The Business Plan Of Times Fruit

Our group of six students from Saudi Arabia is made in order to sell particular date fruits at the school. We are going to sell only high quality dates. It is well-known, that schedules are grown in the Arabian Peninsula, where farmers have relied on growing exotic fruits. Saudi Arabia has best types of times on the globe. This type we are going to sell. It really is remarkable, that the quality of times in the British isles market segments is poor and the costs are incredibly expensive. So, our goal is to add excellent product to a customer.

In Saudi Arabia 173 million hectares are occupied for pasture. A couple of fruits & vegetables grown. Also they bred pets or animals there. Conditions of rangeland aren't so good. Development potential is very low in some places. Almost 86% of the full total accessible water in the region is allocated for agriculture. So, the 22% of the full total land area is cultivable.

Palm tree is impressive because of its salt-tolerance and temperature endurance. The shallow groundwater is really important because of its successful growth. Years of the time frame hand can reach 100 years. Life of people inhabiting Arabian Peninsula is associated with this palm tree. People demand times become more and even more in the United Kingdom. It appears that if everyone knew about the usefulness of dates, they would have been even more reclaiming.


Date hand is a typical plant of dry subtropics that provides an edible yummy fruit. One night out palm makes over 100 kilograms of nourishing dates a year. Naturally, that for a large number of years emerged around 5000 varieties split into three main teams - "dry", "semi", and "softer". The "soft" are consumed on the spot with fresh, in an adult talk about; the fruits of the varieties contain very little sugar. "Dry" schedules, dried in the sun, contain more sugars and can be stored for very long, it could be said for years. For the "semi" - those designed for export, they are also dried in the sun. Processed dates are generally popular than natural schedules. There are various kinds of packaging: bags, pipes, ravier, boxes. The ravier gets the leadership. It is popular, that semi schedules are the tastiest. In addition, it is considered, that semi schedules favorably affect the brain, increasing its output. But our strategy allows buyers tasting a variety of dates chose the best one for everybody as well.

Dates contain almost all vitamins. It ought to be mentioned the high focus of pantothenic acid. It stimulates the production of energy, enables you to confident, energetic and able to quickly concentrate on. Dates also have another, less well-known property: these fruits have minor sedative and hypnotic effects.

Dates can even be encouraged to overcome the weakening of the body after a significant condition, overwork, stress. No fruits can be compared with dates, if you need to fulfill your hunger. Times increase efficiency of the mind and nerve cells. From early times, dates were used not only as food but also as a medicine.

They contain copper, flat iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, lightweight aluminum, cadmium, cobalt, sulfur, boron. Schedules can help with anemia. It includes a beneficial impact in exhaustion and physical fatigue. It helps with colds as well. Ten times are able to satisfy our day to day needs in copper, magnesium and sulfur, and they contain half of the required iron and fourth of the calcium. Dates are a tasty and natural dessert which has a nice flavour. These fruits are absolutely harmless, as well as low-calorie fruits and for that reason suitable for folks observing their weight.

Mission Affirmation and Objectives

Our group people want to run this small company for getting some experience about small company. It will be really good experience for us to make the business plan and to observe how it works in real. We recognize that it isn't very easy for students who only make their first steps in business but we are prepared to try. He is lifeless who is faultless. Our company is sure, that this experience will be our first try to arrange small company and to see how much effort it should take. We are not afraid of problems.

Our objective is to provide high quality night out fruits for use. The idea behind the business is to sell healthy and valuable fruits to the public for everyone to give consideration on effectiveness of dates. A variety of classes provides the possibility to selected. All sorts of time fruits are healthy and be popular in many countries not by chance.

