The Integrated Marketing Communication Imc Plan

Executive Summary

Nail Paint, as a cosmetic product, promises to meet up with the needs of consumers by giving Color rich, long lasting nail color that dries quickly and looks super shiny.

My product is Nail Paint and I am launching that under Garnier as Garnier offers health and skin care products but it isn't offering nail paints so I am likely to launch my product under the brand name of Garnier. For that I have made an IMC plan. I am going to use the component of the IMC such as advertisement, sales promotion, public relation, trade shows, online marketing, personal selling etc inside our term paper. I've used the budget of Rs 5 crore for IMC as our objective plan is to increase sales of Nail Paint by 30% in the next 2-3 years

The marketing strategies include proposed strategies involving product, price, place, and promotion.

Included in the IMC plan are budget for Nail Paint to launch & implement their IMC plan for nail paint by Garnier.

The Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Plan

An understanding of the IMC mix is essential in putting together a highly effective and creative IMC plan for Greet your day. Given a knowledge of marketing and how important integration is a marketing program, I put an IMC plan that will overwhelm your client. Along the way of effectively developing and implementing an IMC plan, marketers and communication professionals should always follow the marketing theory. Consumers' wants and needs (i. e. , donors and publics) should always be the key focus of the program. To reduce this focus means that the program, although creative or award-winning, will sell no product or service.

Situation Analysis

The IMC situational analysis provides a history of the IMC functions and an assessment of the surroundings where the IMC professionals must work. Several factors must be looked at in the situational analysis. The business or organization for which the IMC plan is being created must be analyzed. The surroundings in which this organization operates must be understood and detailed. A market and consumer behavior analysis must be completed. Further, one must understand the competitive landscape. Finally, a product or service history and evaluation should be included.

The Industry

India, with a population of almost a billion people, is a country of contrasts. India's urban population is the key engine that fuels the demand for various cosmetic products. Although Indians are strongly attached and committed to their traditions, and culture, the advent of tv set and the knowing of the western world is changing the tastes and customs of India. The ˜morphing' of India is subtle and the changes are not visible for the first time visitor. However, the market liberalization process that began in 1991, combined with the crowning of three Indians as Miss World and Miss Universe during the preceding four years, have made Indian women conscious of the look of them. Consequently, the cosmetic consumption patterns of Indian women have changed, and this trend is fuelling growth in the cosmetic sector.

The Indian cosmetics market grew by 12. 7% in current value conditions in 2008, with value sales amounting to Rs126 billion. In 1999 the Indian cosmetics market grew 8% over 1998. Total value since 1995 was 54% in current terms, equating to 25% in frequent terms.

Ten years ago, less than 10 per cent women use nail paints regularly, but today nearly 80 % women use nail paints on daily basis. We have a lot of demanding young consumers who have been exposed increasingly more towards new trends popular or different colors of nail paints.

Market trend is to buy new and new type of nail paints. So we have a lot of chance to grow.

The Company

The Garnier company thinks that good skin care should be considered a priority no matter the budget. Specific Garnier products are made to meet every customer's needs. Garnier has offered a vast array of beauty products. The reason and main focus of Garnier is to give its customers trendy and good quality of nail paint i. e. with one coat and with double coat in line with the demand of customer.

The Market

Now day's consumers are incredibly aware and Main sources of information include Person to person, TV, Point of Sale and Magazines Procedure for Perception and their purchase decision is dependant on various factors like price of product, availability, creativity, fashion brand name, Satisfaction or dissatisfaction reliant on a number of factors i. e. Shelf life of the product- how much time the effect is retained.

The nail paint market is spread worldwide mainly targeting girls and women. The nail paint market before had few types of nail paints, while today's market carries many numerous kinds of nail paints like one coat, two coat, nail shimmer etc.

The purchase decision regarding nail paints is dependant on the next decisions

Price of product



Fashion Brand Name.

The Competition

The competitor are also playing an important role to grab the market share. We as the Marketer try to boost the market share by grabbing the opportunity from other company. To do this company have to check out the marketing strategies, which basically include the MARKETING MIX. There is a very difficult competition in the cosmetic industry as much companies like Lakme, Revlon; Maybelline etc. already are dominating the other person in the market. So if you want to survive in a competition such as this, we must be careful about the IMC planning for the nail paint so our company can give them all a difficult competition.

Major competition in Garnier nail paint








NAIL ENAMEL (15 ML) 85, 95/-


NAIL ENAMEL Rs. 195 /-

SWOT Analysis

Taking into account Garnier situation, the next strengths (S), weaknesses (W), opportunities (O) and threats (T) have emerged.


Fashion-conscious Product Appeal -

We will try to leads the way in commercial design and makes 'cool' and fashion-conscious products. We will attempt to make fashion conscious products according to the latest trends.

The demand of my product is high because now women are extremely conscious about their looks and personality.

The nail paint will be made by using the natural products that will not cause any injury to nails or skin.


