The Marketing of a single product

The purpose of this newspaper is to investigate the marketing of a single product. We've choose the Adidas Deep Energy deodorant which really is a product from Adidas, a significant German-based sports attire manufacturer and mother or father company of the Adidas Group, which contains the Reebok Sportswear Company, TaylorMade-Adidas Golfing Company, and Rockport. Their selection of products implies that they produce sports activities footwear, luggage, watches, eyewear, apparel, equipment, and other products such as shower creams and deodorants. Deodorant for men gets more popular amongst men and women. Nowadays, deodorants are used as a craze for products instead of preventing serious body odour. Adidas Deep Energy deodorant is a high performance energizing deodorant body spray developed with athletes. It has a 24 hour fresh power method to keep consumer feeling energized the whole day. It is 100% clear of alcohol and it will not leave white markings on consumer's shirt.

First, we review the market for our product by by using a SWOT evaluation. Then we discuss about the product life pattern, the center product, the actual product and the augmented product. We also determine the product's segmentation, focusing on and positioning strategy. Finally, we show how consumers would progress through the buying decision process for this product. Being a final result, we summarize the main element finding of every section and conclude our views.

SWOT evaluation for the adidas profound energy man deodorant


The adidas company created a strong image that is relevant to sporty and outgoing since it is set up. The deep energy man deodorant is a fresh deodorant product under Adidas and it began going into the deodorant market since 2008. Adidas's reputation is popular and strong, there's a lot of faithful consumer. They believe in the products from adidas, once a fresh product is introduction, they are prepared to pay and try new product. Through words of mouth, deep energy man deodorant immediately makes a occurrence in the deodorant market. The product packaging of adidas deep energy is of interest; it caught the consumer's eyes because of the unique design which complements the image of the sport concept as compared to other rivals in the deodorant market.

Adidas brand being truly a company with a long record and known globally makes it a reliable brand hence consumer will feel safe buying their new product category.


Adidas is a famous brand, which is always match the image of upper class social life-style, adidas deep energy man deodorant face a over costing problem, the company setting too high price for this deodorant. The price tag on deep energy man deodorant is higher than the common price in the deodorant market which lower the competitiveness of the merchandise. Adidas profound energy man deodorant is a fresh product to deodorant market, it is not available in many places and because of this the non supply will limit their sales for now.

Adidas is well known for shoes, outfits and sports bag, consumer might not exactly know they have a deodorant as well unless they enhance it aggressively. Consumer buying a deodorant will almost certainly look for known deodorant brand like Rexona unless along the way of them getting a Rexona a promoter make an effort to promote Adidas Deodorant. Consumers who have been using Rexona may not want to try other brand unless Rexona fails them. Consumers may feel that deodorant is not Adidas niche, consumer may feel that if they want to buy a sports activities shoes they'll look for Adidas but not deodorant.


The changes in the man spending behavior and social behaviour provide a major market because of this product. Men have become more open up and pay more focus on their self hygiene, deodorant is becoming their needs. The development rates for man deodorant markets is extremely fast and give you a great chance of adidas profound energy man deodorant to explore. Technology and fast globalization make the adidas can publicize its product through internet. It causes efficient result for consumers who always lazy for shopping and browse website for sale. This opens a new market for adidas deep energy man deodorant. Adidas can utilize their huge customer's bottom and cross sell effectively in their principle stores. With more product offering will attract more customers as they might be drawn with the types of products open to them at Adidas Store. Other brands under the same category with Adidas for eg. Nike, Puma, have not eliminated into deodorant market which might be an advantage to Adidas for offering more products under their brand.


Deodorant has close substitutes goods like perfume. Consumer may choose brand name perfume (DKNY, GUCCI, ESTEE LAUDER) instead of deodorant as the perfume can symbolize their social school. Adidas profound energy man deodorant face a internal opponents that are another function deodorant product under adidas like: cool snow man deodorant, productive man deodorant. Competitions from known deodorant brands (nivea, axe, rexona) in deodorant market might threathens development and tough tournaments will increase promotion cost that will affect profitability and Adidas may need to close down this product category and give attention to their area of expertise.

