The History Of Breakfast time Cereals


Breakfast cereals have been always enjoyed a significant role in the international market as healthy, hearty breakfast option specifically for children. While cereals recognized the intake of whole grains and equipment certain vitamins, mineral deposits, fibre, the overall composition of breakfast cereals sold in the international market today is more than what satisfies the eye. There are different motivations that compel consumers to try out or consume a specific product. Furthermore, motivation theory clarifies the state of people when they lack some basic biological need such as water or food. It is visible that once need is activated, the consumer wishes to satisfy it at the earliest. When need starts getting triggered or extreme, consumers seek to diminish or eliminate/ meet that need and this process contributes to stress and tension. Consuming Breakfast cereal is one of the physiological needs which almost all of consumers seek to fulfil but and yes it can be alternatively difficult for some people to select from types of brands cereals. Marketers make an effort to develop their goods and services in order to fulfill consumers' needs and lower their tension. This essay will discuss the motives that may put the consumer into conflict to consume cereal through ideas related to consumer behavior.

The theory of cognitive dissonance explains that humans require regularity in their normal lives, and circumstances of tension is created when values or behaviours discord with each other. (Michael et al 2007) These kinds of conflicts that happen when choosing between two alternatives could be resolved through an activity of cognitive dissonance lowering, where consumers are motivated to diminish this inconsistency or dissonance and consequently, eliminate kind of upsetting tension. It is took place when consumer start to decide between two desirers, both of it include good preference and superior flavour like breakfast time cereal which is shown by Kelloggs company. Consumer at that time try to seek for quality that he want to gain and he begin to think about the amount of value that can get; healthy which include the quantity of vitamin c, source of iron and superior preference.

Motivational conflicts have three main sections two types of these conflicts will be applied; approach-approach and approach-avoidance.

First, approach-approach issue; in this talk about a person should determine his mind and he must select from two appealing alternatives. E. g. : A consumer might have to select from a tastier breakfast time choice such as cooked beans/French toast and eggs, or a far more healthier and healthy breakfast cereal, which is less tasty. The issue is between preference and health. By giving additional benefits and promotions and combining dietary benefits with the merchandise "Low Fat" "High protein" and so forth can eliminate the conflict.

Second in an approach-avoidance conflict; consumers face both positive and negative results and feelings on the purchase of a specific product. The buyer desires the preference and mental satisfaction alongside the snacks (approach) but at the same time he will not want to gain weight (avoidance). (Hawkins 2002) The sign of reduced calories on snacks results into a significant reduction in this discord and allows the weight-sensitive customer to enjoy snacks and possess control on consumption of calories from fat. Most breakfast cereals are healthy when compared with other breakfast options like eggs. The buyer would rather favor purchasing breakfast cereal but it is difficult to ascertain whether breakfast cereals gratify him or not. In addition, consumer have now begun to realize that breakfast cereals are extremely healthy and they do not take into account weight gain instead of eggs that confer satisfaction on consumption but also make the buyer gain weight. Some reviews have stated that children who are excess fat are more likely to be obese people and suffer from health problems. Nowadays around 22 million children who are under five years already are overweight. (FOMCA 2009) In addition, it's discovered that breakfast cereal takes around five minuets to make, on the other hands; making eggs will need around fifteen to twenty minutes. The different between these kinds of food with regards to time taken up to make has made the buyer to move from making eggs to presenting breakfast cereal. It's been observed that time element play a vital role for consumers who seek to save time and also have a great tasting breakfast at the same time.

In Malaysia, in line with the Ministry of Health, in 2007, 26. 71% of the adult individuals were overweight, at the same time around 12. 15% of them is obese. In general, breakfast time cereals might produce a conflict for most consumers among its brands keeping the 'healthy eating option' in mind. For instance Kellogg's (special K) was targeted at females segments who wished to take the first step toward controlling their weight and shape. (FOMCA 2009) Research for the reason that field demonstrates many people who eat a practical breakfast such as 99% excess fat free Special K, normally getting more to maintain a wholesome weight range than those people who skip breakfast all the time, However this product might not be fit for children because the articles is totally unique of what cereals directed at children would contain. Way more, the flavour and amount of protein in the cereal are unsuitable for children's growing needs. Hence, Kellogg's company has solved this problem by made other types of breakfast cereal which is fit only for children.

