The Growing Market Of Organic Clothing

This suggested research paper is dependant on the growing market of organic and natural clothing in UK fashion and retail industry. The organic industry has started with the organic food because people are extremely much conscious in regards to a healthy lifestyle. But now the consumers are concerned about the surroundings as well. So the organic industry has increased the number of products from food to gift ideas, clothing, accessories, skin care products, beauty products baby and maternity products. Now organic and natural industry is now popular in high streets and stores realised that the individuals are looking forward for the ethically acoustics fashion. Moreover government is very much concerned about the increasing UK landfill and they have launched a plan for tackling the environmental impact of the current fashion culture. They want the merchants to make sustainable clothes where people can use and dispose it without destroying the environment. The cheap throwaway clothes are adding to the landfill because these clothes aren't eco friendly. So poisonous gases are emitting from these websites and harm the environment as well as living beings. Though people know about all these things, organic and natural clothes cannot contend with the other materials. The access of organic and natural clothes is a fresh challenge for sellers, suppliers as well as the designers. The cheap throwaway clothes are fewer prices in comparison to organic clothes. The main problem which is likely to be discussed in this research is how sales of organic clothes are afflicted by cheap throwaway clothes and how exactly we can make the organic and natural clothing to an everyday simple fact? If cheaper clothes end up being the market innovator, then organic and natural clothing will never be there in the future market. Just how organic industry can be the market leaders and make it affordable and expensive everyone using its designs and prices. To provide a detailed explanation about these problems the researcher will determine the issues facing by organic clothing industry shows the contrast of organic and natural and other materials as well as the benefits of organic clothing.

This research requires the analysis of how cheap regular clothing impacts organic and natural clothing industry and environment, problems facing by organic clothing and also the future of organic and natural clothing industry in the competitive retail market. Here are the following aims of this research:

Analysing the impact of cheap regular clothing industry over organic and natural clothing industry.

Consumer understanding about the great things about buying organic clothes

Analysis of sales leads for organic and natural clothing and its future to establish a sustainable market talk about.

Environmental impact and the results on stakeholders anticipated to cheap clothing market.

Below shown are the goals which are the key focus of the research and it is determined by all these aims.

· Understanding the honest fashion and the value of biodegradable clothes.

· Creation and the process mixed up in manufacturing of organic and natural clothing

· Consumer behaviour in fashion and retail industry

· Market of cheaper clothes influencing the development of organic clothing industry.

· Better marketing strategy for easy penetration of organic and natural clothing in to the fashion industry

2) Research Methodology

This pursuing section talks about the method which includes been implemented for the purpose of doing this research. Each methods and its performance will be defined as well as the known reasons for using these methods and techniques. Towards the finish of the research paper, restrictive weakness about the applied methods and techniques will be discussed briefly. You will find two methods of research and that is inductive and deductive. In inductive method standard principles are accumulating from thorough observations. The deductive research strategy is a way which is broadened based on general concepts from the precise objectives of hypothesis.

Types of research

There are 2 types of data collection method in market research that is certainly Qualitative research method and quantitative research method. When both ways of research unite, the effect of research can become more useful.

Qualitative research

"Qualitative research can be used to help us understand how people feel and why they feel as they do. It is concerned with collecting in-depth information requesting questions such as why would you say that? Samples tend to be smaller weighed against quantitaive projects which include much larger samples. Depth interviews or group discussions are two common methods used for collecting qualitative information". http://www. marketresearchworld. net Qualitative is some sort of scientific research which investigates the areas which give answers to the question, gather evidences, produce results etc. it takes researcher to the deeper real truth of this issue. It gives a proper understanding of a given research issue from the perspective perspective of the vicinity which is engaged. Qualitative research is an effective method to gain information about the judgment, value and behavior of the population. Qualitative research provides appropriate answers to the question distributed by the researcher and also provides some valuable data which might not exactly get from other methods.

