The Functions Management Strategy Of Hard Rock Cafe Marketing Essay

As we realize, Hard Rock is the number one themes restaurant on the globe. The first Hard Rock and roll Cafe opened up its entrance doors to the general public on June 14, 1971, in London, Britain. Founded by Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton, two enterprising and music-loving People in america. Although other theme restaurants have come and gone, Hard Rock and roll Cafe is still going strong, with 129 restaurants in more than 40 countries, and new restaurants starting each year.

As a business head, its strategy has changed with the changing times. Hard Rock and roll has migrated from a London restaurant modeled on a Tennessee cafe, to food with entertainment, to food with an experience. Restaurant-goers don't just want a meal; increasingly, they want an experience, and Hard Rock's procedure strategy was created to provide that experience. Orchestrating all of this becomes an operations management responsibility.

All ten major functions management decisions are essential of operations professionals are: Design of goods and services; Managing quality; Process and capacity design; Location strategy; Layout strategy; Recruiting, job design, and work dimension; Supply-chain management; Inventory, material requirements planning, and JIT; Intermediate and short-term scheduling; Maintenance - can be significant in building that experience.

Let's have a look at HARD Rock and roll CAFE's service quality and product design, at Orlando's Common Studios, a normal tourist vacation spot, HARD ROCK CAFE acts over 3500 dishes each day (Heizer, J & Render B (2008), Concepts of Operations Management (8thed). Harlow: Pearson). In Hard Rock's case, the food is the product, and its quality must top the charts. Operations staff constantly review selections, and food research is ongoing. Hard Rock and roll chef are changing the menu from typical North american - burgers and fowl wings - to include higher-end items such as stuffed veal chops and lobster tails (Heizer, J & Render B (2008), Principles of Procedures Management (8thed). Harlow: Pearson). Quality surveys are done regularly. If food results aren't a seven over a someone to seven level of quality, it's failing. Establishing quality requirements and settings to meet these standards is the key to a successful restaurant.

The HARD ROCK CAFE Company also possessed raised Competitive Gain through the creation of a unique advantage over challengers. Mainly they focus on differentiation. This means they offer another services than other restaurants, which the customer perceives as adding value. Those features are extremely difficult to replicate!

Quality Management

Hard Rock Cafe, an hugely successful restaurant and retail string with locations across the world, employs religiously the service tenet of "twin checking" to reduce errors. The tenet is: Be cautious and do not make a blunder to begin with. If a blunder does occur, right it before it gets to the client. Hard Rock Cafe Orlando implements dual checking through two "extra" people in the kitchen. The first is stationed inside your kitchen and the other at the kitchen counter. The within person reviews exactly what is certainly going on, looking for signs or symptoms of undercooked or overcooked dishes, wilting lettuce, etc. The counter person, or "expediter, " checks each prepared dish up against the order ticket before the plate is sent to the desk. While this system can be an added charge, it has worked well for this restaurant which over a active day will provide 6, 000 foods to customers and also require waited in-line for a desk for one hour or even more. (http://areas. kenan-flagler. unc. edu/Marketing/FacultyStaff). Quality is vital for Hard Rock and roll Cafe, every single waiter/food is important. At Hard Rock and roll Cafe, operations managers are responsible for the grade of food, they not only design the meals, test the foodstuffs (formulas), analyze meals for the price of ingredients, but also have to research food, supplier and research about food quality.

Process & Capacity Design

At Hard Rock Cafe operations managers arrange the successful staff schedules. Hard Rock Cafe acts over 100, 000 meals, such as: Starters; Sandwiches; Salads; Burgers; Sides; Entrees; Desserts; The development process, from acquiring, to cold storage, to grilling or baking or frying and a dozen other steps, was created and taken care of to yield an excellent food (Heizer, J & Render B (2008), Key points of Functions Management (8thed). Harlow: Pearson).


Location is a significant long-time decision, it can make or break business strategy. Location decision starts with a worldwide view on Political Risk; Money Risk; Public Norms; Brand Fit; Sociable Cost; Business Procedures.

