The Business Information System In Toyota Marketing Essay

Toyota Motor Corporation, commonly known simply as Toyota and abbreviated as TMC, is a multinational corporation headquartered in Japan. The company was founded by Kiichiro Toyoda in 1937 as a spinoff from his father's company Toyota Industries to create automobiles.

Business Information System or just Information System is a system that pick up, store and process all information about customer, creationâ And the basis of the information system is the writing and control of information and ideas. Computers and telecommunication technology have become essential information system components. From that information, corporation will make decisions to improve effect in creation, minimizing cost, creating competitive advantage, making strategy planning their company.

Toyota is one of top brand on the entire world, to make that successful, they may have suitable approaches for operation in current time and future. To create it, they want an information system to help them decide strategies planning their organization. It'll provide information about customers needs; craze of marketâ, and from that, Toyota can improve their activities to gratify customers to make successful.

E-Lab, our springboard for promoting IT ERP is a company management system that combines all encounters of the business, including strategies planning, processing, sales, and marketing. As the ERP has become more popular, applications have increased to help business professionals implement ERP in business activities such as inventory control, order traffic monitoring, customer service, fund and recruiting. Because ERP is so important, Toyota realized that, so they can be serious in making an investment for ERP, such as they build a center is named E-lab to promote IT and improve their ERP.

ERP (Enterprise Tool Planning) systems help Toyota improve management and allow make decision through widespread access to a management database. They use ERP to update our accounting, procurement, staff and production management.

As you know, the original cost for ERP is so high, because of that, they made a decision to replace business-critical systems with wide open source business applications for ERP, and utilize it to make solution for the problem that each yr, Toyota offers its worldwide marketing subsidiaries a variety of vehicles with some 20 million configuration options. Toyota must create the range which is most probably the successful in the united kingdom market. To use successfully, the business must understand movements of the marketplace and reply for opportunities and obstacles.

To process these difficulties, Toyota examined and developed a trend method which would allow each major element is specified, carried out, verified and followed before moving on to another. This supported the need for a small business change strategy, and can be execution for new or replaced business request had to be attracted by the user community.

Toyota's strategic complex architecture


IBM WebSphere Software Server (Request Server)

IBM WebSphere ESB 6. 1 (SOA Enterprise Service Bus)

IBM HTTP Server (Web Server)

Linux OS

And the effect is no permit fees - lowering cost, and offer Product Lifecycle Management to ensure that the architectural way will stand the test of time, it also developed a Product Model which is sufficiently adaptable to support not only today's needs, but also undefined future product strategies and the potential for ultimate integration with external systems, whether in-house or elsewhere in the source chain.

Beside that, ERP helped company find a very good design process to obtain additional affection in development, and accounting applications, it can combine the cost, revenue, and revenue information of sales that are made. So ERP can take an important part in corporation and so great for them.

Artificial Brains:

In May 2002, Toyota set up "e-Lab, " an it research laboratory to boost IT. Toyota creates new businesses and further increases the added value in our products. The e-Lab will study the feasibility of digital systems in enabling development line simulations essential to shorten the lead time from product development to make. They are expanding products by exchanging digital home elevators every process from development to procurement to make, and enabling shorter product development lead-times. Through the use of three-dimensional CAD - Computer-aided design systems, and other systems, they are really minimizing man-day and product development costs.

Toyota Lift Trucks

They use IT resource combines with other product type to make competitive advantage. Toyota is growing and making information systems - the Warehouse Management System (WMS), and the stocking management system for computerized warehouses, they combined with the logistics equipment of TOYOTA Materials Handling Company, is a company under Toyota brand Toyota, it produce lift truck provider in the U. S. since 2002 and currently offers a complete line of high-quality lift trucks. They could provide their customers with optimized logistics solutions at their worksite. The computerized warehouse and lift truck.

