The Marketing Mix Of Kfc INCLUDES 4ps Marketing Essay

A Quality Confidence team establish by KFC to choose the new product development. Which this division prepares testing of idea and product feasibility report and does the technical analysis.

KFC's area of expertise is fried hen served in various forms. KFC's most important product is pressure-fried pieces of chicken made with the original menu. The other rooster offering, extra crispy, is manufactured using a garlic marinade and dual dipping the fowl in flour before deep frying in a standard in a typical commercial kitchen type machine. For instance, in Malaysia KFC come out with hot and spicy fried chicken to match with the Malaysian favour. Apart from this, Malaysia people will be more emphasize on family, so KFC introduction barrel of chicken which inside one barrel has 21 pieces fowl. Besides that, Malaysian like having their breakfast time with grains or cereals. KFC create porridge as breakfast in the menu.

Price is the amount of money that customers need to pay while purchasing the merchandise. Price can also specify as the amount of the ideals that customers exchange for gain that they get after using or having product. You can find no get older limit centers by KFC. Generally, KFC gets into the market using market skimming. KFC products are charged high and concentrate on middle to top category people. However, step-by-step KFC trickle down the costs to attract middle to lower course people to penetrate both aspect of the market. KFC adopt the cost base price strategy. Before determine the price tag on product, KFC include the government duty and exercise duty and all the expenses that is fix and varying costs to repair the purchase price.

KFC also will compare the purchase price with competition before decide the price. For example, if rival provides same product at lower price, no doubt KFC will lower the price of same products too.

Place is also known as channel, syndication, or intermediary. It's the mechanism by which goods or services are moved from the maker or service provider to an individual or consumer. KFC build outlet at the area that are convenience for consumers. For instance, there are 25 shops KFC at Kedah which in a little town Sungai Petani already has 6 retailers KFC. KFC favor placing itself near to schools, schools, cinemas and market segments which are typically populated by the young and the ones who are in a hurry. Furthermore, KFC enjoys a huge range of footfalls every weekend. Additionally, there is also outlets near non-vegetarians (largely Muslim populated areas).

In route process, KFC works on the stream of good procedure techniques which is good operating manager causes good team selection and good services achieve good focuses on will generate good revenues. That your target can achieve through the following inner strategies: training, incentive based targets, acknowledgement for good work, performance centered bonus, employee benefits to keep them determined.


Another one of the 4P's is advertising. This includes every one of the tools open to the marketing expert for 'marketing communication'. Much like Neil H. Borden's marketing combine, marketing communications has its own 'promotions combination. ' Campaign is the method used to see and instruct the chosen target audience about the business and its own products. KFC using reminder advertising which stimulates duplicate acquisitions of its product. The slogan ЛIts finger linkin good such as a reminder to remind consumer how good they experienced last time when ate KFC.

KFC use sponsorship as an instrument of promotion tool credited to sponsor can increase image of company. Presently, KFC sponsor in the Australian Cricket Team. Sales promotion is one of the tactics to market product KFC. KFC use coupons, entertainment, displays to increase it sales.

Analysis SWOT KFC

One of the greatest chicken restaurants chain on earth is KFC. KFC has an extremely long history and has the most recognizable brand in poultry. KFC is a very popular chain of fast food outlets that start from Louisville, Kentucky. An annual sale more than a billion dollars make KFC known as a leader in the rooster restaurant segment. It really is difficult for new companies who want to enter the market because KFC maintain 50% of market show.

Although there are numerous competitors try to enter fast food industry, however KFC could hold on to its customer because of its unique offering. KFCs secret recipe of 11 natural herbs and spices has made it the leader in chicken going back fifty years. Because of this, KFC become the highest ranking as it pertains to chicken restaurant string, restaurants and a variety of convenience food suppliers. Over time, KFC achieved great named a reputable brand fast food and global positioning and outfitted with excellent industry.


KFC has quite a while to market with services. Because of natural fast food chicken segment, advancement hasn't been a major strategy for KFC. However, through the past due 1980's, other fast food chains, such as McDonald's, began to offer poultry as a menu option. During this time period, McDonald's acquired already launched the McChicken while KFC was still evaluating its own rooster sandwich. This delay is greatly boost the cost consciousness of consumers, for the development of KFC sandwich. KFC development rate is only about one percent yearly although its has joined the market so many calendar year. The company said it didn't target its resources and development.


Kentucky has been aiming to enter new market segments and position themselves in some difficult to type in marketplaces such as SOUTH USA. As more and more investment by companies, the total position can be better than the food industry.

Company market show and income can increase through spend more resources, development and create new foods and products


KFC's competition have effectively captured a large market share. Based on the survey, McDonald's has about 35 percent of show in the mezzanine section while Burger King has about sixteen percent of the marketplace share in the junk food industry The local restaurants in different countries where KFC has occurrence pose a threat to the company.

Other participants in the fast food industry continue to improve and try to enter new markets, increase their market talk about and sales. As understanding about better food is increasing among people due to changing of healthy lifestyle, nowadays people look for healthy, delightful and low calorie consumption foods.

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