Quantitative research

"Quantitative research is a study method that depends less on interviews, observations, small amounts of questionnaires, focus organizations, subjective reviews and circumstance studies but is a lot more focused on the collection and evaluation of numerical data and figures". (paranormality. com, 2009)

This is a research method which will gauge the people's response in a particular way. That means just how they think, feel, function and it provides the information in a statistical and numerical way. The normal methods used in quantitative researches are experiments, documentary, review etc that will give a statistical and numerical data for a final judgement. Qualitative research will gain some information to create theories and the ones theories can be tested with quantitative research. In this particular research the writer has used both qualitative and quantitative research methods. There are specific reasons why the researcher has used both qualitative and quantitative methods in this research paper. That is listed below.

The researcher will be executing interviews with a web based retailer of organic products to collect information which will make the topic clearer to the reader. This can be both qualitative and quantitative data collection method.

There are questionnaires to customers which are being used to accumulate some data from the customer's viewpoint. That is quantitative in character but when the researcher gives justification to it, becomes to be qualitative and quantitative finishing.

Research strategy

This is an area where in fact the researcher is going to discuss about the study strategy that is employed for conducting the research. The information about research strategy in the website www. lib. unca. edu demonstrates research strategy gives right guidelines to the work and will make researcher to do the research systematically rather than arbitrarily. It reduces the annoyance of the author, saves time and also enhances the quality of the research.

Here the researcher has considered retail clothing industry and in that, organic clothing market as a concentrating area to learn the difficulties and business issues that they are facing. The research is not made on a particular organization or a company but the researcher has contacted an organic shop to collect some information and data for an in-depth study of the topic. With each one of these information, the researcher tried to analyse the competitive states of the clothing industry, the difference between the throwaway clothes and the organic clothes and its benefits, environmentally friendly results, easy penetration, product developments and advancement, future of organic and natural clothes market, prices strategies etc.

Data collection methods

Here the researcher would give a detailed description about the info collection methods which is employed in this research. You will discover two types of data collection methods. They are simply principal data collection method and secondary data collection method.

Primary data collection methods

In major data collection method, data is gathered by the writer by using certain methods like interviews, studies, questionnaires, emphasis group interviews, circumstance studies etc. the very important thing to be seen in this is, the data which is gathered by the writer for the purpose research shouldn't be taken from any books or from others works. It ought to be unique until it publishes. The principal data may be qualitative in its behavior or can be quantitative. Here the researcher has collected primary data by taking interviews and questionnaires.


What is organics?

The organic world is detailed and chemical substance with governments, businesses, organisations and other individuals from many area of the world who makes an attempt to generate an agreement on what must be organic. For eg. Organic and natural food development, the farming and agriculture is performed by using the system that avoid any type of artificial disturbance. These method of organics doesn't damage the environment as well as animals by avoiding the use of pesticides and fertilisers and when necessary antibiotics can be used. The whole idea is to work in accord with the nature using the techniques and tools which aspect offer rather than dominating and destroying the type with man-made fertilisers and pesticides.

Clothing with scruples-organic clothing.

Organic clothing is now a trend in traditional. The variety of organic clothing is large and it starts off from organic and natural sportswear to nights wears. Most of the people go for shopping and buy things which magnetize their eye with out a second thought of who made that and what it comprises of or where are they via. But nowadays there are consumers who are conscious about their healthy life style as well as environment. And that's the reason behind the rise of organic and natural cotton and fair trade clothing.

People are always fashion mindful and each season leap from one pattern to another pattern because the vendors in high roadways are imitating the newest catwalk looks. But now the traditional vendors are into another trend that is organic and natural materials. Though they want to make the organic craze popular there are whole lot of challenges facing by organic and natural world of clothing. This research undergoes that challenges and troubles facing by organic and natural clothing industry and appears with some results which provides an answer for 'organic materials are simply a pricey opulence for well-off or does it mature into a high street reality?' if the merchants can provide the customers with friendly to the environment and ethically acoustics apparels and get them into fashion stakes, then organic and natural clothes may become a day to day realism.

