The first hard rock and roll cafe

Hard Rock's cafe basic strategy is the philanthropic approach. Nearly all ccustomers are most likely mot aware of Hard Rock Café's philanthropic methods. Since Hard Rock Cafe was set up in 1971, it participated into a multitude of philanthropic causes and activities round the world. The most important part of Hard Rock's cafe marketing strategy is just how it uses star endorsers. Celebrities such as Adam Heitfield and John Bon Jovi do not get payed for charity promotions - they instead align themselves with a particular charity and make donations. However, if you use celebrities to market a plan, especially a charity marketing campaign, come with criticisms as some may claim that the charity is made to make the brand and the legend more popular to the planet. What we found out is that lots of big brands and corporate and business companies make charities within their marketing strategy. However, in case a brand is proud about all its charitable work, the business in the long term will not use the charity for philanthropic purposes, but for their marketing and monetary expansion. Hard Rock tries to support these collaborative lovers to encourage raise awareness, necessary financing and educate its friends on pressing issues related to specific philanthropic programs and triggers.

For Hard Rock and roll Café, corporate cultural responsibility does not happen in their basic marketing strategy - it's an approach and part of their plan in global business that helps the introduction of the company's brand. Corporate sociable responsibility, arrange in place and contribute to reputable charities.

Marketing Blend -The four Ps


The marketing blend consists in total of 4 elements (Product, Price, Place, Advertising) which are often known as 'the four Ps'. One of those four Ps is "Place": Place signifies the location in which a product can be purchased. It is usually referred to as the distribution channel by which goods and/or services are migrated from the manufacturer/service company to an individual or consumer/ customer. Place range from any physical store as well as digital stores on the web. Nowadays, Hard Rock Cafe operates in 52 countries throughout the world. The Café's of the Hard Rock company's chain can be found in

Hawaii, North America, Mexico/Central America, Caribbean, SOUTH USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Japan and Australia/Oceania. Hard Rock Hotels are found in the following places throughout the world: Bali, Chicago, Orlando, Pattaya and San Diego. Soon (2010-2012) new Hard Rock Café's will be exposed in Atlanta, Hungary, Hand Springs and Singapore. Hotels and Casinos of the Hard Rock Chain can be purchased in: Biloxi, Hollywood (Florida), NEVADA, Macau, Tampa and Tulsa. In 2009 2009 and 2011 new hotels have been built in Dubai, Panama, Penang.


The Hard Rock Café uses different kinds of media to market their selves. They use billboards in packed areas, short commercials on tv, promotional events, set up meetings and auctions, an online site for each and every store and an over-all one with extra information about the history and upcoming occasions, live concerts in the Café's, Hotels or Casinos, activities with famous people and the most important one of all; they use people who like to go to the Hard Rock and roll Café, to create a worldwide known brand. They even organize weddings and gatherings in a difficult Rock and roll theme. Hard Rock's Cafe lovers like the lifestyle and were the products with the brands badge onto it. They want to see all the Hard Rock and roll Cafés all around the world. Some people even embark on a Hard Rock Café tour. These fans are extremely important and the Hard Rock Café offers them an All Access system. This technique uses member credit cards. When a member spends money at the Hard Rock Café he/she gets tips, with these points he/she can get free goods, beverages or food or a discount. When people spend more than $25 they always get a free gift. This surprise might be a t-shirt, cups, hats, etc.


Some upcoming situations of the Hard Rock and roll Café will be the pre get together for U2 and a lot of other rings and music artists, a live concert of Robbie Williams and Bruce Springsteen and different CD releases. At this moment the Hard Rock Café has a assortment of clothes created by Bon Jovi plus the Who. As you can see the promotion marketing of the Hard Rock and roll Café is very significant. They stay updated and through this strategy they keep the strategy working effectively.


There are 5 Hard Rock and roll Hotels, Hotels/ Casinos and there working on 7 new casinos in the world. The hotels are high expectations and offer a huge variety of services with their customers. For example, they provide a special package for individuals who want to celebrate an anniversary or birthday. The Hotels / s Internet casino offers the same high standard rooms, but you can also find retailers and spa.

