The Ceylon Biscuits Limited Marketing Essay

1. 0 Introduction

Ceylon Biscuits Small is a proper creating Company in Sri Lanka. Currently CBL have more than 50 food products and corporation management is planning to enter in the international market. As a consultant for cultural changes of CBL the next survey has been analyzed to add the Lanka Soy Brand to international market while expecting to analyze inside and external markets of the organization with some analyzed data about India depending on its social behavior habits and cultural influences. Finally finish and suggestions are incorporated with respect to the analysis.

2. 0 Company Introduction

Lanka soy is a brand owned by among the finest companies in Sri Lanka, Ceylon Biscuits Limited (CBL). CBL started its operations in Sri Lanka since the biscuit processing in 1968. The purpose is to "unlimited extension of management-driven way with a conscience. " In 2000, it came into to manufacture of soybean through the launch of new brands in Lanka soy flavored meats products, to the home market and now CBL happens to be became the market leader in neuro-scientific TVP soy products in Sri Lanka. Aimed mainly Lanka soy and placement of products in people from metropolitan and rural areas through the establishment of an acceptable price with the products of the highest quality. Success account of CBL is a commitment to high standards of quality, development, continuous production brand (program of bread), extreme marketing, and a strong focus on research and development. Today, the group has widened its development to UK, and enjoys a worldwide presence with circulation stations in more than 32 countries, propagate across nearly every continent.

2. 1 Internal Environment

To catch the international market first the business needs to identify what are their advantages and weaknesses.



Sri Lankan Market leader

No proper brand ambassador for Lanka

World recognition mother company

Ex- SLIM People's Young ones Food Make of the Year, People's FMCG Brand of the entire year, etc

Not much offers for customers. Products.

The quality benchmarks of their products.

Ex - SLS, ISO 9000:2008, ISO 14000 and ISO 22000.

Lack of marketing adverts for company soya products.

Strong local and international (CBL other products) distribution network, crops and the sales force.

Lack of awareness for company soya flavors.

Own soya bean plantations employees (Famers).

Not much local flavours are available.

Strong suppliers chain in the united states.

Strong charity work.

Ex - Pannipitiya nana madura

Company's recycleables are agro founded and hence at the mercy of volatility in the countrywide and in international item markets.

Strong marketing campaigns

Ex - CBL T20 cricket event.

Well skilled employee

Ex - Mr. Nandana Wickramage one of the better marketing supervisor in the united states.

Table 01: CBL Internal Environment Analysis

3. 0 Competitive Evaluation for Ceylon Biscuit Limited

3. 1 Competition in Sri Lanka (Home Country)

Sri Lanka currently produces over 40, 000 tones each year of soya products wroth around Rs: 17 billion in value. Today there are many known TVP soya brands in Sri Lanka, including Lanka soy (CBL's), Delemage, Cargills, Harvest, Topaz, Ruhunu etc. Lanka soy is the leading brand in Sri Lankan soy market by holding 35% market share and respectively Raigam 25%, Delmage 7% and Prime soy 5%.

From Ceylon Biscuit Small financials of fiscal time 2010, the Sri Lanka market is quite important to Ceylon Biscuit Limited and represents over 55% of its total retail profits and almost 60% of its total net profits. Already CBL Company has captured the Sri Lankan soya market and maintain its expansion, they have to enter into new international markets.

3. 2 Competition in India (Coordinator Country)

India is one of the major exports of soy coffee beans to the Parts of asia. Thailand, Japan some of major countries. You will find four major competition in India that affects CBL, particularly Ruchi Soy Mahyco Soya, Dewas Soya, Adani Wilmar Soya.

Couple with a far more liberates government and even more heartening foreign investments and tax incentives, it opens an opportunity for CBL to consider its entry into India.

By using a framework for remedy industry framework, the Porter's Five Makes Model, we can have a better understanding of the industry framework where Ceylon Biscuit Limited may operate and have an research on the competitive position of its potential Soy business start up in India.

Reasons for selecting India have been further mentioned in Appendix A.

Porter's five makes for CBL in Sri Lankan market have been further talked about in Appendix B.

4. 0 Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

4. 1 Market Segmentation

The reason behind market segment is to make sure that the various aspect of marketing mixture such price, place, demand and offer and promotional activities meet the needs of different customer needs. Here solution market development technique which is market for markets where there are few rivals advertising some soya meat products. As CBL knows that; they are trying to understand customers and meet their needs better than the competition. It really is for sure that, different customers have different needs therefore it is hardly ever to satisfy all the customers. But as vegetarian products CBL soy can be allocated to the total Indian human population (1, 189, 172, 906 - total Indian society). Therefore you will see no special market segmentation for CBL's soya products.

4. 2 Target Market Analysis

India has a society of 1 1, 189, 172, 906 and per capita GDP of US $ 62, 100. Total Vegetarian people is 47%. Society in India is relatively richer which is more explored to Sri Lankan culture and business contact with tourist and overseas investment.