Production of organic and natural clothes is done by using lasting resources like hemp, silk, organic cotton, bamboo fabric and linen. The harvesting and the creation process should not affect the environment and the encompassing or human being. Organic clothing does not include only food, sandals or t-shirts. It includes a wide range of clothing which we can easily see in other materials. You will discover reusable nappies for infants. There is a good market for baby products by organic and natural industry. Obviously produced materials are very important for baby's health and skin. The textiles that happen to be chemically cared for can irritate the infant skin because they are delicate. For example cotton fabric, everyone think it is clean, safe and comfortable for individuals in any environment but it is surprising when we check out the production methods of this materials. So by purchasing organic materials we support a secure and eco friendly working practices, protecting the environment from toxic throw away, saving the life span of living beings and as well as getting a healthier life-style for ourselves.

The merchants are investing lot of cash for producing ethically reasonable fashion. Marks & Spencer and its suppliers have started out growing eco factories to produce a way for different process of sustainable manufacturing. They have got realised that the clients want clothes which are not only look good or feel great but also shouldn't leave harmful results in the surroundings.

Literature review

Ethical fashion

According to ethicalforum. com "Ethical fashion represents a procedure for the design, sourcing and make of clothing which maximizes benefits to people and communities while minimizing impact on the environment. The meaning of ethical should go beyond doing no injury, representing an approach which strives to consider a dynamic role in poverty decrease, lasting livelihood creation, minimizing and counteracting environmental concerns. It includes a variety of issues such as working conditions, exploitation, good trade, sustainable development, the environment, and canine welfare. " (ethicalfashionforum. com, 2009)

Ethical fashion is thought as a procedure for the manufacture, way to obtain clothing and also designs range which should be aware of world and environment and also sustainable. Ethical fashion and its own products should do the campaign of eco friendly materials and the procedure of production shouldn't harm the surroundings. It also has to provide fair wage and reasonable working atmosphere for the employees in the industry.

There are two areas to focus when we speak about honest fashion, environment and the individuals or giving desire to organic standard and fair-trade standard. Fair-trade standards are about the employees who make the clothes and who fabricate the raw materials. Worldwide there tend to be more than 30million organic cotton farmers. Much of the materials are coming from expanding countries. This fair-trade means that the workers receive a fair pay and also exploit child labour. In addition, it ensures the working condition and the atmosphere.

Basically moral fashion respects the nature and the planet earth. Organic cotton cultivation will pollute the atmosphere. Natural cotton cultivation needs eight times more chemicals than what we use on a normal food crop. This pollutes air, land and river. In addition, it affects the individuals who are employed in this field. A lot of death is going on every year anticipated to pesticides in the egyptian cotton field. Many pesticides are being used unnecessarily. We can protect the natural cotton by using cleaning soap, garlic clove, chilli etc. Break chemicals are used during control and dyeing the cloth. One company approximation is nearly 8000 types of chemicals are being used to produce a t-shirt. Honest fashion is clothing which is manufactured with fair-trade organic and natural organic cotton where in sweatshop free conditions. That is a growth market which is slowly finding its way to high roadways. Ethical fashion discuss the way fashion industry presently works and the issues such as labour exploitation, environmental damage, cruelty towards canine etc. It is vital for the visitors to know the need of moral fashion nowadays. The organic industry must find a long term market in retail industry and elegant people with its quality, benefits, designs, price etc. So ethical fashion must be encouraged by the government, stores, suppliers and the consumers, who are the stake holders which can give an improved living condition, health and a good lifestyle. This is a great challenge for the designers to market honest fashion by getting the hottest movements to the organic fabrics like organic egyptian cotton, hemp, bamboo textiles etc.