Beside that, Toyota also using Information Technology to boost their current product such as Toyota produces Artificial Intellect for brakes. In cases like this of Toyota, an instrument is developed to find speed and present an notice, so in case of an accident can occur, the automobile can foresee and suggest the drivers to slow down, if he rejects the recommendation, the automobile would drive the brake and slow down the speed. It'll safer for drivers when they are not in energetic position and lower accident percentage. That system is called AI Shift Control. One of the modern ECT - Electronically Operated Transmission features, it offers the power can "read" the driver's intentions and "read" hillsides, AI Shift Control is a transmission algorithm designed to manage the shift system corresponding to road conditions and driver patterns. It uses data on accelerator pedal perspective and rate of change, throttle viewpoint and engine quickness.

Toyota pays off more attention in develop IT and use it in their business to improve quality of the products, creating the competitive advantages because their products will have more feature, safeness. Besides that, using Artificial Intelligent in production line will save cost of product; make product is cheaper with the same quality.

Customer Romantic relationship Management:

Customer Romance Management is an activity that learns about customer's needs, desires and their behavior to create a strong relationship with them. CRM will help company understand more about their customer and make sure they are satisfy, it also use to learn the development of market. Because that, group can make marketing plan, improve their activities to obtain additional market show and earn revenue.

Toyota creates a success strategy that manages both making and non-manufacturing environment. It really is called Low fat CRM, it response for the growing volume of collecting customer information through the customer lifecycle. It helps Toyota make changes in customer's tendencies and increase client satisfaction. It also allowed Toyota sell more products with a shorter trade pattern, high repurchase rate and lower cost.

Customer yank:

A typical customer will replace vehicle after three to eight years utilizing it. So Toyota make customer has to think about their product when they need a new car. And Toyota's marketing will guide the possible client to Toyota website, where they can discover and demand further information. That is called "customer draw ", where Toyota responds right to the client, make customer know about Toyota, this is the first point.

Toyota push:

Now, Toyota has learned what the customer need by the info that customers provide, so they'll help customer make a good choice for their demand. That is call "smart Toyota press ". In case to collect more information, they will distribute a customer offer.

Customer DNA:

This is the heart and soul of Toyota's Low fat CRM, it is like real DNA, identify specific customer through customer draw and Toyota press. It'll make Toyota understand the recent customer need, behavior and provide the best way for them when desire a new product or service.

By this way, Toyota provides just what customer wishes with less cost and save time.

Toyota has success in creating a strong relationship using their customers by create a correct strategy in Customer Romance Management. They make a whole lot of convenient for customer when they come to Toyota. Customers are easy to discover the feature of Toyota's product by surf web or go to a physical store. Customers also use their mobile phone to gain access to Toyota website because they create mobile user interface for their website. Besides that, Toyota also cares about people who bought their product, they have a repository of all customers, and they are serious in creating customer's commitment with their group. They actually the best things for their consumers and make sure they are meet with high quality product and customer support. Such as in '09 2009, Toyota recalled 1. 8 million automobiles in Western european because the challenge of pedal.


In nowadays, information is vital, it is similar to the lifeblood of any company. It really is an important part of group, help them in minimizing cost, making competitive advantages, and create strategies planningâ Information systems include hardware, software, data, applications, communication and folks. It helps an organization to better control and secure its critical corporate and business, customer and employee data. Information systems also improve integration and work procedures. . . plus more benefits. For example, production scheduling information system will store information about development activities; human resource information system will store information about recruiting, and so forth.

We could say that every reactive system may have a subsystem that may be regarded as an information system whose aim is to screen and control such a system. The primary functions of the information system may be input, processing, output, storage area and control at the job place.

Toyota has the success as now because they know the important of information system, they make investments for this and get more derive from it. The largest power of Toyota's information systems is their capacity to combine their company goals by utilizing their systems effectively. They use computerized system and robotic in production to lowering cost, using information system to create competitive advantages and support strategy planning.

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