The Low Involvement Product

In the existing easy we will detailed the high engagement product - a good food, and the reduced involvement product - a household cleaning product. The nice food can be viewed as a high participation product since it is extremely important to ensure a person eats balanced diet. WHENEVER I choose the meals, I am able to choose only after long and careful consideration what product would be the most essential. Important purchases require additional time, attention and initiatives.

Low involvement product is children cleaning product, because there is you don't need to pay a lot of focus on what I am buying. To the low involvement products there is not paid a lot of attention, because people know the details of what they have already bought which the condition of the low engagement product is not important. This product is not essential, concerning buy it is just a every month schedule. Generally, whenever a person considers buying the low participation product, he does not pay a lot of focus on it, he just calls for it and pays for it. For the person the reduced participation product is not important or vital, it is just a simple need that does not require the excess attentions and a lot of time to believe.

The differences between your ways I experienced the purchase decision operations for the two products. Whenever choosing the high participation product - good food, I have committed all my attention and knowledge to choose it. As an undeniable fact, when purchasing the good food, I was highly involved in the purchase, as there were significant distinctions between brands. I had developed to choose the food carefully, because I know that product is essential for me and very important for my family. Spending extra time on choosing it, was worthwhile, because I was able to choose the most recent product, start to see the "best before" time frame, start to see the quality and choose the best price among the various levels of it. Choosing the good food is a complex task.

When choosing the reduced involvement product- a household cleaning product, I have chosen it and didn't think about outcome, as I was familiar with the product and decided to buy it, as I have already been doing this for a long time. When visiting the supermarket, I've made a set of what I was required to buy. By using the list, I managed not to forget about each thing I want, even if it is basic. Choosing the household cleaning product was easy, as I've done it for many times and I like its quality and price. Overall, low engagement products, as a rule, don't have problems or cause any problems. IT is not hard to choose them and to buy them.

Being the professional of both of the two products, it'll be essential to describe the understanding of the Style of Consumer Buying Action for the two products.

Under the purchasing habit (including buyer tendencies, consumer patterns), it refers to the tendencies of the buyer regarding the deal of goods. The tendencies of the sales of goods, from the purchase planning, purchase negotiation, makes the purchase; to post-purchase habit is highly changing. According to Online marketing strategy (2010), the buying patterns among merchants that also work with the solicitation of offers and long negotiations and perhaps also in buying systems, is linked, and sometimes varies significantly from the purchasing habit of non-traders, be they authorities agencies, often based on tenders to choose, or if they are consumers with very different behavior patterns. More generally, however, characterizing the concept of consumer habit is encompassing all the individual actions can be from the purchase or intake of economical goods observed, regarding to Business ideas and online marketing strategy (2010).

As a fact, the post purchase action is a lot more active of these, who purchased the high engagement goods. The habit models are shown in the purchasing of low engagement and high involvement goods. The first model, the stimulus-response model (RS model), originates from the first behaviorism, which is situated in the black container model of mindset as a basis. It really is greatly simplified in a direct website link between a stimulus and the response, which is, therefore, a cause-effect romantic relationship. This model was then expanded in meaning by environmentally friendly neo behaviorists of psychological behavioral model, and the SOR paradigm for the "human factor", the organism, regarding to Online marketing strategy (2010). This particular expansion is often expressed through the intervening varying. It is accepted that an individual and his personality through his many influences and environment, has been characterized. This is manifested in the individual environmental study, and must be targeted in order to be effective again ultimately affecting tendencies.

There are distinguished four typical types of purchasing behavior: considerable buying patterns, real purchasing decisions, cognitive involvement and information needs are excellent, and the decision-making takes a long time; They are typically high-quality, durable goods; habitual buying tendencies. Habitual tendencies, the seek out alternatives is to be avoided, not giving an answer to stimuli practically and this was included mostly to consumer goods; limited purchasing behavior; a limited collection of products, without favoritism; impulsive buying habit; spontaneous affective reactions at the point of sale.

In addition, a fifth special kind of purchasing behavior is well known

Variety-seeking consumer tendencies - this is related to the high participation goods. It is considered rare, since it has unclear transitions, because the change need often leads to "impulsive", so in some ways it is not "real". This classification of purchasing behavior is not analogous transfer on the buyer all together. A decision maker could have no choice but by exterior circumstances, in a very short time to make choices, as can also happen regarding purchasing high participation goods, such nearly as good food.

The determinants of the consumer's habit have intrapersonal or subconscious factors and interpersonal and communal factors influencing the decisions. In case with the reduced involvement goods- home cleaning product it could be seen, that a person, having chosen the correct product thanks to the effective commercial and true results, will not want even think about every other product and spend his time of doing research in the low engagement products, as this household cleaning product complies with all the requirements, corresponding to Business ideas and marketing strategy (2010).

All in all, marketing influences the non-public decisions a lot, as people who consider the useful adverts, in future choose the low participation goods automatically. And taking into consideration the high engagement goods, in this case there will always be certain tastes and the advertisements not always can impact effectively on the choice of a person. Some people can not be inspired by the marketing and promotion of the products.

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