"The way a chair breaks up space or a building slices in to the sky with a wide variety of views is how Personally i think a garment pertains to the body, " says Brooklyn developer Nina Valenti, who launched the ecological line mother nature vs future in 2002. "I design parts that have a solid collection, form and texture. " (organicconsumers. org, 2009)

The designers are trying to widen the number of creating in organic clothes. For example designs of Nina Valenti, her clothes has gathers, pleats, tightness, slits etc and she uses the materials like organic natural cotton, hemp, wool as well as the fabric created from recycled soda bottle. In case the consumers understand the difference between organic and natural and cheap clothes and if they're getting the great variety of products predicated on their demand, the eco fashion is a turning point to the today's fast fashion culture and organic clothing industry will consider be everyone's choice.


Famous marketing author Kotler says"A name, term, mark or design (or combo of these) which is intended to signify the goods or services of one seller or sets of sellers and also to differentiate them from those of the rivals. " (Groucutt, 2005)

Here it gives a proper knowing that branding is not about attaining the target market and become the market innovator but it is about receiving the prospect to start to see the brand as that is the only thing gives means to fix the consumers problems. Branding creates many difficulties to the marketers. To get success in branding the brand must have clear potential clients about the needs and wishes of the consumers. It's important to spend a while for defining, understanding, researching and then creating a brand. A brand is a kind of promises which is given to the consumers which is also a base in the marketing communication. Before branding was just id for the customers to differentiate one product from another. Gradually people became brand conscious and they started out rating the merchandise with the brand. Then marketers began creating effective brands. Now every sector has got brands and people choose the merchandise with the brand names. In the case of organic clothes there are whole lot of brands like Eden clothing, Edun, rain tee etc and there are designers as well to encourage eco fashion. But still ethical fashion struggles to compete with the bigger brands. The organic brands are targeting niche band of green consumers rather than mainstream brand's consumers. There are a few honest fashion brands that are successful in the way they are communicating with the mark consumers. Patagonia is one of these who became a global brand. However now the retailers have worked out another way to permeate organic clothing in to the market. These are promoting friendly to the environment clothes as another type of section of the prevailing brands. For example Nike, Levis, M&S etc, these brands are taking a significant pace to progress the organic and natural industry to the mainstream. These global brands are producing income of multimillion pounds every year by using sweatshop labour in developing countries. After ages, the brands like Nike, Distance etc have accepted that the employees have been abused and exploited by power labour in the factories. So they promised that they can enhance the working condition for a great deal of individuals who are not paid well to create their highly demanded goods. You will find lot of factors which impact the purchasing behavior of the consumers. Though they are worried about the surroundings and communal problems, there are many more reasons for the consumers to select a particular brand or the merchandise. As the high streets are welcoming moral fashions or organic clothing, there are some changes in consumers buying habit. They may be being liable socially and culturally. The marketers are aware of this example and even they can be making changes to the existing brand to make certain they are ethical in the manner they process.

Ethical marketing and advertising

"Ethical marketing frames communications in a way that the consumer identifies with. It stimulates companies to assimilate cultural, social, economic and environmental beliefs into their culture, strategy and activities, and reinforces the positive beliefs of the brand, creating a solid 'citizen brand'. That is all done over a voluntary basis, and is normally an offering above and beyond statutory requirements.

Through the effective use of ethical marketing and corporate cultural responsibility, companies have the ability to positively donate to society and manage environmentally friendly impact of their organisation, whilst keeping and even growing the contribution with their bottom line. It can have immediate benefits on businesses and can help secure long-term competitiveness". (grassrootsideas. co. uk, 2009)

