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According to Philip Kotler marketing strategies are the combinations of all important marketing goals into a comprehensive plans, it should be from marketing research and its centre of attention should be right marketing mixture to achieve maximum revenue and sustainability for the organisation.

Hilton Hotel and resorts is a Hospitality industry founded by Conard Hilton in 1919 in Cisco, Tx (U. S) and has 540 hotels worldwide. Its first brand was exposed running a business travel and leisure travel are the two marketing emphasis the company is concentrating on. Hilton Hotel and Resorts are generally situated in city centres, near international airports etc for the simple access for the clients. This task is on Hilton Hotel (HHonours) near Heathrow International airport; with in Heathrow area it includes three branches. Quick access from all terminals Heathrow central and terminal 5. It includes relationship with different airlines and car rentals companies. It just 6 minutes leave from T4 and ten minutes away by courtesy shuttle bus from T5.

Hilton London Heathrow Air-port hotel - Exterior

(http://www3. hilton. com/en/hotels/united-kingdom/hilton-london-heathrow-airport-LHRAPTW/index. html)

Marketing: - Marketing in Hospitality industry is one of the primary elements to increase profits and success of the business and it is playing very important role in hospitality. It helps the organisation to get success through understand their customers, what they need, their needs; priorities and demand from the organisation and what exactly are their expectation level from customer service point of view, leisure and infrastructure etc. It is actually easy these days through internet. The company can also put surveys on internet, websites, websites, social multimedia, etc. For example Hilton hotel is on face reserve where anyone can like, comment and post their views and also customers can check their changes, offers etc.

http://xzamcorp. com/quality-blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Facebook-Hilton-Hotels-Resorts. jpg

(https://www. facebook. com/hilton)

Marketing Mix

Marketing combine is a mixture of four fundamentals product, price, place and promotion. That activities used to gratify the wants associated with an organisation's target market and at the same time achieve its marketing goals. (Stanton) 1994.

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Product- this feature of marketing mix is including planning, growing and producing the right group of products and services on the market by an organisation. In a nutshell words what is the grade of the product, size of the product? How is it appears like, design of the product, value of the merchandise, about packaging, assessment and range etc?

Product of Hilton

Price- To repair the right price of product is a most challenging process. Price of the merchandise should be realistic and affordable so company can sell their product easily and effectively in the market. There are several steps between place the right price for example: dedication of unit price of the merchandise, pricing insurance policies and strategies, discount rates, credits, cost, conditions of delivery, payment, competitive price credit insurance policy etc.

Price of Hilton hotel

Place- It really is called distribution stations, storage area and warehousing, coverage channel, inventory management, selection channel, circulation logistics etc. Management of company is accountable to choose and deal with distribution stations so customers can get the merchandise at right place at right time. They need to develop physical circulation. Wholesalers and retailers are most important channels which are used for physical distribution of goods.

Place for Hilton hotel

Promotion- the fourth p is advertising it can include determination about direct marketing, sales campaign, advertisements, promotion, exhibitions, public relations activity etc. Most significant tools are advertising and sales campaign which are used to promote the sale of products of organisations. Promotional activities are free distribution of sample of product, contests etc. These types of tools are expressive which does help to beat your competition on the market to organisation. Adverts are used to speak and pass the information to customers and consumers about the top features of product through tv set, internet, newspaper publishers and publications, radio, billboards, banners and posters etc.

Limitations Doing adverts or advertising is expensive tool but there exists lots of advertisements on the television and internet so people can get fed up that's why typically people disregard the advertisements on tv they just miss the channels when the advertising comes in front side of them. Some people do not browse the advertisements on newspapers and mags.

Promotion about Hilton

Branding- branding is a unique name and id of the company. It is a procedure of tag and stamp to the product with identify look, design and brand etc. So customers and consumers can get idea about the top features of product from the name, look, logo, mark and design. Brand or design should be attractive, which can attract to the customers. From brand name customers can recognise the product. When they provide a sign or name to the merchandise organisation should always keep in mind there is plenty of competitor on the market. Brand should end up like that which is no person can duplicate it easily.

Customer devotion- it is going to encourage the client, attract towards brand, choose the product often and in extra amount. It is about satisfaction level of customers, self confidence, and their needs and needs. Company should build marriage with customers using e-market via email, messaging on mobile phones, so customers can stay talk to them. Organisation should give factors to the clients on loyalty cards. They need to show to customers to look after them what are their selections and what they do not want.

