The Factors Affecting Marketing Marketing Essay

Marketing is the activity and group of processes for creating, connecting, providing and exchanging offerings which have value for customers, clients and lovers. It is defined as the process of determining the needs and wishes of consumers and having the ability to deliver products that meet those needs and needs. Marketing includes all activities that are essential to move a product from the producer to the buyer, an example of marketing is home window exhibits in travel firms. Thomas Make changes their window displays frequently as they may have many holiday deals to get their customers, shows have catchy slogans to request them to discover more about that holiday and fair prices including a packed holiday.

The function of marketing is deciding all together what services the customer will want and what ways they will be delivered to the customer. It also helps a business to recognize successful products for industry and then promote them by separating them from similar products. You will discover seven main functions of marketing; circulation, selling, funding, market information management, pricing, product and service management and campaign. There will vary seeks of marketing; to increase awareness of the product or service, to increase market show, to analyze customer needs, to talk to different customers and to solve any problems that involves affecting the process of marketing.

Marketing mix differs elements of a product's marketing plan which an organisation uses to meet their customer's needs, this is also called the 'four Ps'; Product, Price, Place and Campaign. Product identifies physical products and services, listed below are some examples of product decisions; brand name, styling, packaging, quality and fixes. A few examples of rates decisions include; seasonal pricing, price overall flexibility, price discrimination and cash repayment discounts. Syndication which refers to the place is all about getting the products to the client, here are some examples of syndication decisions; order processing, transportation, syndication centres and stations and inventory management. Promotion represents the various areas of marketing, its goals is to generate a positive customer response by following decisions which include; sales deals, advertising, personal advertising and public relations and publicity. A good example of marketing combine is a new company who's setting up their own company is trying to spend additional money on promotion to be able to get themselves known, whereas at the same time a recognised business will need to keep an eye on its prices if needed they will make changes.

Market segmentation is the procedure of defining a huge market into clear sections by having similar desires, needs and characteristics; it comes with an objective to design a marketing combine which complements the targets of customers. Market segmentation can be done in different ways using a combo of methods such as; demographic segmentation, socio-economic segmentation, geographic segmentation and psychographic segmentation. Demographic segmentation is separating your consumers to advertise the groups individually according to gender for example expanding holidays for women, era for example creating holidays to meet up with the needs of the 18 to 30 generation and folks over 55, and cultural grouping. Whereas socio-economic segmentation is situated only on occupation which is then advertised by the marketing to target people within an area. Geographic segmentation is collecting information in line with the location of the customer so they know where there products are for sale which rises advertising, an example of this is people moving into a particular postcode area could be directed any occasion brochure. Whereas psychographic segmentation categorises there consumers relating to drive, lifestyle and personality types and this can be done by adding new activity holidays.

Marketing communication methods is area of the marketing mix which extends to all the regions of the organisation; this means the same marketing note can be offered in all areas of marketing through branding to customers and target audience. Marketing communication mechanisms, such as printing, radio, television advertising, promotion and online advertising help promote a company's products and services. Using different methods of marketing communication allows the business to reach the widest audience. A good example of marketing communication is tour operators such as Thomas Cook who advertise their holiday seasons on-line accompanied by pictures, prices and activities they include within the destination plus they advertise on shop windows to entice more customers to book a holiday within them. Thomas Cook also appears as a pop up if one is on another website like Facebook to be able to sell themselves and make sure they are known.


There are a variety of factors which impact marketing in the travel and travel and leisure industry, this consists of the positive and negative factors that have inspired the marketing decisions. On the next few pages I will explain the result of all factors you need to include examples in my own answers from travel and tourism companies.