Ethical marketing is thought as making use of marketing ethics into the procedure for marketing. Honest marketing will come in a socially, culturally liable and sensitive business area. It really is an examination from the moral point of a marketing issue which requires a moral judgment. The survival of human race for long period and the successful future in essence depends on agreeing to these principles or refuse them. Honest marketing should also provide an observation whether the representation or marketing of something or service has reached in a platform where sociable and cultural worth meet. It is a business which makes its own way of marketing ethics and uses this code in every portion of business process which gives ability to offer valuable advantages to the customers. The consumers have to understand this competitive benefits. The honest issues like child labour, the employers working condition, the environmental problems etc made the entire world think that they are really more dependable socially and culturally. This pressured the companies and made them market their services and products which is socially moral and sensible. The best example for honest marketing is the increasing demand of fair-trade. The complete notion of this fair-trade is, consumers pay a specific amount for the goods to several companies and the makers offer fair salary to employers and also preserve the surroundings. This creates a trade which is ethically sensible.

The main aim of honest marketing is to accomplish customer commitment by promoting positive values of the brand to make it a strong citizen brand. Though it is a new approach to process which sorts new troubles for the marketers, this will pressurize in growing products gives long term benefits without the reduced amount of quality of the merchandise. Ethical marketing comes in the picture when the marketers and the company realise that more advancements must be done to make a better human life options. Some companies like Coop Group have drop to invest money in business of fur, tobacco etc. In the case of organic clothing a solid awareness has to be done to improve the sales and the demand. The suppliers of organic clothes need to be more concentrated in the way they market they products.

"In highly developed marketplaces where individuals are often cynical about brands, word of mouth is increasingly the primary source of advice. Along with the brands probably to be recommended are from companies that are moral in the manner they behave. Together with the explosion of blogs and online communal networking, person to person is becoming one of the most powerful brand management tools available. There is absolutely no longer everywhere to hide-your brand will be found out and rejected if you don't commit to ethical business and marketing procedures. " (The Marketing Contemporary society Forum, 2009)

As we mentioned above developed marketplaces will have consumers who are more conscious about the brands. Person to person has become a highly effective marketing tool in today's world. This has become powerful with the help of online sociable networking, creating weblogs etc. The brands need advice from the companies to be shown they are ethical in all the ways. Each brand offers its own creation ways and marketing. They may have to ensure they are handling their business in a public responsible way. It ought to be satisfactory culturally and socially. For instance Difference, the brand which had highest turnover, they received a black mark when the brand was related to child labour tactics in the making state. This has affected their sales and the store Zara had struck the highest turnover label in the next year. Also Distance had to remove those items from the deal that they used child labour. All western clothing string makes their production process in Asia. They take the benefit of cheap labour providing by Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, China, Indonesia etc. So the way they process should be moral in all the ways because there are consumers who encourage ethically reasonable business and its marketing. In this instance each brands can encourage the organic and natural clothing industry by providing organic clothes using their brand. In UK like places people are very much mindful about the most recent fashion as well the brand which they wear. So if every brands make their clothes friendly to the environment, that means they are being fair on the people and the modern culture as well. Consumers are acquiring better quality products which don't damage their epidermis and the environment. Through effective ad organic merchants can make everyone alert to the importance of organic and natural clothes in today's era. The federal government and the marketers have launched campaigns to give consciousness about eco fashion and to embark on environmental impact of fast fashion culture. Organic consumers association launched global plan to improve the knowing of negative health and environmental ramifications of cheaper clothes and its own creation process. Then we can make moral fashion a day to day reality.

Market leadership

"Market authority is usually grasped in conditions of the position of a given company within an industry or market, based on three factors. When deciding whether a company can properly be known as a market leader, the profitability of the business will play a major role. Along with how profitable the business happens to be, the market share level and value may also be considered". (wisegeek. com, 2009)

In the above mentioned word it is discussed that an industry, market or an organization's position on the market is depends upon three points. That's profitability, market show, market volume. But now the marketplace is more competitive and the competitors are also high in number. So are there some more factors which have to be put into get a market leadership like enhancements and developments, advertising, branding, quality, price etc.

