The dissimilarities between Pr and marketing

Public relationships are a glamorous career that will require the practitioners to meet up with media and the general public. Pr are usually associated with glamorous people such as politicians, music artists, actors and celebrity. This is because they applied and need public relations because their jobs involved the marketing and the public a lot. They need to be publicized and provide a clean image to the press and general population constantly all the time. Public relations pros are the person who will makes certain that they get what they need.

Marketing on the other hand are all about money and business. They care about the relationships that can only just profit them. But somehow just lately, public relations and marketing has been associated a lot and some have puzzled their function. Some said that pr and marketing are doing a similar thing. This assignment is about differentiating pr and marketing hoping that the general public relations professional and marketers will have better understandings on these two terms and can used them efficiently to improve their organizations and work.

What is PR?

Public relations can be explained as a field that concerns about keeping and improving a business public image. Pr can be defined as an intermediary between your organization that a public relationship professional represents and the general public. Doug Newson, Allan Scott and Judy Vanslyke Turk (1993) identified public relations as,

"intermediary between your organization that he / she represents and all that organization's publics. "

Public relations provide services for a business by helping them stimulates the major goal the organization prevails in the general public eyes. Public relations explain to the public on the organizations social aim and also what their corporation provides to the public. This then supply the public a much better understanding on the business which in turn creates trust.

In other words, open public relation also deals with the organization needs to be acknowledged in the general public eyes. Public relations ensure that the business has a good reputation in public eyes. Should there be bad rumours on the organization, public relation team are the person who will get rid of the rumors. They also create understanding and likeable images of a business with testimonies and articles found in relevant media outlet stores. This happens either by rating and commentary created by the media reps or from articles and testimonies given by public relations professional to the press themselves. A food commentary on the papers and magazines can enhance up the organizations name in the general public eyes.

Public relations are about reputation. The go up and shine of an organization's name will depend on how good and skilled their public relations professional deals with rumours, problems as well as their steps to advertise the organization. Public relations are also public-orientated. Programs and policies made by pr professionals are based on what the general public want.

In order to get general population attentions, public relations work a lot with marketing. Any news release, programs and latest plan of the business are constantly sent to the mass media. The multimedia then helps promotes the business by featuring an article. Besides that, pr specialists also use mass media such as social networks and blogs to convey message to the general public directly and to screen consumer's satisfaction of using their product and services.

But public relations do not only work to benefit the organization. They also help the general public by conveying public's text messages, needs and would like to the company. They closely monitor various kinds of mass media for commentary on the business they are working for and also on the merchandise or services that the organization has provided. Claims and suggestion are given to the general public relations professionals and they're the one who will tell the bigger management about the problems faced by the general public when using the organization's product or services as well as the suggestion given by the public to enhance the organization.

For example, in 2008, Mars Lend company which facilitates in fight breast cancer through its product Dove and M&M. For the purpose, they produce an all green M&M and Dove chocolates for this purpose. They will contribute at least a million dollars to Susan G. Komen for the Get rid of through the limited-edition pink chocolates candies.

Based on the example, pr professionals are trying to tell the general public that they don't only value the revenue that they gain by providing the limited model type of delicious chocolate candies, nevertheless they also cares in what is going on in the modern culture and what they can do to help. By doing goodwill and charities services, an organization is able to improve and retains its good image in public eyes.

This means that public relations work for both company and the general public. They are the staff of the business to the general public as well as the representative of the public to the organization. They attend both organization and open public needs.

According to Allen H. Centre and Patrick Jackson (1995),

" The emphasis of pr is on habit. "

They mentioned that pr do not only keep up with the position quo or change just how people feel or think about the organization but public relations should also stimulates favorable behavior for the business inside the general public. Public relations should have the ability to make people do something or to prevent these to do something.

Public relations should change both organization and public perception towards the other person and maintains it. They must motivate a new behavior inside both of these elements, reinforce the habit and then enhance any negative patterns that they had towards each other.

In example, an organization who dumps dangerous waste in the river. For the organizations, it is to reduce the cost of waste disposal. Public relations should change the way the organization feels by letting them understand how the society seems about it and exactly how that could have an impact on the organization. Public relations professionals then create a new policy for the business to bolster the habit and suggest new and cost-effective ways of throw away disposal.

What is Marketing?

"Marketing is the public and managerial process where individuals and categories obtain what they want and need through creating, offering and exchanging products of value with others. " (Kotler, 1991)

In other words, marketing can be an activity where an individual or organization creates and offers product and services based on identification of what the public wishes and need. An exchange with the company will happen for the public to get what they need and need.