4. 2. 1 MARKETPLACE in India

CBL's Lanka Soy and Chico Soy target those who probably to buy soy beef. Potential focus on customers are;


Non Vegetarian

4. 3 Market Positioning

In Sri Lanka CBL's Lanka Soy is the market leader captures the full total market of 35%. Sri Lankan people are making use of quality food because of their meals. Already CBL is providing quality food for a reasonable price to the Sri Lankan consumers. CBL's Soya beef satisfies these customers' requirements also. Soya Meat Consumers in Sri Lanka much more likely to buy Lanka Soy products than other. Out of these almost all of consumers is buying Lanka soy referring the brand to the retail outlets and super market segments. Families are looking affordable, fresh foods. And individuals are looking for healthy, security food from CBL's products. At the present CBL's proof it by procure the product quality food. CBL's providing different flavored product rage of soya meats. Therefore competition and new market entrants can't contend with CBL's Soya Meats. CBL's have tactical resources, attractive market opportunities and performing well time campaigns to drive earnings.

5. 0 Different Sociable Group Habit Patterns

India, a well developing country in percent, is found in Southern Asia, bordering the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal, between Burma & Pakistan. In such a richly diverse and complex country as India it is difficult to impart generic conclusions that can be used to conduct business there. Regionalism, faith, language and caste are all factors that need to be studied into account when conducting business in India. Behavior, etiquette and procedure are all customized depending on whom the company is handling and the framework in which they may be being dealt with. However, the majority of those conducting business in India will do so in locations such as Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore with a particular socio-economic class. So the company will also concentrate on these previously listed cities to be able to startup business in India. Alternatively, Sri Lanka received many waves of migrants as disclosed by prehistoric burial places and, at least, one megalithic framework and twenty-five generations of background. No other country of equivalent size has a culture so old in antiquity and development, so diverse in character, and so abundant with variety of imagination. History of Sri Lanka commences with the introduction of the Indo-Aryans actually from the Northwestern region of the Indian subcontinent, accompanied by migrations from other parts of North India.

Detailed overview about major metropolitan areas in India have been further mentioned in Appendix C.

Language - Different expresses in India each have different formal languages. Central federal government only recognizes Hindi as the official dialect of India. However, when conducting business in India, British is the vocabulary of international commerce. But in Sri Lanka Sinhala is the mother tongue of the Sinhalese ethnic group which is the most significant in Sri Lanka. It is one of the constitutionally-recognized official languages of Sri Lanka, along with Tamil. Tamil is a traditional vocabulary and the oldest of the Dravidian terms family and spoken by the Tamil populace of Sri Lanka.

Religion - The primary religions of Sri Lanka are Buddhism and Hinduism which both have large affects on political, social, and public life. In India Hindu's will be the most powerful religious beliefs accounting for 81. 3% out of the total inhabitants while Muslims only signify 12%.

Hierarchy - Of all cultural influences that most impact Indian business culture, hierarchy plays an integral role. With its root base in Hinduism and the caste system, Indian modern culture operates within a framework of tight hierarchy that identifies people's roles, position and interpersonal order. Same as in India the affects of Buddhism and Hinduism as well as the caste system have created a culture that handled within the hierarchical system. Sri Lankans are aware of sociable order and position with all relationships, whether in family life or in the office, to some extent involve hierarchies.

Doing Business (Assembly and Greeting) - When conducting business in India, reaching etiquette takes a handshake. However, Indians themselves use the namaste. That's where the palms are brought alongside one another at torso level with a slight bow of the head. Utilizing the namaste is a sign of understanding of Indian etiquette. Sri Lankan business etiquette can be somewhat formal. Shaking hands is the most common form of greeting, while the traditional greeting as same gestures in India while saying "Ayubowan". When addressing an Indian or a Sri Lanakn, it is best to always use the correct formal title, whether Teacher, Doctor, Mr, Mrs or if they're anonymous then Sir or Madam will suffice. Conducting business in both countries will involve building romantic relationships. They only deal favorably with those they know and trust - even at the trouble of lucrative deals. It is essential a good working romantic relationship is founded with any possible partner.

Business Negotiating - Indians are non-confrontational. It is rare for them to overtly disagree, although this is beginning to change in the managerial ranks. In both countries decisions are reached by the individual with authority so that it is important to meet up with the person face-to-face. Being respectful of other people's time is not really a value in both countries, nor do people expect their partner to be very respectful of their time. It is merely not important enjoy it is [in the US]. Flexibility is paramount. Family duties take precedence over business so last second cancellations are possible when conducting business.

6. 0 Cultural Effects on Decision Making

One of the very most remarkable features of India, any overseas traveler must consider is the size and diversity in this country. Because of the breadth and diversity, there is merely one way to comprehend India. In fact, observers noted once again that "India as circumstances exists only in the thoughts of the population. " Many travelers find India unstable and confusing since it can not understand this point. It ought to be mentioned that although India has a secular politics structure, religion performs an important role in people's personal lives, and often affects connections and business dealings.