"Fashion is a very copycat industry, " says Scott Hahn, who launched Loomstate, an American organic cotton denim collection, to the likes of Harrods and Selfridges this past year. "There are many pioneers and other brands follow. For some it is because they think organic cotton is trendy now that it's escaped its tree-hugger image. But more I believe are now doing this for the right reasons. " (organicconsumers. org, 2009)

In the case of organic and natural industry, the organic clothes have penetrated to the marketplace. To increase their market level, share and success and be a market leader they need to do enhancements, product development, rates and advertising. Advertising and promoting the product is an essential and effective marketing tool to find the consumer's attention. There are a few consumers who are worried about the surroundings as well as they has came to the realization the benefits of using organic and natural clothing. It isn't only an understanding about the benefits associated with organic clothing nonetheless they also need to know the unsafe effects of cheaper clothes to the surroundings and to the fitness of humans. The BBC has released reports about the environmental problems and UK landfill due to the growing sales of cheaper throwaway clothes. According to the study done by the Section of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) says "the clothing and textiles sector in the united kingdom produces around 3. 1m tonnes of skin tightening and, 2m tonnes of waste material and 70m tonnes of misuse water per year. Gases such as CO2, emitted by fossil fuel burning, and methane, released from landfill sites, are extensively thought to be adding to global warming". (bbc. co. uk, 2009)

UK ministers informed that the consumers should make sure that the production, advertising and removal of clothes are not harming the surroundings as well as not exploiting the personnel through poor labour procedures. The fashion should be more lasting throughout the whole process which include design, production, advertising and disposing. The complete idea is to get the interest of consumers to make them understand the negative impact of cheap throwaway clothes which is highly popular in the high roads of UK but this is making ways to increase the landfill in UK. The campaigns launched by the federal government and clothing associations were beneficial to make consumers aware of why to use organic clothes. Through these campaigns the retailers of organic and natural clothing and the government is aiming to create a highly demand market for eco-fashion. To enter in a huge market like fashion or clothing industry, need to plan highly competitive business strategies. Marketing and advertising alone will not make the organic clothes sustain in the market and capturing the market to be always a market leader. Through the perspective view of new access like organic clothes, entering a drenched market with limited designs wouldn't change lives in the market and won't get an entry easily. The entrance of Body Shop to the market is the foremost example here. Anita Roddick has got into in the plastic market where lots of top quality brands are competing one another. But her ground breaking idea of handmade and natural plastic products attracted the clients and gave body shop a long lasting position in the market.

According to a report done by OCA (Organic and natural Consumers Relationship) sales of organic and natural cotton is doubling every year. "Sales of organic and natural cotton are establish to triple to $2. 6 billion by the end of 2008 from its current $900 million level as suppliers and brands make significant new commitments to ecological textile and outfits production". (organicconsumers. org, 2009)

There is whole lot of brands like Nike, Timberland, Grades&Spencer, Wal-mart etc have previously opened organic and natural lines they were joined up with by Reebok, C&A etc as new comers. The marketplace of organic and natural cotton is widening annually looked after appeals to the global investors. In this situation the only issue which is worrying is the availability of fiber to satisfy the increasing demand for cotton and other organic fabrics. It really is a known factor from these reviews that organic and natural industry is going to be a good rival in the style and retail world in the coming years.

Consumer behaviour

Blackwell et al said, "Consumer behaviour is defined as activities people carry out when btaining, consuming and losing products and services. "(Blackwell et al, 2001).

Consumer behavior is a report of buying behaviour of the clients in the market which means what consumers are buying, why they are really buying. Better understanding of the consumer behavior will help organisations to improve the products and services and also their business, marketing strategies. This will impact consumers to buy that one product. In the case of organic clothing, they entice the consumers by quality and the elegant designs of the merchandise. The consumers are aware that organic products are good for health and skin. So they started getting drawn to the meals products firstly and then to baby products. A lot of the individuals are worried about the delicate epidermis of the babies, so they go organic especially nappies that can be recycled. Here comes the value of the study of consumer behavior.

