The IDEA OF Public Relations Marketing Essay

Traditionally, the concept of Pr has been about only communication management. But as time passes it has changed from communication management to relationship management. Edward Berneys perceives PR as a science to manage and change the thinking and behavior of people. In the last centuries, PR experts were known and called by the name of "spin doctors".

PR is often baffled with advertising. It is however an integral part of integrated marketing communication. It offers as main role to disseminate information and improve brand image of a business. PR is a powerful management function and a serious business activity. A famous writer Frank Jefkins described PR as

"the art work and social research of analysing fads, predicting their effects, counseling organization leaders, and implementing organized programmes of action that will serve both the organization's and the public interest " (cited in Jefkins 1994).

The term romantic relationship management is about the relationship between the organization and the general public. The key constituents in the organisation's environment are known as the publics. Publics are split into inner publics, that is shareholders and employees and exterior publics that are customers, news media, investment communities, federal and the overall population. The primary aim here is to maintain a confident and healthy romance with both inner publics and exterior ones.

Many scholars laid focus on the way of measuring of the relationship between an organization and its own publics predicated on features such as trust, commitment, understanding, reliability and satisfaction. The actual fact that they worry a great deal about the dimension of its success shows that it keeps great importance for organizations.

Literature review

Definition of PR and PR theory

Public Relations (PR) can be explained as a marketing activity to improve up romantic relationship with publics. It really is closely associated with image and reputation of an organization. It precedes the success of all IMC (integrated marketing and sales communications) elements. Advertising and support marketing will fail when a company has negative PR.

The IPR define public relations as: 'the organized and sustained effort to establish and keep maintaining goodwill and mutual understanding between an organization and its publics' (cited in Jefkins, 1994). The need for PR is based on emphasizing the necessity for planning, sustained effort and shared understanding. PR practitioner needs to be apt with the abilities to use a public ambiance to there profit that is the transfer process.

The physique below shows the transfer process. PR practitioner should flip negative behaviour into positive one.

Several scholars identified PR in several manners. A number of the definitions that marked the development of PR will be reviewed below.

Hutton construction (1999)


Proactive and reactive PR

In house and pr consultancy

Role of PR

Telecommunication PR

Background of the business(rework)

Mauritius Telecom (MT) is the leading telecommunications operator and service provider in Mauritius. Incorporated in 1988 as Mauritius Telecommunications Services (MTS), it bought the property of Overseas Telecommunications Services (OTS) in 1992 and became Mauritius Telecom. The company has since liked a phenomenal rate of development and it is now one of the most notable enterprises in the united states, with income of Rs7. 9 billion in 2011. The business, which is ISO 9001:2008 professional, operates in accordance with the requirements of good corporate and business governance techniques, providing reasonable working conditions and offering secure products and services.


Mauritius Telecom's strategy for development is centred on technology, consistent with its vision "To be always a Leading World-Class Infocom Services Company, " whilst the new commercial strategy is led by the eyesight "Today changes with Orange. " Over time, the company has invested noticeably in restructuring the company so that it functions as a operator. MT also endeavours to supply the best conditions because of its 1, 600 employees to enhance their skills to raised provide its customers.


The Federal of Mauritius, their state Loan provider Mauritius (through its wholly possessed subsidiary SBM Ventures Professionals Ltd) and the National Pensions Fund hold 59% of the shares in the business. 1% of MT stocks were sold to entitled employees and pensioners in 2007 at a marked down rate under a worker Share Participation Plan. The remaining 40% are held by France Telecom, through its investment vehicle RIMCOM.

Investment in other entities

Mauritius Telecom has a local existence through its investment funds in Orange Madagascar. MT has bought a 50% talk about in Vanuatu Telecom Ltd through its investment vehicle, Mauritius Telecom International Projects, set up in 2011.