Finding the perfect location for every cafe is another operations management decision. The business systematically narrows the search from country to city and then specific street corner. It's the job of Oliver Munday, Senior Director of Worldwide Cafe Development, to make the choice. Hard Rock has a significant brand. We're a global brand. We've been around for thirty years. A part of the reason we've been around for such a long time, I like to think, is the fact we've taken a great deal of attention and attention in considering the markets we ought to expand into, and it is a very critical pursuit because it really underwrites and underpins the future success of the Hard Rock and roll brand. If I make a mistake, if I pick the wrong market, if I make a poor decision, that influences us all for years because they are major long-term commitments. Going into new market segments and letting space and putting your signature on new leases for a ten to fifteen, sometimes longer time frame, so once that decision is made, it's there forever virtually, and so we have to be careful so it can be an important, strategic exercise to make sure that on a global basis we're considering the right markets and we're entering the right markets, and we're also going in at the right time. (http://cdis. missouri. edu)

Layout Design

Another businesses management decision is layout. Procedures professionals have to set-up the procedure for purchase, development, redecorating existing site, and food coverage as well. Procedures managers must consider your kitchen flows for food preparation and restaurant and club structure for maximum earnings. Every little bit of the knowledge strategy including memorabilia, music, and visuals assumes a new significance. This means light, sound, screens, modern music, and circulation paths are made to show off memorabilia and expose customers to merchandise on the market. The retail outlets generate near to half the firms revenue and are carefully integrated into restaurant layout, stream, and work channels.

Human Resources

HR is the conscious of the company and is also a genuine "support center" for employees, serving with training programs and being the speech of these. With employees, seeking individuals who are interested in music, like to serve, and present the knowledge to visitors. To spread the heart of rock 'n move by delivering a fantastic entertainment and eating experience.

According to Jim Knight, Administrator of Corporate Training: When you start discussing a human tool department that basically is a true support centre for such a large, international company, you kind of have to understand that the cafes and the people that work within often will stand independently whenever we were much smaller, but I think there's a job that recruiting now plays to type of be the conscience of the business and ensure that we're doing the right thing by individuals, so I don't head us being a voice for the coffee lover, and doing everything we can to help recruit, maintain, to seriously train them, to develop them, to develop them. Whatever we can do to support the individuals-I think that's really what recruiting is focused on. (http://cdis. missouri. edu)

Supply Chain Management

Hard Rock works together with qualified suppliers to ensure fresh, quality foods. Menu item selection is determined by delivering right amount of materials from experienced suppliers on time.

Inventory Management

Also takes on a different meaning at the Hard Rock Cafe. There may be of course food and products, but Hard Rock and roll also has over forty million us dollars invested in one of the world's major collections of rock-and-roll memorabilia inventory. The majority of which is on the wall surfaces of its cafes round the world, mainly from Elvis, The Rolling Stones, Jimy Hendrix plus the Beatles. The souvenirs are in a single restaurant only a brief time frame and then will go the next one in another city or country, to show visitors new souvenirs all the time.


Scheduling is another of the ten functions management decisions. With twenty-three departments and over six hundred people on the payroll, Hard Rock Orlando General Manager, Ken Hoffman, considers many factors when preparing work schedules. We look at sales. We look at sales for prior year, to see the type of business we do during that week when we're writing the plan. We also take into consideration any events-community events-in the area, seasonality. We also look into pattern for our trade for the past couple weeks, and then what we do from that is we come up with a sales forecast. The sales forecast is basically that nucleus that people write the routine from. (http://cdis. missouri. edu)

Operations managers considers many factors when preparing work schedules like: Sales; Sales for goal, type of business: meal, goods etc. ; Community events in the region; Seasonality; Sales style in last little while and Sales forecast


Quality and control are key to success. Menu review; Research; Kitchen, pub, retail shop layout and equipment maintenance and Maintenance of memorabilia at Orlando.

The HARD ROCK CAFE isn't only a network of restaurants. Those are as well hotels in some locations (Orlando, NEVADA) and network of outlets where tourists can buy souvenires with HARD ROCK CAFE special company logo. Special because each shop has special collection with emblem of HARD ROCK CAFE and the name of the town. The 48% of sales coming from merchandise. (www. hardrock. com)

THE HARD ROCK's global operation management strategy efficiently combines:


International locations

Globally branding merchandise

The INTERNET focus on each pursuit experience

Operations management can be an important aspect in restaurant management, but at Hard Rock, it is the key to providing their unique experience at each and every cafe.

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