One "standard" explanation of consumer habit is "The analysis of individuals, groups, or organizations and the techniques they use to select, secure, use, and get rid of products, services, activities, or ideas to satisfy needs and the impacts that these functions have on the consumer and world. " (consumerpsychologist. com, 2009)

Understanding consumer behavior will develop the marketing strategies like rates, segmentation, targeting, product designing, placing and advertising. The consumers demand is going high steadily and the sellers started increasing the range of organic and natural products by understanding the demand on the market. The main attention of organic clothing is in baby and maternity clothes. To draw in the customers the merchandise need campaign by advertising, regular development of products by inventions, and the price must be affordable for those kind of people. Now the author will explain the value of consumer behavior and its role in the current business world. The marketers consider consumers as the king. Here in this case of organic and natural clothing, the marketplace growing strategies and plan to influence consumers have not been extremely effective. There are a few restrictions and difficulties facing by organic and natural cloth industry. There is no argument about the grade of the products but advertising, improvements of the new products and designs, prices strategies, making area etc are not able to compete with the mainstream fashion clothes. The demand for organic clothes is increasing therefore the marketers have to ensure that they are providing the actual consumers are demanding. The organic retailer like EDUN, they found very difficult to draw in the consumers and move their fashion concept to eco fashion. However now they know the marketplace and the behaviour of buyer towards organic clothes. So they have doubled or tripled the amount of consumers every year. According to the consumers demand they actually innovations and advancements in the merchandise of organic and natural and obtain it on the market. In todays market, if a product feature a claim that they are simply 100% chemical substance free or 100% by natural means made, the merchandise demand is high. The organic and natural industry is best example because of this. They organic industry came up with food products and got to understand the marketplace by learning consumer behaviour. Now the range of organic industry includes organic cosmetics, accessories, baby products, maternity products, clothes etc. Organic clothing industry has to learn more about the buying behavior of consumers and also the ways to sustain in the market like other mainstream brands.

Building customer retention, value and satisfaction

"Customer retention can be an crucial in modern business - a strategy whose aim is to keep a company's customers and retain their revenue contribution". (iclp. ch, 2009)

Marketers want customers to buy their products for all your time. The researcher will be discussing how to do the customer retention and bring brand devotion. Customer retention can be an essential aspect for existing marketers as well as new marketers. Famous marketing writer Philip Kotler said that if customers are satisfied they'll show commitment to the brand and also they buy other products of that brand. You will find plenty of individuals who are dependent on the brands. They imagine the brand which they use and do not want to try a different one. Most people give choice to sustainability. Regarding organic and natural clothes, sustainability is the primary promise which they offer. Governments also have to bring sustainable and eco friendly clothes to the market for providing better health and an improved environment.

"Sustainability is not seen by consumers as simply 'saving the planet earth. ' It really is a multi-dimensional subject that encompasses the environment, the family, the community and even the market of today's world, " said Laurie Demeritt, Leader and COO for The Hartman Group. "Lots of the consumer values driving the eye in health and fitness stem from a basis of sustainability. Sustainability, in a sense, is about preserving a certain condition or life-style; the ability to control one's surroundings". (organicconsumers. org, 2009)

The sustainable clothes are concentrating to create an improved environment, health of consumers, economy of the world. The association called DEFRA has developed a ecological clothing action plan and as a part of this plan many brands like NIKE pledged to minimise environmentally friendly impact of every product throughout its lifecycle. The considered designs maximise the reusing probable by the procedure of recycling. This considered design illustrate that the inexperienced products don't have to aim the niche market looked after shows that they don't really have to sacrifice the product quality, style, performance and the appearance. One of the noticeable things in Nike is Re-use A Shoe scheme started by them. This shows that there are consumers as well as stores who care for environment, community, family etc. With this scheme they accumulate worn out shoes of any brand and earth up to produce three different runs of sports activities materials. These are incredibly ethical in the form of process and consumers will have a good attitude towards the product or the brand. Through this we can maintain the consumer's romance with the products.