Family Composition - In India joint family plays an important role in Indian culture. For decades, it has been India's traditions prevailing in the prolonged family. It really is something whereby customers of the expanded family: parents, children, lovers and their young children, etc - to have together. Is normally the oldest person in the men is the first choice in the family system in India, a joint, with that most of the important and day-today decisions are being considered by that member. Though it was the same in Sri Lanka generations ago, mostly nowadays the Sri Lankan parents are separating themselves from their children after they got married. The explanation for it is because parents think that the kid should be given their own freedom rather than remaining under one roofing with parents and under their guidelines. Whether in Sri Lanka or India the family comes first and when it comes to taking decisions with relate with a person it ought to be taken by also considering the emotional facts. Through the organizations viewpoint it might be a disadvantage for these people, but it will not be difficult to take action, because it has already been utilized in Sri Lanka.

Festivals - India, being truly a multicultural society, they are celebrating vacations and festivals of various religions. A couple of four national getaways celebrated by Indians particularly the independence day festival, festival of the Republic, Gandhi Jayanti, and could day filled up with excitement and eagerness around India. Furthermore, many expresses and territories of India celebrate local festivals in minority demographics, depending on religious and linguistic. In Sri Lanka there's also many celebrations including Self-reliance Day, Sinhala and Hindu New Season festival, Poya days and nights, and other religious festivals. Each one of these festival days and nights are been pointed out as getaways by the government authorities and in India it is firmly prohibited for the company to induce his/her employees to work on holidays. While taking decisions the top management should experience all the possible celebrations (national or local) which influence the procedures of the company. It is for certain that rather than in Sri Lanka, India will have more holidays with relate to their festivals which is a downside for the business.

Clothing - Traditional clothing in India varies greatly in different regions of the united states, and affected by local culture, geography, and local climate in urban areas and rural. Popular styles of clothing draped dress like sari for girls and dhoti or Lungi for men. In public areas, religious and indigenous dress label inhibits the coverage of your skin and the utilization of transparent or restricted clothing. Although this is also practiced in Sri Lanka, generally in most public places it can be seen wearing clear or tight clothes. When taking decision about developing a even for the employees it ought to be taken in to consideration.

Sports - Cricket is typically the most popular sport in India. The India nationwide cricket team received the 1983 Cricket World Glass, the 2011 Cricket World Glass and the 2007 ICC World Twenty20, and distributed the2002 ICC Champions Trophy with Sri Lanka. When you can find cricket match it is so much difficult to make employees work, because somewhat than working for an income, Indian employees think that entertaining themselves by viewing a cricket match is a lot more important. Although cricket is typically the most popular sport in Sri Lanka, employees have a tendency to watch complements after finishing their work. So when doing business with Indians this kind of culture might impact the organization terribly.

7. 0 Conclusion

CBL is a well known company nationally and internationally. CBL's large food development range has made them the marketplace leader in several creation range categories, including Soya meat products. To develop the Asian regional coverage CBL packages to enter in the Indian market with relate to their Lanka Soya meats product. While discovering the advantages and weaknesses of the business they identified that we now have many known TVP soya brands in Sri Lanka, including Delemage, Cargills, Harvest, Topaz, Ruhunu etc. to contend with them domestically. The potential Indian opponents that will influence the success of CBL includes, four major competition, particularly Ruchi Soy Mahyco Soya, Dewas Soya, Adani Wilmar Soya. Through a market research CBL has determined as vegetarian products Lanka soy can be sent out to the total Indian inhabitants (1, 189, 172, 906 - total Indian people). Therefore there will be no special market segmentation for CBL's soya products. CBL's Lanka Soy is the market leader captures the total market of 35% while offering quality food for a reasonable price to the Sri Lankan consumers. In such a richly diverse and complicated country as India it is difficult to impart common conclusions you can use to do business there. CBL has realized that it is easier to analyse about Indian dialects, religions, hierarchy, doing Business (Reaching and Greeting), and business negotiating. During that the organization discovered different areas in India each have different official languages, Hindu's will be the most powerful faith accounting for 81. 3% from the total populace, Indian society functions within a platform of rigid hierarchy that identifies people's roles, status and communal order and Indians are non-confrontational. It is rare to allow them to overtly disagree, although this is starting to change in the managerial rates. One of the most remarkable top features of India, any overseas traveler must consider is the size and diversity in this country. It has been determined that although India has a secular politics structure, religion plays an important role in people's personal lives, and often affects interactions and business dealings.

8. 0 Recommendations

To enter in the Indian market CBL must also consider about the followings.

Getting more language knowledge, understandings about religions, festivals and family set ups is essential for CBL to do better business with India. For that it's better to use a well-experienced Indian expert to make it easy.

Decisions should not only to be taken depending on the organizations perspective, however the emotional factors must have to be used to consideration, while it plays a major role in decision making.

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