The Continued Development Of Oreo

Oreo can be gratifying more that just the drive (craving for food). Oreo satisfies the nurturing need example, a mother struggling in nourishing her four to six 6 years old child with some diet food, can consider Oreo to supply her child with a sip of milk. Oreo satisfies the imitation need example, kids observing the Oreo advertising on TVs as the other kids are enjoying twisting, that cookies licking and dunking the cookie into a glass of milk. This forces the that cookie immediately and imitate the same steps. Oreo also adults like to have fun occasionally individually or despite having their kids.

Growth in the Saudi Arabian biscuit market has been powered mainly by two factors. Firstly, the marked increase in advertising spend by multinationals such as Nabisco, Expert Foods and Danone. Secondly, the level of popularity of rising products such as chocolate-coated biscuits and bakery substitutes, which have recently been launched in the market. Research has shown that biscuits, specifically sweet biscuits, are usually sold at low prices, averaging between SR0. 25 and SR2 (US $0. 06-US $0. 53), or a single-serve pack and revel in excellent distribution in every outlets.

The biscuits sector is highly developed due to the effectiveness of the local industry in Saudi Arabia, symbolized by large manufacturers such as United Food Companies. Oreo sales demonstrated a fluctuating final result in the past 13 years. When Oreo initially was launched in to the market, sales increased to a high scope for about 3 years but sales decreased for an extended period during 1997 to 2002. Oreo marketing became aware of their loses and immediately went back to action and transformed their marketing combination and began to introduce a number of different services. This work resulted with high sales in 2008. Sales were amounted to $4 billion and market talk about 41%.

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The basic design of any OREO cookie has not transformed since its release: two spherical delicious chocolate cookie wafer joined up with by great vanilla crЁme filling up.

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Key factors in the continuing development of OREO are the brand's award-winning advertising and best-in-class consumer marketing promotions. The brand's method of engaging consumers stays on true to its fact: creating associations through the basic OREO and dairy ritual that brings people together in occasions of childlike pleasure. Whether it's twisting, licking, dunking, or a blend of most three, OREO offers day-to-day moments of interconnection that other treat brands cannot match.

Throughout the years, the brand has taken alive the powerful OREO and dairy connection in several ground breaking advertising and promotional stations. One unique example is a breathtaking elevator in a shopping mall that dramatizes the original OREO and milk connection: a picture of your OREO cookie on the elevator dunks into a glass of dairy as the elevator descends. Because the OREO and dairy moment in time is central to the brand's identification, the advertising tagline was switched from "America's Favorite Cookie" to "Milk's Favorite Cookie. "

Another unique trait of OREO is the brand's unified worldwide marketing strategy. While the marketing communications are translated and modified for local cultures, the central communication of special moments of childlike pleasure allowed by the TWIST, LICK, AND DUNK ritual using an OREO and milk is consistent across the globe.

With significant investment in special offers and pr, the OREO brand has forged strong, long lasting links with consumers. Two personal marketing programs over the last a decade have been the OREO Global Occasions contest and the Increase Stuf Racing Category.

In 2008 the brand hosted the OREO Global Occasions competition, which asked OREO lovers surrounding the world to post videos depicting a special OREO and Milk Point in time. Consumers from eight different countries on four different continents got into videos depicting a wide range of OREO and Milk Occasions. From original OREO-themed music and animated skits to family lessons on OREO dunking techniques, lovers showed their interest for the brand with every video recording submission. The being successful video tutorial, which depicted a little girl supplying her previous OREO cookie and one glass of dairy to a soldier, was highlighted on the YouTube homepage for a day.

OREO recently energized the popular action of twisting, licking, and dunking by starting the Double Stuff Racing Category ("DSRL"). The DSRL is a different way to enjoy the typical OREO cookie and milk ritual. It's a fun activity that family and friends can enjoy mutually, racing to see that can finish an OREO Two times STUF cookie and a glass of milk the fastest. Racers twist their cookie available, lick off all the crЁme, dunk it in dairy, eat the cookie, and drink the a glass of milk. The first ever to surface finish twisting, licking, and dunking wins. Advertisements lately have presented numerous celebrity runners as DSRL sports athletes, which has powered significant media focus on this unique marketing campaign and resulted in very positive consumer response. OREO Twin STUF consumption is continuing to grow almost 10 percent since the start of the DSRL in 2008. 4

In maintaining the changing marketing scenery, OREO has enhanced its strategy by joining millions of excited fans to one another (and the brand) through sociable media. Social multimedia sites such as Facebook, Tweets, and YouTube are ideal tools for a brand like OREO, whose strategy is rooted in connecting family and friends. The brand's groundwork of links in combination with the global reach of OREO lends reliability to the two-way interactions that social advertising platforms enable on a daily basis. Consumers who "like" OREO on Facebook also acquire brand improvements, such as exclusive behind-the-scenes content from OREO advertising shoots and new product reports. By embracing the new chance to hook up with consumers, OREO has surfaced as a leader in social advertising and currently hosts one of the major consumer packed goods-branded Facebook web pages. 5

Whether it's through sociable press or lick race contests, OREO is attaining consumers through award-winning advertisements, unique campaigns, and public connection campaigns that continue steadily to build the OREO brand collateral.

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Develop new sandwiches that have less energy, less fat, less cocoa powder and less salt.

Customer has been complaining about the presentation for days gone by years. And in order to overcome this problem, the bundle should be given a new turn to attract more customer.

The labeling should be clear and dietary information should be specific rather than hypothetical such as "May contain dairy protein"!!!


Maintain their current prices.

Maintain a fixed price for everyone specific products overall the Riyadh market.


Oreo should enhance their market presence. Example: In Hail-Al-Wazarat, his wintry stores "Bagalas" don't possess Oreo products.


Their special offers haven't shown much about their organizations, Television set advertisements were for a short while and since they haven't shown some other particular promotions.

They should contact Advertising Organizations for better increased commercials.

Their websites provide less information about the complete group (Internal /External).

Aim for different promotional medias as Costs boards, Flyers, etc.

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