"Customer value is the difference between your prospective customer's evaluation of all benefits and all the price tag on an offering and the recognized alternatives". (marketing management, 2009)

In the situation of organic and natural clothing industry, the rivalling marketers have the respected offers to exist on the market by attracting the clients. The organic clothing gives better quality than any fabric, protects the skin, protect environment because it is biodegradable, resilience, reliability etc. By promoting the benefits of the organic clothes, the marketers can make people alert to it and also raise the deal of the organic and natural clothes. The purchase price needs to be affordable and competitive to other textiles. Here the consumers can analyse the difference between organic and natural clothes and other material products. The designs also need to compete because folks follow the hottest catwalk view.

"Whether the buyer is satisfied after purchase will depend on the offer's performance with regards to the buyers objectives". (Marketing management, 2009)

Customer satisfaction is the key goal of any business and the marketing strategy should be based on this concept. The buyer satisfaction depends on the offer's performance with regards to the anticipations of the customer after purchase. Generally if the performance is bad the consumer is dissatisfied and when the performances meet up with the expectation of the consumer, then consumer is satisfied. Customer retention, value and satisfaction are very important for the growth of your business and on this basis the internet marketer can learn the demand and buying behaviour of a person. So it is easy to create a competitive business technique to get a everlasting position on the market.

Competitive strategies

According to Kotler, "poor companies ignore their rivals; average firms copy their competitors; winning organizations lead their competitors"(marketing management, 2009)

To form a successful business strategy the professional has to generate a competitive strategy. A plan has to be developed by the business to give attention to the methods to compete in the market. Firstly the marketing consultancy has to identify your competition and the marketplace demand. In the case of organic and natural clothes, the expansion in sales of organic and natural clothing is damaged by the cheap clothes sales. Organic clothing has just stepped into the market which is not very easy to fully capture the market per day of your time. Allana McAspurn, of honest fashion advertising campaign body Made-By said "Change would be continuous: "It's about constant improvement - a step-by-step methodology. "We've created a predicament where we have really cheap clothes and that is not going to re-addressed right away" (reports. bbc. co. uk, 2009)

As the above sentence this can be a gradual process, changing cheap clothes market control to organic. For just a decision making, the marketers need to find out the competitive issues and analyse the position of organic clothes market in the retail industry. There are lots of issues facing by organic and natural clothes and there are more competitive issues in the retail market for example marketing, advertising, price, designs etc. To make a competitive strategy the marketers can use the techniques of prospector strategy, defender methodology and analyzer strategy.

Prospector approach is a way which develops a competitive strategy which is based on innovating and sensing new market opportunities. This is for making new products and services for increasing the marketplace size in which the business is fighting.

Defender way is creating strategy that will focus on small number of products and services. This will enhance the existing products or services and will be competing in an inferior market.

Analyzer methodology is creating a technique which will support by analyzing the rivals successes. They make an effort to copy and improve the products or services which are offered by the competition.

The competition in a specific market always try to get a position in the prevailing market. To raise the market of a product and to exist in market, the marketers have to build up competitive business strategies. Through the use of each one of these methods and by learning the marketplace position the marketers can plan a company strategy. Clothing industry is an enormous market and penetrating and existing in the forex market is very competitive. Organic clothing is an evergrowing market and it competes with cheaper clothes which already are market market leaders in this industry. So organic clothing industry has to use strategies like enhancements, product development, change in product range, pricing strategy, marketing and advertising etc to contend with the cheaper clothes market.

Advantages and disadvantages of organic organic cotton.

Cotton is produced very powerfully. Lot of pesticides are being used in the development process of silk cotton.

What is its importance and what exactly are the benefits and advantages?

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