Company Ethos is a company's' described set of beliefs and values that can be articulated in a objective statement, these claims are then advertised online and within an office reception area. They are incredibly important as it instructs customers what things to expect as something and gives a concept to employees about what the company wishes to accomplish. Public responsibility can be an organization's management going towards the hobbies of the world where it operates. Corporate communal responsibility (CSR) is the dedication by the business in order to behave ethically and continue to contribute to financial development while increasing the quality life of the workforce. Companies which meet their criteria can be posted which specifies to stakeholders that the business has appropriate polices for CSR. A CSR strategy is focused on managing just how a business handles issues such as gender and supervising overseas workers, it helps ensure a business has positive impact on people as well as the environment wherever it manages. The first exemplory case of company Ethos is the objective declaration of the airline Easyjet which reads "to provide our customers with safe and value. To give you a steady and reliable product and fares, appealing to leisure and business market segments on a range of Western routes. " http://www. slideshare. net/esteewu/easyjet-presentation My second example is Thomas Cook's stock exchange overall price in Dec 2012 is 48 and the change is 2. 13%. http://www. lse. co. uk/shareprice. asp?shareprice=TCG My third example is English Airways objectives and strategies; they want to end up being the world's leading global top quality airline and to focus on customer service to help them develop a sustainable future because of their business. www. britishairways. com/cms/global/microsites/ba_reports0910/our_business/strategy2. html

Consumer protection contains laws and organizations which are designed to ensure the rights of consumers as well as truthful information available on the market. The laws are designed to prevent businesses who engage in fraud from getting an edge over competitors, they are a form of government rules which aim to protect the rights of consumers. Consumer cover means that products purchased by consumers are safe to use, will meet all standards, that consumers have ample information to make safe purchase which marketers are prevented from using phony methods to sell their products. A good example of a consumer protection is the info Protection Act 1998 which provided individuals a right of access to 'personal data', this is often collected whenever a person completes the purchase of something or good from a firm which involves loan provider, contact details and any other important information. Personal data must be held secure and up-to-date; this data can be placed either on the computer or in newspaper documents. http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Consumer_protection_laws My first example is First Choice which really is a tour operator who may have regulations to protect the travelling community; they are protected by FLIGHTS Organisers' Licence (ATOL). This will not allow customers to reduce their money or become stranded. http://www. firstchoice. co. uk/about-us/who-we-are/ My second example is British Airways and its Data Protection Take action; they treat almost all their information as private then they protect every customer's personal privacy. All private information will not be exceeded onto third celebrations. http://www. bavirtual. co. uk/administration/privacy My third example is Thomas Cook's rules of practice to the Criminal Records Bureau; they treat all job seekers quite but however to evaluate people for positions of trust. http://www. thomascook. com/thomas-cook-careers/

Standards of practice are an alternative term for code of professional responsibility, a good example of this is codes of practice; they are written guidelines given by a professional connection to its users in order to help them obey with its ethical standards. The United kingdom Code of Advertising is legal and honest, they value the concepts, and they are prepared taking a look at responsibility within the modern culture and the consumers and are also linked with the Advertising Requirements Expert (ASA) who gets responses about guidelines on advertising. The ASA work includes functioning on complaints and checking out the media to do this against unsafe or offensive adverts. Their mission is to; be more effective with business' and consumers, be a highly effective area of the response to interpersonal issues which can be damaged by advertising and making a success of regulating online advertising. ASA is an impartial body who bank checks samples of advertising and work to create criteria of service so therefore they are focused on; resolve complaints with no delays, to provide a superior quality service, to most probably about their steps and the decisions in which they make, meet all their customer's needs and value the advertising industry and members of the public. My first example is travel operators such as Virgin Getaways who are at the mercy of legislation in order to ensure the health and security of their customers on the holiday. My second example is Ryanair's display advertising which is one of the very most effective media platforms reaching 82% of announcements among different passengers and overhead locker advertising is obvious throughout the air travel. http://www. ryanair. com/en/advertise My third example is First Choice sales promotion on the voucher codes which gives a boost to customers especially as they can get discount on the next holiday and money off on summer months and winter flights. http://www. vouchercodes. co. uk/firstchoice. co. uk

Political, economic, public and technological are factors that affect businesses, this is described as PEST evaluation because the factors involved are categorized into four. Infestation examination helps an organisation to take note of external factors which are impacting its business; they help with the SWOT examination which identifies dangers and opportunities. SWOT evaluation evaluates inner factors such as strenghts and weaknesses and inner factors such as opportunities and hazards which influences the marketing.

