The Factors Influencing Consumer Buying Action Marketing Essay

Consumer buying behavious is very importance in the industry because consumers can make many buying decisions every day. I will choose Fast- food to make consumer buying behaviours factor will work for the success on the market. Why I wish to choose Fast- food because I love to eat Junk food. I love to eat much kind of food in my own life. For instance McDonald, Pizza, KFC, Burge Ruler etc. I know many people also like to eat Junk food. Food is very important in human being life. If metropolis or any beautiful places did not have any food stall or restaurant sure have people complain or hungry until scold people.

I will choose Mc Donald to make consumer buying behaviours factor is wonderful for the success in the industry. I choose Mc Donald because they give me many ideal and information. In addition they provide much delightful food to the whole customer eat. Beside that, they also provide many marketing environment in the country. Many countries likewise have Mc Donald. The business has turned into a sign of globalization and the pass on of the American life-style.

By the way, Mc Donald Company has provided many kind of delicious food. For example Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, chicken breast product, French fries, breakfast time items, soda, milkshakes, happy meals, desserts etc. All the delicious food attract many people come to Mc Donald have their food during the day time. Beside that the Mc Donald likewise have provide some game for a child. They want let all a child to enjoy the meals and fun in Mc Donald. For instance playground, game and so forth. When you buy a set of happy meal they'll free you one gift idea or you buy a set lunch time they'll free a wine glass or other activities for you. I am going to keep the whole present for fun.

In addition, McDonalds is about the most junk food restaurants on the globe. You can find it in everywhere. Other country also can find McDonalds. McDonalds can be the successful junk food restaurant in the world. It is because they have provided many kind of delicious food. For example Hamburgers, cheeseburgers, poultry product, French fries, breakfast time items, soft drink, happy meal and so on. McDonald service and environment is quite good. Sometime many customers go there to remember their youngster birthday. Many people like to go there enjoy their food. By the way, McDonalds have provided some game for the kid. They want let all the kid to enjoy the meals and have a fun at there. For example playground, game and so on.

Beside that, McDonald was plan many part of the marketplace because they would like to improve the whole thing and earn more money on the globe. They also will use the marketing route firm to market their product. For example they'll used promotion to promo their product, advertise the advertisements in the internet, radio, television set, station, new newspaper and so on. Incidentally, they also thought personal communication route for their promote the new product developing. Even thought the economic not good, McDonald still can earn money because all the food is cheaper and delightful.

Finally, McDonald's population very fast. They will target type of people on the market. McDonalds try them better to create more and more food to customer eats. They make sure all the meals is healthy for the client and eat so customer no need worry.

Factors influencing consumer buying behavior

- Culture Factor

Consumer buying patterns is deeply inspired by social factors such as buyer culture, subculture, and sociable class. Essentially, culture factor is the part of every society and is also the important reason behind person would like and habit. The impact of culture on buying patterns varies from country to country therefore marketers have to be very careful in inspecting the culture of different groups, parts or even countries. McDonald will express through tangible items such as food, building, clothing and so on. Beside that,

Each culture has different subcultures such as religions, nationalities, geographic areas, racial groups etc. McDonald can design products according to the needs of a particular geographic group.

By just how, the Cultural styles are contains forces that impact the world basic value, perceptions, personal preferences, behaviors and so forth. Different people have different cultural. Some of individuals think eat more Mc Donald will get bad Healthy but some of individuals dun value it still have many people eat Mc Donald. Mc Donald has provided HALA food so everyone also can eat Mc Donald

Finally is every society possesses some form of social class which is important to the marketers because the buying behavior of individuals in confirmed social class is similar. In this way, marketing activities could be tailored according to different interpersonal classes. McDonald will need note that communal class isn't only dependant on income but there are various other factors as well such as: riches, education, occupation and so forth.

- Public Factor

Social factors also impact the buying behavior of consumers. Social factor also can strongly have an impact on consumer responses, companies must take them into consideration when designing marketing strategies. The important cultural factors are research categories, family, role and status.

Reference categories have potential in forming a person frame of mind or behavior. The impact of research groups can vary across products and brands. It also fashion to be most powerful when the product is obvious to other whom the buyer respects. For instance if the product are nice and obvious such as Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, rooster product, French fries, breakfast items, soft drink, milkshakes, happy meal, desserts etc then it will influence of reference organizations will be high.

By just how, consumer buyer patterns is strongly inspired by the member of a family. Therefore McDonald is trying to get the roles and effect of the hubby, wife and children. In the event the buying decision of a particular product is influenced by children then McDonald will try to target the kids in their advertising campaign. Here we should note that buying assignments change with change in consumer standards of living.

Finally, the social factor likewise have include each individual possesses different tasks and status in the society depending after the groups, clubs, family, organization and so forth to which he belongs. For example, McDonald has provided internal and exterior service to the whole customer. So that it buying decisions will be influenced by it role and position.