Market Overview

In his research about the marketing probable of date palm fruits, Pascal Liu says, that Europe is an integral market for date exporters. Over half a million tones of dates imported every year on the globe. EUROPE accounts for 10% of the total with some 50 000 shades. Imports of dates into European countries were comparatively steady from 1990 to 1997: nearly 43 000 tones were brought in. In 1998-2000 the rise in imported volumes did not translate into a higher value of imports as a result of fall in transfer prices in 1999-2000. Imports of particular date fruits into Europe are seasonal. Often they take place by the end of the year (Liu). In Muslim countries customarily dates are consumed during Ramadan. Most Europe do not produce schedules. The exception is Spain with a little number. France often re-exports time frame fruits. Most of the re-export trade takes place between Western european member countries (Liu). People demand times become more and much more in UK. France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and Spain account for 85% of total imports of times in quantities. Ireland's imports are also growing. Backwards, Portugal, Netherlands, Finland, Austria show no clear development. There's also some more night out varieties

Deglet nour night out variety is typically the most popular in Europe. Imports of this type of time frame are practically 30 000 shades a year. This type is exported from Tunisia and Algeria. Also deglet nour is produced in Israel. The United States is also a producer of this kind of times. Germany and Britain transfer not big volumes. Southern Europe mainly take in deglet nour dates.

Not deglet nour called common schedules by European investors. Germany and the United Kingdom together transfer over 10 000 tones of common schedules annually. German dealers need the reduced price for this type of schedules. Common times also used for food in Great Britain.

European people know mejool since 1990s. However, it is only last 3 years that they have really taken off. Nowadays the United States share the Western european market of times with Israel. As more and more consumers use organic foods, merchants will look for a complete range of organic products, including dates.

France is the leading market for schedules in europe. Its main suppliers are Algeria and Tunisia. THE UK is the second largest Western market for date fruits. Then Italy and Germany follow. Imports of times increased last years. Germany primarily imports common times. Consumption of top quality dates tends to increase. Spain is the fifth largest night out market in Europe. But it is remarkable, that it's a country where imports are growing.

Tunisia is a leader in producing of deglet nour. The state production amount in 2001 was 107 000 tones for all kinds.

Algeria is the next largest designer of dates on earth (deglet nour). In 2000 365 000 tones of all varieties of dates were produced.

Iran is the next largest date producer on the globe with over 900 000 shades. It's the leading date distributor in the United Kingdom. Its other two greatest clients are Germany and Denmark(Liu).

These countries export common dates.

Israel produces little quantities of date fruits (9 5000 tones in 2001). But its exports to Europe have increased within the last years and now it have reached 4 300 shades.

The United States exports deglet nour and mejool schedules to European countries. It produces schedules in California.

Pakistan is the fourth major date producer on earth with over half of a million tones in 2000. Common dates are exported to Europe from Pakistan.

There are significant trade flows between your countries of europe. Some countries re-export dates. They are estimated at over 20 000 shades a year. The primary market segments of France are Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and the United Kingdom (Liu). The other European countries re-export much smaller amounts. Sine 1992 the uk exports significantly less than 500 shades to such countries as Ireland, Denmark and Germany.

Germany is just about the European Union's second greatest date exporter (700-900 tones each year). Germany exports dates to such countries as Austria and Denmark.

The Netherlands re-exports between 500 and 700 shades annually.


Our offering group will primarily market its product to target clients. To achieve this goal

We will create dazzling booklets, brochures which describe the good thing about dates, its useful properties. These booklets will get free of charge on the streets near to our university. You will see invitations at the exhibition of the dates also.

We will post an advert about the forthcoming exhibition at the web, on popular internet sites.

We will coordinate an exhibition of the dates where fruits will be sold at good deal. This is necessary for everyone to have a possibility to tastes times. There also catalogs and newspapers about night out fruits will be sold.

We will coordinate some lectures to inform more about the times and even to clarify how to grow date palm at home.

