The Impact And Spread Of Consumer Society Marketing Essay

Consuming is one of human nature that can not be altered. Why and how exactly we take in is the control of the human behaviour. You will discover two varieties of considered this behaviour. Some may be does consumer patterns our lifestyle and the other is the other way around. Consuming has a detailed romantic relationship with lifestyle. The way people consume displays their lifestyle. Does indeed this lifestyle is a natural desire or is it encourage by other aspect like design? Through visible and mental, tangible and intangible, design provides an impact to both the environment and the consumer. These experience makes people addicted to something they ingest. Does consumerism is something bad or good? There are a few bad and the good points to be appeared. Through the look, consumerism has been handed down unconsciously. Design has a job and an impact on consumerism. That's the reason the existence of design is important to condition or even to be shaped.

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1. Introduction

Today commercial space becomes a territory of consumerism. Brands as a generator turn into a magnet for the buyer. Consumerism is derived from the words take in. In the long run of this phrase there is a suffix -ism that is known as a idea, system or school of thought. What lengths consumerism is important in individual life? Trading and exchanging are own character. Why do we have to trade or exchange? Associated with to get that which you get so that people are able to ingest it.

As the time goes by, consuming and technology have been developed. People could be easily rewarding their need. And what after that? Do we as human beings are just satisfied? People will never be satisfied. It really is their aspire to keep wanting increasingly more. Imbalance between needs and desire triggers consumerism. Does consumerism as a means of life creates our lifestyle or you want to creates our own lifestyle?

2. Analysis

Thinking about consumerism must not forget about utilization. Both consumerism and ingestion has a shut relationship between one another. Consumerism is really because of consumption. It is not a mistake that people consume virtually all the things in our life such as goods and experience. Furthermore, individuals has been exercising to consume since civilization was not developed yet. Exchange becomes human's character. As enough time goes by, human being keep developing to have a much better life. If we, individual, has satisfied our primary needs, we wish something more other just than that. Imbalance between desires and needs give a final result as consumerism. Consumerism took place just before Industrial Trend period but it could be seen obviously during this time period. Lawson (2009, p. 60) said by the 1950's, for the first time in our history, we were producing enough to allow choice for people. This means that consumer culture was born.

2. 1 Consumerism in Society

There is a myth: "The greater we have, the happier we become. " This misconception would work with the express of consumerism. People believe that the more things they have got, they would be happier but in fact it is not. Our happiness now is determined by other people unhappiness and so our need is. We want something because we found it somewhere and someone bought it. The desire of getting makes us addicted to have virtually all the items we saw. Furthermore, the desire becomes increased if the things we want has been consume by almost all of the people. Because of a tremendous ingestion, it makes the items become as if it is our most important needs. For example is cellular phone. Back to the time when technology had not been of up to today, cellular phone was something that is common. The purchase price was expensive in those days but as the technology was being developed, cellular phone became mass-produced. After that, almost all folks own it. It becomes ubiquitous and now becomes our needs. We cannot live without it.

We take in not only as a result of desire but also the seducer of experience as well as our very own monster, which is our dread. Today, by eating we show our identity. It is a visual indication that determines which culture are you from. The indication could be observed from the things we bought and used. The most noticeable evident is brand. For example, Louis Vuitton. We acknowledge that it's an expensive brand whereby not all the people have the ability to afford it. By using the product of this brand, one instructs the society where one belongs to indirectly. The monster creates a concern with other people judgments. Consumerism becomes sustainable by having this kind of frame of mind.

The society in this situation creates a way of life where consuming is addictive so that individuals want to keep buying increasingly more. We know that consumerism needs to be control. Nevertheless, bulk or the modern culture choose to continue the way of life they reside in.

Singapore is one of attractive vacation spot for travelers. Hence, they promote themselves through Singapore Tourism Mother board that has a huge impact on travel and leisure. They promote the entertainments and luxury shopping malls. In this problem, multimedia is the powerful medium to send the subject matter to all individuals in the world. Hence, inside this entertaining city, consumerism could be observed easily in public. Walking in the location area like Orchard, titles of the brands are located everywhere. By firmly taking a glance, consumer world could be satisfied in this area. Well-known brands are able to be found easily. This is not only applied to goods such as luggage and clothes but also restaurants. Popular and expensive restaurant will show their personality and pleasure.

Consumerism in Singapore has been developed and created by the federal government either consciously or unconsciously, a very popular life-style. Life for Singaporeans is not complete without shopping. This express was announced by the Perfect Minister, Goh Chok Tong in Country wide Day Rally Speech (Straits Times, 18 August 2996). Shopping is their contentment and needs. This may be seen by many new shopping centre that was built in the previous few year. Therefore, the program of building another commercial buildings are still occurring. The government wishes either their citizen or visitors to invest their money in this country. The government directly dictates the citizen being that they are young to take so that consumerism assemble unconsciously. Other than Singapore Tourism Mother board, they seduce consumer through mass media like magazine. Newspaper isn't just a seducer but also a reflection of the lifestyle they go on. The latest information about fashion or eating place could easily get simply by flipping a bundle of newspaper.