Political factors are related to authorities insurance policy and administrative practices that can have an effect on something, these factors must be taken into account when considering a politics change. These changes could require employment lawful restrictions which companies must therefore have respect for. Political factors are how a authorities interferes in the economy, it include areas such as taxes policy, labour law, environmental law, trade restrictions, tariffs, and political stability. Politics factors may also include goods and services which the government desires to provide and the ones that the federal government does not want to provide; www. puremoneymaking. et/pages/strategy_building/mission-vision/elements-of-pest. aspx which means government authorities have great effect on the health, education, and infrastructure of a nation. International relations are a good example of a political factor which is the partnership between countries, like the roles of claims, organisations and organizations. It is the branch of politics science that can be involved with the overseas affairs of and relationships among nations, peoples and areas. My first example is all tour operators have to be careful of political incidents especially in every the different places they sell with their customers. My second example is the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) who offers up-to-date home elevators all security techniques in the countries located all around the globe. My third example is tour operators who is able to get almost all their passengers back if something happens in another country such as an occurrence and so therefore they make sure that they will be safe out there with given advice.

Economic factors are the resources that can impact a person on the everyday life and it is the distribution of services and materials. Economical factors include monetary growth, interest rates, exchange rates and the inflation rate; these factors have major influences on how businesses operate and exactly how they make decisions. www. puremoneymaking. et/pages/strategy_building/mission-vision/elements-of-pest. aspx An example of an monetary factor is interest levels, it is the amount priced as a share by way of a lender to a customer for the utilization of resources which can include cash and consumer goods. Interest rates are typically observed on an twelve-monthly basis, known as the annual percentage rate (APR). Interest levels is incurred or paid for the utilization of money, it is determined by dividing the quantity of interest by the quantity of principal nevertheless the rates can change according to the consequence of inflation. Central banking companies generally tend to cut back interest levels when they would like to increase investment in the country's overall economy; they are taken into account especially when working with parameters like inflation, investment and unemployment. My first example is travellers exploring on different airlines need to pay air passenger responsibility only if their aircraft bears 'chargeable travellers'. http://www. nibusinessinfo. co. uk/content/when-you-must-pay-air-passenger-duty My second example is interest levels in the Bank of England which holds interest levels at 0. 5%; the reason they set interest rates is to keep carefully the inflation only possible to preserve the value of money. http://www. bankofengland. co. uk/Pages/home. aspx My third example is exchange rates which have an impact on a tour operators pricing strategy, it is because it can increase or lower the price tag on a product waiting for you or in foreign countries and prices of products from opponents can change. http://www. tutor2u. net/business/gcse/external_environment_economic_exchange_rates. htm

Social factors will be the facts that impact individuals' personality, lifestyle and behaviour such as; the ethnical aspects, health consciousness, population development rate, age circulation, career behaviour and emphasis on safety. Fads in sociable factors impact the demand for a company's products and how that company functions. www. puremoneymaking. et/pages/strategy_building/mission-vision/elements-of-pest. aspx An example of a communal factor is ageing people, this occurs when the median time of a country or region boosts due to a rise in life span and declining labor and birth rates. Population ageing is a transfer in the circulation of a country's populace towards older age range, normally, this is reflected in an upsurge in the population's mean and median age ranges, a decrease in the proportion of the population composed of children, and a rise in the proportion of the population that is elderly. Population ageing is popular across the world which is most advanced in the most highly developed countries. http://coolgeography. co. uk/A-Level/AQA/Year%2012/Population/Population%20change/managing%20pop%20change%20new. htm My first example is ageing society in Japan; older people population which include people older than 65 years strike a record of 22million. http://news. bbc. co. uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/1083097. stm My second example is the advertising that includes a social effect on different civilizations especially in the us where advertising such as Television set, magazines, videos and news media reflects and creates the culture. http://www. cliffsnotes. com/study_guide/The-Role-and-Influence-of-Mass-Media. topicArticleId-26957, articleId-26946. html My second example is trip bookings to Madame Tussauds where you have the opportunity to see celebrity polish figures, the way these celebrities are made are amazing as they look real when you see them face to face. http://www. madametussauds. com/