For sale we need practically 50 kilograms of particular date fruits and we'll order it at the market. Also we will order some interesting catalogs about times. We intend to maintain an exhibition for 6 days. During this time we want to show that if to provide an efficient ad people will gladly buy healthy and delightful dates. With a help of interesting and cognitive booklets a whole lot of customers will get to know more about these fruits and re-discover it for the kids. With the exhibition everyone will get an possibility to taste dates for free and then to decide if to buy it or not. All three varieties of times will be highlighted at the exhibition. To every kind there will be a special information using its characteristics. Times will be situated in nice decorated container. Two students will sale night out fruits; one will sale literature and two will give booklets to customers. One student will be outside near the university giving booklets to students. But before the exhibition we will provide some lectures about schedules which will include history understanding of these fruits. Lectures will be not monotonous, because we will put together presentation plus some additional materials about time frame palms and dates. We also will find some meals of dishes with times. Two students will lecture; three will give booklets on the roads and one will post an advertising campaign about an exhibition on the websites, such as facebook. These advertisements should pay students' attention on the forthcoming exhibition. It really is obligatory to generate nice and memorable advertisements and brochures. The very next day an exhibition will open, where everyone are certain to get an opportunity to taste dates also to buy interesting materials about these fruits.


We choose Grove House for our group. Grove house is a charity for the cancerous persons. We choose this charity and want to help the individual to improve their life. Another reason is Grove House is close to the law institution, not too much away from De Havilland Campus. A couple of six members inside our group. We separate our work and also have group meeting atlanta divorce attorneys lecture. We have a finical plan about our cashflow. Inside our plan, we will earn 25 pounds and every one of the money will be given to Glove House to increase the patients' life.

Our team of students who will sell date fruits are in charge and executive. Before the engaging in advertising we evaluated the books on the topic, made an idea of action and computed the required amount of materials. We was divided into three groups and every one of us received his personal duties. Two students will create interesting brochures and booklets about day palms and date fruits. One scholar will order schedules (50-60 kg). Two students will buy all necessary equipment, such as pots for time fruits, tablecloth, and holder. One student can make a presentation for the lection. One college student will write a lection about times using interesting historical facts and other information about day palms. This college student will find some meals of food with times. So, the process will commence when everything will prepare yourself. All of the six days and nights of advertising are also prepared

First day: Three students will lecture. Three students will give away booklets and brochures. And one college student will post advertisements on the web.

Second day: Three students will sell schedules. One scholar will sell books. Two students will give away brochures.

Forth and fifth days will be the identical to second. We assign duties to conserve time and resources. So, all the work will be done effectively.

We will ask friends and family members to borrow some cash; will take not huge loan at the bank. It'll be enough to buy all necessary things. It is estimated that this job will get started to make a earnings after two days and nights of businesses. We do not expect to obtain huge cash problems through the selling. If you will see some, we will sell times later. We also can coordinate more exhibitions in future when there will be possibilities for this.

If this advertising will give a good earnings, naturally, we will organize it again very soon. And we'll need only to buy particular date fruits, some books and perhaps some materials for brochures and booklets. As about utensils so we already have all the required. During these times we will make money for charity.

Risk Assessment

The risk of this offering related to the point, that not all goods will be soled. Not all the booklets and brochures will get. So, we may get just a little profit or do not get any profit at all. Our costs can go over the purchase. Another point is related with risk of lack attention of students to this arrangement. We will sell schedules at the university, so our main clients are students. Surely, if we provides good advertising, this set up will be certainly successful. If we can pay not really much focus on advertising, so our advertising will be not so impressive. So, good advertising is the most crucial thing for our set up.

This plan is a guide for our action, the merchandise and service part show whatever we will sale and that which we will service to the clients.

We want to believe our first steps in the small business will be done successfully. We recognize that it is impossible without problems but with its help we are certain to get to know what to do in future. We consider also our first business plan can help us to see by our eyes what the small business is and what this job demands from us. But it is not all that we expect to receive. We wish people to learn about night out fruits also to discover dates for everybody from new sides. We suppose it will be quite helpful. Everyone will get an opportunity not and then buy tasty dates but also to broad his outlook. We believe that we will achieve our aims.

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