There are also articles on the papers and internet about deodorant might cause health issues following a prolong use for eg. Cancer tumor. Consumers may decide for something that are with health statements that you won't cause health issues, organic and natural products or deodorant with 100 % natural ingredients.


Product life cycle stages

The product life routine concept may connect with our product, Adidas Deep Energy Deodorant. The product life cycle concept helps our marketing managers to plan marketing strategies to address the troubles that our products will probably face. Product's life routine can be split into several stages such as introduction stage, development stage, maturity stage and decline level.

Introduction stage

Introduction stage shows small or even no sales and the business make no earnings. When the Adidas men profound energy deodorant is launched, sales will be low until customers become aware of the product and its benefits. This level involves a lot of research, expenditure and planning are essential. Advertising costs in our deodorants product are high during this stage in order to quickly increase customer knowing of the product and to target the early adopters. Through the introduction level, we expect to incur additional costs related with the initial distribution of the merchandise. These higher costs fixed with a minimal sales normally make the benefits stage a period of negative income.

Growth stage

During growth level, the sales increase anticipated to new competition under the marketplace. Related products starts off come up and we must focus on competitive advantages that could be lower down the price, value added features or other innovations. Profits rise scheduled to an increase in output and perhaps better prices. At this stage, it is cheaper for Adidas to invest in enhance their market share as well as enjoying the entire growth of the market.

Maturity stage

In the maturity level, sales of your product growth gradual and general competition appear. We may enhance our deodorant product features to differentiate the merchandise. The value may start to erode under competitive price. In this particular level, competition is strong as companies contest to keep up their market show. The Maturity Level is the time when most revenue is earned by the marketplace as a whole. Some expenditure on research and development may very well be controlled to your deodorant product adjustment and improvement and improve creation efficiency and quality.

Decline stage

In the Decline Stage, the marketplace is reducing, lowering the overall total of revenue that can be distributed to other competitors. Decrease stage appear for some reasons the sales of the deodorant product starts off declining, the causes could be some new and better options or diminishing demand. At this time, we have to manage our product carefully. It may be likely to lower out some development cost, to copy development to a cheaper facility, sell the merchandise into other cheaper marketplaces.

Core Product

Adidas Deep Energy deodorants for Men supply the consumers the fresh, woody fragrance. This profound energy deodorant for men is alcohol-based, and excellent anti-bacterial formulation to consumers. It can help in keeping the under-arms fresh the whole day, and also help in lowering perspiration levels. In addition, it helps in deactivate the bacteria, and subsequently making sure zero body odors. This deodorant provides great coverage against perspiration and odor. Our deodorant product has been developed with athletes in mind to provide the greatest of cover anti sweat and odor. It also reducing capability of bacteria to breed thus gets rid of a sweat smell.

Actual product

The brand name of our product is Adidas Men Deodorant Clear Keep, Deep Energy. The selling price than it is RM8. 90.

Packaging design performs an essential role in assisting to talk the image of the merchandise. Black color is a color choice for the packaging. In addition they used a hard container to stress the sport spirit in the merchandise. 3 oz and 85g of a container with a slanted dark-colored clear plastic flip-top lid design to the very best of it. It really is developed for players, unique energizing fragrance, and a day fresh ability remain.

The ad for the Adidas deodorant features the three men playing baseball under the glowing hot sun. Their faces are not shown, nor the colors that they wear and remain secret. You have the image of them playing hockey. The existence of the fading orange qualifications, it seems these guys have been playing all day. The colour design of the advert is very dull. In the middle through the advertisement, there's a picture on the right hand site of the Adidas profound energy deodorants that the buyer can choose from.

Augmented product

In our project, augmented product can be considered include guarantee, warrantee, customer service, availability as well as complementary product.

Guarantee offers an assurance of the merchandise which will be perform up to anticipations of course, if not the company marketing of the merchandise will support the decision of customers to revive, repaired or return for a refund.

Warranty provides customers the coverage that extends past the guarantee period to protect repair or substitution of our deodorants product.

Customer Service consists of extra services that support the needs of customers including offering training and help using mobile phone or online. Thus, customers of our product can solve their problem by using these.

Complementary Products is some product purchases that might be upgraded with add-on products, such as make the key product convenience to make use of. For instance, small little cover carrier gift idea with the deodorant which consumers can hold easily. Improves styling or offers operation which will catch the attention of more customers to buy our deodorants product.