2. 2 Consumerism in Pub and Restaurant

Do you have a desire to visit a certain location to eat? Is it only to take in the food or to consume the knowledge? Definitely, human wants to try something new. Human being is a creature with high attention. In this situation, where do we get the info that caused us with an intention to try something? We live in the hi-technology era whereby people surrounding the world are connected eventhough they are not in the same place. They could speak and exchange information to the other. Internet is a big innovation, which was invented inside our world. The consumer could get the information easily by this technology. Other than that, they could get the information from the mag. In Singapore, there are a several magazine that will help you to tell what's the latest information of dining for example is Wine beverage and Dine. The publication is approximately stack information about well-known food and drink. It might seduce the consumer easily through the explanation and the pictures they show. It is one of just how how exactly does consumerism reach consumer population.

Business travelers, corresponding to Singapore Travel and leisure Board Data Figures, have a demand as a target market in Singapore. The number of business travelers is continue up even though there is a recession happens on earth. They, obviously, has an enough income more than just to survive. For entrepreneurs, business spouse are an important aspect in the business life. The way they associate isn't only in a formal way but also in an casual way like having fun.

The current pattern, in the last few years, bars and restaurants are more and more multiply. The demand of this aspect keeps growing due to the interest of consumer. Bar and restaurant offer alcoholic beverage that is popular in the world. Liquor has a side-effect of addiction. It reduces the function of brain and makes the feeling of good. Due to dysfunctional of brain, people could keep eating, as they sought the feeling to be there. This situation causes an obsession. Hence, addiction will end up by consumerism, subconsciously ingest.

2. 3. Design in Consumerism

Previously, we discussed consumerism in bar and restaurant by the edible. Despite of edible, will there be anything else that makes people keep eating? As it is mentioned before, nowadays consumer is seduced not only by the edible or things they provide but also by the knowledge. Experience helps it be different from someone to the other place. It is a unique offered. Design makes it become a reality. Design is like a creation of God, which was nearly to perfect, man. Eventhough it is similar from the appearance, the experience will never be the same in one location to the other. Ron Swidler () on Wine beverages and Dine Journal said that one of the best tendencies in hotel and restaurant design right now is creating experience. It shows that what people want for is not only something tangible but also intangible. Intangible things could be buy with money. Tangible things such as edible could be consumed only at that time, but the impression of intangible things previous permanently in consumer's head. The desire of consuming is more on psychological feeling. On the editor's take note of area on Wine beverage and Dine newspaper, Leena Ng, the editor, says that one of the primary activities consumers desire is ideal for access to the approach to life they see reflected in the media and in their vacations. In this scenario, media has a big role to support consumerism. Attractive pictures on the magazine attract consumer contemporary society to go to and take in what they give on the multimedia.

How to generate experience is by looking at the look. The custom made creates the structure between each element to make a certain ambience that could make a significant impression to the buyer. Is creating atmosphere just by beautify the space? Creating atmosphere is reinforced by the building and the elements such as light, sound and smell. It is true that visible presentation has quite a big impact for the consumer including the strategy and the theme. Nevertheless, intangible thing must not be forgot. The usage of lighting usually boosts the design more.

The concept of the pub and restaurant will need to have interconnection with the demand and the purpose of the task. In this situation, metropolitan nomad has been chosen as the suitable notion. Urban nomad is someone who is always on the go. Produced from the urban nomad; journey, connection and energy will be the keywords as the expression or metropolitan nomad. The idea is noticeable on the voyage that is created. A long trip to the lobby with a teaser of how would the consumer experience in the space. Unconventional lobby is being created. Stairs are being used as a bridge that hook up one space to the other space. Each space upon this restaurant and club are multiply in the whole big space. It is the design objective that force visitors to move around the space and take in the journey. Over the voyage, consumer are being seduced by the lifetime of indoor garden that is enjoyable and offer a new experience inside the space. Overall, the space is created in order to set-up impression on consumer's head so that they are prepared to experience and ingest the space again on the other time.

3. Conclusion

Consumerism is not only a concept. It really is now believe as a way of life where people eating a great of amount of goods in quantities. Consuming could be segregated from human. It is the nature of human being that is developed since very long time earlier. Today, people ingest to show their identity. The main reason of consuming is no more exist. Consuming has become part of Singaporeans life whereby people in this country are encouraged to shop by their best minister. Therefore, consumerism becomes a habit and culture. The federal government is supporting the consumerism. It really is true that consuming could give back benefit to the united states; on the other hand what is the impact of it? If we look at the long-term side effect, this situation will kill their own citizen because they'll not be satisfied if they're not consuming.

On the other perspective, consumerism has been boosted by design. An effective design is addictive to the consumer. They will keep returning to experience it again and again. In this example, consumerism could be seen as an indicator as an effective design. Design has an impact on consumerism. Something that is being designed has an their own appeal to sketch people's attention.

In conclusion, there is absolutely no right or wrong about consumerism. It depends where are we heading to put our point of view. Generally, consumerism must be stopped scheduled to the unbalance between human's mind and their desire. Nevertheless, if we look from the design point of view, there is little or nothing incorrect with consumerism. Actually, because of design, consumerism is being boost. It is our decision to control what lengths the consumerism have to be control and use from other perspective such that it wouldn't normally cause self-destructing for individual. It is now our decision to be shaped by the consumerism or we shaped our very own lifestyle.

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