Marketing will not only create needs for the merchandise and services proposed by a person or an organization, but they also attempts to regulate demands to complement supply. Usually calls for for commercial and commercial products and services have its period where at first the demand rates were high and then the demand will slowly but surely go down. A person and an organization will have to think about how to prevent this to occur or at least maintain the demand rate with their product and services. That is when marketing really works.

Creating in marketing field means that marketing is included from the beginning of the development of the products and services. This is because before a product and services is established, a marketer will do a research on the availability of other products and services, how usually the products and services were used and the market value of the merchandise and services. If the merchandise and services are not available in the market, the marketer will find the reason why and the rate of recurrence of people who wants and need such products and services. When all these were done, then the product and service are created.

Although marketing is about satisfying customer's desires and needs apart from their own company needs and needs, both customer and organization do not are present without benefiting one another. A satisfied customer will buy an organization's product or services if the product/services profit them and the merchandise and services have a good reputation and an organization satisfy the buyer by providing the very best quality because of their product/services so that the customer use their product/services.

Marketing process will not exist alone. There are a lot of elements in an organization in order to make good marketing. Marketing will involve activities such as product/service management, syndication, selling, marketing-information management, funding, prices and services.

Product/ service management function in helping in the look and development of the services. They make sure that the design on the products/services the business is attractive and different from other organization's product and the introduction of the product/ services will meet up with the needs of the consumer.

Distribution management can determine the best approach and ways that the organization may use in order for the clients to be able to discover, obtain and use the products/services of the business. Syndication is important because the simpler a customer can locate and acquire the product, the bigger the chances a product/service is used.

The selling team will sell the product/ service by direct and personal communications. A customer can go right to them to choose the product/ service and they can obtain more information on the product/ service. The selling team ought to know everything there exists to learn about the product/ service in order that they will not create doubts to the product/ service that they are selling.

The marketing-information managements are the person who will obtain, manage and use the marketplace information for the business use. This information is used to improve decision making and the performance of market activities. Information like the rise of essential oil prices will be the example of information that they use. These details is valuable to the corporation because they have an impact on the product/service price and demand.

The financing team will budget the amount of money use for marketing activities, obtain necessary money and provides financial helping to customer to aid them with purchasing the organization's product and services. For instance, in buying house, the financial team of enclosure company will suggest to the customers which bank that delivers loans for buying house at that area.

Pricing activities aims to determine and communicate the value of products and services to the clients. They will analyze the expense of the product/ service development and analyze how much a person can pay for such product and service. Then they create a price that will fulfill both the organization and the client.

Promotion team seeks to connect information to the public through advertising and other promotional strategy to attract and encourage them to buy the organization's products and services.

An corporation, small or big needs marketing. Marketing can help a business to get customers for his or her own benefit. An organization has to present themselves to the public for their group to be identified. With marketing, a business will gain customer faster. For instance, a cafe. A cafe that has ornamental walls with dazzling colors and comfortable environment will much more likely to possess customer rather than a cafe that has dark and lifeless, plain wall space with dirty surfaces and stand.

When customers are content with the product, an organization can keep their customer. Their existing customer will usually support them and buy or use their products. When they have existing customer, they can create various kind of products for the customer or they can enhance their products and services matching to another type of target audience in order to appeal to new customer.

The Variances between PR and Marketing

A lot of individuals are perplexed on the functions of pr and marketing. Although pr and marketing has their similarities such as utilizing interpersonal media, news release, article sites and sociable networking for promotional purposes, they employed different types of substance and approach.

The confusion happens because marketing uses public relations as part of their strategy. Public relations are part of the 4P (Product, Price, Placing and Advertising) which create a powerful marketing strategy. Pr are of help for marketing because using pr, an organization may reduce the price of promoting its product and services.

1. The target

The first major distinctions between these two areas are who their aim for is. Marketing concentrates more on continuing a relationship with the clients, clients and stations that will advantage them while pr centers more on continuing a relationship with the general public as a modern culture.

"marketing relationships be based upon the idea that both celebrations in a romance are prepared to give benefits in order to receive equivalent benefits in exchange. "(Grunig et al. , 2002)

Marketing only focuses on their customers, clients and channels that would gain their firm. As the word moves, no money, no have a discussion, marketing is profit-oriented. They'll not establish a romance with other corporation or specific if it generally does not benefit them in any way. For example, a recognised jeans company. They'll create romance with the make of the cloth, zips and switches. With a good relationship, the trousers company benefits with a stable way to obtain cloths, zips and control keys. With that romantic relationship, the company also can get discount for becoming the cloths, zips and button's steady customer.