Accessibility is how customers get the merchandise which based on how easy it is to obtain, the acceleration of it could be achieved, and the possibility its available when needed. We are able to source our deodorant products to the people convenience stores such as Guardian, Watson, 7-eleven, and supermarkets etc. So that customers could obtain our deodorants product as easy and available when needed.



Adidas use a few kind of segmentation method which is demographic, psychographic and behavioral segmentation to section the whole market in order to determine an actionable, identifiable, substantial and reachable market segment for their hotel. Adidas used demographic segmentation to section the market according to the basis of objective characteristics such as income level and gender. Adidas has targeted the men's deodorant market to be profitable and accessible. Thus, Adidas possessed turn out with a variety of men's deodorant product to appeal to the mark audience. Adidas has targeted that teen, young adults and men and women to be their possible client. Adidas got made its name in the being the first choice for sportswear. Thus, the price tag on Adidas new range deodorant wouldn't be cheap to protect its brand image. If Adidas were to set their prices low for their deodorant product, customer would have a perception in mind that the merchandise isn't up to the standard, and would choose to avoid purchasing the product. Does with slightly higher price because of their deodorant product, Adidas has concentrate on customer with income degree of middle income range to acquire because of their product.

Apart from using demographic segmentation exclusively, Adidas got also segment the market through behavioral segmentation. Adidas used this segmentation procedure because it helps those to clearly indicate the real benefit wanted by customer in the prospective segment plus they can make some adjustment on their product and service to meet the customers need and would like. Thus Adidas new runs of deodorant product are created goal to bring benefits upon usage to their customer after determining their benefit wanted within the product. So, Adidas has brought in features like 24-hour coverage against perspiration, anti-whitening material to minimize white marks on skin area and clothes and 0% liquor in their product. Customer looking for such profit within the deodorant product will go for Adidas because their product offers such advantages to them. Besides, Adidas have many dedicated customers even before the launch of these new selection of deodorant product. Thus, this part of the devoted customer will surely choose for Adidas new deodorant product somewhat than other substitute brands. Last but not least, under the psychographic segmentation, the new Adidas also targeted their new deodorant to appeal to customers who've different lifestyle. Their new products are targeted at customer who wants to look good and smell good in their daily lives.


The idea of positioning is set to put a product in a certain position, or place, in the brains of possible client. Marketers use positioning to further separate their product for those opponents promote desired product position. Thus Adidas took steps to create the designed image for the merchandise in the heads of customer. Adidas position its product for consumers who want to success and Adidas have used great sports athletes as ambassadors for their products. Adidas is supplying the idea to people that they'll be successful if they opt for Adidas product. As an example, Adidas formed a great romance with a few of the world's best players such as the FIFA World Player of the Year Zinedine Zidane, David Beckham, Raєl, Michael Ballack, Kaka and Rui Costa. These great players are well known because of their great success in sports, thus they fit the criteria to advertise for Adidas product. Besides, Adidas price their deodorant product marginally costlier compare with their competitors pricing, this is because Adidas plan to create a graphic because of their product stating that it is an excellent product. Most customer will perceived that higher and better quality goods will be much costlier. By setting its product as the best in the category, the merchandise will easily come in customer evoke place when they are thinking of purchasing for quality deodorant product. In the product attribute aspect, Adidas have chosen to use high quality chemicals to produce their product. Because of this, Adidas has come out with deodorant products which are 100% free from alcohol and they claim that it will not leave white markings on consumer's shirt which some deodorants do. In packaging smart, Adidas carefully design their presentation with stylish design to create a quality image within customers mind. Adidas also produce their deodorant presentation with high quality of raw materials to further bring the product to a higher school. ADIDAS get a successful put in place the potential buyers' brain through better product capabilities, price and quality, offering the product in different ways set alongside the competitors


Researcher discovered that when consumer makes decision to buy a product, they pass through few levels of decision process. There are always a total of five levels of your choice process consumer undergo. However, not almost all of enough time consumer goes by through all five periods before purchasing; they often skip or invert some phases. This model is essential in making marketing decision which vigor marketers to consider buying process rather than purchase decision.