Third, Avoidance-Avoidance Conflict; this type of issue occurs once customer encounters two undesirable selections. For example, an option of either spending more income on an old car once its reduces or deciding to buy a fresh one. Marketers usually dwelling address an avoidance-avoidance turmoil with some text messages that emphasize sudden benefits of choosing only 1 option E. g Emphasising special credit strategies to ease and comfort the pain of car repayments. (Michael et al 2007)

Many people think that it is easy to choose their breakfast time based on their knowledge but actually the truth is not easier as they picture. According to belief theory consumers are aware that breakfast cereal had not been a part of consumer eating options before and that consumer didn't caution much about whether he was having a good breakfast or otherwise. However today, for the consumer on the run, eating break fast cereal is an easier, better and quicker option when compared with breakfast options in the past that needed time to get ready.

Consumers get inspired by different impulses that their sensory organs communicate them in regards to a product or brand. By looking at this shape, it is discovered that sensory stimuli like eyesight, sound, smell, taste and texture each one of these elements impact on consumers' body and mind but people cannot view it.

Sensory system; exterior stimuli, or sensory inputs, could be received through many programs. For instance consumers might visit a billboard, have the softness, notice the sound of jingle or even flavor a fresh flavour of cereals. They are all inputs that can be sensed by five senses of a human body. They represent natural data that forms the basis for a perceptual procedure. As it's mentioned before; perceptual process begins with view and taste indicators that the consumers acquire from different channels. This paves a means for sale of breakfast cereals. Another stage is visibility. Consumers are subjected to knowledge through moments (advertisements, billboards) and this gets transformed into a purchase decision. This might draw in consumer attention towards breakfast time cereal and make consumers wonder about the real reason for choosing that product; whether it's health or flavor. the next thing is called attention in this stage consumer gathers information; weighs advantages and disadvantages tries to influence him/her self to purchase breakfast cereal or elsewhere. This displays on his/her interpretation and purchase decisions. Sensory systems theory for breakfast cereal will include two types of sense; eyesight and tastes.


Marketers have tried out most of enough time to meet consumers' needs throughout using advertising, store design and presentation. In case there is breakfast cereal consumer may find him self appeal to to numerous types of cereal not because he enjoy it but because the colour its give him a feeling of hunger such as blue, red and yellowish an example to the Kellogg's company has used red and white in order to promote their product Kellogg's Special K so once feminine go for the shopping any time automatically will choose the one with red and white even without looking at name because they know that red and white shade is related to healthy. That behavior has created some sort of motives. As it is an acknowledged fact that females are much quicker in noticing colors especially after the thing is related to healthier food like breakfast time cereal.


The taste desire differs from one consumer to some other; taste of breakfast time cereal is totally different among people such as children won't prefer the flavour of cereals that not contain nice tastes because in their minds image of sweet food is strong and positive. So they would wish to have cereals that are sugary in flavor. However, breakfast cereal purchase for children is inspired parents. So that it is important to persuade the parents about medical benefits associated with the cereal and the appealing taste because of their children. Children get easily affected by the taste and become devoted to the breakfast cereal that likes good. Flavour becomes the generating force to make children dedicated to breakfast cereal. For instance chocolates or fruity flavours would be preferred by children. Way more, if children ingest such breakfast cereal, these are happy to eat that breakfast time and their parents would love to give them breakfast cereals that are easily and easily consumed by their children and also take care of their health.

From above amount, both senses that have been directed in perceptual process have a tendency toward exposure which appears once a stimulus comes its way, influencing someone's sensory receptors. Resulting to the interest that demonstrates to the scope to which control activity is dedicated to specific stimulus. The past parts are called interpretation and mirror this is which is assigned to sensory stimuli. Thus, marketers need to build up the right kind of stimuli while focusing on different consumers.


Marketers like Kellogg's need to build up better marketing combine for promoting the cereal to women, children or the buyer on the run. This is done by creating accurate stimuli depending upon the causes of different individuals. Taking into consideration the socio economic position of consumers would also play an important role while producing services. For consumers that simply have to supply themselves, any extravagant packaging or even advertising the merchandise with the USP of 'healthy chance fast' might not maintain true. Instead simply capitalising on better quantity in a lower price may work. On the other hand, consumers with greater health consciousness, low calorific cereals may be welcomed. Connection of strong product features on presentation would effect purchase without giving consumers in virtually any conflict.


Marketers shouldn't treat breakfast cereal as a minimal engagement product because taking into consideration the lifestyle changes that today's consumer is faced with, breakfast cereals are viewed upon as a wholesome and quicker choice as compared to any other break fast option. More so, catering to the health needs of today's up to date consumer is vital to make one's brand successful. Competition from other products like health drinks and nutritional bars and cookies can be tackled by pronouncing the fact that break fast cereal are coupled with milk which is the foremost source of calcium for all ages and that it is preservative free.

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