated in the serp's from Google and other search engines so that FHS can get the utmost number of guests. Following this scenario, FHS wants found at the top of the serp's to attract more customers looking for exclusive hair services. This will appear the perfect match if FHS's website list full pages about premium and exclusive hair product and service offering in their salon.

5. 4 Email

FHS should only send email to customers who giving the permission to receive email. Customers of FHS can view the latest trend for hair products and service; respond immediately once they receive the email.


To implement the marketing strategy plan

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