The Future Sustainability Of Apple Inc Marketing Essay

Operations management is an essential element in every organisation. On top of that, having good procedures management is essential for the future sustainability of not only Apple, but of all companies and organisations that strive towards being successful their goals. Specifically, good functions management can ensure the reliability of the goods and services offered as well as their reliable delivery. They can also guarantee that the company will remain true to its values and promise that any issues the company faces can be resolved or at least minimized.

The Organisation

Apple is a multinational company which targets producing and selling technology related products such as smartphones and computer systems. Nowadays, Apple is one of the largest companies on earth and by April 2012 it was named as the main most effective brand on the Forbes list. The business was founded in 1976 and it presently employs 60, 400 employees. Apple's business activities include developing, growing, producing and providing software, hardware and gadgets. Furthermore, its objective is to provide progressive products and the best experience with their software and hardware to the customers. Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, experienced the eye-sight that the man can change the globe and should be most importantly the technological masterpieces. As a result, Apple's quest is to make it possible for consumers from all over the world to master the Apple products they purchase and indulge them with the best processing experience.

Value of the Organisation

The value that Apple provides to its main customers is a much better experience. People reach Apple because of their purchases instead of any other company, because it promises that every year their experience with their products can be better. To add up, Apple's main customers expect annual improvements and further developments, as well as new masterpieces and ground breaking ideas therefore, it is something they look forward to and intrigue them to continue buying their products.

The Input-Transformation-Output Model

Transformed ResourcesThe input-transformation-output model is employed by the procedures to convert inputs into outputs. More specifically, the operations use the inputs to convert something or even themselves into outputs which can be goods, services or both, which in a single phrase are called ''products''. For Apple, the inputs are segregated in changed resources which will be the raw materials, the technology and the info, and in transforming resources which will be the equipment, the administrative centre and the labour. Then, the key transformation activities will be the design and the development. Finally, the outputs that are produced will be the software and the hardware.

Raw Materials






Transformation Process








Transforming Resources

The Order

Figure. The Input-Transformation-Output Model

Winner and the Qualifying Factors

The order champion factors of Apple are three; its brand name, its innovations and its product design. To begin with, the first order victor factor for the company is its brand name which means that people buy its products just as a result of image that Apple has created. For example, having an iPhone is a tendency therefore people buy it because they would like to fit in and win over others. Another order champion factor of Apple is its constant innovations and masterpieces. Anything new and unique tempts people into purchasing it which can be an area that Apple has been very successful in. The previous factor is its product design, in other words, its appearance. Apple has significantly managed to win the competition, over others that sell similar products, in this are too.

Apple's qualifying factors is its dependability that the products will continue to work as guaranteed and their quality. People expect that their acquisitions from Apple will continue to work and that there will not be any difficult situations. As a result, the expectation of high quality is the second qualifying factor.

Polar Representation

Using a Polar Representation we can simply see how Apple is prioritising its main performance targets. First of all, quality is the most important target for Apple as people relay on the company which is one of the key reasons they select their products and not similar ones from others. Secondly, flexibility is an objective as imperative to Apple as the previous one. As talked about previously, Apple always tries to create and develop new and ground breaking products as well as offer a variety of products and these are aspects of flexibility. Thirdly, stability is yet another objective of great importance. The business has to be sure that its customers can be based upon them; they have to have good timing and also provide good products and services that folks can depend on. Furthermore, when there is lack of dependability, it is most probably that customers will not return to the business again for their future purchases as they cannot trust and rely upon them. The fourth main goal to be able of concern is rate. More specifically, Apple doesn't have many alternatives when it comes to providing using what people require on time, in any other case the clients will have something to complain about which will create a negative image for the business. The very last performance goal for Apple is the price. In particular, Apple's ability of product differentiation, enables her to acquire control over the prices. Further, the actual fact that the company has exceptional margins, allows Apple to keep carefully the quality levels high. As a result of the sufficient products the business offers, the customers hardly ever complain about the prices.

Figure. Polar Representation

The Main Issues Facing Procedures Managers in Apple

Delivering Quality

One of the main issues that Apple's operations managers are worried with, is providing quality. People nowadays have grown to be more alert to the grade of the products that are offered on the market and are very selective about their selections. So Apple must deliver the perfect quality so as to win your competition and the trust of its customers.

Customers demanding increasing versatility, choice and responsiveness

Moreover, an issue that the operations managers of Apple face is the pressure of the customers demanding increasing overall flexibility, choice and responsiveness. People expect from Apple a variety of new products constantly due to its corporate image that is framed around this potential; to provide people with various innovative goods and services. Apple's main customers want to have the option of preference for the merchandise they purchase and demand getting the promised expectancy of the greatest possible experience with them.

Reducing cost

Another concern that the operations professionals of Apple face is reducing cost. That is a intricate situation as bringing down the expense of creation means that the product quality might be reduced too and this is no option for a company in the current highly competitive society. Because of this, operations managers try to find alternative ways of producing their products and therefore offer them in a lesser cost. One alternative that is being examined is increasing the quickness of the products' development and making them more dependable. That is because, first of all, by saving time they can cut costs and, secondly, by being dependable they can be more efficient which again brings about slicing costs.

Social and moral concerns of customers

Lastly, in terms of communal and honest concerns of customers, an issue concerning Apple's businesses managers is child labour. Among the main objectives for Apple is to reduce cost and producing its software in countries like China where salary are low, can make this possible. However, the functions managers of Apple need to be careful so as not to use companies that exploit child labour. In many countries, companies recruit children to work to work in atrocious conditions with suprisingly low wages and intense working schedules. This isn't only an honest issue, but also the product quality standards might show up as, generally, there is absolutely no specialization.


In conclusion, good businesses management promote financial sustainability and the competitive edge for Apple. In order to flourish in their goals, the operations managers have to acknowledge their customers' needs and inquires, to be able to be able to prioritise their main performance goals properly and identify the order winner factors that will make them stick out from all the other companies, as well as the qualifying factors so that the customers will always consider purchasing their products. Further, for the operations professionals to be proficient at their jobs, there is also to ensure that everything is done right, so that it is important to assess their employees' performance and ensure that everything is working corresponding to Apple's prices, offers and strategy. Lastly, good operations management is vital for every organisation, including Apple as it contributes to its success and that's the reason it should continually be present.

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