Network and customer relationships marketing strategies- Marketing take place in public romance. For an organisation should have good and strong connection with population to fight your competition on the market. They have to build strong network in to the market with stakeholders. Now a day's every company have customer support department to straighten out the problems of customers plus they have call centres as well as they may have online customer care service via internet so customers can call them or email them regarding their problems. In an organisation network and customer romantic relationship is so how exactly does effective staff handles customers and employers with employees.

Hilton Hotel company appreciates the value of its staff and uses internal marketing to sustain them and make sure they are feel valued. At the Hilton company management realises that the business's team member added value and quality to the business. In fact it is the people doing work for the organisation which makes the Hilton hotels organization this international success. A hotel is an actual physical product, but a lot of the experience of visiting a hotel relates to the service made available from its staff to the clients. At Hilton hotel company management realises that personnel treat customers with about same amount of respect as they themselves are cured by their employers. If staff are not cared for and respected well they in turn will not value or treat customers very well. Obviously this is very harmful to an company. . The Hilton hotel corporation invests a lot of time and money in its staff. It takes training and staff development very very seriously. It involves personnel in all respects of its marketing programs and strategy so that everyone knows the proceedings and exactly how they make contribution. Company offers rewards to its personnel for effort with accolades and promotion. It includes its personnel by allowing them usage of extranet which is also tell its business associates. Management offers a comprehensive befits plans to its staff, including: medical, oral and vision health care coverage, life accident and impairment insurance, the Hilton stock purchase plan, the adaptable work arrangement. Other benefits including getaway and holiday break pay plus and special privileges when personnel stays on at Hilton hotels. On the Hilton group management really make an effort to retain good staff and do everything possible to make working for the Hilton hotel company rewarding and gratifying experience.

Marketing communication activities and strategies-marketing communication is a means which is employed by an organisation to improve the behaviour of stakeholders towards product. They present to product into the market in such way, people can get information about the product from designing, advertising, exhibitions, advertisements, newspapers, magazines, mobile phone marketing etc. Marketing communication can be develop by direct marketing and indirect marketing. Personal advertising, sales campaign, advertising, public relations they are all marketing communication. Those all tools are being used for communication about product, which explains to to open public about the top features of product. Organisation use marketing communication to attain the market objectives and goal sales. Communication is information between one individual to other person and in marketing it is between vendor and buyer.

E-marketing- e-marketing can be an internet marketing, which is also known as as an online marketing, web-marketing. Now a day's every company use digital technology for adverts to gain the aims. Technology plays a essential role for an company such computer founded technology. Organisation create their websites, they send information about products online. Internet offers unique opportunities for company and customers to talk to each others. It really is a sensible way to build relationship with one another. Companies do campaign by immediate email, advertising on internet, by texting on cell phones as well. People can know about the organisations and their manufactured goods to go to on their websites through internet. Company can do advertisements through social press for example: face reserve, tweets etc.

On other hands some individuals do not trust on online information. These types of people choose to visit the organisation personally to allow them to get information about the product from someone in person.

Guerrilla marketing activities and strategies- this kind of strategy is a weapon for marketers and it is not very expensive it is low priced strategy. Guerrilla marketing is a different methods of campaign. This type of marketing will not give attention to sales just target profits, on most important success. It can expect highest results from bare minimum resources.

But sometimes these procedures of marketing symbolize the wrong image of brand, which is bad to get success for an company and survive for long time in the future.

Viral marketing- it is blog marketing, message board marketing, email marketing and marketing with articles. This sort of marketing is transmitted from one person to another person for example messengers are being used for viral marketing. Social websites is the best way for viral marketing.

Public marriage strategies:-Public connection strategies are one of the promotional Combine (advertisement, personal offering, sales promotion, corporate image and Exhibition). Matching to Bill bernbach:- "People can't consider you if they don't know very well what you are saying plus they can't know very well what you say if they don't pay attention to you, plus they won't pay attention to you if you are not interesting". Any reports, planning, display, job advert etc organisation wishes to give to general population and any feedback company want from open public different marketing such as loudspeaker opportunities (conferences, seminars, public discussion boards), trade show support (press appointments, private demos), general public launch, magazines, paper, (articles, statement), Television, internet, PR websites (such as face e book, twitter, online Pr) etc.

Public marriage is a marriage of sharing information regards to organisation not only between company and customers; additionally it is with employees, staff, consumers, public, competitors etc. Public relation takes on a essential role and its essential to make open public aware and up-to-date about new guidelines, procedures, jobs, vacancies etc.

Marketing and marketing communication theory

Conceptual frameworks

Recommend marketing and customer commitment strategies that would secure and/or enhance the organisation competitive benefit.

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