- Personal Factor

Personal factors can also have an impact on the buyer buying behavior. A number of the important personal factors that influence the buying behavior are: lifestyle, economic situation, occupation, time, personality and home concept.

Age and life-cycle have potential impact on the buyer buying behavior. It really is apparent that the consumers change the purchase of goods and services with the passage of time. McDonald will establish appropriate products for every stage.

Beside that, Mc Donald will target type of people in the industry. For example, kid, business people, university student, tourist etc. Sometime they no other choose to find other food and eat, they'll right away find the Mc Donald because Mc Donald cheaper and fast. You'll find Mc Donald in any where. Mc Donald population very fast. It was enjoy better paychecks in the industry. Sometime kid prefer to go there for the reason that McDonald has playground and scrumptious food to entice them. McDonalds develop their product and service in more detailed way for far better. By the way, they will develop their product and service regarding to their potential customer's preferences.

Next is Job. The job of one has significant effect on his buying action. For instance a marketing supervisor of an organization will try to purchase business suits, whereas a low level employee in the same firm will purchase durable work clothes. Beside that, someone's occupation affect the nice and service bought For example Business executives purchase meal from a complete service restaurant while clerical employee may bring their meal or purchase lunch time from near by quick service restaurant.

In addition, Mc Donald will target type of folks on the market. For example, child, business people, college student, tourist etc. Sometime they no other choose to find other food and eat, they will straight away find the Mc Donald because Mc Donald cheaper and fast. You'll find Mc Donald in any where

Economic Situation also include in the buyer buying behaviors. Economic situation are a Entertainment in the industry. These will affects consumer buying electricity and spending style in the life. By the way, Economic in the Mc Donald won't decrease because many people like to eat and the purchase price is cheaper.

Beside that, the advertising campaign of Mc Donald quite good. Sometime they will promote many kind of burger and they'll give promotion buy a couple of large burger will free a cup or other. All of the scrumptious food and free gift will entice many people come and buy. So Economic of Mc Donald wills expansion faster.

Finally, lifestyle of customers is another import factor affecting the consumer buying behavior. Lifestyle identifies just how a person lives in a society and is portrayed by the things in his/her area. It is determined by customer interests, viewpoints, activities etc and designs his whole design of performing and interacting on earth.

- Emotional Factor

There are four important internal factors affecting the consumer buying behavior. They are perception, determination, learning, beliefs and attitudes. First is drive. The amount of motivation also affects the buying habit of customers. Every person has different needs such as physiological needs, natural needs, and cultural needs and so forth. The type of the needs is that, some of them are most pressing while others

are least pressing. Therefore a need becomes a purpose when it is more pressing to point the person to seek satisfaction. For example, McDonald will generate increasingly more type of delightful food. For example Hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hen product, French fries, breakfast time items, soft drink, happy meal and so forth. They provide the entire thing have their reason.

Beside that selecting, managing and interpreting information in a way to produce a meaningful connection with the world is called perception. You can find three different perceptual procedures that are selective attention, selective distortion and selective retention. In case of selective attention, marketers try to attract the client attention. Whereas, in case there is selective distortion, customers try to interpret the info in a way that will support what the customers already believe. In the same way, in case of selective retention, marketers make an effort to retain information that supports their beliefs. Furthermore, McDonald will create more and more delicious kind of food because all the delicious food attract many people come to Mc Donald have their food throughout the day time.

Finally, Customer possesses specific notion and attitude towards various products. Since such values and attitudes constitute brand image and impact consumer buying habit therefore marketers are considering them. Marketers can change the values and attitudes of customers by starting special promotions in this regard. McDonald must definitely provide good service and staff must give good impression to customer so customer will come back again.


Consumer buying behaviours is very importance on the market because consumers will make many buying decisions every day. There are numerous consumer buying decisions in great fine detail to answer questions in what consumers buy, where they buy, how and how much they buy, when they buy, and why they buy. Marketers can examine actual consumer acquisitions to determine what they buy, where, and how much.

Beside that, McDonald provides me much knowledge and helps me done my coursework. I want give thanks to for McDonalds company. Normally, I have no idea any information about consumer buying behaviors help the success in the McDonald. After me verifying in the wedside and discover more info about the buyer buying behaviors factor will work for the success in the industry so now I understand already. I understand how to provide good service and give good impression in front of customer.

Many people prefer to go McDonalds because they provide many type of delicious food. By the way, they also provide good service and beautiful environment to let customer enjoy. For example, people like to go there charting, online ending up in friend and so on. You can feel so relax and revel in at there.

Finally consumer buying behavious is vital. Consumer buying patterns also will involve services and ideas as well as tangible products. The impact of consumer behavior on population is also of relevance. For instance, competitive marketing of high fat foods, or extreme marketing of easy credit, may have serious repercussions for the countrywide health and current economic climate.

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