The BENEFITS AND DRAWBACKS Of Different Marketing Strategies Marketing Essay

Utilization of the data or information from the customers can be employed to increase the market talk about of the company and in turn prove profitable to the business. It can be seen that the company can use the information to study the travelling practices of its customers and it can use these details to suggest their customers with profitable bargains which would increase customer devotion in the business. Customer loyalty within an flight industry is very beneficial to enjoy benefits. Therefore EasyJet can use this to earn more returns.

It can utilize the data to streamline their operations also to automate the techniques involved in the flight industry. Customers appreciate the reduction in lead time in producing their travel agreement. This may subsequently appeal to more customers to opt for EasyJet rather than every other airline.

The CRM works well in not only improving returns, but additionally it is focused on improving the product quality and efficiency of their operations. When the organization becomes customer focused, it automatically makes the firm realize the needs of the client and further the business strives to meet up with the needs each time, each time.

What will be the major business and competitive benefits gained by EasyJet as the result of its low cost carrier position? Can other airlines achieve some or yet results? Protect you position.

On being the low cost carrier, EasyJet has practiced cost leadership in the Porter's Generic Strategy. This approach is highly influential and profitable for the business if the organization is able to manage the cash flows involved.

Critically evaluate the competitive strategies of EasyJet with respect to Ryanair and Debonair?

Through further extreme evaluation of EasyJet, it is seen that this has Ryanair as its main rival in similar environments. It could be seen that we now have two main competitive advantages of EasyJet, they will be the business setting, and the service quality - brand image. They are qualified as, important in short term for the business enterprise placement, and capital for the brand image in a permanent view. Even though Ryanair and Debonair were also using cost command as the key key to target its customer, EasyJet could entice its customers through market penetration. EasyJet bought in airlines with higher capacity to minimize through the costs and have an impact on Ryanair's demographic approach and this was successful till some extent.

The main job of cost benefits was done through the elimination of travel agents who worked well for commission. It was seen that the majority of the money influx was diluted at the commission payment given to the travel agents. EasyJet taken out completely the lifetime of Travel Agents and their involvement in their business composition. EasyJet used the technique of direct sales to attract the clients with lower prices than Ryan Air and Debonair. It used e-commerce and electronic integration to match up holiday discounts at a lower price to the customer than Ryanair and Debonair. This was one of the major competitive advantages incorporated by EasyJet against Ryanair and Debonair.

Evaluate the "sleeping giants awake" with reference to British Airway's response to EasyJet?

Initially it was seen that what EasyJet, Ryanair or debonair were attempting to accomplish was of lower comes back and also included high levels of capital risk in its functioning. If there would be any deviations than the real planning of these companies. It could lead to a devastating end. Therefore, top quality airlines like British isles airways had not been interested in the price leadership approach, but following the success of the small capacity cost market leaders, it was a wakeup call for the market market leaders that these companies were not only seeking to be cost market leaders however they were also diluting the marketplace and further reducing the customer span of flight giants like Uk Airways. On carefully understanding the problem British Airways launched their very own low cost airlines with "Go", it is seen that British Airways was using the name Go instead of BA, it desired its high grade customers to stay undaunted by the new low priced approach considered by British airways. It released its fares at 30% less than the standard Uk airways plane tickets, it also put in place similar strategies included by EasyJet, to acquire the same success that EasyJet was receiving.

This procedure of English Airways was regarded as a risk to low priced airlines like EasyJet, Debonair and Ryanair. Therefore extensive opposition was casted onto English airways because of their existence in this portion. British Airways experienced the ways and means to increase their market reach by bringing out small frills at the same cost than the other airlines. This was one of the reasons for opposition from other airlines.

Task2-Planning concepts and range of tools and techniques

With mention of Easyjet, describe planning concepts and processes used in developing a marketing strategy.

EasyJet primarily was stationed at a orange hanger at the Luton International airport. Matching to Stelios, UK was the perfect location for the inception of Easyjet due to its cheaper labor costs comparative to other continental Europe. This is one of the reasons why it started out at Luton airport in britain, also because of its close vicinity to London - the major hub for business for EasyJet.

As the demand increased at the Luton Airport terminal, EasyJet started a secondary hub through Liverpool. EasyJet was clear in its meaning of its business, It thought as a travel option for the folks who pay for traveling form their own storage compartments. It quite simply targeted cost mindful travelling guests, leisure travelers, and some entrepreneurs and professionals from small firms.

Select an added analysis strategy and explain how it could be used? Include details of its use to a business with that you are familiar.

Statistical examination techniques are extremely much with the capacity of shedding enough light on the info required and can be quite useful in careful planning and execution of businesses worldwide. When starting any business, retail, and low cost or starting home based business or tried and tested business or market admittance or market market leaders, it is vital to understand what exactly are the stakes mixed up in market before venturing into it.

Describe how Porter's Five Causes model helps determine the proper options available to a business like EasyJet/

Porter Five Makes is a tool used for accessing the competitive good thing about the businesses. It can be used to identify five fundamental competitive causes that determine the comparative attractiveness of an industry: new entrants, bargaining vitality of purchasers, bargaining electricity of suppliers, alternative products or services and rivalry amidst existing opponents. Competitive analysis provides an insight into the connections and dynamics of the air travel industry, and allows EasyJet to make proper decisions about the defendable & most attractive economically attractive position.

The current market tendencies for EasyJet has seen new competition from other travelling substitutes like train travel. This type of travel is capturing up with the airlines business and EasyJet has to take necessary steps to counteract against such substitutes by either adding certain frills in their business or cutting further down in their economical status in the air travel business without influencing their returns. They have made proper use of internet as a means to enhance their business capacities. They need to better their penetration in this field, because the future changes may become more influenced by the digital trend.

In conditions of danger from substitutes, EasyJet may take more drastic steps to decrease operating costs without affecting the protection and quality with their standards. They have to streamline their operations to lessen delays, improve in-flight frills, without influencing the fares in a major way.

It can use various business development tools to streamline its operations and ensure that their business can maintain the menace from substitutes such as Eurostar, etc.

How would you expect an organization to develop functional areas to be able to achieve its medium marketing goals?

It can consider various alternatives to improve their perception in regards to what the customer is expecting. Normally it takes steps to ensure that their marketing aims aren't skewed by the occurrence of their opponents also to always work effectively.

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