Need Popularity & Problem Consciousness is the first stage of shopping for decision process. The necessity for something is result in through exterior and inside stimuli. Internet marketer creates awareness for their product through advertising. Exterior stimuli help activate consumer's need for the product and internally triggers physiological imbalance which consumer's will identify a need. In this assignment, we are using deodorant as our product therefore example, a man is aware that he has body smell and sweats vigorously after sports so he is inspired to buy a deodorant to stay fresh. The buyer then need to choose how much information is required. If the necessity is not strong, then the next stage commences which is the info search stage.

Consumer respond to need by searching information, they are motivated to find information on products that match the need. Consumer can obtain information from several options such as personal sources (e. g. family, friends), commercial resources (e. g. advertising, suppliers, and salesperson), and public options. (e. g. radio, publication, television). It is suggested through conclusions that customers depends more on personal resources than commercial resources which is known as "person to person". For instance, for our product Adidas Deep Energy Deodorant, consumer will gather information on deodorant through several resources including advertising, friends, internet and also salesperson.

Third stage of consumer buying process is evaluation of alternatives which also recommended how consumer steps the information found to help make the right choice. Consumers allocate features to decide which brand to purchase predicated on product that is better than competitor's product. For example price of Rexona Deodorant is cheaper and Adidas Deep Energy Deodorant can go longer, but enduring is more important to you then your price. Consumers normally will see the product reliable if their friends have had good background with the brand.

Through earlier process, consumers reach their ultimate decision which refers to consumer choosing the most preferable product. Purchase decision could be impact by two variables which is behaviour of others and unforeseen situational factors. For example, going into a shop to choose the preferred deodorant.

Finally is post purchase tendencies which is an ordinary characteristic among consumers. Post purchase tendencies is thought as the satisfaction or dissatisfaction that consumer feels about the purchase made. You will discover two determinant affecting post purchase action therefore if marriage between consumer's expectation and product's performance is much larger, then the better the consumer's dissatisfaction. For instance, let's say the consumer is content with the performance and the product reach his expectation, most probably he will come back for Adidas Deep Energy Deodorant next time.


There are numerous factors impacting on consumer's behavior including cultural, cultural, personal and psychological factors. First of all, culture factor is thought as learned worth and patterns from family and other important establishments. It is not easy to improve someone's culture as it is passed down from era to generation. Subcultures are organizations of people writing the same worth in conditions of racial, religious, activities etc. For instance when more adjoining people uses Adidas deodorant instead of other brand, he will eventually recognize the existence of this product. Public classes are relatively permanent in society where members show similar values that happen to be solution by income, education, job as well as others.

Next factor impacting on consumer's habit is social factor that involve reference group, family and position. Referrals group are sets of individual, some person may anticipate have impact on consumer behavior. Sociable status is categories, family, organizations a person belongs compared to that define his / her position and role.

Personal factor affects consumer action by personal characteristics eg, age group and life-cycle stage. For example someone can be an athlete, he's a fairly bad sweater so he need deodorant to keep him in good smell and the right aroma which he prefer. Psychological factors consist of motivation, notion, learning and perception and attitudes. Maslow Hierarchy of Need is vital in internal factor. It start off with physiological, safe practices, social, esteem and finally self-actualization. Continue with the previous example, the sportsman aiming to have both satisfaction on doing his favorites jogging while smelling good with deodorant.

Under buying decision habit, there are always a total of four behavior- complex buying patterns, dissonance-reducing buying patterns, habitual buying behavior and variety- seeking buying patterns. Complex buying tendencies is when an individual purchase high value product plus they normally seek a whole lot information before making a purchase. Dissonance-reducing buying action occurs when consumers are highly engaged but little significant variances. Individuals are highly involved with expensive and infrequent products but little different between brand. For example, buying precious stone that is little perceived significant in brand.

Habitual buying behavior is when consumer have low participation and little significant brand distinctions. Person with this action will by products out of behavior such as magazine. Variety-seeking action occurs when consumer have low involvement and significant brand variations. Individual in this category desires doing your research and hoping different products. Our product- Adidas Deep Energy deodorant is under this action. Competitive market is so strong that Adidas have to manufacture good quality products that are affordable.

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