There are 150 Hard Rock and roll Cafés right now and working on 13 new cafes. The Café is offering the typical American foods and drinks. In each Hard Rock and roll Café, you can find a store with goods (clothing etc. )


The Hard Rock and roll Café markets expensive clothes. When you buy a tee shirt or pants are expensive, but what you reunite is precious. Goods you get there, you can use for years and after a long time the goods you purchased are still good and ageless. Prices for events and concerts start an average of 50 dollars$ 50 to $ 150. This is normal for concerts. Thus, the Hard Rock and roll Café is not that expensive for concerts and incidents values №№from other places where they find space.

People (personnel)

How the personnel offers its products (probable) to its customers and exactly how to guarantee the quality of the principles? For a company, the staff, it's important to be able to sell their idea, their products. Frequently, the company decides to educate their people to sell their products and treat customers just how, they think it will fit with their principle. This is also the Hard Rock and roll Café. The new personnel that is preferred by the Hard Rock and roll Café must have the ability to respond in a number of selected areas, such as friendliness, awareness of the firms concept and way of procedure, they are open to compliments and issues and exactly how they react using situations in the working area and environment. Everyone working for the Hard Rock Café are trained to are a symbol of the theory (examples will observe later) and present the customer a distinctive life experience, which they will bear in mind. Every visit to every Hard Rock and roll Café is different and fascinating. Whether browsing for the very first time or if you visit on a monthly basis.


A man who is unfamiliar with Hard Rock Café, but had heard his friend discussing the friendly personnel helped him to get what he wanted. The staff helped him with an authentic smile on the face, without being annoyed that his friend looked at about 50 minutes to decide which T-shirt he wished to purchase.

There have been 40 years because the first Hard Rock Cafe exposed its entry doors to the clients and during this time the business has were able to create a very successful marketing mixture.

In order to develop an internally steady and built in marketing mix the company must pay a whole lot of attention to the four P's. Today we stay in a world that has already been ruined by the ozone gap and many recycling campaigns are in process. Due to this fact, Hard Rock and roll may use environmental packaging for his or her products and with this way they'll immediately influence the customer's awareness. Environmental groups realizing that the business uses recycled presentation will be aiding the company's products.

In addition, even though Hard Rock and roll Cafe has become an attraction to the most of the world which is known by plenty of people in every country, the business needs to advertise more about its cafes, hotels and casinos. In order to achieve this, they too can make advertisements that may be seen by people of folks worldwide. For instance if Hard Rock becomes a sponsor of any famous sports team the individuals will see the company's brand on the footballer's t-shirts not only at the field but also on the tv screen. They can also advertise on the signs of a soccer field during world championships that may also be observed by many people.

Using online communal network mass media is another way to increase business performance and customer devotion which will accomplish business model innovation and collaboration and with it competitive edge. Business case: Strengthen corporate and business culture, promote cross-media culture, make communication between marketing and sales simple.

Moreover there is also price and place which play an essential role in the marketing mixture of the company. Because of the economic crisis that has been torturing the world the last years Hard Rock and roll might consider to lessen the prices of their products. Although there is a loyalty towards Hard Rock by its consumers, to avoid loss, it would be wiser to do this as well as offer some type of free gifts with purchases of a specific amount.

The cafes need to be found in convenient areas such as visitor seduced areas so visitors won't miss it for sure and most significantly they'll not even get sick and tired of searching it and ask around the local people. Being a café, customers will call for a coffee and goodies more than once. Another idea is to start cafes in big international airports worldwide to entice the travelers especially the ones who know Hard Rock but will not exist in their house country.

Having at heart all the above, the business could develop an internally consistent and involved marketing combination but it's our use admit that within the last 40 years they may have managed to make a string of so many locations, in so many countries and people now see it as some sort of lifestyle that they can not want to give up.

Hard Rock has managed to win its customer's trust with all the contribution that did for the public and the recent interest to improve money for Japan who endured the earthquake and tsunami previous March 11. In a final analysis, Hard Rock is a multi-billion money company and people who have worked to produce it did not simply get lucky. They actually used the four components of marketing combine completely right and this is the reason Hard Rock Cafe remains an effective business for practically a half century.

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