Products and services

Mauritius Telecom offers a full spectral range of words and data services using permanent, mobile and internet systems. MT also offers convergent services through My. T, its Multiplay-IPTV service. Internet and TV services are given for mobile users. The Group is committed to providing its customers with quality ICT services at competitive prices.

Since the rebranding of most mobile and internet services in Apr 2008 to Orange, a solid international brand, there's been a quantum leap in providing customers with impressive services and encounters. Telecommunication services are becoming increasingly convergent and Mauritius Telecom makes every work to respond to new device and usage trends in an more and more competitive market.

Today, the company's real-time technology services and solutions, in conjunction with its experience and know-how, are providing businesses with a one-stop solution for IP-based services, online private sites, and high-speed access to the internet and program services for improved upon decision-making anytime, anywhere. FTTC, GPON, ADSL, SHDSL will be the technologies our company is investing in, and will be offering TelePresence and Cloud Processing solutions.


By the finish of Dec 2011, the business had bought about 1. 2 million readers for its fixed-line, mobile, internet dial-up, broadband and My. T convergent services. This significant customer foundation has enabled Mauritius Telecom to improve its position as market innovator and preferred end-to-end solutions provider.

MT continues to boost broadband gain access to through lower tariffs for both business and residential customers, within MT's commitment to aligning its strategy start of the Government's eye-sight of Broadband Mauritius. Indeed, to make ICT available and affordable to as many folks as is feasible in Mauritius, the business launched the NetPC in June 2008.

MT is the country's only telecommunications company that delivers general services and general access. To meet up these responsibilities, the company is focused on developing its sites throughout the country and providing effective services to all or any individuals and residents within the Republic of Mauritius.


Mauritius Telecom is setting the pace in the region in the transition from narrowband to broadband and Internet Process (IP) services. The business is continuously changing its IP-based network to provide ever more mobile and convergent services and provide high-performance speech, data, video recording and multimedia system services. The business is little by little migrating to the Next Generation Network (NGN). In 2011, MT's Network Functions Centre (NOC) relocated to state-of-the-art premises in Orange Tower EbЁne.

As the company of international bandwidth services, Mauritius Telecom consistently updates available bandwidths on the SAFE cable connection and invests in new cable television projects to meet the increasing demand of call-centre and BPO operators and of customers attaching to bandwidth-hungry services.

As for MT's international network, it is situated upon an advanced globally interconnected infrastructure, linked by submarine fibre-optic cords as well as satellite. The business, in addition to providing continuous updates on these cable tv systems, is also buying other submarine fibre-optic cable television projects such as the LION 2, the Europe-India Gateway (EIG) and the West Africa Cable television System (WACS), ready to enter into service in 2012. The two existing cable getting channels at Baie Jacotet and Le Goulet and the investment in cable television tasks allow Mauritius to further increase the consistency, resiliency and bandwidth capacity of its international connectivity.

Corporate Friendly Responsibility (CSR)

Mauritius Telecom completely partcipates in its (CSR) role and, through the Mauritius Telecom Base (MTF), is actively participating in funding major national tasks promoting sociable and financial integration and poverty alleviation. Other CSR initiatives include support to community tasks in the areas of education, health, activities and environment. The countrywide advertising campaign, Je recycle les mobiles et les piles, launched in 2010 2010, has led to the assortment of five tons of used battery power and over 2, 000 mobile phones, with a first shipment to France for recycling place for Feb 2012. Because the establishing of the MTF, 22% of CSR cash have been assigned to projects which help ICT education and access to vulnerable communities.

PR at MT and Orange

Risk Management

In terms of risk management, the Group has developed incident management programs for increased preparedness in such situations as vandalism, and tsunami, open fire and bomb alerts. In this context, Business Continuity Programs have been made by the many departments within the Group. In addition, MT has been allocated 40 WORKSHOP Recovery chairs by Business Continuity Mauritius. The target is usually to be able to ensure service continuity to customers in incident situations. In fact, Business Continuity Mauritius is a subsidiary company of MT which also provides catastrophe recovery services to others.

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