Low degrees of technology and produce mostly low value-added goods of low quality

Discouraged investments in new manufacturing technologies, and limited large-scale manufacturing and the attendant benefits of economies of scale.


The increased demand by the consumers has helped create a fresh product that positions the company as an integral enabler. This needs to be capitalized on.


Threat from new rivals is high

-Emergence of new companies

-There is not a major barrier to entry

-There is future growth potential


If we look over the many environmental factors affecting plan are-

Economic factors

As it is well an economical crisis has hit the whole world so it would surely affect our plan also, as it'll affect our pocket to spent more on promotion that could affect the success of Garnier Nail paint.

Political Factors

Political factors also play a very important role in the sale of any product because if any chemical or any other harmful material has been founded in nail paint they can stop the sale of nail paint.

Cultural Factors

Culture also influence the sale of something because according for some cultures using cosmetic products is not regarded as good and in the rural areas using cosmetics before marriage is not allowed. So it can affect the plan

Marketing Strategy

Mission of Garnier nail paint is to capture a dominant position in cosmetic market so that it will launch its one of the best range in nail paints to attain its goal.

The purpose and main focus of the Garnier nail paint is to give its customers a best value product.


The nail paint market con be broadly divided into two segments

Organized sector dominating 36%of the market.

Unorganized sector catering to 64% of the marketplace

Target Market:

Our marketplace is whole of the India so our integrated marketing and sales communications plan will need to have focused on the whole of the India

The segment that is targeted is as follows


Youth segment (15 - 24yrs): for fashionable and trendy nail paints.

Core target (24+): for resilient effect


Lower income class

Middle class group

High income group


Nail paint that is manufactured out of natural products and that will not cause any harm to your nail and skin and it will increase your beauty in different ways and give the hands and foot best look as compared to others. It can benefit us to better positioning in the mind of our potential prospects.


The Product


The product where this marketing plan focuses is the nail paint. Company put together a research team whose purpose was to study the customer's demands, and their buying behavior regarding nail paints how the company would market the merchandise, and the way the company would gain a competitive advantage over others.

By studying consumer's demands and purchasing behaviors, researchers were able to construct new nail paint and launched a Garnier nail paint.


The main design of the merchandise concentrated on the interest of the clients. The nail paint included two different types of nail paint, each having its own responsibility. The business was focusing on research and development. It had up to now spent Rs. 10 crores on the R & D centre.

Goods classification

The Garnier nail paint can be classified as either single coat Apply single coat and let dry or double coat Apply one coat, let dry. Apply another coat product or can be classified based on trendy or daily need nail paints.


Under positioning strategy Garnier nail paint would price at Rs. 40-70 for lower class income group

Under positioning strategy Garnier nail paint would price at Rs. 100-150 for middle income income group.

Under positioning strategy Garnier nail paint would price at Rs. 500-700 for higher class income group.


Recognizing the power of quality to put itself as a market leader in the new millennium.


The company's promotion plan is to undergo huge add campaigns. Garnier nail paint planned to promote the printer, by making use of by the help of any Bollywood actress or it can be by a fresh face also.

Point of Difference

The "Point of Difference - - characteristics that make our nail paint distinct from competitors' products - can be summarized the following

The top features of our product are stylish and cool looks, no injury to nails and skin, a broad color range.

Our nail paint is constructed of natural basic products without harmful material or chemical and it has long lasting affect.

It is classified in single coat and double coat as par the demand of customers.

Communication Strategies

Promotion pricing

It has been proven that increasing promotion has lead to an increase in consumer demand. Both Garnier nail paint and their competition spent a lot of money on the promotion with their new products. Lakme spent 400 crore in media's support to introduce its new cosmetic range; Revlon spent 150 crore to launch its new range.

Advertising Budget

Because competition was increasing, these companies saw it necessary to increase their shelling out for promotion. Companies began to offer purchase deals, such as cash discounts, special percent off coupons, contests, sweepstakes and a great many other.

Advertising OBJECTIVES

Main objective of nail paint advertisement is to inform the clients that Garnier is going to launch new nail paint with natural products also to aware the customers

To persuade the clients.

Another object is to make the eye of customers because it is at this stage that the client begins to generate desire for the product.

And we will have that how much customers are influenced by the advertisement is the advertisement creates their curiosity about the product or not.


Advertising for the nail paint will have a message made to appeal to the target consumer, girls and women.

The Message and Information

The basic message for the nail paint advertisement is the fact that it will increase your looks and beauty. The message will be simple and straight-forward. Also, it's important to keep carefully the message short and simple so that the potential consumers, and also require limited time to learn advertisements, can get the basic point about the nail paint and its main benefit and learn the place of which the Garnier nail paint can be purchased.