Marketing exist because there are a lot of similar products and services offered on the market which is very competitive. Every business in the market needs resources, funding and identification to contend with each other. Without resources and money, an organization cannot produce products and services that tend to be innovative than the other organization's product and services and without acceptance, the organization will gain no resources and money because no one has ever heard of the business before.

Public relationships on the other hand, have a wider target. Pr, not only creates and keeps relationships between the organizations and the clients, but also towards the public, even those who has no direct lines to the organization that they stand for. The public may be the chief supervisor of the organization, the worker in the business, the customer, administration, the activist, reporters and a 15-calendar year old student who is taking PMR this year.

"parties provide benefits to each other because they look after others' passions without expecting something in exchange. " (Ursula Str¶h, 2007)

Public relationships help firm to endure in the public environment by creating and keeping the organization's romance with the modern culture in order to improve and develop society's market status. They help the society without thinking set up public can help the organization back again.

All pr professionals want is the fact the business gets an optimistic image from the activity. That's what pr are. They are all about creating and retaining relationship with the general public by showing the public the organization's positive image. Public relations implicit goals are the general population perceptions and predispositions.

2. The Communication Style

The second dissimilarities between marketing and public relations are the design of their communication. Marketing focuses on the signals and icons used to present their personal information, brand and image. Regarding to Van Riel (1995), he argues that if the right messages are conveyed to the right audience, the organization's id will be moved into their thoughts, leaving a graphic.

As for pr,

"The field of public relations in turn emphasises behavioural human relationships where the decision-making operations of management will determine the trustworthiness of the organization

(Grunig et al. , 2002).

Public relations is convinced that the way the organization reveals themselves to the public is what individuals will remember and the amount of trust the general public have on the business is exactly what determine the go up and land of a business. For instance, the recent case of Air Asia airplane that got skidded on Kuching AIRPORT TERMINAL. Until now, there have been no staff from mid-air Asia Company to explain the accident and exactly how they will compensate the travellers inside the airplane. This has makes the public lost their trust on Air Asia and possessed caused the public to choose other journey companies.

3. The Cost

Another difference they have is the expense of generating each promotion. Marketing uses more income for their campaign. As it was mentioned in the definition of marketing before, marketing will not stand alone. They are really a lot of folks involved in creating a good marketing strategy. A lot of money is used to pay for this entire people. Besides that, advertisement space whether it's published, online, in the tv set or radio, all comes with a high price. This occasionally triggers small and local business struggling to promote their business through the media.

Public relationships however are just a tiny team of people. Paying these publicists will not cost an organization a lot of money. For activities such as Breast Cancer Understanding, Cambodia Humanity Advertising campaign or Japanese Earthquake Relieve, publicist come from all around the place to make this program happens voluntarily.

The cost of providing public relations advertising strategy consumes less overall and sometimes it is free. Public relations are concerns about how precisely many times a person is reading an article about the company, how far can a person reach their websites or contact amount, how many experiences are there out there on the organizations and exactly how are they ranking the business they represent. Public relations use interpersonal networking sites such as Facebook, Blogspot and Wordpress to promote their organization and these social networking sites are requires the users to pay nothing at all.

4. The Creative Control

Even though it appears that public connection is a much better way to promote, marketing is the one with the creative juice. Marketing has full control on what is out to the general public. The design of the deals, campaigns, contest, promotion and the advert on the tv all have to go through series of evaluation before going out to the general public so the public only has got the best from the organization. The result is superb and this creative theme that marketing brings is the one providing all the profit back to the business.

Public relations on the other palm, have no control how the media reveals the info that was given to them. Pr can send one thousand articles to the multimedia, highlighting the best points of the organizations and the mass media can choose to not distribute even one of these articles. Even if they were chosen to be printed, sometimes it does not fulfill what the organizations want them to emphasize.


Public relations is approximately creating and controlling relationship between the organizations and the public while marketing is approximately creating and taking care of relationship with their those who is able to benefit them. Pr value the contemporary society without stressing if what they have done to the general public will or will not gain them. However, marketing will take into account the cost that they made when having connections with certain people. If they think that the other get together will not gain them even just a little, they'll not waste materials their time with them.

There are a great deal of characteristics that can distinguish between marketing and public relations. The characteristics will be the concentrate on, the communication style, the cost and the creative cost. From the characteristics, we can inform if the method used is a general population relations' method or marketing method when doing promotion.

Everybody who are in this field, whether straight or indirectly associated with public relations and marketing should is aware of the differences between your two of this terms so that those included may use either both of these strategies effectively to improve their organizations.

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