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Global market concept when choosing distribution channels

Consider the example of Dell's company. Basically, it sells its products using direct sales with call -centers that accept orders from different regions. If the buyer in Portugal calls the local number to Dell, , he automatically translates to the call -centre in France, where the Portuguese-speaking company representative answers questions from customers. The second option for direct sales has developed over the past few years. Since 1996, you can place an order not only by phone, but also via the Internet.

Direct sales strategy allows you to work with all target segments. Dell highlights business-class products ( OptiPlex, Vostro, n Series, Latitude, Precision, PowerEdge, PowerVault, Dell/EMC , etc.), which are distinguished by durability, high quality ; products for home use ( Inspiron, Studio, XPS, Studio XPS , Alienware, Adamo ), featuring a lower price; peripheral products (flash memory, LCD TVs, printers, monitors).

Also, to stimulate direct sales, the company's specialists use social networks, sending out special offers in Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube.

According to experts, in June 2009, Dell managed to generate revenues of $ 3 million from sales as a result of the company's activities in social networks. For one of the largest companies, the figure is small, but it is growing at a high rate. By the end of 2009, according to Bloomberg, revenue was $ 6.5 million. Thus, the company managed to increase the volume of proceeds from sales as a result of sending out offers in social networks in 2 times in just six months.

Dell attracted 100 people to send offers on 35 different channels on social networks. This way of stimulating sales is popular not only in the US, but also in Brazil (800 thousand US dollars in revenue), as well as in Mexico, China, Japan and some other countries.

The company's management reports: "This is a very important channel for us, and it is growing very fast. And its great advantage is that it works globally. "

To be closer to buyers in Europe and Asia, Dell produces its products in factories in Ireland and Malaysia, which are built in the same way as the plant in the US. This allows the company to smoothly conduct direct sales to end-users all over the world.

In 1990, Dell tried to sell their products not directly, but through store-stores and computer supermarkets, but did not achieve much success, and the company's management decided to return to the old proven model of direct sales. At that time, the company was the largest seller of computers.

At Dell again returned to the idea of ​​indirect sales in 18 years. In connection with the changes in the computer market associated with the increasing complexity of this technique, it became necessary to use new methods of sales.

The company's competitors opened stores with exhibition samples of products. Kiosks appeared on the market. The company Dell, retaining mainly the strategy of direct sales, also opened several kiosks and began selling products through representative companies in various countries. In 2008, already 100 local distributors sold the products of Dell. Also Dell opened several computer kiosks in the US and Europe. But still, the direct selling strategy remains the main one for Dell.

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