The Impact of celebrity endorsements

Referring to what of Daniel J Boorstin, "A sign of a movie star is the fact his name is often well worth more than his services. ". Advertising campaign plays a essential role throughout the market; it's the foundation upon which this overly busy world learns what's new and available. To market something in the competitive global market has turned into a challenging job. Homogenous products and brands make it difficult to choose from. Minor tweaks in design and voila a fresh product is ready for the shelves. However advertisements is major difference between the brands and their products and services. To be able to make it through in this trade, companies require sales to increase which would set up a label for the business seemingly creates a feeling of belonging between the consumer and the product. This sense of belonging is awakened in the hearts of the shoppers by going along with superstar endorsements where consumers can relate to their favorite movie star that leads to influencing demand for that brand's service or product. When relating to stars, it is essential that companies choose superstars who are up in the popular rating hence strengthening the scope of accomplishment in getting market talk about for the particular brand, product or a service. It could be said that the recognition and the connection of the celebrity with the brand has a primary marriage. As the recognition level rises, so will the image of the brand involved. The basic idea of the endorsement is quite simple. Basic consensus is that people like celebrities, if those celebrities say that they just like a product or a service naturally people should what they like. It really is as though by magic stars transfer their recognition from themselves to the products. Endorsement also might symbolize quality or any other related virtue. In order to sell a product we need to advertise and what could be better than to advertise on the shoulders of already successful sales i. e. celebrities.

Pakistan's marketing network has gained new benchmarks when compared with yesteryears. Once being an agriculturally dominated, Pakistan is rolling out in this aspect. Wire and television being accessible to wherever you can find electricity and road part billboards being the hub of advert. Be it radio, tv, billboards or internet, ad market of Pakistan has broadened its outreach whereby it is now creating alliance with celebrities from overseas and setting aside endorsements as per the necessity of the existing times. This opportunity of employing non- Pakistani celebrities for brand image reaches new attractiveness levels that were previously kept by Pakistani entertainers. Pakistan is more and more following in the footsteps of the Girl by implementing a celebrity driven culture; where latest movements, fashions and ideas are modeled after various celebrities. History is see to the fact that opportunities in movie star endorsements in Pakistan have increased rapidly within the last decade roughly hence increasing the quality of competition as well promoting invention in marketing strategies as well as product development. These chains of occurrences have allowed Pakistan to increase in the positive route hence creating understanding and increasing knowledge of everyone through massive advertisement assignments in relation to gaining total power of the buyer population. Huge investments require similar rises in earnings. Brand image once embossed within the consumers then your companies get their safe haven until they experience the super fruit of their own mistakes. Thus companies are significantly using superstars to endorse their brands by either publicly utilizing their product or showing in adverts for said products. The goal is to increase sales of the product by getting consumers to improve their purchase habit and buying more of the merchandise (either by consuming it in higher variety or buying more of the merchandise). However celebrity endorsement will not automatically guarantee better success, nor is the performance same for each brand of a specific superstar. Thus it becomes very important to organizations to comprehend how superstar endorsement affects their brand. The goal of this thesis is to study the impact that movie star endorsement is wearing a brand as well as the factors that determine the effectiveness of the endorsement for the brand in order to maintain successful brand recognition.

The research itself would concentrate on the telecommunications sector and how celebrity endorsements influence consumer purchase action and brand collateral in this specific sector. It has been chosen as the region of review as telecommunications sector one of the very most vital of all the infrastructure services today. It isn't only essential for the growth and development of every other sector of the market also for the integration of local market with all of those other world.

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