The Connotation Of Marketing Marketing Essay


Nowadays, marketing activities influence people in both the jobs as suppliers of products and services so that customers. Marketing performs a great part for companies in knowing their clients, the merchandise and services to offer, the advertising means etc. For individuals, marketing is important for those to choose a particular brand of classy dresses and even toothpaste. But marketing is a lot more than selling or advertising activities. In this article, the idea of marketing will be introduced in the beginning, and then your article places an emphasis on the full range of connotation for marketing including marketing strategies, the buyer behavior, environmental analysis, and marketing ethics. Finally, it is concluded that marketing is a thorough process that involves all of the activities of taking care of and fulfilling demand through the exchange process.

Marketing is a Comprehensive Process

As to the definition of marketing, most people, even some enterprisers, would hold that marketing imply retailing or advertising, however, marketing is an activity more technical than retailing or advertising. An effective meaning of marketing should not only consider overall economy, but also contains companies, people, and new ideas. Marketing is an activity of offering products and services, charges, promotion and distribution to meet the specific and organizational demand through exchanges (AMA, 1985). A corporation achieves its goals by gratifying both the domestic and foreign customers, and marketing is concerned with the activities to enlarge the market share of the company by complementing the demand. This description shows that marketing includes not only the corporations and people, but also the actions of non-profitable organizations or the marketing of a good idea or something and a product. Overall, marketing includes products, services, organizations, people and ideas.

Marketing Strategies

According to McCarthy (1960), marketing strategies include products, costing, promotion and place. Products or services will be the basic content in the marketing process, which is often grouped as goods or services and as customer or industrial. Classification is significant since it specializes in the disparities in the characteristics of products and the different marketing implications. An acceptable pricing also counts along the way of marketing that ought to be profitable to the business and beneficial to the consumers. Along the way of marketing, campaign is necessary to help make the products, services or ideas recognized to the consumers. Method of campaign includes personal advertising, advertising and public relations, price discounts and so forth. Distribution planning exerts a substantial impact on the marketing program utilized by a firm, because middlemen can play a wide variety of marketing assignments, the companys marketing plan will be different if it sells its products direct somewhat than through intermediaries.

Environmental Analysis

Environmental influences contain sociocultural and technical, economical and competitive as well as politics and legal affects (Kotler, 2006). Folks are easily affected both by the tendencies of the whole contemporary society and by a need to adhere to the guidelines of the different social groups to that they belong, and also to improve their status in those communities. Using the development of technology, consumers can get more individually-oriented offerings, and so their prospects are raised about the grade of the product and service. The flourish of products and services business lead to brand changing or provide consumers with the information to make more meticulous decisions. And legislation and legislation, if they relate to the merchandise introductions, customer rights or advertising means, also reduce the risk of decision-making. This reduces some pressure of the client, resulting in discerning and easier decisions and less risk of post-purchase disruption.

Marketing Ethics

Marketing ethics will be the marketers requirements of habit and moral ideals, as Homburg (2001) preserves. They are related to the decision to do what's morally right or what is morally wrong. Typically, the idea of business responsibility has cared about the partnership between the venture and consumers, the task staff, and the stockholders. The business is responsible for providing the clients with high-quality product at a rational price, decent earnings and an appropriate working environment for the staff and an satisfactory revenue level for stockholders.

Contemporary marketing decisions must regularly consider the external sociable environment. Decisions must also account for eventual, long-run effects. Socially responsible decisions must consider future decades as well as existing population.


In conclusion, in the process of marketing, reselling or advertising is vital if the company want to achieve its goals, but more emphasis must be located on the marketing strategies, which is also of great importance for taking environmental influences under consideration, which can exert impact on consumers decision-making. With people concern more about the ecology and healthy means of use, marketers must care about environmentally-friendly marketing despite the high-quality products and services.

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