Technological factors are influences which have a direct effect how an company operates that are related to the equipment which is utilized within the organization's environment. The factors include scientific aspects such as R&D activity, automation, technology incentives and the rate of technical change. They can determine obstacles to entry, minimal production level and impact outsourcing decisions and these technological shifts make a difference costs, quality, and also lead to development. www. puremoneymaking. et/pages/strategy_building/mission-vision/elements-of-pest. aspx A good example of a scientific factor is the internet which has changed just how customers book their holidays, on-line arranging systems are used a lot of times by people for booking vacations as well as hotel accommodation and transfer. Travel companies and tour providers are making use of new technologies now and again in order to advertise their services; this enables different companies to advertise via the internet. Technology has also changed just how that firms market their products, prices, places and offers. My first example is the internet where now every customer prefers online reservation for their holiday, this has influenced travel businesses as they acquire fewer customers to help reserve any occasion. My second example is Heathrow International airport and its self applied check-in scheme where the customer uses a computer to choose their seating and print out their boarding cards and then take their baggage to the bag-drop facility. http://www. heathrowairport. com/heathrow-airport-guide/checking-in#selfservice My third example is new technology being brought out which is a positive thing as it is benefitting every single customer to carry out advertising via other companies as well as their websites.

Environmental factors are a constrained aspect in the physical, ethnical, demographic, economic, politics, regulatory and technological environment which influences the survival, procedures and progress of an organization. www. slideshare. net/Karvee/environmental-factors-business Environmental factors include ecological and environmental aspects such as weather and climate which may influence market sectors such as tourism, farming and insurance. Therefore growing awareness of the effects of environment change has effects on how companies operate and the products which they offer. www. puremoneymaking. et/pages/strategy_building/mission-vision/elements-of-pest. aspxAn exemplory case of environmental factors is global warming which is an average upsurge in the temp of the atmosphere nearby the Earth's surface contributing to changes in global weather habits. Global warming is often described the warming which can occur as a result of increased emissions of greenhouse gases from individual activities. Another example of an environmental factor is natural disasters, this consists of; earthquakes, avalanches, hurricanes, floods, mudslides, tornadoes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. My first example is global warming which is a rise in heat range of the earth's atmosphere and it can be good but if the thermal blanket gets thicker too much high temperature is kept it is therefore bad. http://news. bbc. co. uk/cbbcnews/hi/find_out/guides/world/global_warming/newsid_1575000/1575457. stm My second example is natural disasters which includes; floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes and tsunamis and most of the times these are unexpected and overpowering. http://www. apa. org/topics/disasters/index. aspx My third example is Boris bicycles which are bicycles named after Boris Johnson who is the mayor of London and the prices are as follows; a day costs 2, 7 days will cost 10 and annual costs 90. If the bike is broken the fee will be up to 300, late go back demand will be 150 and non go back fee is 300. http://www. tfl. gov. uk/roadusers/cycling/14811. aspx

All the factors that happen to be mentioned above influences decisions on marketing this means companies may need to come to a bottom line to change their old products, change their prices, advertise new campaigns and make changes to marketing communications. Price and competition symbolize two of the most powerful influences on online marketing strategy that happen to be classed as internal and external affects. For example, small businesses require immediate short-term profits; which means marketing strategy introduces a high-performing product to a distinct segment segment of the marketplace before competitors. The business then generates the maximum amount of profit as is feasible until competitors present a cheaper product and then it goes to launch a fresh product in a new market. http://smallbusiness. chron. com/influences-marketing-strategy-43431. html

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