An advertisement designed to help launch the Nail paint. The advertisement shows the images of the Garnier nail paint. The ad can be placed in newspapers, magazines, billboards, internet, etc. wherever still photographs and print advertisements work. As indicated above, print media or print-like media will not be really the only media used to advertise the nail paint ad. Internet media allowing for videos and audio will be used. TV may also be a medium to promote. In tv or video ads, the attractive images of the nail paint are shown in the advertisement with high quality picture.


www. garnierca. com

Media Plan

An integral objective of this program is to boost the overall market share of our own products. To do this, the company's nail paint will be used as a gateway product to introduce consumers to the larger brand family.

Budget Considerations - Based on my research, our currently spends approximately Rs. 5 crore advertising its products. Budget figures for the nail paint are enormously important to the business and represent the fastest growing section of revenue. So, I am going to use Rs. 5 crore as the basis for the nail paint advertisement budget. Taking this into account, the break down of this figure will be

Television - 40% i. e. 2, 00, 00, 000

Print - 35% i. e. 1, 75, 00, 000

Radio - 10% i. e. 50, 00, 000

ADVERTISING ON THE INTERNET - 15% i. e. 75, 00, 000

Media Types and Selections -

The following media types and outlets will be utilized and were selected predicated on the target demographic - creative 18-45 living within the country

Television - 15 second and 30 second spots within the next

- National networks (DD1)

- Select Cable Channels and Networks

- MTV and VTV




- Discovery Channel

Print -

Three varieties of print media will be utilized. These include outlets with national coverage and strong vertical profiles
- Magazine Ad Placements - Full-page bleed advertisements will be positioned in the next magazines

- Fashion Magazine

-Famina Magazine

- Grah Shobha Magazine

Standard indoor / outdoor billboards

Non-traditional signage in bus shelters/railway stations

Non-traditional signage put in and around green spaces like park benches, golf courses, etc.

Radio -

Radio is the least expensive way of advertisement. Advertisement will be made on different r / c i. e.

94. 30 MHz

87. 50 MHz

Internet Advertising -

The INTERNET will be used to compliment placements and efforts in other mediums.

- Banner Advertising on consumer entertainment sites

- Banner adverting on high-trafficked portals

- Banner Advertising on consumer music enthusiast sites

- Complimentary banner advertisements on magazine and tv set channel /

network sites

- In-store Promotions -

These will be completed not only within big retail stores, but also through the business's growing gadgets distribution network.

- Point-of-Sale displays

- Floor displays, shippers, in-store banners.

- Public Relations - This is an important part of the plan that will reinforce credibility to the campaign. Garnier would like to be a closely watched company in accordance with product announcement and news related items. The company will seek coverage and mentions within all discovered creative markets.

- Coverage in local newspapers

- Coverage in trade press/journals/magazines

- Coverage in national network media outlets

Creative Tactics

The following is a short description of the creative tactics used in the plan.

Print Media Tactics

Generally, print advertising will stress life-style and new fashion in nail paint. These types of placements will be short on copy and long on imagery. The nail paint will be shown in several use situations and in a variety of contexts i. e. matching with different dresses, so that as par the days. The goal is to help the mark market identify with the new range, the nail paints physical features and exactly how applying this nail paint will add to your looks and beauty.

- Full Page Advertisements - High res, full-scale images of the nail paint, along with simple and short copy.

Television Tactics

The tv tactics will show nail paints features and exactly how it will fit in scenarios similar to the print-based components, but will place greater emphasis on connecting, creative lifestyle. Different socioeconomic environments may also be used.

- Multiple use situations, contexts, environments.

- Imagery of showing users and how it will make your hand and foot more beautiful.

Internet Tactics

Focus will be located on fostering action and consumption of the nail paint on the part of an individual.

- Pricing discounts on exclusive digital box set.

- Promotions on nail paint Brands

Evaluation Techniques/Assessment

The key goals of the plan are measurable, especially in terms of sales targets. These include

- Unit Sales of nail paints made by the campaign.

- Nail pint sales for the campaign period.

- Website traffic, visits, and analytics of company's web site

Quantifiable Measures

Lots of the goals of the program are measurable, including most sales, revenue and utilization goals. Progress within these areas will be monitored monthly and adjustments made to program execution as needed. Of particular interest, however, is evaluating the efforts to promote further purchases of current nail paint users. Promotional efforts tied to this group will segregate in order to determine this group's response. Communicating with this group is critical to the long-term success of the nail paint.

Concept and Copy Testing

Since lots of the portions of the media campaign will attempt to influence action on part of the target, both concept and copy testing will be done prior to implementation. These activities should help gauge if the messaging does apply to the mark, as well as if it is contemporary enough to be relevant. Because much of the campaign depends on drivers of popular culture, relevance or 'coolness factor' needs to be determined. Timeliness in this area is important.

Online Customer Survey

To measure the ongoing fascination with nail paint, users of the nail paint as par different occasions will be encouraged to complete a series of short surveys on product usage and other factors. These surveys will be designed to be very brief and you will be built-into the e-commerce system. Consumers will be offered discounts for participation. While this method isn't evaluative of the plan itself, it'll supply the company with relevant data to evaluate their efforts.


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